Knowing Our Places

by Clowns

Copyright© 2016 by Clowns

Sex Story: A single mom and her daughter are taken advantage of by her rich boss and her family.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   NonConsensual   Rape   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Big Breasts   .

Chloe felt uncomfortable the way her two classmates avoided talking directly to her. Plus, they were now openly groping her large breasts as they made rude comments with words like ‘cow’ and ‘slut’. She was a DD. They were at most B cups.

Chloe thought back to how excited her mom was when she told her daughter she was invited to spend time with her boss’s daughter at their mansion on the edge of town.

Chloe didn’t want to go, but it seemed so important to her mom. Lisa so much wanted her daughter to do better than she had. That’s why she insisted on Chloe’s recent abortion. Having been a single mom at 16 and then again at 18, she didn’t want her daughter to be one at 17.

Without even a GED, Lisa was lucky for her job as personal secretary for Mrs. Verna Cocksman. The Cocksman family was like royalty in this small town. Lisa couldn’t believe her daughter was being welcomed into their home.

But of course Chloe wasn’t receiving a warm welcome. The two spoiled rich girls’ mistreatment of her only got worse. It was clear their makeover of her was designed to show her as some sort of slut. Thick gaudy make-up with short skirt and top that could barely hold her large breasts.

It didn’t help that she was feeling the buzz from the ‘punch’ the girls had been practically forcing her to drink. The hallway was now spinning as they lead her to the back of the house.

The three girls were met with a cheer as they entered the room. Chloe looked around to see eight boys all staring at her. Her instincts were to run but both girls had a firm grip on her arms. Plus, she knew she was drunk.

Chloe soon learned it was a birthday party of sorts. Britney’s brother was turning fifteen. The room was filled with snacks and drinks and video games. All that forgotten now that she was in the room.

The boys took turns getting their picture taken with a clearly uncomfortable Chloe, especially when it was decided she must kiss each boy, and it had to be a ‘real’ kiss.

This went on for several minutes as each boy became bolder than the last. One boy became two, and two became three, as Chloe tried to resist their tongues going into her mouth and their hands on her boobs and crotch.

When Chloe finally was able to come up for air, she noticed a mattress had been brought out and placed in the middle of the room. Seeing what they had in store for her, she tried to make a run for it, but only managed to be dragged over to the mattress where they quickly shed her remaining clothes.

Since Ben was the birthday boy, he was the first to mount her, while the other boys still continued their groping. Towards the end, one managed to shove his cock into her mouth before being rebuked by the others. It was Ben’s birthday after all. Chloe could hear the two girls shouting their encouragement, comments, and suggestions.

Once Ben unloaded, one by one, each of the other boys took their turn between Chloe’s legs. Once they all had a turn, they started again. Chloe gave up all hope of anyone coming to her aid as the boys figured out Chloe could take on two and even three cocks at once. Despite the size of her large tits, they couldn’t quite work in a boob fuck. Too crowded.

When Lisa arrived to pick up her daughter, she could hear the noise coming from somewhere in the back of the house but couldn’t quite make out what it was all about. It was a big house. Lisa didn’t know about the boys and their party.

Mrs. Cocksman greeted her, completely ignoring the noise. She chatted briefly about work before offering to take her to Chloe and the others. The closer they got, the more uneasy Lisa felt. Something was not right.

When they finally turned the corner, Lisa felt as if she had been punched in the gut. There was her daughter, surrounded by young boys, being defiled in the worst way. Since the other two girls had grown bored and left minutes before, Chloe was the only girl there.

Her blonde hair was a mess. Make-up smeared her flushed cheeks as she tried to accommodate the penis that was being force fed into her mouth. Chloe was clearly struggling as the phallus was shoved all the way in, balls pushed against her chin. Her nostrils were flared as she tried hard to concentrate on simply breathing.

At her other end, two more cocks filled her front and back. One boy lay underneath while the other kneeled behind. A couple more boys were groping her large breasts, which appeared to be covered in hickies.

Lisa was mesmerized by how still all three boys remained as Chloe’s body lurched forward and back, pistoning the three cocks in and out of her sweaty body. Lisa recognized most of the boys. They were all around her son’s age. That fact seemed to somehow make all this even worse. They were her son’s age.

Everyone went quiet and still when Mrs. Cocksman cleared her throat. Once silent, she spoke.

“Since this one clearly isn’t keeping up, I have brought her mother to help out. Boys! She’s all yours.”

Stunned by what she heard, Lisa didn’t have time to react. The five boys not currently with their cocks shoved in her daughter quickly led her to the mattress where they shed most of her clothes. Unlike her daughter, Lisa had on a garter belt for her hose and they decided to keep her in shoes.

Lisa was an older version of her daughter, except with about 50 extra pounds, most of which was in her boobs. They were massive. That fact not being lost on any of the boys. Like her daughter, she soon had her breasts covered with hickies.

Ben pulled out of Chloe’s ass and forced it into Lisa’s mouth. She gagged and spit but soon knew she had no choice but to work his hard cock. He of course claimed first fuck of the big titted mother. He told her how he dreamed of fucking her one day. Ever since she started work for his mom.

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