Anchors Aweigh

by NDBareBear

Copyright© 2016 by NDBareBear

Erotica Sex Story: The New Navy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   mt/mt   NonConsensual   Gay   Lesbian   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Public Sex   Military   .

I’m almost an “Old Salt” now. Hi, I’m Petty Officer Linus Larue, and have been in the Navy for 8 months now. Went to boot camp and my first technical school in San Diego. Graduated at the top of my class and was promoted to (E4)PO3. I was due to report to my ship tomorrow and got to spend my first night of liberty in a Greyhound bus station because I couldn’t afford a hotel! I called my girlfriend in Texas and was told by her mom that she was out on a date! Oh fucking great!

Anyway, I got to the ship (a US Navy Supply Ship) early the next morning and was assigned to a living space. A guy named Jon was assigned to show me around. I commented on all the girls around and he said the crew was pretty well divided, half girls and half guys! I started to think things were looking up and tripped over a tie down while I was starring at an amazing looking girl working out. Yea, that’s Franny, Franny with The Fanny, you’re not the first guy to fall for her!

We finally made it down to our workspace and, once more I was in awe at the number of girls. “They’re all in our division?”

“Yep!” - “Holy shit, how do you get any work done?”

“Actually, we don’t work that hard!”

“Come with me” and we were off on another jaunt through the ship. “Jon stopped and said, “This you need to pay attention to ... see that red marking on the bulkhead? It means your in female country. If you cross that line you will be stopped. And, the MAA’s (Master At Arms - on-board police) will have your ass, and they’re coming down hard on intruders. The skipper just busted a E6 down to E4 for just talking to a girl on the other side of that marker!”

“So, watch your ass, not theirs!”

The first couple of weeks went by pretty smooth, and I actually got used to all the girls around. Most of them didn’t even talk to the guys except to perform their duties. Jon told me that almost every girl had a boyfriend in the crew.

We were preparing for a “WestPac” (Western Pacific) cruise and would be gone the better part of a year. Jon and I had become close friends and were playin’ Backgammon one day when he asked if I had heard about “the changes?” I hadn’t, and he said because so many women were getting pregnant and having to be released from the ship that ‘the powers that be’ were coming up with a plan to stop the pregnancies. But, he didn’t know any more than that. The following week at ‘quarters’ (a half hour period all hands in our division got together for the junior officers to let us know what all was going on), the shit hit the fan!

Effective immediately, sex between members of the opposite sex was to be completely eliminated and would not be tolerated at all. And, sex between members of the same sex was not only encouraged but would become the de facto standard for both males and females! It took me a minute ... then it hit me, if I wanted to have sex it had to be with other guys?! No Fucking way!!! The Lieutenant continued, they realized sex was necessary, even if it was just masturbation, but could not afford the costs of female pregnancies. So, to alleviate the desire for sex with the opposite sex, sex would be required between members of the same sex. He continued, also, effective immediately, all crew, male and female below the rank of E7 would be required to be nude when not in port, alongside another ship or for the safety of their job. This was supposed to enhance the desire to have sex with other members of the same sex! The Master At Arms and officers were to enforce these new rules and would occasionally enforce “challenges” where an individual would be pulled aside and forced to have sex with a member of the same sex right there! This was supposed to show how accepting of the new rules you were and that this was really a good thing, and that sex with the same sex was not something new to you, that you had done it before. Requests for transfers will not be accepted. This new directive is coming directly from the President and the Chief Of Naval Operations. Everyone has one hour to return to your quarters and remove all your clothing. At that time you will return to your work spaces and resume your duties.

Needless to say there were a lot of people not willing to comply. The skipper came over the 1MC (shipboard announcement system) “The MAA’s are taking the names and times of individuals refusing to obey. One weeks pay will be deducted from your earnings for every hour you continue to refuse. That is all”

Jon and I were talking (not getting naked!) and he said “Dude, we gotta do this.” I said I didn’t mind the nude part so much but there was no way I could have sex with a guy.” He said, “You trust me?” I said yea. He said “Get naked, we’re gonna have to sooner or later!” We did then he said, “Come with me.” We went into the head (bathroom) and he said, “I’ve done this before and it really ain’t so bad. As he said that he put his hand on my hip. I started to jerk away and he said “You’re gonna have ta!) He put his hand back and trailed it around to my ass then between my legs. I’ve never been with a guy, but I’ve had a couple of girls do the exact same thing to me, and I gotta say, it felt a lot better when Jon did it! As he was reaching for my balls from behind me, I unknowingly spread my legs. Damn it really did feel good. He grabbed my hand and pulled it back and placed it right next to his dick. When he let go of my hand, I didn’t pull my hand away. I still hadn’t touched his cock either though! As he was playing with my dick and balls, his thumb was rubbing up and down my asshole. Now, it just doesn’t get anymore queer than this, but, I wasn’t pulling away either! My hand, accidentally (?) touched his dick and I could tell it was hard. I did it again but left my hand there. It really felt kinda good. How could something that hard be so soft? His thumb was just about to enter my ass and I said, “Not yet, but don’t stop!” He kept rubbing, I started moaning, his dick was in my hand and he started moving it back and forth - HOLY FUCK I WAS CUMMING! So was he, it was all smooth and warm and not entirely unpleasant. He kissed the back of my neck and said “Think you’ll be able to handle this a little easier now?” I turned my head and kissed his neck (wasn’t ready to do lips yet!) and said yea, that helps a lot. How long you been doing this. He said not long, but on-board ship you kinda pick up on the idea of “Any port in a storm!”. I bent down to pull up my pants and said “oops ... I guess that’ll make things a little easier too!”. We went over to the sinks and were rinsing our dicks off just as two other guys were coming in. One of the guys said, “I guess we don’t have to hide this anymore ... he knelt down and started blowing the other guy. Jon and I just watched, and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t getting another hardon. Jon reached over and was lightly rubbing it and my thigh and asked me if I wanted some of that. I said I wasn’t sure, he got on his knees and started sucking me anyway. I was moaning and starting to jack my dick in and out of his mouth when another guy came in and smiled and just watched. I came so fucking hard, people were coming in to see if I was ok! “Jon” - “Yea” - “I fucking hate you! Will you do it again later?!

All the way back to our work space pockets of people (and one huge group of people!) were in various states of sexual throes. I did see one girl and guy together, but the MAA pulled them apart and took them off to the brig I guess. Once in the shop, the division officer called me into his office and said close the door. He said that things were going to be a little awkward (yeah, you sitting there all decked out in yer whites and me with my dick hanging out! - yea, a little awkward!) for a while but as a Petty Officer he was going to need my help. Let things progress at their own pace and try not to stop anything sexual happening (unless it’s with the opposite sex). “Let ‘em play, and start getting used to this! But, the job still has to get done!” He said alright, dismissed, but then stopped me and handed me a Kleenex and pointed at my dick - oops! Everyone seemed to gather in their own ‘same sex’ clicks, there wasn’t as many boy/girl groups as before. A couple of the girls were trying too not be noticed over by a couple of desks, but the heavier they got the more they got noticed. They were standing, kissing on the lips, playing with ass and tits. And, it just kept getting heavier and heavier. I started to break up a group of 5 guys who were standing too close and watching until a couple of them started masturbating and another couple of them were reaching for each others dicks. The girls were on the floor now and eating each others pussies like nobody’s business. I wanted to jump in so bad, but knew better, so I just started masturbating too. One of the guys came over to me and knelt down and started licking the sides of my dick and balls. He pulled me down to the floor also and turned so that his dick was in my face. I still hadn’t tasted a dick yet, but knew I was gonna have to. I grabbed it and started masturbating him, but he wanted more. As his dick got closer to my mouth I reached out with my tongue just to lick it. There was no taste to it, then I licked the head and got a tongue full of pre-cum. OK - that had taste! And not really bad either. I licked again but most of it was gone. I put it all in my mouth, wanting to get some more. He started pumping in and out and within minutes he was cumming. My mouth was still on it and I jerked away and got my lips and cheeks covered! But, there was that flavor - I think I may end up liking this!

We only had two girls and one guy that refused to participate and we heard they were all in the brig - NAKED! Jon came and found me and we went to chow together, just like always, except we were naked. There were a few incidents in the chow hall, one guy got jealous when a girl made his girlfriend come right there in front of everyone. He went after her but the MAA’s grabbed him quick. We heard the “challenges” wouldn’t start for a week or so, so people could get used to this. Actually, nothing seemed a whole lot different. If you ignored the nudity you were still doing the same things you used to do. Even ‘Franny with the fanny’ was doing her work out! Yea, I had to stop and watch for a minute. A group of girls went over to her and started feeling her up, and she didn’t object. She was on her back on one of the machines and another girl squatted down over her head, Franny dove right in! You could actually hear the slurping sounds from where I was. The squatting gal came real quick and another girl took her place. Think she’d notice if I squatted over her?! Without even realizing it I had started masturbating. No one was coming to my aid so I just finished off in my hand, and a first for me was to put it up to my mouth and lick my hand clean. I was never able to taste my own cum before. Now, I was kicking myself for not starting sooner - I really like the taste of cum!

After a couple weeks, it just kinda became the norm, not a big deal.

We did have one big drama going on - the Chaplin wasn’t happy. Some guys went in for services one Sunday morning and caught the Chaplin with his pants down getting a blowjob. He put in for a transfer the next day, signed a non-disclosure statement and was flown to Guam.

I did notice the difference of attitudes in the showers. The showers are all open and have 8-10 shower heads on the wall. Before, guys would come in with towels wrapped around their waist and get under a shower-head facing the wall, and usually not turn around. You never got within touching distance of someone else! And gawd forbid you got a boner for some reason, you did everything you could to hide it! Now ... everybody was washing everybody else’s back (and usually more) - boners were the order of the day.

There was a female berthing compartment just a few bulkheads down from us. One day their plumbing went kerflewie (that’s a nautical term for ‘broke’) and, not a second thought was given when they came down to use our showers. Now granted, more guys than normal decided to take their showers at that time, and they lasted a little longer than usual, but, it was no big deal. Girls were washing each others backs and other stuff! Our dicks may have been a little bit harder, but, nothing happened! Although, we did get their attention when a couple of guys started blowing two other guys!

The division officer called me in to his office and asked how the division was doing. I said great, and everyone was actually starting to get back to working some. He said he hadn’t noticed me participating in anything and asked if I had sucked a dick yet. I said yes, and he said he wanted to verify it. He stood up and told me to take his clothes off. I went to close the door and the blinds, and he said leave them. I pulled his pants down and he said, “Everything, take it all off. And I better be hard by the time your done!” I was running my hands up and down his thighs and just barely grazing his dick and balls. I reached through his legs from the front and started playing with his ass. By the time I got up to his shirt, he was already getting a boner. When his shirt came off I bent down and started sucking on his nipples and kept my hands playing with his cock and balls. I asked if he wanted anything other than a blowjob, that I had some K-Y Jelly in my desk if he wanted me to get it. He just looked at me and said no, keep doing what I was doing. As I was playing with his cock and balls, I started feeling a lot of pre-cum and bent over to lick it all up. He came as I was licking and let out a moan that got the whole shops attention. People had even gathered around his windows and doors and were in various stages of sexual satisfaction themselves. He yelled at everyone to get back to work, dismissed me and closed his door and shades! He wasn’t expecting to enjoy it that much and was feeling guilty as hell! I bet he calls me in again within a week to “verify”!

Rules were made and posted and changed, one thing that wasn’t considered was a woman having her period. Panties were then allowed. Kitchen workers were not allowed to have sex in the kitchen. More and more officers were starting to perform “challenges” even though they knew the person being challenged was only participating in same sex activities. My division officer “challenges” me once a week! Some of the officers, in “Officers Country” (a berthing area were only officers reside) had taken to leaving their doors open if they wanted someone to ‘stop by and be challenged’.

There was a female Lieutenant who worked in Data Processing that, we heard, was caught having sex with a guy. This gal was fucking awesome. Blonde, shoulder length hair. Not huge, but well rounded tits. I knew the MAA who caught her and he said she was the first female he had seen with blonde pussy hair! He got into a bit of a scuffle with her and had to grab her tits to break her free from the guy. When the MAA told us who the guy was, we at least understood a little, his name was Jack and he had a cock that literally hung to his knees!

She was given 30 days of forced nudity and a letter of reprimand. The nudity was kinda a big deal for her since she was not one of us that was required to be naked all the time. She was also to abstain from sex completely (male or female) for 30 days. And, lastly, to hopefully curb her desire to want to have sex with guys, she was to allow any and all guys to feel her up. I’d bet she had fingers in her pussy and ass 23 hours a day! Guys could come on her, but not in her. We were NOT allowed to have sex with her. And, she was to concede to any and all guys who wanted to feel her up. She could be seen walking up and down the passageways completely covered in cum.

I was ordered to report to the Captains at-sea-cabin that night at 1900. I didn’t have a clue what it was all about, but was a little worried because I had followed the fem Lieutenant around a lot the last couple of days and had jacked-off on her face and tits several times. Once I wiped off my dick on her pussy and thought the skipper would think I was having sex with her. Then, too, there was the fact that I still hadn’t fucked or been fucked by a guy. If that got out, I would be in real trouble.

Precisely at 1900 I knocked three times on the skippers door and waited for him to announce ‘Enter’. I was half way through the door when I did a stutter step - there was the skipper, bare-assed naked and beating his meat to the sights of 10 or 12 video monitors that had been placed in his cabin. All the videos were showing someone having sex. Mostly he was watching the women but there were a few guys too. He said “Petty Office Larue?”

“Yes Sir”

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