by Principal Whitmire

Copyright© 2016 by Principal Whitmire

Sex Story: Alice is one of several girls I chose to be "special". She was about to become my latest victim.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Rape   Fiction   Spanking   Rough   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

I had her picked out for months, but I was waiting for the right opportunity. Opportunity is everything. I had done this more than once over the course of my career. I was always careful about the girl I picked. Didn't want any well connected princess crying to her parents. So I picked the losers.

You know the type. Daddy left early, or maybe he stuck around long enough to knock mama around when he drank too much. Mama was usually a drunk or a druggie who cared more about whatever step-daddy of the month was hanging out than her daughters welfare. The girl was always young and a troublemaker with a rep for lying. Usually a stoner with a reputation for promiscuity.

I'm a principal at the local high school and I'll probably be superintendent in a few year. I can't have anything messing that up. I'm a 47 year old man. I'm a decent height about 6 foot 2 and I carry a little extra weight around the middle but not much. I keep myself in decent shape. I'm not what you would call good looking. I have greying hair, and eyes that are too squinty to be nice. I'm just an average middle aged guy.

Back to the girl though. I had chosen her carefully. Her name was Alice and she has repeated behavior problems. She was 14 and always getting in trouble or sent to ISS. She was cute though. Dark hair, and fair skinned and green eyes. She wore way too much black eyeliner or course and dressed overly sexy. This is what made me notice her. All those low cut, tight tops with those young tits spilling out of her bra. I'm betting she was a B cup but she wore those push up bras that shoved them up and gave her ample cleavage. She was petite, probably 5 foot 3 or so and couldn't have weighed much more than 115, her hair she always wore down as hanging in her face. It was long and poker straight.

My opportunity presented itself Thursday night. I was headed back from dinner with a lady I was dating. I saw Alice walking along the road. She was at least 4 miles from home. She was wearing a miniskirt and those fishnets with holes torn in them. She had on a tank top and had a zippered black hoodie hanging open over it. It looked like she wasn't wearing a bra but it was hard to tell in the fading light.

"Alice? You need a ride?"

"No. I'm good."

"Don't be ridiculous. Get in."

She shrugged and got in the passenger side. I started driving but didn't say much. I saw her house up ahead and kept going, even though she had spoken up and said it was her house.

"You missed the turn Mr. Whitmire."

"Yeah I know Alice. I wanna show you something first."

She had gone quiet but I could feel her nervousness. I drove to a spot where I liked to take the girls. It wasn't anything nice. Just small overlook with woods around and a grassy picnic area. I shut off the car and took the keys out. I reached over and started to fondle one of those young firm tits. She immediately slapped my hand away and opened the door and jumped out. Oh good. She was gonna be a fighter.

She started to run but she was wearing boots and I had on sneakers and I was faster anyway. I grabbed a handful of that long hair and yanked her backwards against me as I grabbed the bottom of her shirt with the other hand. I pulled the tank up and her tits were exposed tithe cool night air. I held her hair with one hand as my other hand played with her tits. She kept trying to struggle but I yanked her hair every time she tried. I pinched each one of her rose colored nipples hard and was pleased as they puckered up instantly.

She was struggling and saying no over and over but I bit her neck and my hand slid down the front of her skirt. She tried to twist away from me but I leaned my weight on her and she collapsed to the ground. I could feel my throbbing erection straining at my pants. I pushed my weight down on her back and yanked her skirt up around her waist. I grabbed the waist of her fishnets and her silky black panties and yanked them down to her knees.

Her smooth, small white bottom was exposed to the night air. I did what I had wanted to do many times when she was in my office. I delivered a stinging slap to her ass. She flinched and cried out but I delivered a few more hard slaps to that perfect young ass. I was even more aroused when I saw my handprints showing up on that white skin bright red. She was crying but my dick was throbbing.

I held the back of her neck down and loosed my pants with my hand. I slid my pants part way down and straddled that perfect white ass with the glowing red handprints on it. I pressed my dick against her ass and she started thrashing. I kept my weight on her and reached under her to pull her up a bit and my throbbing cock slid between her ass cheeks. I found her young pussy with my hand and chuckled as I realized she kept it smooth shaven. I rubbed her teen cunt and she tried hard to get away. I rubbed her hard little clit and slowly slid my dick up and down gliding between her smooth ass cheeks but not penetrating.

I roughly rolled her over and held her by the throat as I yanked her panties and fishnets further down. I worked my way between her young thighs and though she fought and scratched and hit I soon found my pulsing cock at the entrance to her young pussy. I wanted to see the look of defeat when I shoved my cock inside her. I thrust inside with a savage thrust and she cried out. I looked at those green eyes and saw my triumph. She was wet and I smiled as her body betrayed her. I started pumping smoothly in and out of that young tight pussy. She begged and pleaded for me to stop but I was relentless. She was so tight and I fought for control. I thrust hard and watched her perky young tits bounce as I fucked her on the ground like an animal. I reached under and played with her clit and despite her fear I felt her body beginning to respond. She fought it hard but I felt her orgasm come and the look of shame on her face as her body came even though she hated me with all her passion, was priceless.

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