Anne Shows Savannah a New Way to Have Sex

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2016 by mysteria27

Science Fiction Sex Story: A bored housewife meets a woman in a bar who takes her to experience something out of this world.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Space   Aliens   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Squirting   .

Savannah and her husband had been married for twenty years. They always had a great sex life, but for the past few years her husband suffered with erectile dysfunction. This put a damper in their sex life and left Savannah aching to be pleased sexually.

He pleased her orally, but she just wished to have marathon sex sessions. She begged her husband to get Viagra. Sometimes he’d get it, but not all the time. When he did take the pills, their sex life was amazing. However, he didn’t get them that much. This made Savannah very stressed and unhappy.

She didn’t want to cheat on her husband, but lately she just wasn’t satisfied. Her husband traveled a lot for business, so she was alone most of the time. When he wasn’t home, she’d satisfy herself with her toys. She did have loads of orgasms by herself when playing with the array of toys she had acquired over the years.

Savannah really needed more than just her toy playing. She needed to be satisfied either by men or women. At this point, she wasn’t picky. She just wanted to have multiple orgasms with somebody. Her husband was out of town and she decided to go out on the town looking for sex. She was desperate and needed to find anybody to have sex with her.

Savannah was a gorgeous woman. She didn’t think it would be too hard for her to meet people. She was just looking for an interesting time and was open to anything that might come up. She was looking for something a little different.

Savannah got herself all decked out and was planning to go to a popular club. She wore a short and tight mini dress and heels. She had her blonde hair down and was all made up. She had a taxi take her to the club. She was very excited and hoped to have an amazing time.

Savannah was dropped off in front of the club. She stood on a bit of a line, but eventually got in. The club was very crowded. It was a new place that she had heard about. She walked in and stood by the bar and ordered herself a drink. There was a seat available next to another hot blonde about the same age as Savannah.

“Is this seat taken?”

“It’s all yours. Please sit down.”

Savannah got herself comfortable and sat down. The bartender brought her drink. Savannah took out her phone and checked to see if her husband had called. She had no messages on her phone.

“My name is Anne. Who might you be?”

“Savannah. Nice to meet you Anne.”

“Are you married Savannah?”

“Yes. He’s out of town. I thought I’d have a little fun.”

Savannah and Anne were mingling and they each bought the other drinks. They were getting along really well. They danced on the dance floor with each other and were sharing stories. Savannah had shared with Anne that her husband didn’t please her sexually.

“Savannah, if you could have the most amazing sex in the world would you have it?”

“Of course I would. I just told you my sex life sucks.”

“If you’re interested in something a little different, you have to come with me. I’ll take you somewhere, that will blow your mind. You’ll have so many orgasms you’ll scream. Would you like to have mind blowing orgasms?”

“Where would we go?”

“I have friends that will pick us up in a secret spot.”

“Sounds amazing. Let’s go. I’m up for an adventure.”

“Great. Just know where we’re going is an adventure of a lifetime. You’ll be returned unharmed and will live through the most amazing sexual experience that you have ever encountered.”

Savannah had no idea what Anne was talking about. Her pussy was throbbing in her panties wondering where she was going to take them. She had no idea where they were going, but was very excited and horny. She hoped wherever they were going would be very exciting.

Anne paid the bill and Savannah and her walked out of the club. They got into a taxi and Anne gave the driver the address she wanted to be taken too. They drove for a long while and then reached the location. It was a country style farmhouse with a huge barn on lots of acres. The driver let them off and Anne took Savannah near the barn.

They waited a little while and then a very bright light in the sky was shining down. A spaceship shined a light down and descended down in front of them. A door opened and Anne and Savannah walked into the spaceship.

“Where the hell are we going?”

“I told you to have an opened mind. Don’t worry, I’ve done this before.”

The spaceship was very bright and there were beings that appeared to look like men. One of the aliens took Anne and Savannah into a room that was dimly lit. He spoke to the women.

“Make yourselves comfortable in the chairs.”

Anne sat in the first chair and Savannah followed her to the chair next to hers. They sat down and the chairs turned on. They made a soft humming noise. These chairs were not like anything on earth. Savannah thought they were pleasure chairs.

“What kind of a chair is this? I’m feeling really hot. Do you think I could take my clothes off?”

“Stand up and take them off. You’re just experiencing phase one.”

Both women stood up and took their clothes off and sat back on the chairs. Both women felt a wave of pleasure go through their bodies. Their pussies were wet and throbbing and their nipples on their breasts were erect and standing straight up. Each woman felt very warm and aroused. Their hearts started to beat very fast. The alien just watched while they went through phase one.

The floor opened and two tentacle beings appeared. They were standing in front of the chairs. They were about six feet tall. Their heads were purple and their tentacles were green. There were small puckers on the tentacles. They didn’t appear to be scary looking but had lots of tentacles. They moved closer to the women who were seated in the chairs.

“What the hell is that?”

“It’s just a tentacle alien that will give you the most amazing orgasms of your life. Just relax and don’t worry. They won’t hurt you. I swear I come here once a week and get fucked. I can’t tell you how amazing this is. If you like it, you can come back next week. They’ll just take your pussy juices that excrete out of you. They won’t’ harm you in anyway.”

“Okay. I’ll just relax. This is pretty fucked up!”

“Just enjoy it. I’m telling you it’s really wild.”


The tentacle alien wrapped his tentacles around Savannah. One of its tentacles entered her mouth. She sucked it like she would a cock. She relaxed her throat and bobbed along the tentacle. The alien kept feeding more and more of its tentacle into her mouth. Savannah started to gag which seemed to excite the alien more.

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