Daddy's Girl

by Victor C. Nathan

Copyright© 2016 by Victor C. Nathan

Incest Sex Story: Twelve-inched well-hung Henry Humper spends the afternoon with his chubby sixteen-year-old cheerleader daughter Honey Humper and her gigantic young boobs. This story is a satire!

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humor   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Grand Parent   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Tit-Fucking   Size   Big Breasts   .

“Henry, I have to get these fucking presents wrapped, honey,” Hilda told her offspring and husband of over sixteen years as she sat on the floor, adorned in a red Christmas sweater that hugged her globular boobs like a glove, making them like the two bottom thirds of a snowman’s body stuffed beneath her garment. The sweater was decorated with a Santa Claus who grinned as he stood atop a chimney, but couldn’t crawl into it because of the crude naked erection that jutted out of his red elf pants. “It’s two fucking days till Christmas and there’s so much shit to do. It’s hard to wrap when you keep smacking me in the mouth with your wee wee! Tee hee! Stop it, baby! Henry, I’m not opening up for you right now!”

Henry’s thoroughly hardened twelve-inch organ met the thick ruby red lips of

Hilda, only this time they were closed and for once were not engulfing his shaft with holiday gusto.

“Oh, all right!” Henry laughed, in spite of not getting what he wanted and instead placed his open palms at the front of her sweater and pressed down on her L-cup plumpers, those fuckers having grown since having quadruplets sixteen years before as they flattened like soft rubbery flesh balloons. “Well, that’s some holiday spirit, Wifey-Mommy! Ha ha! Just for that I’m going to go see if

Honey needs any help with her homework.”

“Henry motherfucking Humper, you know damn fuckin’ well that school is out for

Christmas,” Hilda managed with a giggle, feeling tingles through her big ol’ boobies as she watched him fish his wiener back into his pants and zip up.

“Yeah, but an algebra review couldn’t hurt her any,” Henry knowingly smirked as he cupped his groin and smiled at his wife and her bazoombas, festive as they were.

“Oh, Henry, you be easy with my baby, you hear me, Mr. Big Wean?” Hilda told him seriously, leaning to place a ribbon around a package that contained Hardy’s gift of a DVD of his favorite busty big-boobied superstar. “I mean, she’s only been taking wee wees in that thing for about a week and a half. Remember that, okay?”

“I’ll make sure she’s nice and moist, I promise,” Henry reassured the Humper matriarch, his overly chestly loaded mother with a wink. “I’ll make sure she’s relaxed too, okay?”

“And Henry, let her suck it a lot if she wants to. It’s good practice at her age,” Hilda said semi-sternly, tweaking a nipple for his benefit. “Cause you know her brothers’ wee wees will be needing that sucking and shit a lot.”

“Yeah, I know, baby,” Henry said in agreement with his wife while still ogling her bountiful breasts. “I think maybe I’ll have a shower though. I do feel kind of sweaty after that workout you gave me, ha ha. Maybe Honey will join me.”

“That’s a sweet idea, Henry,” Hilda replied, cutting off another swipe of

Christmas wrapping paper and reaching for the Scotch tape. “She just got home from cheerleader practice, so I’m sure she’s probably wanting one. Her giant chubby titties were probably sweating like a motherfucker. By the way, while you’re up there, could you tell Hayley and Hardy to keep it down a bit? They’ve been having some pretty lively sex up there by the sounds of it and I can hardly hear myself think. Just ask them to tone it down a little, sweets?”

“No problem, lover,” Henry said sweetly, leaning down to kiss Hilda on the top of her pretty blonde head while sneaking a peek at her massive hilly boobs in the process. “I’ll come down later and help you get some of those chores done.”

Heading up the stairs, Henry walked down the upstairs hallway and heard soft moaning and the subtle squeak of a box spring as he reached his daughter Honey’s room. Always mindful of his children’s privacy, he gently rapped on the door.

“Honey? Are you in there?” he inquired.

“Mmmmmmmm ... uh, just a minute, Daddy!” a bubbly girlish voice replied from the other side of the door. “I’m ... ohhhhhh ... just, um, taking off my makeup!


When it came to Humper sexuality and privacy, shame-free was really the only way to go. Even before Henry was splashing his random spittings into his buxomly-boobered L-cupped “Wifey-Mommy’s” sweet cock-squeezing tunnel of hump,

Hilda would still kneel before him as he masturbated as a youngster and let him aim the pleasurable shots emanating from the opening of his pee wee at her mouth specifically and secondarily at her practically unmissably large boob targets, her face, her hair, etc. Henry would bathe his spouse mommy, her mouth, throat, tit bombers and any other naked part of his lithe blonde goddess which he now resided with in a uniquely tweaked marital relationship. Fuck, but he loved it.

Fuck, but his wife was hilly at the boobs. And fuck, he now had four more bouncy gazongas to play with, and the best thing of all was, they were all Humpers.

“Makeup?” Henry laughed dismissively, debating whether to undo the front of his pants presumptuously before entering Honey’s girly abode, and to surprise his hilly-titted sixteen-year-old cheerleader daughter with an immediate look at his plump and proud fatherly penis leading the way into her room. “You never wear makeup to cheerleader practice, Pumpkin Tits. You said that that makeup shit runs when you get all sweaty and gets in your eyes, then you can’t watch your big Humper juggies bounce. Did your chubby titties get really sweaty today at practice after all that jumping up and down inside your top?” Henry could feel his wee wee surge, lengthen and fatten inside his pants at the very thought of her eternally deep cleavage. He squeezed his tingly and growing member and rubbed it a couple times as he reached for the door knob. “It’s okay if you are playin’ the ‘finger-walkin’ game under your dress, Chubby Baby. Can Daddy come in anyway, Sugar Boobs?”

“Ohhh ... ummm, I guess you can come in, Daddy,” Honey replied, her voice still a bit sheepish despite her father’s reassurances. Smiling and opening the door, Henry walked into his daughter’s bedroom and chuckled to himself at the sight before him. Honey lay on her bed, her thick legs hastily crossed underneath her red and white cheerleader skirt, the matching top (along with her red thong panties) casually discarded on the floor. Henry moved his eyes up past her padded tummy and up to her J-sized breasts, her pale pink nipples and areolas reminding him of her mother’s, who also happened to be Henry’s own mother as well. Henry noticed a few drops of melted chocolate on the upper slopes of her chest, and smirked to himself as he looked up at her face and saw his daughter enjoying a fudgesicle, her long tongue snaking around the frozen treat, her expression a twisted mixture of youthful innocence, wanton whorishness, and genuine hunger.

Shhhlurp-shhhlurp “Hey, Daddy!” Honey greeted her father, still feeling a little flustered at the interruption of her alone time. “I was just up here, umm, having a little snack and chilling out after practice!” shhlurp shhlurp she said, her face showing the same enraptured look towards the frozen treat that her mother and aunt Harriet typically reserved for whatever wee wee they would happen to be licking in the same way. “How is the present-wrapping coming along? Did you get Mommy something fun?” she continued, batting her eyelashes towards her father in an attempt to change the subject away from the elephant in the room.

“Your momma is so fucking difficult to buy for, Hon. I got her the Jenna Jameson autobiography like she wanted. Jenna is inspirational to your mom. Plus, I got her a new Buxsom brand green bra that has the zippable nursing cups that are convenient for when she plays with the boys in public. She can still let the boys suck her boob milk, but without having to take her top completely off,”

Henry told her, grinning a bit as he spotted another drop of chocolate ice cream dribbling off the somewhat penis-shaped fudge pop and directly onto her pert, firm and oh-so-deliciously young left breast. “You’re dripping again, baby.”

“Tee hee hee hee, Daddy! Dripping! I normally say that to you when your pee wee has been big and hard for a while! Tee hee!” the sweet stacked sixteen girl giggled and took another generous lick of her popsicle as her uproarious laugh made her sound as immature (emotionally, not boobaliciously, cause she was fucking mountainous) as her youthfully short lifespan would suggest. “And

Daddy’s got a big vanilla popsicle! Tee hee hee hee! And it’s way creamier on the inside! Tee hee hee! Wheeeeeee! The outside of Daddy’s popsicle is sorta ... like ... hmmmmmm ... like ... the ice cream flavor could be the

40th flavor for Baskin-Robbin’s or a Ben and Jerry’s treat! Tee hee hee! Like, it would be a favorite flavor for girls. I’ll call it, Boney Baloney! Tee hee heeeeeeeeee!” Honey Humper’s youthful giggle echoed through the room and her bare and bouncy bosoms, round and full and heavy chortled on her chest. Her stomach, her “chubby baby belly” as Henry called it, had a little padding around it and her face was round and absolutely angelically gorgeous. Honey’s lips were thick, full and ruby red. Her bottom was a little fuller than her sister’s.

Chesty Honey was a cheerleader and liked to exercise, but her tummy jiggled a little. It was not completely flat like her exercise-obsessed sister Hayley. Of course, Honey’s boobs were a little bigger than Hayley’s too; and she wouldn’t have it any other way. It was her love for sweets, chocolate specifically that had plumped her titties to a larger dimension. There was only one thing Honey loved more than chocolate and that thing resided in her daddy’s pants. Yes, she was a little more jiggly in general than Hayley and three inches shorter, but nobody called her fat. In fact, they mostly just called her “hot” and called her constantly.

Standing up to grab a tissue from her desk to wipe off some of the stray chocolate drippings, Honey hopped across the room as her father looked on.

Henry’s pride (as well as his rapidly hardening wee wee) swelled as he took a good look at his daughter, who along with her twin sister was his pride and joy.

Henry especially loved the exaggerated curves of her body, which was insanely voluptuous even by Humper standards. Although she had inherited her mother’s gargantuan tittie genes, Honey had a sexy thickness that made her stand out just a bit from the rest of the Humpers, with a bodaciously big and bouncy ghetto booty that jiggled seductively with every step she took. During his job coaching the T&A High boys basketball team, Henry had overheard his players talk lewdly about his daughter’s outrageous curves. His star player Peter Long (who was the son of Hilda’s old student and sex partner Kenny Long), had even recently joked about how he dribbled Honey’s ass like a basketball, each cheek bouncing up and down between alternating palms, while he was fucking her doggie style at the

Humper household one day after school. A normal father would have angrily confronted such a crude male pursuer of his baby girl’s affections, but Henry simply laughed and gave Peter a high five, happy that his stacked daughter was already establishing a reputation as such a great lay at her tender age.

Snapping out of his nostalgic reverie, Henry addressed his daughter, hoping to assuage her embarrassment at being caught masturbating and help rid her of any shame in the act. “Honey-tits,” he began, using his favorite punny pet name for his baby girl. “You don’t have to pretend like you weren’t touching yourself when I knocked on the door, you know. You’re a horny teenage girl. It’s natural for you to explore your cunny, whether it’s with one of your boyfriends or just alone in your room. Hell, your mother used to catch me stroking my trouser snake almost every day when I was your age. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, baby. You’re a Humper - a lifetime of regular, guilt-free orgasms is your birthright! In fact, I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but let’s just say that

Mommy and Daddy bought you a very special Christmas present that we think you’ll have a lot of fun with during those alone times in your room!”

“Tee hee hee! You mean like ... uhhhhhhh ... a big long rubber wee wee, Daddy?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean, Honey-tits.”

“Is it motorized too? Tee hee hee!” Honey asked, her round full cheeks swelling into a broad beautiful grin, her long mane of blonde hair styled into short pigtails and her J-cup Humperesque honkers rippling and punching against each other with her giddy immaturity.

“Ha ha ha! Of course, A-Titty the Hon! It’s a battery-operated boyfriend, as the chicks used to call them when I was a kid,” Henry laughed, feeling the organ between his legs morphing to a full solid state as he surveyed his young daughter’s milkwagons that were way too fucking young to carry milk as she propped her only skirt-clad and topless and fulsome body onto one side, propped her pretty blonde head onto the palm of her hand which was connected to her arm and her elbow which rested on the bed. Her boob mashed fleshily against her arm and flattened a bit. Her hint of a tummy was a little more noticeable now.

“Baby, it will vibrate all nice and quiet and you can use it to rub your little clitty nub or slide it inside of your vagina, Chubby Baby. Mmmmm, you can even use it to tickle those big areolas you got there, Hon.”

“Oh, Daddy, tee hee, like, I was embarrassed earlier when you caught me rubbing myself, tee hee, you know, like ... down there,” Honey pointed down at her tiny skirt, the only thing covering her full-blown nudity before her father. “But oh,

Daddy, it just feels so good between my legs. I mean, tee hee, like, my little cunny feels SO YUM YUM! Hee hee!”

“Good, baby! Remember the Humper family motto - ‘All good things come from between your legs.’ - That’s what your mother always taught me, and it’s brought plenty of happiness to me and my wee wee,” Henry said, glad that his daughter was losing some of her irrational embarrassment about masturbation. “But while masturbation is fun, it’s also important for a girl your age to get some good practice with a partner,” Henry continued with an almost mock stern tone. “How many wee wees have you taken into your cunny so far, baby?” Henry asked, genuinely curious as to how much progress his daughter had made in honing her sexual skills, his knowledge of her carnal exploits so far limited to overheard locker room talk.

“Tee hee! Well, Daddy ... ummm, Peter and I have humped a few times. He’s been with a few other girls but he says my cunny is the tightest! Although I think that has more to do with him than me. His wee wee is just sooooooo thick! It’s practically the same width as my softball bat! Wheeeeeeeee! Rod Hardwood from my

Algebra class also gave me a ride home from school yesterday, and then gave me a ride at home too! Tee hee! Let’s see, who else ... my English teacher Mr.

Nutts taught me how to do something called ‘reverse cowgirl’ during free period last week. I had a quick missionary hump with Johnny Biggs in his pickup truck during the homecoming dance ... oh, and Harvey has been nice enough to let me practice my hand job technique on him before bed every night. He’s such a sweet brother.”

“Oh, that’s great, Sugar Boobs!” Henry exclaimed, the front of his pants tenting further out as he sat down on the edge of the bed next to his breasty daughter who looked so cute as she licked her fudge popsicle again, a sweet droplet cascading directly onto her right watermelon’s spacious pink areola. “What else do you and Harvey do?”

“Tee hee hee! This, for one thing!” the blonde voluptuous hottie slid her ass on the bed and wobbled her whoppers before taking the popsicle that was mostly unmelted and slid the approximately eight-inch penile representation into her mouth and then began to slide her blonde head up and down on the sweet cock substitute. “Mmmmhhhhhh! Mmmmmmhhhhhh! Tee hee! And oh, Daddy, his eyes started scrunching and Harvey was sputtering and huffing and puffing, tee hee hee, and then like, he was squeezing my ‘zoomies, and Daddy, his wee wee started spittin’ in my mouth and it was like a magic dragon, except I was puffin’ on it! Like, hee hee hee, and I swallowed all of his sticky ‘special pee pee’ like Mom used to call cum! Ohhh, Daddy! It was YUMMERS!”

“That’s wonderful, sweetie! I’m so glad you and your brother are so close. You know, your auntie Harriet and I didn’t start fooling around until we were a couple years older, and I always regret all the special time we missed. Seeing you two have so much fun together really brings a smile to my face. And my wee wee!” Henry laughed, genuinely pleased that his daughter and son were making the best of their opportunities to explore their sexuality in the convenience of their home. “What else do you guys like to do, sweetie? Have you given him any boobie clenches yet? One of my favorite things was getting a nice titfuck from your mother when I was feeling horny after school,” Henry reminisced, now openly rubbing the crotch of his khaki trousers in front of his daughter, his horniness borne partly out of nostalgia and partly from the sight of his daughter’s wobbly whoppers, which jiggled hypnotically in front of his eyes every time she giggled as she sat on the bed topless. Henry’s thought trailed off as he observed her take a couple more licks of her fudgesicle, and he suddenly wished his own wee wee were in its place, the head and shaft getting savored by his daughter’s wet tongue and thick ruby-red lips.

“Oh, yeah, Mom sat me down the other week and taught me how to give a proper boobie clench. She had me demonstrate at first with that big fifteen-inch dildo she keeps in her drawer so that I could get the technique down. But then when

Harvey came home she wanted me to do a real test run, so she had me give him a live one in her bedroom while she watched and gave me some tips. It was really informative - and fun too! Mom said I was a natural!” Honey said to her father proudly, eager to impress him with the wealth of sexual knowledge she was able to assimilate in such a short time. “I’ve been practicing on Harvey every other night! But sometimes Hayley gets to him first and he’s usually passed out for good after one of her blow jobs. That little slut can be so inconsiderate sometimes!”

“Awwwwww, baby, it’s okay if Hayley has a taste too, Hootie Honey,” Henry used another of his pet names for his overbusted, bra-destroying bombshell of a thick

16-year-old daughter as he watched her house-sized boobs, and to a lesser extent, her padded sweet abdomen quake and wiggle a bit. He still rubbed the palm of his hand vigorously on the bulge that consumed the crotch of his pants and sighed a bit, not at all ashamed to rub and fondle his wee wee through the fabric directly in front of his daughter. “I want Hayley to work with her brothers’ Mr. Weans too. What else did you and Harvey do? Did you... ?”

“Did I what, Daddy?” Honey said in about the most immature sexy pouty voice she could muster as she looked at him with her big green eyes, a smile lighting up her rounded face as she batted her eyelashes at him again and then squeezed each of her plump honeydews, winking as the abundance of skin swelled over her fingers she was so overstacked and then gave her popsicle a butterfly lick before biting the rest of it off of the wooden stick and chewing it up, a little bit of chocolate syrup running down her cheeks. “Did I, tee hee hee hee, go to beddy-bye with him? I mean, what do you think, Daddy? His wee wee is like ... this freakin’ big!” Honey held her hands very very far apart, making her arms collide with her teatsies. “And it’s like ... this thick!” She held her hands slightly closer together.

“Good! You know what your mother always says: ‘The family that plays together, stays together’!” Henry replied, rubbing the front of his trousers a little more vigorously at the thought of his little Honey pie moaning and getting pounded, her titties bouncing around like a pair of gigantic water balloons. Taking a step closer to Honey’s bed, he sat down next to her and his eyes bulged a little wider as he took in a closer view of her massive mams. “Did Harvey tickle your cunny wunny nice and good?” Henry asked, placing one hand not-at-all-fatherly on her right knee. “Did he slide that long wanger of his up into Honey’s love box and slide it in and out?” he added with a moan, his horniness now beginning to take over, his line of questioning becoming less about genuine curiosity and more about probing for more mental stimulation.

Honey, for her part, was also beginning to gain back some of her raging horniness that was previously interrupted by her father’s entrance. “Oooohhhhh, yeah, Daddy. He slid that pecker of his so deep into my pleasure tunnel that I thought it was going to hit my stomach! That cock of his is so freaking long he can’t even get all of it in me!” she said, her voice now also becoming increasingly sultry with her flooding teenage hormones and her pussy becoming increasingly moist.

“Did it feel good right here?” Henry added, moving his hand off of her knee and now slowly patting the spot on her skirt that concealed the entrance to her pink palace, himself hoping to gain a visit very soon.

“Daddy!” Honey asked in a mock innocent tone. “What are you doing?”, although the teen was perfectly aware what his intentions were.

“Ohhhhh, Honey-tits” Henry replied, as he unzipped his pants with his free hand.

“All this sex talk is just too much for me, daughter dearest. Wee wee needs! Wee wee needs!”

“Oh, Daaaddddyyyyy! Tee hee hee hee hee! Holy Boney Baloney! Golly wee wee willikers!” Honey squealed in a mixture of amusement, surprise and horniness that was all mixed up as she watched her thirtysomething father surge at the crotch and she could see the amount of pressure he was slowing getting ready to let out. “Hee hee hee, you are getting so big between your legs!”

Henry unfastened the button of his khakis and shoved the front of his pants widely open as a giant tube popped up from between his legs, protracted and totally encased in white briefs that showed every inch of his massiveness as it jutted up into the air.

“Holy shitsky, Daddy! Hee hee! I mean, jeepers what a peeper!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! That fucker was hurtin’ like a motherfucker straining against those pants! Ohhhhhhh, it feels good as shit to get this thing out for some air,

Hon!” Henry groaned, turning and looking at her pulchritudinous milkers with wide eyes as his tighty-whitey-covered twelve-inch slab of dick pointed towards the ceiling as he gave it a couple kneading strokes as he choked and worked it through the cloth. Honey’s nipples grew increasingly hard as she looked at his planting tool, tweaking each of her nipples in turn. “Oh, it’s a Daddy-wee wee!

Mmmmmmm! Can I touch it, Daddy?” Honey rhetorically swooned, one of her boobsie twins bumping him in the side.

“Can you touch it!? Fuck, Honey-tits, I thought you’d never ask!” Henry exclaimed with a loud laugh as he practically ripped his briefs down his hips and discarded them along with his pants, now naked from the waist below as his twelve-inch pecker stood fully erect, the baseball-sized mushroom head raging fiercely red with engorged blood and the thick veins on the shaft poking out from the side. Taking the initiative, he took one of his daughter’s hands and wrapped it firmly around his planting tool while he took off his shirt, moaning as his baby girl instinctively began rubbing the length of it up and down with soft strokes.

Finally freeing himself of the rest of his clothes, Henry whistled wolfishly as he observed Honey stroking him, her angelic face tempered only by the lustful crinkle in her eyes. Henry only glanced at her face, however, his gaze drawn by the titanic sacks of titmeat that adorned Honey’s chest, the creamy white skin jostling and rippling with each movement of her delicate wrist upon his pecker.

Henry never ceased to be amazed by the astonishingly large racks produced in the

Humper family. He had had the distinct pleasure of enjoying no less than four generations of Humper women’s breasts for his own sexual gratification, from his grandmother June at Wee Wee Camp, to his mother Hilda, to his sister Harriet, and now finally to his own daughter Honey. Henry was mesmerized by the hypnotic bouncing of his offspring’s chest charms, her nipples and areola a virtual carbon copy of Hilda’s, but the flesh surrounding it distinctively more pillowy and soft due to its owner’s extra flesh padding.

“Oh, Honey-girl, that feels amazing to my wee wee,” Henry moaned out loud as his busty daughter stroked him. “You truly have inherited your mother’s tug technique, baby. It must be genetic or something!” he laughed, leaning his head back in pleasure as he squinted his eyes shut and just enjoyed the pleasurable sensations of his daughter’s ministrations without visual stimulation.

“Tee hee! Thanks, Daddy!” his daughter said, beaming with pride. “I’m glad I have such a natural talent for it! But to be fair, Mom has given me a fair amount of coaching. She had Uncle Chuck over for lunch the other day and had me practice a couple tugs on his wee wee before she fucked him - oops! I’m sorry,

Daddy, I didn’t mean to spill the beans. I wasn’t sure if you knew that she was still fucking Chuck or not.”

But Henry merely laughed at his daughter’s naivete. “Ha ha, don’t sweat it,

Baby-tits. You know your mother and I have an open marriage. And to be fair, she was fucking Chuck long before she started fucking me! Ohhhhh, fuck, that feels good! Mom and I love each other very much, so much that we encourage each other to have fun with whomever we want. She even tells me about some of her encounters while we have sex sometimes. It’s a total turn-on to hear about all the other wee wees she’s making spit up! Besides, Daddy gets to have his fun too, just like we’re doing right now!”

“Ever since I turned sixteen, you and Mommy have made sure I had lots of fun,

Daddy!” Honey said innocently, her boobers a-bobbin’ to and fro and up and down and around as she removed her hand from his giant fucktool just for a second and spat on her palm three times, laughing when some of her spit was mixed with liquid chocolate. “Oooooooo, let’s get Daddy shiny with his little Baby-tits’ wet and frothy spits! Hee hee hee, oooooooo, feel that slide, what Mommy and

Aunty Harriet call the ‘mac and cheese technique’ when you get a wiener totally, like, ummmmmmm, saturated with your spit and it is so slick that it makes a sound like a spoon being stirred around in a very hot Kraft dinner! Wheeeeeee!

Daddy Weansies, look how fast my hand slides on you! Mmmmmmmm!”

She worked his cock’s first six inches inside her dainty girly hand, her digits sliding all the way up over the glossy head sounding like someone making sounds with his/her tongue moving in and out behind the lower lip of the mouth. Honey’s high school sophomore aged boobs jumped in rhythm with her stroking. She was young, but Henry didn’t give a fuck.

“Wheeeeeeee!” Honey cried, grabbing the saliva-bathed horsecock prong and smacking it hard against her left bazoom, making a sharp ‘whap’ and slinging the spit on his penis into her face. “Tee hee hee! Club my boobies, Daddy! Oh, it like ... smarts and tickles!”

“Oh, I’ll club your boobies alright,” Henry said, taking his cock in his own hand. Pulling it back towards his abdomen, he then let it swing forward like a fulcrum, the glans of his penis smacking Honey on her left nipple, making a loud

‘THWACK’ noise and sending ripples down Honey’s fleshy melons while also sending waves of tingly pleasure throughout the elder Humper’s three-pound cock missle.


“Ohhhhhh, shit, that feels good to my wee wee!” Henry moaned, noticing now that his daughter had used her free hand to reach under her skirt and rub her clitoris with increasingly vigorous strokes as her gargantuan globes of breastmeat bore his cock-lashings.

“Ohhhh, Daddy, it feels good to my titties too! And my clitty witty!” she squealed, thoroughly enjoying ‘family time’ with her father this Christmas season. “Oh, you were right, Daddy! Playing with my cunny alone is fun, but it’s even better with you here!”

“Goddamn! Oh, Chubby Baby, look at the fucking chubby you give Daddy!” Henry yelled out, his penis feeling unspeakably tingly and good, grabbing his foot-longer shlonger and raising it up, like he was pulling back the band of a sling shot. His cock was so big and long that when he pulled it all the way back towards his body before he let it go, the head of his boobie-daughter-loving plank of a pee pee pole touched his own chest. Now only his two sons had bigger peckers than he did. He was proud as fuck of that fact.

“Owwwwwwww! Tee hee hee, Daddykins! That stung your little baby’s boom booms, but like, it sorta tickles too! Hee hee! I mean, ohhhhh, I really like, uhhhh, I mean I really, really like Daddy-love!” Honey let all this out in a wave of horny giggles and nonsense as Henry’s oak tree of a trunk popped her on the top of her right boob like he was swinging a hammer. “But Daddy left a welt on his baby tittie girl’s ‘zoomers! Tee hee!” Honey rubbed at the red mark playfully with a finger and stuck her tongue out at her father, behaving like the young lusty, breasty and horny cheerleader she was.

“There we go,” Henry said suddenly as his daughter poutily stuck her tongue out while at the same time shaking her skin sacks at him while reaching under her tiny skirt to tinker with her nubby. Henry took his twelve-inch stalk at the base and moved it to her open mouth until Honey got the point and stuck her tongue out further. Then he wagged his erection up and down with his hand from right above his balls and sleekly tapped his fat cockhead on her cute extended tongue about a dozen times as she hummed “La! La! La!” She did this every time his overgrown mushroom struck her tongue. Henry thought it felt great.

“Lee! La! Lee! La! Lee! La! La!” Honey made a sound like she was singing scales every time her daddy’s baseball cockhead tapped on her tongue, and she intentionally made her boobah twins shake a little more than was necessary.

“Daddy! Mmmmmm! They do this in pornos! Ha ha!”

Henry grinned like a shark and then went back to clubbing her cans again, only this time he didn’t use his hand to pull his prick back like a bone-hard hammer to smack his youngster daughter’s chubby gazongas. He simply swiveled his waist back and forth adroitly, making his cock swing around like a mighty dockyard derrick.

“I’m gonna swing on ya, baby,” Henry told her, shifting rapidly at the hips as his powerful twelve-inch length slapped her left juggie, then he swiveled to strike the right one, feeling the good fucking tingles with every impact of hardness on her soft sweat glands which were doughier and even more bouncy than his wife’s because of the extra little wonderful pooch his teen tit queen had shakin’ around on her cute tummy and fanny areas. Oh, he loved his voluptuous chubby Honey.

“Batter up, Daddy! Tee hee hee hee! Hmmmmm, like, I’ll bet you would wear the number 12 for twelve inches of weeeeeee weeeeeeeee! There is nothing wee though about what I’m gettin’ batted on my boobers with! Hee hee! I love you, Daddy!

Owwwwwwwww! Yesssss! That stings so good! Go on and make my ‘zoomers zig and zag! Wheeeeeeee!” And they did. Henry was popping her pert and pound-laden pappies and making them jump back and forth like he was working a punching bag.

“Ohhh, baby girl, that bruising I’m giving you is feeling something amazing to my wee wee!” Henry exclaimed, a distinct libidinous edge in his voice. “But enough of working the body. It’s time to work the face a little!” Not even waiting for a response, he thrust his hips forward and slid the first six inches of his fatherly cockmeat directly into Honey’s mouth, his glans parting her ruby-red DSLs like Moses parting the Red Sea, and he grinned devilishly as he saw his daughter’s eyes go wide with surprise, but also with delight at his oral intrusion.

“Oh, damn, baby! You’ve inherited your momma’s velvety dick-sucking lips too!”

Henry cried, the shaft of his cock tingling with delight as each inch passed through the moist surface of his boob-heavy daughter’s oral entrance. “I hope you gave Harvey a wee wee wash. A mouth like this is a terrible thing to waste!”

He watched Honey’s cheeks hollow out as he pressed another two inches of his now rock-hard man-meat deeper into her oral cavity, the head of his cock now pressing onto her tonsils.

“Mmmmmpphhh! Mmmpppph!” was all Honey could do to reply, her teenage mouth now nearly completely stuffed with familial cock, but still thoroughly enjoying the wee wee in her face even more than the fudgescicle she had been snacking on just moments earlier. “Mmmmmmmm ... tshtss lllk vnnillla!” she managed to get out, noting the contrasts in flavor, her Humper instincts now kicking in as she traced the underside of Henry’s glans with her tongue, adding additional lubrication to the underside of the penis and driving him wild with sensation.

Honey then began to slowly bob her head back and forth on her father’s protracted dong, continuing to moan appreciatively at the cream-filled Christmas treat he was sharing with his special girl.

“Mmmpphhhhh ... mmmphhhhhhh,” she grunted as her young boobies pitched about, picking up the pace slightly, demonstrating her natural talents on the very appreciative man who just happened to have sired her.

“Ohhh, baby girl, that feels so good!” Henry nearly shouted as he gently took hold of her pigtails while she fellated him. “But remember our talk earlier? You need to get as good as you give, sweetie!” Honey continued to bob her head up and down on his cock, her J-cupped whoppers now slapping into each other rhythmically with her motions. Henry looked down and felt his cock harden even further as he drank in the sight of his daughter’s lovely chest balloons, admiring the way they reminded him of his sister Harriet’s at that age, especially the way they jiggled and jostled while she gave blow jobs. But

Honey’s titties were even more jiggly and pillowy than either Harriet’s or

Hilda’s, the soft flesh bouncing with an almost comical consistency that made her breasts look like two gigantic globs of skin-covered Jello. Honey took her father’s pep talk to heart, inserting two fingers of her right hand into her pussy and beginning to stroke her clit with her thumb while using her left hand to tweak one of her freely bouncing nipples for added pleasure.

“Mmmmphhhhh! Dddddddyyyyy!” Honey Humper formed partial words as she had the ability to open her throat even just a little bit as his stout swizzle stick worked most of its girth into his big boom boom baby’s throat like an intruding oversized root that was trying to probe its way down into her fucking stomach like a medical camera device during surgery.

“Ohhhhhh, darling! Daddy likes! Ohhhhhhhh, no, Daddy loves his Baby-tits putting her dick-lovin’ lips on his stick! Ohhhh, I’m almost gonna...” And Henry’s cock felt so exquisite in his melony-breasted girl’s mouthly and throatly embrace that he was seconds from a flood of semen escaping from his penis before he intended it to. Henry stopped his plunges down her throat and quickly evacuated his staff from the clutches of her fellatio feast of fun.

“Ohhhhhhhh, Daddy, what in the heck are you doing? Awwwwwww, that’s not fair!”

Honey said with a pout as her father’s stalk left her oral hold with a wet pop and she took her hands off her colossal cupcakes just as a single big trickle of jism gushed out of his puckered pee hole and onto the carpet of her room. “Wee wee is leakin’ big time, Daddy! But Daddy, you just wasted all that cummy, and I lost all the yummy! You know what Mom says about spilling your seed!”

“Oh, fuck, but that was close, Angel Cups!” Henry managed, still huffing and puffing as his dick sputtered with a couple miniature pre-cursor spritzes, but not a real full-on spit-up as he tried to clench his muscles to keep a full explosion from taking place, the tingles jittering through his cock taking him so very close to the razor’s edge of shooting off in his J-cupped daddy’s girl’s face. “Oh, I didn’t fuckin’ squirt, baby, cause I don’t want to pop off in your mouth, Sugar Boobs. Oh, it’s gotta be somewhere else.”

“Hee hee hee, somewhere else like, ummmmm, where, Daddy?” Honey joked knowingly, pushing her mammaries together randily and then pulling her own pigtails playfully and smiling at him with the cutest and sneakiest little knowing glance. “Tee hee hee hee! Da-da?”

“Yes, Baby-tits?”

“Daddy, you just want to go to beddy-bye with me, don’t you?” Honey cooed in the naughtiest little girl tone she could muster as she traced circles around the big areolas and erect nipples on her funbags.

“You’re damn right, I wanna go ‘beddy-bye’ or whatever the fuck the kids are calling it these days! Your great-granny used to call it ‘testing the mattress’.

Ha! Ha! Ha!” Henry burst out in rambunctious laughter, taking a few deep breaths to back himself away from the orgasm he just nearly let fly into his daughter’s willing mouth, nearly returning to that point again as Honey licked a huge, sticky string of jizz that was leaking out of Henry’s cockhead and dripping towards the bed. “Oooooh, careful, baby. Don’t lick so hard or you might set Mr.

Wean off! You don’t want Daddy wasting all that man-milk on your bedsheets, do you?” He closed his eyes to remove the mind-blowingly debaucherous visual stimulus of his sexily stacked and naked daughter slurping his jizz like an ice cream cone.

“Of course not, Daddy!” Honey replied, backing away from his cock slightly but instead slurping the stray string of jizz into her mouth like a piece of spaghetti. “Momma is always lecturing me about not wasting water, and she said that our bill was $300 last month because she had to wash Hardy’s sheets so many times! I guess I need to work on my aim a little bit when giving him tugs. Tee hee!”

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