Sissy-Peter, Panties-Stealer

by Victor E

Copyright© 2016 by Victor E

Sex Story: Peter, a shy 15 year-old boy, stumbles into a humiliating time of his own unintended making. This happens early in the school year, a sort of sissy-hazing that last a long time.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Teenagers   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   BiSexual   CrossDressing   DomSub   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Public Sex   School   Nudism   .

Fifteen year-old Peter L’Effete arrived at his new school in late spring because his parents moved to the area in May. So, although he was not a freshman, he was still a ‘newbie’ and liable to the kind of pranks and hazing given to first year kids. It was obvious from the start that Peter crouched low on the macho-pecking order. Not only did he seem shy and soft-spoken, he also was polite and demur like a girl, not brash and imposing like a normal boy his age.

Behind his back, some of the tougher kids (both boys and girls) snickered as he walked by and whispered among themselves that Peter was a wuss or a sissy. And by that they only meant he wasn’t a tough guy, probably was a nerd or maybe just not into man-type stuff, like football. ‘Sissy’ at this point had no sexual connotation; it was more like calling him ‘Lilly-livered’.

However, when some lads in his gym class noted how this shy guy hid his privates in the shower with his back to all the other guys, ‘sissy’ began to take on a more pejorative, sex-related nuance. They saw that Peter quickly put his underpants on in a crouched position to hide his manhood. They noticed his soft spoken voice became high pitched like a girl’s squeal when he got nervous and he was on edge at the most unusual times, like when he was talking with girls in class. You know the type, girls whose boobs measured greater than their IQs.

‘Bimbo-blushing’ was a common phenomenon. They’d seen that sort of shy reaction before from boys Pete’s age. Socially awkward and sexually inexperienced, such bimbo-blushed-boys melted in the heat of their own puberty and became submissive to the opposite sex. Pussy-whipped wusses were so much fun to taunt and Peter seemed perfect for a year of hazing torment.

For one thing Peter had no chest hairs, he also blushed when naked boys bumped into him in the showers ... He tried to avert his eyes but could be seen giving furtive glances at the other lads’ crotches and bare bums. He was more of a ‘pussy’ than a ‘sissy’.

The lad was at that awkward stage in pubic development when his hormones are both a mystery to him and an all-consuming aspect of his life. He gets erections for no apparent reason. Although he has plenty of dark, curly pubic hair and his tiny penis gets incredibly hard, it’s not very large even when he is aroused. And he gets turned on mostly when he’s embarrassed by his own self-awareness, his own feelings of inadequacy, his lack of experience, and most of all, when he thinks girls are looking at him and giggling, which they do a lot, at least they do in Pete’s mind.

Peter thinks he might be gay but is also turned on by girls. He really does not know what to think. If he is bi-sexual, he has no way of proving it. He’s a virgin, of course. He’s too shy to date girls and feels awkward about his blushing around nude dudes.

The other lads start taunting him calling him a sissy, at first just as a teen-type joke. They are taken aback when Peter started to cry. He was sniffling and weeping more than letting out deep sobs. The seven guys taunting Peter were joined by all the other guys in the gym locker room. Someone might have come to his aid and told the bullies to back off. But before that could happen Peter blurted out his pleas for mercy that sealed his fate and guaranteed no one was going to stop the bully-boys from having their fun.

Peter was clutching his underpants in front of his crotch when those guys had started calling him sissy. He had nothing else to shield his nudity because the bullies had raided his locker when he was in the shower and had hidden the rest of his clothes. They had left him his undies because they planned to scare him by threatening to toss him out into the hall wearing only his underpants, toss him out right in front of girls on their way to class.

But they didn’t get a chance to pose their threat, which they never meant to really carry out (it was just meant to spook him). They didn’t because Peter, seeing all his clothes were gone, assumed these bullies meant to strip him buck naked and make him go to his next class in the nude. His fears, desires and hormones were getting the better of him.

One of the bully-jocks started to say, “ Pete looks like he needs some exercise. Maybe a quick walk down the hallway and back wearing nothing...” The jock was going to say “wearing nothing but his underpants.” But Peter interrupted him whining and blurting out, “ Please, please let me wear my underpants to my next class. I don’t want to spend the rest of the day naked.”

That plan had never occurred to any of them, not even the toughest guys. But it sure did now. One of the smarter bullies grabbed Pete’s underpants from him and gave a wink to the other guys that made them hold back until he, Nathan a 17 year-old buff brute, said his piece. They knew Nathan’s cruel but fun ways.

‘You can have these back, Sissy-Pete,” said Nathan, ‘ and we’ll let you wear them in school today ... but only if they can cover up your really red cheeks.’

Peter, holding his hands before his cock and balls, hesitated for a second but then nodded. He also complied when Nathan told him to stand up straight and clasp his hands behind his head so they could all see his sissy-sausage. When Pete did as he was told Nathan then corrected himself, “ I guess I should say so we can all try to see your teeny wienie.” Much laughter from all except Peter who dug himself a deeper hole of humiliation by blushing deep red. As well, his body betrayed him as, with no stimulation other than his being looked at, his four-inch penis began to get wood and rose straight and hard and perpendicular to the floor.

That was crossing the Rubicon for Peter. The die was cast. No turning back for him nor for his future tormentors. And can you blame them? The sissy had just had all his clothes stolen, lost his underpants without a complaint, agreed to a spanking before getting them back, sprung a woody when humiliated and, most importantly, had accepted that he would WILLINGLY spend the rest of the day in school wearing only his undies. What a wuss! He had no idea what he was in for.

Each and every guy joined in as Peter bent at the waist and let them smack his bare but with palms, soft-covered books and belts until his buttock cheeks were glowing. They made him say ‘thank you, Sir’ after each guy finished giving him ten whacks. That was amusing, of course, but more interesting to Nathan was that he noticed Peter’s pecker stayed hard throughout and was even dripping drops of clear pre-cum on the tiled floor. When the spanking part of their fun was over, Nathan thought he’d test out Peter’s wuss-potential some more.

“Sissy-Pete,” smirked his tormentor, “ You seem to have made a bit of a pud-puddle on the floor. Better clean it up.” And before Nathan could add “ ... with your tongue, boy”, Peter had already dropped to his knees and, to everyone’s astonishment, was licking up his sex-mess. He had apparently drifted off to one of his sub-fantastic wet-dreams and reacted without thinking.

Nathan was stunned but quick on his feet. “ You’re quite the guy, Pete. Don’t you think so, boys?” Nathan nodded and winked to the crowd who went along with whatever Nathan was clearly scheming. Nathan heaped congratulatory praise on Peter for going along with the first stage of his high school hazing. The older boy explained that new lads had to prove themselves to everyone. In Peter’s case, because he seemed so shy, he had to pass the daring test to prove he wasn’t a wuss.

Nathan said they would stop giving Peter a hard time if he can prove he’s a daring lad, not a sissy and is keen on girls and just a regular guy. Peter grabbed at the chance to fit in and be one of the guys. His dare to prove he’s not a sissy, it turned out, was to sneak into the girl’s locker room as the Cheerleader Team is practicing right after school and steal three pairs of panties, one of which would have to be a thong. Now Peter had heard of college panty raids by fraternity brothers, so he eagerly agreed to do it.

Nathan even let Peter off the hook as far as spending the day in just his underpants. He and other guys clapped Pete on the back said he was brave, daring and a jolly good fellow for taking the dare and proving he was no wuss. Pete’s clothes suddenly appeared from behind some sport equipment in the corner and he got dressed. He was beaming and just couldn’t wait for the final bell when he’d prove his manhood by stealing girls’ panties.

Of course, it was a trap and, as soon as Pete was out of earshot, Nathan tipped off the head cheerleader about his joke and told her to come up with a suitable hazing ritual that would top the one that Peter had just avoided.

“That will be easy, ‘ said Molly who had devised many a pledge task for girls trying out for the cheerleader squad. ‘ Stripping and Humiliation are my middle names. But how about we test him some more. If he’s as stimulated by humiliation as you seem to think he is, we can get a year’s worth of ‘service’ out of him.”

“That sounds good to me,” replied Nathan.

“Think he might be gay or bi as well as sissy-shy?” chuckled Molly.

“Only one way to find out,” grinned Nathan. “ I’m sure a dozen or so of my mates would be happy to test the waters, so to speak ... any port in a storm, you know.”

So throughout the school day Peter struggled with two complementary yet opposite feelings: on the one hand, his innate shyness especially around girls, on the other his determination to prove himself a man to his new friends. He was very nervous when the final bell rang and students all over the school were heading for the buses or being picked up by parents. He stayed behind and hung around the hall outside the gym. He was waiting until the entire Cheerleader Squad made its way into the girls’ locker room and ten minutes later emerged in full sexy uniform, pom-poms and all. That was his chance to fulfill his panty-raid dare.

He quickly sneaked into the locker room and was surprised buy happy to find several locker doors had been left open. He rummaged around a bit and came up with his two panties and one thong. As he was sniffing the gusset of one of the panties, he heard a soft noise; it was a girlish giggle and when he looked up he saw six cheerleaders grinning at him. One of them was holding a cell phone and he knew at once that the sound he had heard was the soft click of the cell camera as it captured the tawdry tableau of his sex scent sniffing.

“So you like panties, do you?” asked one of the girls as the rest of the team filed into the locker room.

“Wearing them or just getting a whiff?” added the girl with the camera still clicking away.

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