Modified and Enhanced

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2016 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A pretty young woman who has been changed to fit her job, goes to work - just another day.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Body Modification   Workplace   .

The girl the plastic surgeons now called Kitty rolled over and pressed the button atop her clock radio. The buzzing stopped, and she sat up, stretched, which almost tore open her t-shirt nightgown, smiled, lifted a tit to her lips and squinted as she kneaded, licked and sucked her high, firm, jutting DD breasts and pinched her thumb-sized nipples. Her calendar was red and it said Wednesday and Mike.

“Goody,” she said aloud as her feet hit the floor. Mike was a lot better than Daddy. He was so rough, Daddy was, and he always bit her tits.

Eager, she hurried down the hall, her huge jugs bobbling, and slipped into her brother’s bedroom. He lay sleeping on his back, naked, his limp cock beside his thigh. Kitty smiled, peeled off and tossed aside her tiny t-shirt nightgown and crawled in beside him, bent and licked his wrinkled penis, her vulva throbbing.

The boy groaned, opened his eyes and patted his sister’s firm rump as she tried to swallow his cock. He felt it hardening, and she began bobbing.

“Wonderful, wonderful,” he sighed. He felt her fingers on his balls as she began a corkscrew motion with her mouth and tongue, grunting with effort. “You’re such a good sister, the best. Ohgawd.”

He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as he came and filled his sister’s mouth with his thick cum. She shook her head, tossing golden curls, lifted her chin, wiped her lips and swallowed as he rose and mouthed her left tit.

“Oh,” she sighed, rolling atop him and capturing his rigid ram with her fluttering pussy lips. “Such a good brother, so wonderful.” She bent and kissed his mouth, sticking her tongue in deep as they smashed their young bodies together and his rigid prick slid up into her, right to her spongy cervix as he abraded her clit with her pubic hair.

The boy rolled her over and rose on fully extended arms to pound his luscious sister as they both cried out in pleasure and release. He squealed when he came and collapsed.

Kitty crawled to the door, leaving a trail of semen, found her stretched t-shirt, pulled herself up and staggered to the bathroom. It had been a normal Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning since she had been changed, enhanced they called it, and her sex drive was always so demanding, never really satisfied.

In the shower she washed her long, blonde hair and her softball sized breasts with care and then eased two fingers up into her seething vagina while she rinsed and felt her brother’s spend oozing out of her. She thumbed her bulbous clit and rose on her toes, fully excited as her whole pudenda pulsed.

Her father, wearing just his boxers, came in and dried her lovingly and then braced her against the sink and eased his thick, wrinkled, eight-inch cock into her puckered anus. She gasped, wiggled and gritted her teeth as he mauled her jugs and enjoyed himself, found the blow dryer and handed it to her.

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