A Walk in the Park

by Hey Mikey

Copyright© 2016 by Hey Mikey

Coming of Age Sex Story: Young Mikey is a bit shy and enjoys playing by himself in the park, but today he's about to learn a whole new game.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/mt   Coercion   Gay   True Story   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

The playground wasn’t overly crowded that day. A few little girls were taking turns pushing each other on one of the swings while their moms sat on the nearby bench chatting and rocking strollers in the warm sun. A dad was tossing a ball back and forth with his young son over on the grass near one of the massive old shade tree that towered over the playground and a few other people were watching a game on the softball field. Mikey lived just across the expressway and often rode his bike to the park to climb on the jungle gym or hang out in the rec center next to the small pond.

Having recently turned 14 years old, Mikey was still a bit shy and introverted, and had a difficult time making friends, so when he noticed a group of older boys hanging out by the basketball court, he didn’t pay much attention to them and went about playing in the large sand pit under the monkey bars. He was building a small sand fort using an old plastic cup and a few popsicle sticks he had found laying next to the trash barrel which was chained to one of the smaller trees near the walkway.

Suddenly, Mikey saw a shadow move across the sand in front of him. He looked up to see the face of one of the older boys smiling down at him.

“Hi”, the boy said. “Whatcha makin?” he asked in a friendly tone.

Mikey squinted against the bright sun as he peered up at him. “Oh, it’s nothing.” he said shyly. “Just an army fort for the soldiers.”

“Cool!” exclaimed the boy. “I used to love making forts. Mind if I help?”

Being that he didn’t have many friends, Mikey was always very accepting whenever anyone was nice or would offer to play with him, so he gladly invited the older boy to join in. “Sure.” he replied. “Here, you can use the cup to make a few more towers over on that side.” pointing to the far side of the half built structure.

“My name’s Tommy.” the boy offered. “What’s yours?”

“I’m Michael.” came the reply, “But my mom and sister call me Mikey for short.”

“Nice to meet you, Mikey.”

The two boys worked at completing the fort and then used some of the popsicle sticks to make a drawbridge and flag staffs; poking them into the tops of the taller towers on each corner. “There,” Tommy smiled. “All ready for the troops.”

They both sat back on their heels and admired their work for a brief moment. Then Tommy turned to Mikey and asked, “Hey, do you think you’d like to come with me and my friends to play some other fun games?”

The question caught Mikey a little off guard, and normally he would shy away from such a request from a stranger. But the fact that Tommy had seemed very friendly and helped him with his sand fort, brought his guard down a little, and the thought of being invited to join a group of older boys to play games filled him with excitement and was a chance he didn’t want to pass up. The two boys got up and started walking over to where the three other teens were hanging out by the partially fenced in ball court.

“Hey guys. This is Mikey.” Tommy said, introducing him to his friends. “Mikey ... this is Jimmy, Joey, and Robby” as he pointed to each one in succession. “Mikey is gonna come play some games with us.”

“Sounds great,” Robby said. “Let’s go.” And the group headed off toward the thickly wooded area at the far end of the playground, behind the long row of single story apartments that ran along the base of the hillside. The terrain was steep in some places but there were several small paths that crisscrossed through the densely wooded area. Mikey had often ridden his bike through these woods and was fairly familiar with them as they walked along the paths; climbing over an occasional fallen branch or tree trunk.

“Hey.” One of the boys suddenly announced. “I need to take a piss.” The group stopped abruptly as Robby turned and pushed his way through a small opening in a clump of bushes just off the main path. He was quickly followed by the other boys, with Mikey bringing up the rear. They came out into a small clearing that was completely surrounded by thick brush which concealed them from view. Robby, Jimmy and Joey all stood facing away, at the far side of the clearing and unbuttoned their shorts to relieve themselves. Mikey didn’t have to go himself so he just stood with Tommy and waited.

“This is a pretty cool hiding spot, isn’t it, Mikey?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah, I guess so.” he replied. “I ride my bike past here all the time and never knew it was here.”

“Yeah.” Tommy chuckled. “We hang out here sometimes and no one has ever found us yet.”

As he looked around, he saw a few old logs arranged in a haphazard half circle along with some scattered pieces of trash, indicating that the place had been used frequently. When he looked over at the other boys, Mikey began to realize that they had all finish going pee, but were all still standing there with their backs turn and there shorts still down at their knees. He also noticed that they seemed to be moving their arms as they stood there, still holding their penises. One of them even seemed to be breathing a little fast as he tipped his head back appearing to stare up at the trees as he continued to move his arm more rapidly.

Tommy saw that Mikey looked a little confused and he nudged him with his elbow. “Looks like their starting the game without us” he said with a grin.

“Game?” Mikey said, with a puzzled look.

“Yeah, it’s a little game we play sometimes.” Tommy replied, placing his hand on Mikey’s shoulder. “It a lot of fun and it feels really good. Would you like to try?”

By now, Mikey had a pretty good idea what the boys were doing. Although he was a bit younger, he knew what it was to masturbate, but he hadn’t yet learned what it was called or why it felt so good when he did it. He had been doing it since the time he had begun waking up in the morning with a stiff penis. He would rub it until he felt his whole body shudder, sometimes leaving a wet spot in his underwear. Eventually, he had learned how to keep from making a mess and also began to do it in the tub when it was bath time.

But the idea of telling anyone about it, or doing it in front of other boys was quite shocking to him and he wasn’t quite sure what to say when Tommy had suddenly suggested it. He stood there motionless for a few moments, not knowing what to do, but then looked down to see his new friend unbuttoning his own shorts and letting them fall down his legs.

Tommy took hold of his cock and began to rub and stroke it as he watched the others with their backs still turned. Mikey stared in wonderment as it began to expand and grow longer in his hand. He had seen other boy’s cocks in the school shower before, but never up close like this, and never one being stroked to full hardness in front of him. He wasn’t sure why, but a strange tingling sensation began to sweep over him and he heard a slight buzzing in his ears. It was all very surreal to him; similar to that feeling you have when you first start to awaken from a dream and you’re still drifting in and out of it. Everything seemed to be moving slowly and he had a sense of everything being very calm and even a little euphoric.

Suddenly, Tommy’s voice broke through Mikey’s haze and he was snapped back to the present. “Hey, aren’t you going to try it?”

Tommy’s words were friendly, yet had a firm tone to them which gave Mikey the sense that he would be letting his new friends down if he didn’t join in. He was a little afraid they might even tell him he to leave. Mikey didn’t want that, so he slowly undid his shorts and slid them down to his knees. His small penis was still tucked inside his underwear and he slid his hand inside and began to slowly rub it.

“Hey, no fair.” Tommy protested. “You have to take it out like the rest of us.”

Tommy’s cock was fully hard now and had grown to be about five inches or so. Mikey stared down at it for a few seconds as Tommy consoled the boy. “It’s okay, Mikey. You’re with friends, and we’re all doing it too, so you don’t have to be afraid. Come on, it’ll be fun.”

Tommy’s words seemed to sooth his nerves a bit and without much more thought, Mikey slid his underwear down with his left hand while still holding his slowly stiffening cock in his right. Tommy watched with a smile. “See, that wasn’t so bad. And you have a pretty nice one there too.” Mikey looked down at his cock, never having given much thought to how it looked. He started stroking it some more as it slowly began to expand.

Soon, his small cock was at full attention and he was beginning to really enjoy the feeling. There was something about being outside, and in the woods, with his cock exposed that made it seem all the more exciting to him. The cool breeze on his bare ass cheeks coupled with the sounds of the trees and all the wildlife only heightened his awareness and sensitivity. It felt a little naughty and kinky and he soon realized how much he liked that aspect of it. Looking around and seeing all the other boys doing it also gave him a sense of inclusion and he liked being part of the group.

But what happened next took the young boy completely by surprise, causing him to stop what he was doing and just stare in disbelief. One of the other boys suddenly turn and drop to his knees, taking his friends cock directly into his mouth. Jimmy had shifted position, turning to his right, as Joey settled down on his knees in front of him. Jimmy looked down and placed his hand at the back of his friend’s head, helping to guide his stiff cock into his friend’s open mouth with long slow strokes. Robby also turned to face the two of them and watched as he stood behind Joey, still stroking his own stiff cock.

Tommy stood silent, continuing his slow rhythmic stokes, as he watched and waited to see what Mikey’s reaction would be. The young boy just stood motionless; his wide eyes glued to the other boys as he took in this strange new scene before him. After only a few moments, it was apparent that Mikey wasn’t going to run away frightened, so Tommy gave him a slight nudge with his elbow. “What do ya think? Pretty hot, huh Mikey?”

Mikey blinked a few times and turned his eyes toward Tommy who smiled back at him, still slowly stroking his own cock. “Ever seen that before?” he asked. Mikey just shook his head from side to side as he turned back to stare at the other boys again. Tommy looked down and noticed that Mikey’s hand had begun to move back and forth along his cock again. Mikey hadn’t even realized he was doing it at first, but as he watched Jimmy’s cock sliding in and out of Joey’s mouth, the warm tingling sensations in his groin became more noticeable and his hand began to move faster.

At this point, Joey had turned toward his other friend and was now taking Robby’s cock into his mouth with the same enthusiasm he had shown Jimmy’s. Joey moaned softly as he sucked his friend’s cock deep into his mouth, swirling his tongue around and around, while still holding onto Jimmy’s cock and stroking it with his other hand.

It was clear that Mikey was intrigued by what he saw and both Tommy and Jimmy noticed it. Jimmy spoke up, suggesting that Tommy show their new friend what it feels like. “Hey, if you want to stay and be part of the club, Mikey, you have to join in and pass the initiation.” He said, with a slightly sarcastic yet serious tone.

Mikey looked up at Tommy, who had turned to face him, but before he could say a word, Tommy got down to his knees and swiftly took Mikey’s rigid cock into his mouth. A sudden wave of intense pleasure swept over him as Tommy’s warm mouth enveloped his swollen boyhood. Tommy’s hands moved up behind Mikey’s bare ass, holding his small frame firmly in place. He began to slowly pull him forward, thrusting the boy’s cock deeper into his mouth, sucking it with long deep strokes. Mikey’s head was spinning as he felt his new friend’s warm wet tongue bathing and massaging his throbbing appendage. He let out a few soft whimpers as the strong tingling sensation spread throughout his young body causing his heart rate to jump. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before.

“Hey ... I think Mikey likes it.” Jimmy said with a wide grin. Both Robby and Joey looked over and grinned as well. Mikey just gazed over at them with a glazed look of lustful abandon as his hips continued to be thrust forward by Tommy’s firm hands, and his strong mouth sucked his cock as deep as it would go into the back of his throat.

Mikey was indeed liking it, and he began to feel that familiar feeling growing in his groin which signaled he would soon cum. But Tommy didn’t let up and continued to suck until Mikey’s body began to shudder, signaling the release of his juvenile load. Mikey had had many self induced orgasms before, but never anything as intense or as pleasurable as this. His hips rocked back and forth as his cock ejected a sizable amount of cum down Tommy’s throat. The older boy eagerly swallowed down several small after shots before releasing Mikey’s still hard cock.

“Mmmmm, that wasn’t bad at all.” He grinned. “Did that feel good, Mikey?”

All the boy could do was nod and stand there, trying to steady his wobbling knees. It was definitely the best thing he had ever felt in his life up to that point.

Tommy stood up and took his own cock in his hand, stroking it a few times. “Are you ready to finish your initiation, Mikey?”

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