Something in the Air

by NDBareBear

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Incest Sex Story: Kid develops spray to make people horny.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Incest   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

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Me - Dale Adams - High-school senior

Mom - Diane - 42

Dad - Frank - 48

Sister - Emma - 18

Jeremy - Emma’s bf - 19

Brother - Ronald - 15

Jackson - Rons friend - 15

Neighbor - Jerry

Neighbors - Husband Joe, Wife Sherry, daughter Lynn and other daughter Mya

I’m a horny little fuck. Senior year of high school. Notorious voyeur and exhibitionist. Have received numerous ‘Science’ awards and several scholarship offers in the field of sciences.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of making somebody so horny they’ll do almost anything to alleviate their horniness. My train of thought has been that if I can induce “Releaser pheromones” into the air, that anyone inhaling them will become horny within minutes. And, completely unscientific of me, is to test my ideas on the general public without their knowledge.

I finally perfected a batch that I thought would work!

SCENARIO 1: A Public bus

This is not the ideal test scenario. The ventilation system is not reliable. Heaters are in numerous places on the bus. The A/C cycles on and off too frequently. Too many open windows.

There were only three guys and 2 gals (sitting next to each other) on the bus at the time. But, I was anxious to try this batch so I used the concealed spray bottle in my sleeve and sprayed just a small amount of batch RP362 as I walked to the back of the bus. The gal on the aisle side of her seat started shifting around a lot and I could see her hand pressing down over her clothes onto her pussy. Soon the pressing became a rubbing and finally the rubbing became her sticking her hand into her pants. Her friend had taken it a step father and stood up and removed her shorts. Now, the two gals were rubbing each others pussies like they were trying to start a fire with two sticks! One guy had his dick out and was beating off. One guy had stood up and removed all his clothes and went to kneel down next to the girls. Unceremoniously he just plopped his head down on her pussy and started licking away. The final guy stood and took off his clothes too and went over to the kneeling guy and started sucking his dick.

Two things I observed. The bus driver was probably 20’ away and appeared to be unaffected (if not blinded). I wasn’t affected because I had undetectable filters in each nostril. Also, without me knowing the individuals that were affected, I was not able to determine how far they went to make the feelings stop. ‘Had the guy sucked dick before, were the girls exhibitionists prior to today’?

It was still great to watch, even to a point of me dropping my shorts and beating off like there was no tomorrow! The guy getting his dick sucked had a huge orgasm and within seconds was apparently feeling guilty and yanked his shorts up and got off the bus. The guy that was doing the sucking, was still affected and looking to get off anyway he could. He stood up in front of the girl and without preamble shoved his dick right into her mouth. She didn’t protest and started bobbing up and down on his dick. The girl next to her turned to her and said “Jill, What the fuck are you doing!? You’ve never sucked cock before!” “I’m sorry Amy I’m just so fucking horny.” Amy was still horny too and dropped her head into Jill’s lap. She must have been good because Jill started gyrating her hips up and down and let out a long slow moan, capped off by an “OH GAWD!” So, now we’re down to two, Amy, who just ate Jill and the guy with a hardon that wouldn’t quit. The guy started towards Amy but Jill pushed him away and started eating her girlfriends pussy and had her moaning quickly to. They both kinda collapsed into each others arms and were trying desperately to cover themselves up when the guy, who had ‘taken matters into his own hands’ came all over them.

Everybody was satiated (except me!) and all getting off the bus. This shit of being just the observer has to change somehow!

I was trying to think of different venues for testing. A school classroom was promising. Something at the mall, but that was a little worrisome because of the size and what if security was unaffected. Plus, I didn’t know most of those people. It had to be someone I knew so I could start gauging how far someone would go. So I’m back to classroom ... what about home? The great thing about the bus was that when ‘needs were met’ they all went their merry own ways and probably never saw each other again, hell they probably enjoyed it a lot more than they were willing to admit. How would it affect people after the pheromones wore off?

SCENARIO 2: Home (just brother, sister and me)

I decided on trying it at home.

Mom-Diane-42 Dad-Frank-48 Sister-Emma-18 Brother-Ronald-15

(there’s a dog, a cat, a mini-van, a pool, but no white picket fence)

Typical American family!

Mom and dad were going to be gone next weekend so I figured I’d start then with just Emma, Ron and me. I made two aerators that dispensed a spray every 15 minutes for an hour. I put one in a vent in each of there rooms. Friday night at 6:00 I’d activate them and see what happens. I (reluctantly) decided to keep using my own filters.

Best laid plans ... etc etc etc

Emma had her boyfriend over and Ron had a friend spending the night??? Oh well - here goes. At 6:00 I activated them both. At 6:10 I heard a loud noise from Emma’s room and went to see. Emma’s boyfriend (Jeremy) was bare-assed naked and had Emma’s pants around her knees and was trying to get her panties down. This isn’t what I wanted. I went over and yanked him off Emma and knew right away what was happening and that the only way to get him to stop would be to ‘get him off!’ I dropped to my knees and started blowing him - it worked, he was now concentrating on just the feelings I was giving him. I played with his balls and ran my hands all over his ass. He kept pumping my mouth (I’d never done this before but must admit I was having fun!) When he came it was like flood gates were opening - hungh - so that’s what cum tastes like - I LIKE IT! Then, just like the bus, he started feeling guilty, dressed and ran out yelling back to Emma “Sorry!”. Emma - now what - she’s laying on the bed, had pulled down her own panties and grabbed a dildo from under her mattress and was pumping like an oil well! I’d never seen her pussy and was really enjoying it. I could even smell a distinct aroma from here - gawd, I hope I get a closer whiff. She shaved everything but a thin strip at the top. Her pussy lips and clit were extended a bunch and I wanted nothing more than to lay between her legs and start licking. Just as I was moving towards the bed - she came (and came, and came) I was just about to kneel on the bed and she looked at me and yelled to get the fuck out! Oops - not going well!

First lesson learned (again) - I had to find away to not make it end so abruptly - I wanted them to remain in a ‘fun’ state of arousal, and not feel guilty about what had just happened. Second lesson learned was that one dose was plenty and it started taking affect in about 10 minutes and lasted until that person had an orgasm.

I passed by Ron’s door and didn’t hear anything. So, I peeked in and Ron and his friend (Jackson I think) were sucking each others dicks. Ron looked up and saw me and said “Sorry Dale, we just kinda got all horny and had to do something.” He almost couldn’t finish his sentence before Jackson was pulling his head back down on his dick. Now, if they come together, then the pheromones will all wear off. But what are the odds of two 15 year olds cumming at the same time. I figured I’d stay and get the last one off just so that no one was left hanging (so to speak!) As I suspected Jackson was cumming in Ron’s mouth and Ron was trying to pump his own dick. I knelt down next to Ron and started sucking his dick. No hair, kinda small, but this was a shitload of fun. I kept sucking and licking and even raised his ass a little to lick his butt-hole. Oh fuck ... were my filters clogged and I was being affected? I don’t know, but I did know I didn’t want this to end. I don’t think Ron did either, he kept looking down at me and couldn’t believe his older brother was sucking his dick and butt-hole. He couldn’t stop cumming, and I couldn’t stop swallowing! Although I wanted to get off, it wasn’t an imperative - I was hard as a rock but could live with it (till I got back to my room anyway). One thing worth note was that neither of them felt the guilt - Ron and Jackson were back to talking, laying around naked and about to play a game as if nothing had happened - That’s the feeling I wanted people left with - what made these guys different?

Back in my room - (bet you can’t guess what I did!) - all over my chest and using my hands to wipe up every drop I could find, and eat it. Another hungh ... until today I not only had never tasted anyone else’s cum, I hadn’t even tasted my own! I was never going to bad mouth gays again!

Morning was kinda interesting - Emma came up to me and said if I said anything to mom or dad she would kill me. She was still thinking this was all her fault. Ron came up to me smiled, hugged me and said “Anytime you want something in return, or if you wanna do it again ... just let me know! Jackson was cool but wasn’t sure what to make of it all.

I was a little leery of trying anymore this weekend, but it seems like the mood was kinda set anyway - Ron and Jackson were bare-assed naked by the pool all weekend. I heard Emma masturbating several times and she was in the shower a lot. She hadn’t heard from Jeremy, and I doubted if she would. She had a girlfriend over all day Sunday and they mostly just lounged around the pool - GAWD I LOVE Bikini’s. Emma and the friend went to her bedroom a couple of times. Although real quiet, I think I heard what was going on - I wound up in my bedroom whipping another one out. New technique on my part was to catch it in my hand and lick it all up. Thought about reloading the canister in Emma’s vent but could never get to her room long enough. With the amount of moaning I was hearing, I guess they didn’t need it anyway!

Dull week, made some adjustments to my formula and was anxious to try it. Still liked the idea of home so, I was going to wait till this weekend. Ron was off to a camp somewhere but mom, dad, Emma and I would all be home.

SCENARIO 3: Home (Mom, Dad, Sister and me)

Facts that I was pretty sure of:

Mom and Dad were as straight as they come and didn’t even have sex with each other that often. And then it was probably just plain ole missionary. Emma was at least lesbian but probably bi-sexual, all though she did put up a fight with Jeremy last weekend?. Maybe just lesbian? I was as straight as they come - except that I was starting to like sucking dicks (but still straight! - Don’t fucking forget that - I am straight!).

Friday nights was always ‘Game night’ in our house, if we didn’t have other plans. This Friday night was Monopoly and Fondue. I set a canister (with the new/tweaked batch RP363) in the living room vent and was only going to set it for one dose. I still used my filters (I had to be able to observe without being affected!).

8:00 we started the game - 8:30 mom got the fondue - 9:00 the dose

9:10 everybody was a little antsy and moving around a lot. Emma’s hand spent a lot of time under the table. Mom went to the kitchen a lot - one time she came back and forgot to zip up her shorts. Dad, I think, finally just said ‘fuck it’ and stuck his hands in moms shorts and started rubbing her pussy. Emma got up and took off her shorts, sat back in her chair and started fingering that amazing pussy. She grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy (THANK YOU GAWD!).

Mom and dad were removing each others clothes, and as much as I was enjoying Emma’s pussy, I couldn’t take my eyes off mom and dad. Mom’s tits weren’t huge but stuck out from her chest so nice and firm, no sag at all. And, she only trimmed, not shaved her pussy, so there was a really nice looking clump of hair there. Dad’s dick was rock hard and about 6 inches (bigger than mine you asshole!). Mom bent down and started sucking dad’s dick and was using one hand to finger fuck herself. I think Emma got frustrated that I was paying more attention to mom and dad than to her and she got up and knelt down in front of mom and started eating her pussy. Mom was incredulous and wanted to stop Emma but couldn’t. Mom kept bobbing up and down on dads dick and dad motioned for me to come over to him. Now, I know my dad is straight, I also know that my dick had completely disappearing down his throat! OK, with this setup, dad was gonna cum in moms mouth, mom was gonna cum in Emma’s mouth, that left Emma, I (reluctantly detached from dads shopvac mouth and went over behind Emma. I was just going to eat her pussy till she came, but hey, I’m 17 - I lined my dick up with her pussy and started pushing in - OH MY GAWD!!! She couldn’t have been wetter and offered no resistance. Soon (to fucking soon) I was pumping everything I had into her ... she came - dad came - and judging from the screaming, mom came.

Now it gets interesting, how were we all going to deal with this. Mom just laid her head in dads lap, he kept stroking the back of her head. Emma collapsed on the floor and actually reached for me to cuddle up next to her. We all just laid like that for about a half hour. Dad stood up and said “That was interesting. What brought that on?. Have we all been repressing feelings we have for each other?” He looked over at mom and asked “You OK?” She just looked down at Emma and said “Really good! Where did you learn to do that? That was so much better than college! Are you OK?” “Yea mom that was fun, I actually go both ways but prefer women and that was one on the tastiest pussies I’ve ever eaten!” Mom blushed and told her to stop it. Dad looked at me and said “You?” Yea, dad I kind just jumped in at the end - you know ‘going with the flow and all!’ But then you had me so hard I had to do something.” Now it was dad’s turn to blush - “I don’t know what came over me I haven’t done that since my Navy days and, even then it was just me getting a blowjob. I never sucked one before. You don’t think less of your old man do you?” Hell no, dad - that was fucking awesome, I just can’t wait to pay you back.

Mom, got up, naked as the day she was born, and said “Who’s up for cherry pie and ice cream?” And just walked into the kitchen as if nothing had happened. So, we are sitting at the table bare-assed naked and talking about the weather, politics, school, whatever. Emma gets up and says she’s beat and going to bed - she walked over to me and gave me a kiss (she had NEVER done that before!). Then kissed mom and dad (dad grabbed a quick feel of her ass) and she took off. Mom dad and I finished the Monopoly game. We all kissed and went off to our bedrooms.

I hope it was the tweaking I did to the formula this last week that changed the after effects (and was real anxious to try it on others to see).

SCENARIO 3: Home (Mom, Dad, Sister and me) - after effects

The morning was going to be another interesting hurdle. I went down for breakfast and mom was in her nightie (never seen that before!), dad came in wearing boxers (never seen that before!), Emma came in in a robe that wasn’t tied up at all - oh gawd that pussy (I’d seen that before!). Nobody said anything about last night and we all sat down to eat. Dad finally did pipe in saying, that he guesses things were going to be a little more lax around here and that we were all adults and to act accordingly (What the fuck did that mean!). Emma said she was going to lay out by the pool all day, mom said she’d join her. Dad looked at me and said “You gonna help me tackle cleaning the shed out back?” Sure dad! We all went off to do our things. Dad came out of the house first in a pair of nylon shorts that left nothing to the imagination.

Then mom and Emma came out - NAKED! I was the last one out so didn’t know how everyone was dressed. I came out in a pair of board shorts, t-shirt and sandals. Everybody looked at me and asked if last night bothered me. I said no, not at all - took off my t-shirt, but didn’t have any under-ware on and was leery of taking off my shorts when dad came over (thought he was gonna give me a pep talk) but, he knelt down and pulled my shorts off! I just looked at him and said “Turn about is only fair” and knelt down and took off his shorts. There, that’s better, we were all four bare-assed naked now. There were a lot of trees surrounding our back yard, but no fence and by no means completely private. We could see our neighbors houses on both sides. It didn’t seem to bother anybody. Dad and I got the shed cleaned, Mom and Emma were covered in Suntan oil and mom went in to fix lunch. We ate on the back patio and were carrying on conversations as if nothing were out of the ordinary.

Emma went over and sat on the edge of the pool dangling her feet in the water. Mom got in the pool and stood between Emma’s legs. Mom looked up at Emma and said “I owe you!” Mom was rubbing Emma’s thighs and just grazing her pussy. Occasionally a hand would creep up and tease a nipple then back to pussy. Emma was shaking her head back and forth already and mom hadn’t even really started on her pussy yet. Moms mouth found Emma’s clit and Emma used her thighs to squeeze moms head like a pair of vice grips (Stanley Tools would have been proud!). Emma finally went over the edge and screamed! Mom looked up and smiled at dad and I and had Emma’s cum all over her face. Dad was hard as a rock and I knelt down and said “My turn”. I ran my tongue all around his dick and paid particular attention to his balls and what little of his ass I could get to. He grabbed my head and steered it towards his dick and I sucked it in hungrily. Dad was just about to come when Ron (Ron, you remember my little brother that was SUPPOSED to be at camp!) came out the patio door. I stayed where I was but took dads dick out of my mouth. Ron said there was a fire at camp and his friend Jackson’s dad brought him home.

I looked at Ron, he was smiling. I went back to sucking dad. Dad was about to stop me and go talk to Ron when I told him it was ok - Ron would be cool. Ron had already taken his clothes off and walked up to mom (I was amazed at how much a little dick could swing!) and kissed her and asked if he could have some lunch. Emma kept starring at Ron’s dick, Ron kept starring at Emma’s tits. Ron jumped in and swam up behind Emma. He reached around in front of her and ran his hands over her tits. She reached back and started feeling his dick. Yea, I think Ron’s gonna be cool. I went back to sucking dad, and he went back to screaming at me to not stop! He came like a son-of-a-bitch and I’ll be damned if I didn’t come too ... without even being touched!

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