A Woman Waiting to Happen Part Two
Chapter 6: Mike

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 6: Mike - The Sequel!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa  

If I kept adding to my little family, I was gonna need a bigger camper. The boat was covered with leaves and twigs, but was unhurt. I didn’t care how it looked as long as it functioned right now. Besides, it seemed like I was going to have plenty of deckhands for a while.

Robbie loved the boat, looking over the railing while I kept a firm grip on him. Nat didn’t like it at all, it was too high off the water to suit her. She went from Julie to Carrie, clinging. They finally took the kids downstairs for lunch, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with milk and a snack cake.

Sarah stayed up top with me. She hugged me, kissed me hard, and then stepped back. “Tonight, honey, you and Carrie will be sleeping here.” She giggled and blushed a little. “Tonight, you make Carrie a woman, understand? Please be gentle, it will be her first time after all. I expect a glowing report from both of you tomorrow.”

She kissed me again before stepping back. “And Honey, tomorrow night, it’s my turn.” She was almost skipping as she went down the stairs.

I thought about the next two nights as I piloted the boat. I’m pretty sure I had a grin on my face you couldn’t have blown off with dynamite. I reflected on what had happened as the water flew by. I hadn’t expected anything like this at all when I came up. I expected to check on the boat, the camper, maybe putting them up for sale, spend a day or two, and go home.

Now, I couldn’t see giving either of them up. The campground held a lot of good memories, and the new ones I was making held a lot of promise. I still wasn’t sure what my feelings were for the girls, how deep I was willing to commit, but I knew one thing. No matter how we ended up, I would make sure they were taken care of, and Carlos would be just a bad memory. I owed them that much, at the very least.

I pulled into the marina, and the crew had me tied up before I could move. The manager was sitting on the dock, fishing pole in hand. I started to tell him what I needed when he stopped me, waving his hand, talking to me like I was an old friend. “We got it. You go enjoy.” He looked over and saw the girls and kids disembarking, and I heard him mutter under his breath. “Damn if he ain’t got another looker with him. What is it with this guy, he some kind of polygamist or something? Lucky bastard.”

I grinned as the girls handed me the kids, each kissing me. We were on the way to the store they loved so much, when Carrie dropped behind with me. “Why do you always walk behind us honey?”

I kissed her briefly before answering. “Because as beautiful as you both are, if I walk behind you I get to watch two world class bottoms sway in a soundless symphony of beauty and grace.” She colored before cooing back, in that sexy little voice that turns me on so much.

“I guess you just added another movement to that symphony,” she said nodding at Julie. Julie was very attractive, with a good body, but she couldn’t hold a candle to my girls, and I told Carrie so. She glowed, running up to whisper in Sarah’s ear. She looked back, grinned, and slowly licked her lips. I had to look away, or walk around in public with a bulge in my shorts. Carrie dropped back again.

“Honey, how much can we spend?”

I swatted her bottom, making her jump and squeal, then look around to see if anybody noticed. She saw two guys grinning and went beet red. “What was that for?”

“New tradition. Every time you ask me a silly question, you get a swat. We’ve never discussed it, but I’m pretty comfortable. Actually, I’m kind of rich, with assets and cash in the low eight figures. So spend what you want, baby. We can afford it.”

She had stopped, her mouth hanging open. Then she stuck her hand out. “Credit card, and some cash. I expect to spend a lot, and I want to tip well.” I gave her the card, and two hundred in fifties and twenties.

She surged forward, waving the card like a saber. Into the breech! I hoped I hadn’t created a monster. The boutique paled on me pretty fast. Nat was all right because they had a section for little girls, but Robbie was left out. He was starting to fidget so I told the girls we were going for a walk.

And we did. We walked right into a hardware store that carried sturdy clothing for farmers, construction workers, and anyone else who appreciated quality, durable clothing. They had a kid’s section, and I corralled a young salesclerk, and we spent forty-five minutes outfitting him. Two sets of shorts, three tees, a sturdy pair of jeans, boots, and two caps. He shyly asked if we could get a pink cap for his sister. It raised my opinion of him quite a bit. I gave the girl a nice tip, something I doubted she saw much in a hardware store.

We were sitting on a bench when they came out, all dressed very nicely, down to Nat. She had on a new pink dress, lacy socks, and Maryjanes. They didn’t have any bags and I asked about it.

“The magic of money, Honey. I gave a stockgirl a fifty to take the packages to the boat. She’ll earn it. There were a LOT of packages.”

Julie looked at Robbie, noting the clothes. “Well, I was going to take you for some clothes, baby, but I see Uncle Mike took care of it. Thank you, Mike.” Tears were welling up as she hugged me. The tension was broken when Robbie showed Nat the hat he’d gotten her. She jammed it down on her curls, refusing to take it off. I picked her up.

“Nat, would you like some clothes like his?” She nodded, smiling shyly. So we all went back to the hardware store. I was carrying Nat and Robbie had latched down on my hand. We ran into Barry, the guy I hung out at the pub with while I waited out the last shopping trip. He pulled up short, taking us in. All the girls had on new shorts and tops. Nice, tight shorts, with tops that showed a respectable amount of cleavage. He just sighed.

“Damn, now you’re breeding. What is it with you? You got a secret factory somewhere that pumps out beautiful women? A magic wand you wave? Every time I see you you’ve added to your collection. You’re making it hard on mere mortals.”

The girls were hamming it up, rubbing all over me. Carrie had a glint in her eye. “He does own a factory, but that’s not where he gets us. It’s more about the ‘magic wand’. This is Julie, she’s training to be the third wife. We’ve set a limit, though, four should be enough.”

He stood, trying to come to grips with what she’d said. “Four? Really? Won’t some of you feel left out from time to time?”

Sarah reached over and caressed Carrie, lingering on her bottom. “Oh, we’ll amuse ourselves somehow.”

I thought he was really going to cry. “Better not tell the two girls you were with the other day about only one spot being left. There hasn’t been a murder in this town in twenty-eight years. I can’t tell you how glad I am you’ll be leaving soon.”

“I don’t know,” I said, “this place is growing on me. I might relocate. Maybe we’ll see you later.” We walked off, the girls giving a little extra sway to their hips.

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