Jen's Shocking Adventure

by Dark Fantasy

Copyright© 2016 by Dark Fantasy

BDSM Sex Story: A follow-up to Jen's walk in the woods. Cunt Jen finds a new electro toy to play with. This time she brings her games to work, risking her job for a few good orgasms. This story is f-self, no sex with other people is involved. Story contains bad hygiene.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction   Rough   Humiliation   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Workplace   .

In the weeks following her first public adventure, Jennifer felt sated and happy. She still let Cunt Jen out for some fun at home, but that was enough. Even her co-workers noted that while she still had no interest in social interactions, she seemed happier, more energetic and more productive. A few weeks later, though, she found herself thinking about a repeat performance more and more.

The big idea came when Cunt Jen was surfing BDSM web shops, imagining the different toys it found being used on its body. One of its favorite stores had some fascinating new items in its electro sex category. After one look, Cunt Jen had to have them, even though they were pretty expensive. It ordered the full set. The expected delivery time was two weeks, but that was okay. It would have to prepare first, anyway.

The next day found Jennifer in a nearby tattoo and piercing store. There was only one person working, an older woman. As far as Jennifer could tell, every visible part of the woman's body was covered by a huge tattoo. She was also pierced at every place imaginable, and some places Jennifer wouldn't ever have imagined before she saw that creature in front of her. Jennifer wasn't sure if the sight was more fascinating or terrifying, but fascinating won out. Therefore, she managed to ignore the impulse to run out of the store in horror.

When Jennifer had entered the store, the woman looked up and gave her a friendly nod, telling her she would be with her in a few minutes. Then she continued on her work on another customer who received a small tattoo on the back of his hand.

This gave Jennifer time to look around in the store. The walls were filled with photographs of pierced and tattooed people or body parts, probably customers of this store. While she didn't like the tattoos very much, the different piercings were interesting and Jennifer wondered if she would try some of them out at some point. There were vitrines showing different piercings, which she studied carefully wondering what she should get. After imagining many of the more complex and sometimes outrageous pieces on her body, she came back to a simple bar with two globes on the ends to ensure it would stay on. She thought it was beautiful in its simplicity.

The woman finished with her customer, removed her plastic gloves and washed her hands, then moved to greet Jennifer.

"Hello, my name is Ramona. Welcome to my store. I don't think I have seen you here before." She had a ready smile that put Jennifer at ease even though the environment and the look of the woman were very strange to her.

"Hi, I'm Jennifer. I wasn't here before. Uh, I'd like to get some piercings."

"You've definitely come to the right place, then." Ramona grinned. "Have you gotten pierced before?"

"No, this is the first time."

"So what kind of piercings would you like to get?"

"Err. I'd like to get my nipples pierced. I've been looking around and thought these looked nice," she said, pointing out the bars she had discovered.

"They are a good choice, but the bars are a little thick if it's your first piercing. I'd recommend to go with something in the same style but a little smaller. I have different sizes here to choose from."

"Well, but I..." Jennifer started, and then had to stop as her voice cracked and she had to clear her throat. "Uh, thing is, I'd like to be able to hang weights on them."

At this point Jennifer was sure her face was beet red, but she had no choice to see things through. Ramona, however, never missed a beat. It wasn't the first time someone came in with such a wish, nor was it the second time.

"I see. Well, in that case, you are right and a bigger diameter is better. What weights are we talking about?"

The matter of fact tone Ramona used served to calm down Jennifer considerably.

"I'm not sure. Not too much."

"Okay, I think I know what you mean. We'll have to see if that's possible to do. Let's have a look at your breasts."

Jennifer was startled again for a moment, before Ramona guided her behind a curtain that gave her privacy. She removed her t-shirt and bra, allowing the owner of the store to examine her breasts. The examination was brief and clinical. When she was done, Ramona smiled and told her there would be no issues with the request.

"Good. Uh, can we do it now?"

"Yes, no problem. We'll just have to talk about some things first."

Ramona took her time to talk to Jennifer about medical risks, precautions and aftercare. She thought that was what differentiated a professional shop from a ratty shop, and the safety of her customers was important to her.

Jennifer looked crestfallen when the piercer told her the healing time would usually be anywhere between one and six months. It seemed her customer was eager to play with her new piercings. She could understand that, she liked it when her boyfriend punished her nipples, too.

"Tell you what. You are a healthy girl. In my experience, if you take care of your piercings the chance is high they will heal within four to six weeks. Come back in four weeks and I'll have a look. However, before that, you need to be very careful. With what you want to do, you risk your health if the piercings are not healed completely."

Knowing that she had no choice anyway, Jennifer agreed.

The piercing process itself was fast and, in a way, anticlimactic for Jennifer. She had prepared for a lot of pain, but while it hurt, it wasn't too bad. She wasn't sure if she was happy or unhappy about that. With a pamphlet detailing the required aftercare and considerably less money in her purse, she left the store shortly after.

Exactly four weeks later Jennifer went back to the store, where Ramona checked her piercings and declared them already healed.

That hurdle taken, everything was in place for Cunt Jen to come out and play the next day. The rules for that day had been written for weeks, and it knew them by heart by then.

After its alarm clock went off, Cunt Jen first went to the toilet to piss and shit. It tried to empty itself as well as possible, because it knew there would not be another chance during the day and an accident might prove to be a catastrophe.

Like last time, it wasn't allowed to clean itself. It did however do its hair and put some light makeup on. After all, Cunt Jen would go to work.

Before getting clothed, Cunt Jen went to get the new toys. It had previously checked them out of course, but this was the first time it would actually experience them as they were designed. The toys were basically an electro sex set, but with a few interesting twists to make them especially suited for a BDSM scenario where the slave had to wear them without supervision.

The first parts were the pieces that went on its tits. Those were the most unconventional of the set. The base was a plate that had electrodes on the side that would be pressed to the tits. The other side held clamps that locked on the nipple piercings. Those clamps were mounted on springs, so the nipples would be pressed outside. Or, more to the point, the base plate would be pressed against the breasts no matter how the wearer tried to move it. To increase the fun, the clamps would also electrify the nipple piercing.

The plate also contained the batteries, so no cables would have to be attached to the unit. That way it wouldn't be possible to cut them in order to disable the unit. To make sure the whole thing couldn't be removed, a cover plate would be mounted over the piece and locked with a key. The only way to remove the whole thing without the key was to cut the wearers nipples off.

Cunt Jen wasn't sure how long the small batteries would hold, but the manual promised about twelve hours. That was much more than it needed. As it put them on, it noticed that the pressing on the nipples by the springs was somewhat more painful than it expected. Nevertheless, it was too late to do anything about it, and it would probably ease off after some time.

The next pieces were basically a normal electrical dildo and butt plug. They had no ingenious way to lock them to the body as the breast plates had, but what they did have was internal batteries. To make sure they stayed in her cunt and asshole, Cunt Jen had purchased a simple but stable chastity belt that it locked over them tightly enough to press the toys into its body. The keys, along with those for the breast pieces, went into the drawer of her desk.

Once everything was in place, Cunt Jen put on a business suit to get ready for a normal day at work.

The last part of the set was a radio controller unit that was designed to be used by the master in a D/s type of play. In Cunt Jen's case, it would simply be left behind in the drawer that already contained the keys, so there would be no way to get to it during the workday.

The controller could be used to program the units, and they would work that way until the controller sent a different command. The configuration couldn't be complex, it was just possible to set the interval and intensity of the electrical shocks. However, that was all Cunt Jen needed. It set the interval to change randomly between once every thirty seconds and ten minutes, and the intensity to vary between one and seven out of a maximum of ten. It had tested the units on its hand up to a level of five, where it had started to hurt. It didn't dare try a higher value and maybe chicken out when it came to setting it to a higher value.

Of course, as the four pieces had no way to talk to each other, they ran independently from each other. That way, there was no way to guess where the next shock would come from and how strong it would be.

The first shock came before Cunt Jen even left the apartment, on its left tit. It was a light current, and so it was just stimulating and arousing. The same was true for the next few minutes, some shocks were arousing, and some were uncomfortable but not too bad. Cunt Jen could feel its arousal building and its cunt getting wet. It started to regret that it had not put on panties or pads to soak up the wetness and hoped it wouldn't show. It wondered how long it would take until it had the first orgasm. It was a good thing that it was allowed to have them, as it didn't think there was a way to prevent it.

It went that way until it entered the bus to work and sat down on the last bench. It had just sat down when a strong shock went into its cunt. It had no way to know what level the shock was, but it felt like someone was cutting through its lower abdomen with a sharp knife. It somehow managed to not shriek out, but it couldn't stop its body from shaking. Thankfully, nobody noticed as it sat all the way in the back of the bus. Its arousal had been fully destroyed by the pain, too.

It didn't know what to do. The shock was much worse than it had anticipated, it had to get those things off or reprogrammed to a lower level. Unfortunately, it had no way to get home to the controller and still arrive at work on time.

Cunt Jen had fifteen minutes to think of a solution, as he bus wouldn't stop before arriving at its workplace anyway. By the time of its arrival, Cunt Jen didn't care about a solution much anymore. There had been no more strong shocks, but many light ones. Therefore, it was again horny as hell while it went into its office.

For the next few hours, that's how it went. It would slowly be turned on, just to get shocked out of it by a strong one. Over time, it learned to control its reactions, so when it left its office it wouldn't be in danger of being noticed. It did notice some of its coworkers looked at it a bit strangely, but nobody said anything. It thought it might be the wetness in front of its pants, but they were black and it didn't think anyone could see it.

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