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Sex Story: My daughter's best friend spends the night for the first time.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Teenagers   Coercion   Consensual   Pedophilia   Heterosexual   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Voyeurism   Small Breasts   Revenge   .

The house was dark when I awoke. Looking at the clock on the cable box told me why, 2:17 AM. Normally, I would just go back to sleep and hopefully pick up where I left off with the girl I was dreaming about. Unfortunately, I heard something in the house.

Carefully, I got out of bed to check it out. My wife is mean as hell if she gets woken from her 15 hour long sleep. We have three kids and another one is sleeping over tonight so I went to see what was going on. Black as the night was in the house I knew where to walk to avoid any furniture plus there was just a hint of light coming in thru the windows from other house porch lights.

After checking the front and side doors to make sure they were locked I walked down the hallway from the living room. The master bedroom was on one end of the small shoebox house while three more were on the other. With the hall bathroom to the right, my daughter’s room was the first one to the left and my youngest son’s was straight ahead. The last room was converted from a garage to my oldest son’s bedroom and a laundry room. I poked my head in my daughter’s room. My silly little girl still slept with a nightlight at age 14. Her friend, Monica, was spending the night. I could see my daughters’ head of blonde hair poking out from under the covers but where Monica should have been the blanket had been pulled to the side showing she was not there. Huh?, I thought, as the bathroom was not occupied and I had already checked my small galley kitchen. Panic started to set in hoping nothing bad had happened to her. Did someone break in and take her?

Thankfully, I heard a giggle and chuckle emanating from the direction of Gary’s room. I thought they were just up late talking as all my kids got along with each other’s friends. I did think they might be using drugs or smoking something. The area we lived in had a bad problem with middle and high school kids using. I crept soundlessly to the door and peeked in. If the kids are behaving I leave them alone, if not I bust their asses. I checked on my 12 year old as I was passing thru his room to the last. My oldest son, Gary, was 16. I had converted the garage to a room for his benefit. Having three children only 2 years apart had made a small house very crowded and I thought he would enjoy having his own space. I was about to learn just how much he got to enjoy that extra space.

To be honest, all my kids had nightlights. I don’t know how this came to be as I never had one myself. I can be a loud and angry man at times and that may have made them insecure or scared. Perhaps, in this day and age, the kids just needed more security. I will never find out, I am sure. In any case, it made seeing what was going on in the room very easy.

Monica sat upon my son’s pelvis moaning in pleasure, her young “just smaller than a handful” sized breasts bouncing and jiggling as she pumped up and down on him. I don’t know how to really describe what I felt at that moment. I was shocked. I was amazed. I was angry, ... very angry. And I was turned on like hell. Shocked, because it was the last thing I expected to see. Amazed, because I should have expected it. They were both teenagers for christ’s sake! Angry I will get to and I don’t think I need to explain being turned on.

Monica was a little hottie. Her dirty blonde hair fell in waves to her shoulder’s and bounced around her gorgeous pale face as she threw her head around like a rock star belting out lyrics. Her big blue eyes were squeezed tightly shut while her nostrils flared open on her little pug nose. Moist, full, rounded lips slightly opened in ecstasy moaning out her pleasure, seemed to beg me join in the fun. Gary reached up and started massaging her firm budding, handful sized tits, teasing each nipple between his 1st and middle fingers of both hands. The dim light restricted the rest of the show but my dick was setting up camp in my boxers.

Reluctantly, I pulled away from the door. My mind was reeling. It was hard enough making the right parenting decisions without catching your kid fucking. I kept shouting in my head, “What do I do? What do I do?”. I could easily storm into the room throwing on the light switch to gaze upon Monica’s luscious body as she jumps from my son’s embrace to cover herself up in embarrassment. I don’t think my son would be very happy, however. Who was I to interrupt him losing his virginity in only the most common teen fantasy known to man? I could pop in there and say, “Hey kids, got room for me?” The responsible dad would talk to them thru the door to get off each other right that second and drive the girl home to her disappointed parents.

Well, apparently, I’m not that responsible.

I went into the hall bathroom to think. I was mad. I was mad because I was never very lucky with the girls. Here’s my 16 year old getting it in his very own bed while I could only dream of getting that kind of action at that age, being awkward from a teen all the way thru adulthood. I was even awkward with my wife when it came to initiating romance. Of course, I normally didn’t bother due to her usually being sick from this or that. The doctors in real life are nothing like on TV. They aren’t helpful. They aren’t concerned. They just slip you another pill and hope it does something. Anyway, sexually frustrated and mad as hell isn’t a good mix. I waited.

I didn’t have to wait long though. The bathroom door was open but the light off. I heard someone pad into the bathroom and close the door. Naturally, what happened next was the lights popped on and halfway blinded me. Hearing Monica gasp slightly, my heart skipped a beat. All I had on were my boxers and suddenly a rock hard stiffy trying to burst thru them. As my eyes adjusted Monica stood there completely naked in all her glory. Apparently, she was going to freshen up a bit before going back to bed. I could smell the sex with my son streaming off her. She was frozen solid and I was feeling the same. Slowly, my eyes unlocked from hers and started to take in this staggering young beauty.

Her full, red flushed lips quivered slightly as she slowly began to come out of her statue-like state. They were so inviting. All I could think of was how good my cock would feel sliding between them. My gaze moved lower past her slim neck, straight to her full breasts. Just big enough to fill my hands, they were perfect. Apparently, my son found them to his satisfaction as I could see red, finger-sized marks all around them, bringing out a mesmerizing pattern surrounding her plump pink nipples. My eyes drifted right past her beautifully curved waist sporting a nice fake diamond piercing hanging from her navel (god, I wanted to stick my tongue in there), right down to her bare shaved pussy (another place I wanted to stick said tongue). Somehow, I even was able to appreciate her smooth, lean legs before I heard her whisper something that brought me out of my stupor.

“Can I see it?”

“Huh?” Geez, I felt like a dorky teen again, seeing my very first set of tits. What the hell was wrong with me? Oh yeah, 40 something guy, 14 year old girl.

She whispered,”Uhmm, well, you’ve seen me, I’d like to see you.” Her liquid blue pools were eyeing my engorged member thru my boxers.

“Sure.” What the FUCK?! What just came out of my mouth? Why the hell wasn’t I being the damned adult and taking control of this situation. It shouldn’t matter how much I wanted to nail this young nubile. It’s wrong, isn’t it? My brain was trying desperately to gain control when she surprised me again by immediately dropping to her knees and grabbing my boxers. Face to face with my crotch, Monica pulled out the waist band to get around my rod, quickly slid my boxers past and let them drop to my feet.

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