Terri Morris Story-aaron's Mother

by DolM

Copyright© 2016 by DolM

Incest Sex Story: Aaron's mother, Terri Morris has always been a submissive pervert that hid her perversion after her husband died. They are surfacing for all the see. this story has beastiality and incest. it is not for all readers

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Brother   Father   Daughter   Bestiality   Water Sports   .

Terri Morris hung up the phone. The vision of her son slamming his cock into his daughter’s cunt while another girl sat on her face got Terri’s juices running. Denise, her son’s wife, had called her, to let her know what a pervert her son was. Instead of disgusting her, it excited her.

Denise had let her know that Aaron had left. She had thrown him out, she couldn’t let him continue to molest Jill and her friend Mary. Mary’s parents would probably want him arrested if he stayed around. Denise told Terri, “I am calling the family to let them know what a pervert he has become. I am not calling the police, but Mary’s parents might. So if you don’t want the police invading your lives you should keep him away from you.” Denise didn’t know her history. This is a small town and most of the police remember Terri, and her quirks. Her kids didn’t. they had been to young when their father died.

Wild memories of her past flooded her mind. When she was on the phone with Denise, she commiserated with her, about how disgusting it was to fuck your own daughter. But off the phone, her mind was racing. Memories of her brother, and father constantly between her thighs. They would be fucking, and eating her. Frequently at the same time. It was not unusual that she had a cock in her mouth and one in her cunt. Or one in her ass and one in her cunt. And Frequently they brought friends home to use her.

Her mother would shake her head disgustedly, in mock anger. When they were done with her, her mother would take her to the bath, bathe her and console her, that it wasn’t her fault that her daddy and brother needed to use her. “Men were just pigs that couldn’t help themselves,” her mamma told her. She knew her mamma wasn’t serious. She loved being used too. Terri knew that later that night they would tag team her mamma, and she would scream for more.

Terri just smiled at the memories. Her daddy had told her good girls have vaginas, girl friends have a pussy, slut’s have a cunt. Terri had a cunt. She couldn’t remember when she didn’t like to rub it. She would lay in bed at night, read a book. Her feet would be together, with her knees way out to the side and rub herself. She could remember all the way back when she was four liking to rub herself. At first she would hide it, but her mommy caught her doing it once, and told her not to hide it. Her mommy told her she like to rub herself too. It is why she never wore panties she like the feeling she got when the wind blew up her skirt, or when she was driving she could reach under her dress and rub herself. From that day forward Terri never wore panties and would rub herself anywhere she was. Although she got in trouble at school and had to wear them at school.

Her brother had introduced her to her future husband to her when she was 13 years old. He was a brother of one of his friends. He lived in the neighborhood and was 19 and a college freshman. They were coming over to fuck Terri. One night after they were done using her, he asked her to the movies.

She didn’t understand why he wanted to take her; she didn’t have any titties, just nipple bumps. Her hips were kind of slender, and she was just getting hair on her cunt. She asked him, “you could date lots of older girls, how come you want to date me?”

“Older girls are set in their ways; I want to teach you to be my wife. I talked to your daddy, that’s how he got your mother to marry him. He trained her to do what he says. He told me, you are like your mamma. He told me to take care of you and you will take care of me and do what I say.”

She missed her husband every day. He had been killed in an auto accident. A big truck had lost control and hit his car head on. He had given her three great kids, he had taken care of her and she would do anything he said. Terri was a natural masochist and Ben knew all the buttons to push. She had never met anybody to replace him. Nobody seemed to match up. Men who would want to control her would get mean about it, or the men wouldn’t take control. She needed her man to control and love her.

Ben, her husband, would take control. He loved to pull her hair, whip her till she hurt and bruised, bite her till she bled. He would exhibit her to the world, and share her with friends and pets. He was the one who got her started on the dogs. He had bought the little black lab puppy and trained it well. He would tie Terri up, with her legs spread, put a special liquid that the dog liked, around her pussy and the dog would lick it off. Pretty soon the dog just licked her any time it was told. It was the same around her mouth, it would give kisses to her. Terri hadn’t been sure if she wanted the dog’s tongue in her mouth. She wanted to please Ben so she let the dog stick its tongue in, and soon learned to like it. The dog loved showing her it loved her. Ben had trained it very well to behave and only do things of sexual nature when told. At first Ben had to be the one to tell it. Terri was apprehensive about dogs and humans playing. It took her about a month before she relaxed enough to let herself orgasm, but that first orgasm was a doozy. After her husband had been killed and the dog passed away, Terri did not hesitate to get another dog to love her.

Blake, her black lab, seemed to know she was thinking of him. He stuck his nose between her legs to kiss her. She scooted forward in the chair and spread her thighs apart to give him better access.

Ben would push her to do more and more daring stunts. Streaking was popular, she was dogging in the park before they had a name for it. She almost got arrested several times. A blow job to the officer would get him off and her off. Ben would cuddle her afterwards to let her know that it was all for the game of sex. The bruises went away, and the blood dried up. But the cuddles never stopped. She knew she was loved, he told her every day.

She knew her family going back several generations was eccentric and perverted. She was ok with it. She was from an area that the people were eccentric and perverted. She enjoyed her neighbors, even though she hadn’t participated in years. She wasn’t sure whether her kids would participate in the activities of her family or not. When Ben died she did not train her kids in the ways of perversion. Her mother had told her it was predestined, it was in their genes, they would figure it all on their own.

Terri had seen her daughter approaching the house. She had been watching for her. Terri knew she would be curious as to what was going on. She had said the things on the phone to Blake so that Ann would hear them. Ann had parked several houses down and was walking fast to get into the back yard quickly. It appeared as if she didn’t want to be seen, so she could spy on her mother.

Blake’s tongue was getting to her. The chair she was sitting in was soaked. Blake was getting most of it but her cunt was running so much even he had trouble keeping up. She had trained him well. When her cunt ran, she expected his cock to come out to play. His pre-cum was squirting little squirts all over the floor. I patted my chest, and he jumped to put his paws on my shoulders. He was humping her trying to get his cock in her cunt. His tongue was trying to get into her mouth; she willingly opened up to French kiss him. OH MY GOD, his cock found its mark. He was pile driving her to heaven. It was hard to breath with his cock hitting her spot and his tongue down her throat and her body building to a mind blowing orgasm.

When Terri looked where Ann had been, she was gone. Terri hoped Ann would call her to come over. They could have a talk then. It appeared mother had been correct, her kids were figuring their perversions out on their own.

It wasn’t twenty minutes later the phone did ring. The conversation started as it always did, the hellos what is going on, the niceties out of the way, Terri asked, “did you like what you saw?”

Ann froze, her mother had seen her. Terri asked again, “did you like what you saw? I hoped you would come over, I waited for you. I wanted you to see me. I needed somebody to know what I have been doing.” Terri wasn’t waiting for Ann to answer. She was afraid she would hate her for being a pervert. “Your father got me started, and I bet he would have let you kids see a lot earlier, but I didn’t know how to let you see.”

“Yes” Ann responded when Terri had hesitated. Ann knew her mother was nervous, and wanted her to know she liked what she saw. “I liked what I saw, I have always been curious about it, but was too afraid to try it.”

There was a pause on both ends. The quiet was deafening, “Maybe you could come over, and we can talk about things.”

Ann was hoping for the invitation, “I will be right over,” she said and hung up the phone. Ann looked at herself in the mirror. She had on a mid-high halter dress. It didn’t allow for a bra. Ann pulled the hem up and removed her panties. She was hoping for some relief from the sexual frustration that was haunting her right now. When she had watched her mom, she so wanted to go in and participate. She had chickened out. Now she was so horny, she wasn’t sure she could even hold a conversation.

Ann walked into the kitchen through the back door. Her mother was naked, in the same chair, and Blake between her thighs licking her. Her head had rolled back, eyes closed and a look of lust on her face.

Ann was spell bound watching her mother. She went to say hello, except her voice wasn’t working right then. She barely had the ability to untie the ties holding he dress up. The dress slipped off and to the floor. The thrill that was running from her nipples all the way down to her pussy was pure ecstasy. Her mother was orgasming right in front of her on the tongue of the dog.

Terri never even raised her head or opened her eyes, but she knew her daughter was there. She could hear the heavy breathing of another person. It could only be Ann. “I couldn’t resist. The thought of you coming here and watching Blake and I was too much to resist.” Blake went off to the corner, to lick himself, and Terri opened her eyes, stood up and hugged her. “I am so glad somebody knows about Blake and me. It is hell keeping a secret like this, not being able to share myself with anybody. I didn’t think anybody would have anything to do with me if they knew about this. I don’t think I could cope not being able to see my kids and grandkids. When you and your kids rallied around Aaron, I began to think you would forgive me too, I was so happy.”

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