Twins Enter High School

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2016 by realoldbill

Sex Story: The randy pair finally get to high school and meet new challenges

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Size   Teacher/Student   School   .

Madison sat on her bed, naked, cross-legged Indian style, looking at the small student handbook, her free hand twiddling with her left nipple, stretching it out and letting it spring back. “This stupid dress code stinks,” she said to her sister who lay on her back on the bed beside her with her battery-powered vibrator deep in her tireless snatch and its attachment tickling her clitoris. She alternately tensed and relaxed her PC muscles, eyes closed and forehead furrowed, concentrating on her feelings as her vagina spasmed repeatedly.

“Yeah,” sobbed Kimberly after her orgasm swept past, “no bare bellies, no straps showing, no butts or boobs. Half our clothes.”

“I’m going in Levis and a babydoll, the lavender one,” Madison said, rolling off the bed and rooting in her underpants drawer. “Oh, and your littlest thong.”

“Sounds good, maybe those Bobby’s that guy bought you.” Kim trembled and clenched her jaw. She wanted to scream but knew her sister would laugh if she did. Her body expelled the dripping device.

Madison did laugh, looking at her writhing twin in the mirror. “He made me try on ten pair in that stupid True Religion place before he found one he liked, and then I had to go out to his old Corvette and give him a blowjob.” She made a sour face. “He had about three inches, maybe.”

“Yeah, but they were, what, a hundred and seventy-some bucks?’

Madison smiled and nodded. “You’re just jealous. He was a pervert.”

“Hah,” cried her sister. “I’m wearing my old squash blossom skirt and that off-the-shoulder blouse, and they’ll never look at you.”

“You can’t wear that. Look at the dress code.”

“I can pull it up on my shoulders,” said Kimberly, smiling.

“And let your boobs hang out, oh yes, that’ll be good.”

“We’ll see. I can wear that half bra of yours,” Kim inhaled and licked her toy, having finished her Kegel exercises for the afternoon after an even one hundred ten-second clampings. “I’m going over to the pool.”

“Good idea. Maybe that Bruce guy will be there, your boyfriend.”

“Come on. He’s gay.” Kim pulled on her one-piece Speedo and looked at herself in the tall mirror, smiling at her hard nipples, as her sister yanked up her bikini bottom. “Hurry up and don’t forget the sunscreen.”

“No, he’s not,” Madison yelled after her sister as she tied the tiny top between her young breasts, already 34C’s and still maturing.

The next morning their alarm rang at 6:30 AM, and they rolled out of their beds and ran for the shower, bathed each other with squealing pleasure as they often did to save time, took turns tonguing each other’s shaved pussy as they washed each other’s long hair and then blow dried each other with their eighteen inch dildo moving gently back and forth between them as they stood tit to tit and belly to belly, just pelvises in motion. Having both achieved two enjoyable orgasms by seven o’clock, they quickly dressed, grabbed an energy bar from the bowl on the kitchen table and ran for the school bus, excited to be finally headed for high school and eager to become part of the old coach’s stable.

Since the Second World War, when the practice was begun to give the young draftees at the nearby camp some much-needed solace, the Mayfield Marauders had served their community’s erotic needs and thus met the state’s community service requirements. Once the boys and girls were sixteen, the volunteers were on call by the town’s men and women for relaxation and pleasure. The school district was, without a doubt, the best supported in the state. Younger students, those whose parents insisted on not giving them permission until they were actually sixteen, did intramural sex and were trained by the coach and his randy surrogates. A man who married a Mayfield girl had better be in good shape, and a girl who wed a Mayfield man knew she was in for some high class loving. At the school, teachers and other staff members also had access to the sexual services of the young studs and willing girls. Freshly fucked was called the Mayfield grin among the locals, and the teachers had never asked for a raise.

Kimberly and Madison, who had been deflowered by their father and brother and had been very sexually active for more than a two years, had found themselves stymied after a local scandal involving underage girls but had found an understanding companion in Phil who was a year ahead of them in school and a competent, capable and multi-orgasmic copulater. Now the lovely pair squirmed their way to the back of the bus, enjoying gropes, pats and strokes on the way, and plunked themselves down between the two boys who had owned the back seat since they were sophomores.

Marshall Miller and Mike Reilly were now seniors and the feared pulling guards of the Mayfield football team. Defensive backs ran or flopped when they saw them coming around the end, mouthpieces bared. They both scaled a shade over two hundred and twenty pounds, both could bench press twice their weight and both were, they had to admit, ugly as sin, acne scarred, flat nosed, gap toothed and thick necked.

“Hi,” Madison said to Mike, rubbing her leg in its skintight denim along his massive thigh and admiring the huge bulge in his groin. The girl’s jeans fit so well it was clear she had a cute belly and a puffy vulva as well as shapely calves.

“Hi yersef, y’little bitch,” he said, snaking an arm behind her and yanking her up on his knees. He pushed her babydoll t-shirt up above her bare young breasts, made a hungry sound, licked his thick lips and took almost her whole left boob into his gapping mouth while his hands busied themselves by unbuttoning her pants. Madison slapped his hands, and he grasped her butt and pulled her closer, dry humping.

Kimberly didn’t even have a chance to say “Hi” before Marshall pulled her white blouse down to her waist, ripped off her tiny bra, stuck it in his pocket and then bent to grasp one pink-tipped breast and maul it while he sucked the other.

The girls, despite being only half the weight of their smiling assailants managed to wriggle free and get to their knees between the two massive football players’ heavy legs and pry out their aching young members and give them the most satisfying and empting blow job either had ever known, swallowing down their cum with a smile on their fair faces. Kim and Madison Tucker got to their feet, straightened their clothes, raked back their long, straight hair and left the two boys limp and grinning as they skipped off the bus for their first day of high school, their reputations spreading before them like a riptide waves.

They were in the same homeroom since that was done alphabetically but had no classes together except gym, when they both were invited to the coach’s office, given his lip-smacking appraisal and handed permission forms. Since neither had ever let a parent’s signature get into their middle school they signed permission for each other, attesting that they were sixteen and allowed to take part in the community service program. That done, the coach whistled in a couple of his favorite seniors who hustled the 14-year-old girls off to a side room and gave them a workout that left them both gasping for air as gobs of jism rolled down the bruised thighs. They licked each other clean and found their clothes before the period ended.

Kim and Mad soon became the coach’s favorites, and he enjoyed both of them from time to time once they had been stretched a bit so he could get his thick member into them easily. Principal Grimes even took Kim home one weekend; the first time he had ever used a freshman girl at one of his famous parties.

By the end of September the twins had done the Kiwanis, the Lions and the Rotary club and at each meeting had orally served the head table and then given the door prize winner his choice of thrills. The only problem had come when the Lions’ Club winner had a coronary and the rescue squad had to be called. As he was toted away another ticket was drawn and the new winner chased Kim out into the hall to enjoy her bent over the banister railing while the other men watched in envy.

In October tryouts were announced for the volleyball teams and, because of their height, which nearly six feet, the girls were encouraged to come to the first practice. After going through a series of drills, the coaches assigned Kimberly and Madison to the co-ed team to the delight of the half-dozen boys on that squad. In a few practices the tall girls learned to smash almost-unstoppable kill shots at the net and were given uniforms. Attendance at co-ed games multiplied rapidly until the coach persuaded the girls to acquire sports bras.

That Saturday they celebrated by going to the party for the football team that had won its third game in a row. The girls spent most of their time in two separate bedrooms with a two or three players heaving and humping upon them. Being triple-teamed was not a novelty to the twins. By Christmas vacation, they had become almost everyone’s favorite sluts and were feeling highly pleased with themselves.

They gave their big brother their bodies on Christmas Eve as a present and left him spent and smiling and then on Christmas day, while dinner was cooking and filling the house with its smells, they gave their father and favorite uncle blowjobs that curled their toes and distracted them from the game on TV.

When school began again in January, several new students had entered Mayfield High and one in particular became the center of the twins’ attention. He was Baron McPhee, a blond sixteen-year-old male who was a good-looking early maturer. Within days Mayfield’s girls knew that Baron had an upright erection that was envied by every boy in the place. When he was aroused, so it was rumored, his eight-inch rod stood flat up against his well-muscled belly, thick as the handle of a baseball bat and just about as hard.

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