If It Feels Good - Do It

by NDBareBear

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Erotica Sex Story: Learning about sex from anyone who will teach him!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Incest   .

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Randy - 16 - a junior in HS

Dad - Ray - 48 - construction foreman

Mom - Denise - 45 - housewife

Brother - Jon - 15 - a sophomore HS

Sister - Heather - 19 - college freshman

Ken - senior footballer - bully

Mrs Varner - old woman bj, saggy tits and smelly pussy

Coach Tuttle

Mrs Blake - next door neighbor

Mrs Blakes niece - Sandra - 16

Father Stephen

Homeroom Teacher - Ms French

Shop Teacher - Mr Hoyle

I usually did my homework in the park down the street from school. School - yuck - three more weeks then summer and next year I’d be a senior!

Ken, a senior on the football team walked up to the picnic table I was at and said hey (he was built like a bully, and most of the kids called him a bully, but I thought he was ok)! He said Randy, I need a favor. Sure Ken what’s up? He said he needed me to suck his cock! I said what!!? I don’t do that kinda stuff. I know Randy, but we’ve all seen you in the locker room. You could probably draw an accurate picture of every dick in there! I said, No really, I’m not like that. He said Maybe not, but you do like to please everyone and always do what you’re told. Hell, you even took the entire track teams socks and jocks home to wash. Unless, you were sniffing them, which would be just plain perverted, you wanted to please them. He continued, Randy, you’re subservient, you like pleasing people, and you might as well admit it now, you’re life will be a whole lot easier. And, nobody is gonna knock you for it, if they do, just tell me, they won’t again. You’re a good guy and I’d like calling you friend!

Come on Randy, you’re gonna suck my cock aren’t you? He walked around the table and stood right in front of me and said go ahead, nobody will know. He had his zipper down and was reaching in his shorts - oh fuck, I don’t want to do this. But if I don’t Ken will be disappointed and I wouldn’t be able to face him again. He had his dick out and said, just play with it for a minute, roll it around in you fingers, hell, if you make me cum I won’t even make you blow me. I started playing with his dick but the fly hole was too small, I undid the button on his shorts and pulled them and his under-ware down. I was rubbing his balls and dick as sexily as I knew how. Then he said, nice try dude, but you’re gonna have to suck it to get me off. I didn’t even argue (I’m not real sure I even wanted to argue!). I licked the sides of his dick and all over his balls. It wasn’t a complete turn-off so I stuck just the tip in my mouth. He already had some pre-cum working up and I licked it and actually thought it tasted kinda good. Before I knew it he had his hands on the back of my head and was strokin’ in and out of my mouth. I liked the feel of his dick, hard as a rock and yet soft! When he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me farther onto his dick, I felt it going in my throat. That was all Ken needed and he was cumming in my throat, I choked a little but got a better taste of it when it was outta my throat and just in my mouth. Slippery silk was the best way to describe it. I kept him there for a minute and continued my movements up and down on his dick. He was getting soft and that made me feel good, I had pleased him. He pulled his dick out and pulled up his under-ware and shorts and said Thanks Randy that was fucking awesome. I hope you don’t mind if I call you again sometime. I said No, whenever you need a favor just let me know.

I had drooled a lot of cum out the corners of my mouth and it was all over my shorts and t-shirt. Ken saw it and said Take ‘em off and give them to me, I’ll go rinse them out so no one sees. And, by-the-way, look at your dick, you did enjoy that! I really thought he was being a good friend, and I gave him my shorts and t-shirt. He took them and headed off to the restrooms at the other side of the park. I sat there in gym socks and tennis shoes and moved my books to my lap trying to cover a very hard dick. Like that would fool anyone into thinking I was dressed! He was taking forever and I was getting a little worried when I saw him and another guy coming towards the pavilion. Ken handed me my stuff and said don’t worry about him. I got up and pulled my clothes on. Ken said thanks again, that was great and waved as he headed off.

The shorts and t-shirt were still soaked, but at least kinda clean. Nylon shorts, when wet, don’t leave a lot to the imagination, but I figure if I stayed in the alleys I could make it the 10 blocks home.

I was only two blocks outta the park, in an alley when a woman cornered me and asked, “What on earth happened to you?” I told her I fell in the river and was on my way home. She said her name was Mrs Varner and told me to come in and

get out of those wet things, that I could wear some of her sons’ things. I said thanks but no, I’d be alright. She insisted and started towards the back door. I followed her in and she said to take those things off and set them on the dryer. When she came back, she admonished me to take off the shorts too, they were soaked. I did and she handed me her kids under-ware. The had care bears on the front! I tried pulling them on and they were just to small. She said nonsense and came over to help When she had them up my hips she reached in the front and rearranged my dick. The T-shirt she had wouldn’t fit my GI Joe action figure - but she managed to get it on me.

She asked if I’d like some cookies and milk while my clothes were drying and I said No thank you. She insisted. I had milk and cookies. She commented that I looked good in her son’s clothes and told me to stand up and turn around. When I did her hands were all over my butt. You look really good in them, you should get some for yourself. When I turned around to sit down she brushed the front of the under-ware saying ‘cookie crumbs’. Now, at 16 I don’t have a very big dick, at least not compared to the guys at school. But it still stands out when it gets hard, and, it was getting hard. She said not to be embarrassed that happens to her son all the time. Let me ‘fix it’ for you and slid her hand in the front and played around for a minute before pulling them down and putting my dick in her mouth. I knew this was a blow job, but had never had one. Within minutes I was cumming in her mouth. She didn’t spit it out or anything, she was talking so I guess she swallowed it. She said “Better?” Yea, that was great, thank you.

She got up to check the dryer (I didn’t know it but she had it on low heat!) and said another 15 minutes or so. You want to make me as happy as I made you? What can I do for you Mrs Varner. She stood up and removed her top and shorts. I had never seen a real naked woman before and didn’t know if this was good or bad. When she got her bra off her tits kinda fell down to her belly button. Then when her panties came off (I have seen pictures!) but this wasn’t even close to any of the pictures I’d seen. She had more hair on her pussy than she did on her head! She sat down in the chair and spread her legs and told me to kneel between her knees. I decided right then and there that if all women smelled like this - I was queer! She said to lick her right here as she spread her pussy apart and pointed out what I came to find out is a clitoris!

You know that saying “Saved By The Bell” - well, I was about to gag when the buzzer on the dryer went off. I have never moved so fast. I jumped up mid lick and was dressed and out the door as she was saying I could come by anytime!

I finally made it home. Mom was on the couch with her feet propped up on the coffee table. She asked how my day was. I said fine. She said, “Come here”. I walked around in front of the couch, and she said, “You didn’t wear those to school did you?” I told her I had gym class last and just wore them home. She told me to sit on the table and rub her feet. I’d done that before, no big deal. She moved her feet long enough for me sit down, then put her feet in my lap. She pushed the hem of my shorts up a little and said It’s a good thing you don’t wear those out much, I can see your little willy! I pulled my shorts down to cover my willy and mom said, don’t do that he’s cute! I started on moms feet, then her ankles, and when I moved up to her calves she spread her legs to either side of me and I kept going. I could see the edges of her panties and wondered if mom’s pussy was anything like Mrs Varner’s. About mid thigh she pulled her housecoat a little tighter around her thighs. Said Thanks and dinner would be in about an hour. I went up, took a shower and finished my homework.

Dad came home, he’s a construction supervisor, and yelled for me to come down. I went to see what he wanted and he said sorry to hit you up so quick, but, my feet and legs are killing me. Would you mind? I squatted down and took off his boots and socks. I don’t know which was worse his feet or Mrs Varner’s pussy! He undid his jeans and belt and lowered his jeans. That was normal when I was massaging his legs. He kept his boxers on. Mom brought him a beer and he spread his legs on either side of mine. Like mom, I started at his ankles and worked my way up. When I was past his knees I kept wondering what his dick looked like compared to Ken’s. He quietly yelled at me that if I went any farther he’d make me go all the way. I didn’t realize it but my hands were just about to go under his boxers. I pulled away real quick and said sorry. Was dad about to sprout a boner. The lump in his shorts was noticeable. He grabbed his dick and shook it at me and laughingly said See what you’ve done. He said he was gonna go take a shower. I was back in my room and he called out for me to bring him a towel. I handed it through the cracked door and he opened the door, standing there in all his glory. I couldn’t take my eyes off his dick. It was twice the size of Ken’s, maybe 8 inches and kinda hard. He said dry my back. I walked around behind him and dried his back, starring at his butt the whole time. He had hair on his butt, yuck - I hope I don’t get hair there too. He turned around and said finish up. I wiped his chest and legs and he said dick and balls too. It was hard! So was I! I finished, handed him the towel and ran to my room.

Our house is not known for privacy, so I couldn’t just whip it out and beat off. I was laying on my bed though and trying to drill a hole through the mattress. I heard the door opening soon enough to stop, but I couldn’t turn over. Unless, dad pulled a shitty on me, he would never know. He pulled a shitty and said, “Come on, Lets eat”. And he waited there for me to get up. My boner was obvious and he just looked at it and smiled.

He shook my neck playfully and said “Just like your old man hungh. The wind blows and we get a hardon!

After dinner, I was cleaning up the dishes and heard some of what mom and dad were saying. Dad told mom he thought I might be gay and mom said no way, he got hard giving me a leg massage. And, he couldn’t take his eyes off my panties. Dad said, Yea, kinda the same thing with me though, he got a hardon after seeing mine and went to his room to beat-off.

Hearing mom and dad talking like that, I got a little worried. Was I queer, I just sucked a dick for the first time today, BUT, I ate (a really nasty) pussy too.

We all watched a little TV and Mom said she was going to bed and would I mind coming up after she took a shower and rubbing her back. I said no that’s fine, I’ll be up as soon as I hear the water go off. When the shower went off and I walked in mom’s room she just had a towel wrapped around her. She laid down on the bed on her stomach and loosened the towel. I crawled between her legs and started at her neck. It took at least 20 minutes to get down to the top of her ass crack. Every time we had done this before mom had shorts on - now what? I skipped over her butt and started on the backs of her thighs. She turned her head around and said “Don’t be shy, you’ve seen butts before. She reached back and removed her towel and said now, get crackin’! I was working down from the small of her back and started feeling more and more of that crack. As I would rub one cheek, it spread both cheeks open and I was looking at only the second pussy I had ever seen. And, THANK GAWD - it didn’t smell! She said inside of the thighs too! My fingers kept grazing her pussy and I was worried she was gonna get pissed. She kept arching her butt up though as if she wanted me to keep going! I did, but now I had a new problem - about a 4 inch very hard problem! I could see her pussy getting moist and started noticing a new smell, a really nice smell. Between my hardon and my desire to touch more, I smiled, I guess I’m not queer!

I was just moving down from her inner thigh to just by her knees when dad came in - Oh fuck, was he gonna get pissed about me seeing mom like this! He asked mom how it was and she said “Delicious!”. Dad said he was gonna take a shower and would I do him next. Yea dad, no problem. I was just on moms ankles when dad came in and slapped her on her butt and said “Move your ass over”. Mom was completely bare-assed and rolled over on her side to make room for Dad. I really liked the view of mom’s pussy, not a lot of hair and trimmed around the edges (Gawd will I ever forget Mrs Varner!? Please!). Dad didn’t even make a pretense of covering up. He just dropped his towel and laid on his stomach next to mom.

Same routine, slow down his back and eventually got to his butt and I just kept going like I did with mom. Biggest difference now though, was that as I did the inside of his thighs I kept bumping up against his balls or dick. And, just like mom, he kept raising his hips when I got close. I tried going down to his thighs and he said no, do more around his butt. Mom had reached over and was rubbing his neck and I went back to the inside of his thighs. Dad said Hey, if my dick gets in the way just move it to the side. OH CRAP - I’m queer again! I grabbed his dick and tried moving it aside, but it was getting bigger and harder. Mom said Give the boy a break Ray. Turn over and let me take care of it. Dad rolled over and mom had her mouth going up and down in seconds! See Randy, this is called a blowjob - and your mom gives the best! Dad started bucking his hips and gave mom a mouthful of cum! Mom kept using her hand to jack dad off and she turned to me and said OK, now you can finish. My hands went to dads thighs and I was feeling a couple of spots that felt like cum. Mom said not to worry, there was nothing wrong with cum, as she wiped her cheeks off and stuck her finger in her mouth. Dad wasn’t really getting hard again but it was twitching a lot and I said Sorry guys but I’m beat and got up to go to my room. I went to the shower first, beat my dick maybe three times before I came all over the shower floor. I dried off went to bed and couldn’t figure out if I was queer or not! Mom’s pussy was awesome but damn did I want to suck dad’s dick???

The next morning I had study hall first class and I figured Ken would be out on the football field. I snuck out and went to see Ken. Can we talk a few minutes? He said sure, hang on a minute. Ken ran over to Coach Tuttle and said he was gonna skip out a little early that he had a friend that need some advice. Coach said fine and looked over at me. Ken came back, put his arm around my shoulder and said lets go find a quiet corner we can yak in. The locker room was empty so we sat in there. I asked Ken if I was queer. He said no little buddy, not at all, you just like pleasing people, it made you feel good when I came yesterday, didn’t it. I said yeah I liked making you happy. Ken said, And if the ugliest girl in school came in here right now and said ‘Oh Randy I hear you really eat pussy good, would you eat mine?’ You’d jump up and say sure, wouldn’t you. I said ‘the ugliest girl?’ Ken punched me on the shoulder and said wouldn’t you? And, I said yea I guess I would.

OK then, you’re not queer, and quit saying queer, it’s more appropriate to say gay. It’s not a sex thing with you. It’s a ‘I want to make you happy’ thing, guy or girl. That really helps Ken, thanks a lot, you gonna let me ‘make you happy’ now!? Ken went over to his locker and started stripping. He said don’t worry about a locker, we’ll be outta here before anyone comes in, just use mine. I said we’re not gonna do it in here are we? Ken said sure. But, what if we get caught I don’t want anyone to know I’m sucking dicks. No body will say shit, especially when they see it’s me your sucking. Come on. In the shower Ken soaped me up first and my 4 inches may have made it to 4 and a half! I soaped him up the same way and his 5 inches was a definite 6! We rinsed off and he pushed my shoulder down. I think he wanted me to suck him - and suck him I did. There was no guilt this time and I put everything I had into it - Ken noticed and was cumming all over my face just as Coach Tuttle walked in. Thought so! Ken, get dressed and get to class. Randy see me after final practice this afternoon. Wash up and get to class.

To go from being as high as I was, pleasing Ken, to as low as I was worried about coach, can really fuck with a guys system!

At lunch time, I couldn’t take it anymore and went to the school nurse and told her I wasn’t feeling well and gonna go home. She called my mom, then turned to me and said ok.

Mom was waiting on the front porch all worried. The first thing she did was put the back of her hand on my forehead. I said no mom, it’s not that kind of sick. I just want to go to my room and lay down. <Did anyone of us have a mom that would just leave it at that - hell no!> Mom cam up with a bowl of soup and a sandwich. What can I do. Nuthin’ mom, really. I just wanna think. Mom asked if it was anything to do with the massage’s last night and I said no, not really. I’d have given anything to take back the ‘not really’! She said Honey, your dad and I just want what’s best for you, but unless we know what it is you want we feel kinda useless to give advice. Are you gay? Mom, I don’t know. According to a friend I’m not gay or straight - I just want to make everyone happy! Mom said it sounded like I had a good friend that she’d like to meet him or her. I said it was a him, Ken. Mom asked if we played around together. I said if you mean sexually, yea, a little. Do you enjoy it? Yea, a lot but then giving you a massage last night made me forget about him and just wanted to see more of you. Then giving dad a massage, I wanted more of him - why am I like this? Honey, you know we are an open family, if you ever have any questions or want to see what different bodies look like, just ask. You’re young and just starting to find your way. Your dad and I will be here for you always regardless of what you do. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting, play with the boys, play with the girls - get one pregnant and I’ll kill you though! That helped, we laughed. Mom hugged me and in doing so her housecoat slipped open a little.

She asked if I wanted to see more and I said yea. She slipped off her housecoat and was sitting bare-assed on the edge of the bed. She smiled and said, Do I get to see too? I pulled my t-shirt off and reached for my shorts. She stopped me and said Allow me kind sir. How about if I give you a massage this time! I’ve never had a massage and thought that would be awesome. She undid my shorts and slowly slid them down my legs. She kept letting go of the shorts and rubbing whatever skin was closest. It felt awesome. When I reached for her thighs and said I wanna make you feel good too, she pushed my hands away and said You always make me feel good, just lay back and enjoy this for once. And don’t worry you’re giving me a real long massage tonight!

She finally had my shorts off and was just rubbing all around my boxers. Occasionally she would drag her fingers across the front of my boxers and up the leg holes. My 4 inches now felt like 8! She eventually pulled the boxers off and had me lay on my stomach. She straddled my legs and I could feel her pussy hair (Fucking Mrs Varner!) she teased me more than massaged me and I was in heaven. She ran her hands over my butt and would separate my cheeks and tease my ass-hole. She grabbed my balls a couple of times and I said Mom, I gotta stop! She had me roll over and went down on my dick like she did dad’s last night. My dick was in her mouth less than a minute before I was cumming.

She smiled really big and said Better? I reached over and hugged her, Thanks mom. And, it’s really ok for me to play with guys or girls. It’s more than ok, I really thing it will be good for you.

It was almost 3:00 and Jon, my brother would be home soon. Mom put her housecoat on and pointed at the food and said ‘eat!’. Mom left and I was just laying there thinking that things really were better, then I thought about the coach - Oh Fuck!

Jon came in and changed clothes. I tried getting a look at his dick, even though we shared a room we seldom saw each other naked. Didn’t see anything, but he did ask me to make his bed before I left, then he was gone! Mom hollered up about 4:30 and said I had company. I went downstairs and Ken was there. He asked if I was alright that he’d missed me this afternoon. Mom came in and I introduced them. Mom went over and gave Ken a huge hug and leaned down and kissed his cheek. Thanks for being such a good friend to Randy, you’re welcome here anytime. Ken looked at me questioningly and I nodded towards the stairs. In my room I told him that I told mom about he and I. He was incredulous, And she’s ok with it. I said not only ok but encouraged it! Holy crap, great mom!

Ken split saying he’d see me tomorrow. I made up Jon’s bed and dusted off his study desk. Dad came home a few minutes later. I stayed in my room with my headphones on. I went down for a soda and he and mom were on the porch talking. Figured I’d be gettin’ an ass whoopin’ here pretty quick. Back in my room, dad came in and said mom had told him everything, and that if I ever wanted to talk ‘guy stuff’, he was always available. Thought I’d test him out. Dad I do have one question. Yea, shoot! I tried lookin’ it up on the Internet but do you know what you get when you search ‘cut and uncut’? Dad blew beer out his nose and couldn’t stop laughing. He finally settled down a little and said he was about to take a shower and for me to come with him. I walked with him to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. He plopped his boot down on my lap and I took it off (fucking Mrs Varner), then the other. He pulled off his shirt and jeans and told me to get his shorts. He held his dick up to me and said see this ridge of skin going around the tip. If a guy is cut, that ridge of skin is always showing. Other guys, uncut guys, have a layer of skin that covers the hole end of their dick and you only see it when they get excited and/or pull the skin back to expose the head. Here, stand up and drop you pants. I did and dad grabbed my dick and even though I was cut (apparently) dad could make my skin cover the head of my dick. That’s what a uncut dick looks like. He let go of my dick and the skin went back to normal, and this is what cut looks like. I said so it’s whether or not they have ‘cut’ skin off their dick. Why would anyone do that. Some religions require it. Some parents just have personal preferences. It’s usually done at birth so you don’t have any say so. You mom and I had you cut because we felt it was easier to keep clean that way. Good enough? Yea, that helps a lot. Dad said, you gonna join me in the shower now? Can I? Sure, come on we’re both naked anyway. We let the water warm up first and dad asked if I was ok with what mom did. I smiled and said more than ok, it really helped a lot. I’m starting to realize that whether you’re with a guy or a girl, it’s not that big a deal. Yea, that’s right but, I gotta warn you if you start seeing guys sexually that not everyone is as open as your mom and I. Some people even get violent over it. You’ve heard the term ‘Gay Bashing’ on the news? Yea. Well that’s when a bunch of ignorant ass holes that don’t know what they’re talking about beat up a gay guy just because he’s gay. So, be careful.

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