The Mark of Three

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Tiger

Drama Story: Women make their own rights when men fail to support them

Tags: Fiction   Historical   Violent   Politics  

Nancy Conway and her sister were walking through the marketplace in a Middle Eastern country troubled by terrorism. Her watchful eyes noted the young man braking his scooter to a stop, putting down his backpack, and assembling an automatic weapon.

Before he could finish, Nancy had drawn her Glock .40 from under her bourka, noted that he was wearing body armor, and with three well placed rounds obliterated his face and sprayed his brain all over the wall behind him. ID would be difficult.

The two women blended into the excited crowd and were gone long before the authorities arrived. Her younger sister, Melinda, had captured the incident on her cellphone.

The media went nuts. Witnesses could only report that it was a woman who was clearly skilled. All three shots were well placed. She was hailed as a heroine for preventing a mass killing.

The two women were Texas ranch raised, so guns were a third arm, as in “left, right, and sidearm”, worn almost every day for work out on the range. Bourkas made carrying them easy in addition to fitting in anonymously.

That “packing” was wise got confirmed three days later as they were walking to a residence in a poor neighborhood. A burly man grabbed Nancy and pushed her against a wall, his other hand unfastening his pants. When it became clear that rape was his intention, Melinda put two hollow-points in his chest. As he fell to the ground, her third shot made a mess of his exposed genitals. Cell phone pictures documented the situation before they fled. In a fit of creativity, Melinda put three vertical red lipstick stripes on the man’s forehead.

The media again went nuts. They received an anonymous email, with a photograph for proof, explaining that the man had attempted rape and was killed by a woman with three shots, just as the terrorist had been. He had been marked to remind men that women must be respected.

Nancy emailed her brother at the ranch via a secure link to his server, telling the illustrated stories. Knowing the psychology of the culture, she asked him to create an anonymous website with the URL “”

The theme of the website was that women in this culture would no longer passively tolerate violence by self-righteous men. Here were two example of how things had changed. And the myth that men killed by women would be denied heaven was reinforced as well. The “Mark Of Three” would send you to hell.

The female-only health clinic that they were volunteering at provided a safe haven for educating women about guns and how to protect themselves. Nancy’s brother contacted the gun manufactures, explained the program and was promised a very good price. He quickly sent a heavy box containing fifty very compact .380 semi-auto handguns, ammo, targets and earplugs. It was marked “Emergency Medical Supplies” and put on a corporate jet to bypass security at both ends.

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