Lesbian Sorority Sisters

by Lizalovessex

Copyright© 2016 by Lizalovessex

True Sex Story: Shy girl Liza meets a girl during sorority rush week who wants to get in her panties.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Lesbian   True Story   .

I was glad as hell to be out from under my parents watchful eyes. They were very strict and never let me out of the house. But I had worked hard in school and I was finally here on an athletic scholarship. I had always been a bit of a tomboy but here was my big chance to change my image. I was pretty enough but didn't use much makeup. I was skinny, and had brown hair and eyes and glasses. Barely there tits finished up my athletic look. My brain was working overtime to figure out a way to get noticed.

My best friend Zoey had decided to help me. She was pledging a sorority. She invited me to a party during rush week. She was pretty as popular and I knew that she would introduce me to a bunch of people. She tried to help me dress for the party but I felt hopelessly awkward in heels and a dress but she insisted that it was necessary. When I got to the party I was glad I had listened. Everyone there was dressed up.

Zoey made the rounds with me in tow. She introduced me to one of he upperclassmen who's name was Rachel. She was gorgeous. Blonde wavy hair, and pretty blue eyes. Very full tits and a round ass. Her hair was almost to her ass and her tan skin was flawless.

Rachel told Zoey that William was looking for her and zoey rushed off to find him. Rachel gave me a drink and we talked to a lot of people. Everyone seemed to want to be around her. She was clearly popular. She gave me another drink and another. I was pretty buzzed, when she led me up the stairs. She said she wanted some quiet time to talk to me about possibly pledging.

We went through a door and she locked it behind her. She smiled and said it was the interview room. She turned on a camera and started asking me questions. She asked how I knew Zoey, if I had a boyfriend, what my major was, and other stuff.

"Well Liza, you sound like you would do well at sigma beta theta. I want to be your big sister. I have to be honest though. I am very attracted to you."

I looked up in shock at her. I stammered out some inane nonsense about being flattered. She came to the couch where I was sitting and sat down next to me.

"Have you ever kissed a woman?"


"Would you like to kiss me? I want to kiss you."

She leaned in and kissed me on the mouth softly and slowly her hand stroked my hair gently as she pulled me in and deepened the kiss. I felt her hot little tongue slide into my mouth and a part of me said I should not do this but I had to admit it turned me on a little. She broke the kiss and smiled.

"That was very sexy."

She undid the tie at her neck and slid her dress down over her tits. I was uncomfortable a little but I couldn't take my eyes off her. They were DD and round and full and not the least saggy. She had nice sized pink nipples that were hard.

"Do you like them?"

"They are very nice."

"Touch them. They are real, I want you to touch them very much."

I hesitated but reached out and gently touched one of them and she closed her eyes and sighed. I felt mesmerized. She was so pretty and I could tell she really liked my touch and I wanted to please her. I used both hands and fondled her breasts and experimentally pinched a nipple gently.

"Mmmm that's nice. Use your mouth. Pleeeeeease." She whispered softly and I brought my lips to her nipple and licked one lightly. She was holding perfectly still and I flicked my tongue over her stuff nipples and sucked one gently into my mouth. I heard her take a sharp breath in. I felt her hands unzipping the back of my dress and I stiffened.

"Relax Liza. I want to see your pretty tits too."

She stood and slid her dress off. I gaped in admiration at her body. She was not wearing underwear and I couldn't help but stare at her naked body. She had a firm flat tummy and a small waist that flared out into nice rounded hips. Her pussy was completely bare and her thighs were soft looking. Her long hair rippled down her back to the top of that beautiful heart shaped ass.

She stepped closer and slid my dress down slowly. I felt too skinny and awkward next to her perfect womanly shape but she seemed to like what she saw. She exposed my little tits to the air and slid my dress down over my slim waist and hips. I was wearing panties. They were black and silky and had ties on the side. She playfully tugged at the ties and my panties fell to the floor. My skin was pale as ivory compared to her tan skin and my long thin legs seemed awkward to me but she made a little sound and said I was beautiful. She pulled me back down to the couch and gently leaned me back as her mouth found one nipple. I gasped as pleasure shot through down to my pussy. Her hand slid down to my pussy which was also smoothly bare and she rubbed gently as her mouth teased my nipples. I tried not to moan too loudly, but she was making me feel extremely hot.

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