Making the Grade

by Victor C. Nathan

Copyright© 2016 by Victor C. Nathan

Incest Sex Story: Well-hung Henry Humper's English teacher mother rewards her boy's good grade by sharing her gigantic boobs and voluptuous body with her son.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humor   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Cousins   Grand Parent   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Tit-Fucking   Big Breasts   .


Starring Titanic-Tittied Teacher Hilda Humper and Her Twelve-Inch Pupil Henry Humper in:

"Making The Grade"

By Victor C. Nathan and Dr. Mojo

Edited and published by Victor C. Nathan

"Ah, fuck this motherfucking paper!" Henry shouted to himself, slamming his copy of The Great Gatsby closed and throwing his pen down onto the paper in front of him, a scene of student frustration echoed countless times in teenage bedrooms throughout American history. "Why the hell does Mom always have to assign papers due on Monday mornings? She knows how fucking horny I get on Sunday nights! All the girls from school are always at home with their families doing family non-sexual shit, Harriet's always over at Missy's getting rogered by her horny brother, and Mom's always cleaning the fucking house all day and knocking over valuable heirlooms and lamps and shit with her tits. What the fuck? I mean, there isn't a pussy available in the whole town to house my wee wee. How is a guy supposed to get a nut off, not to mention two nuts as big as the ones I got in my big ol' beanbag. Ha ha!"

The Humper household was hardly a typical American household. Whereas most high school seniors would find themselves distracted from their academic duties with football games or evening sitcoms, Henry Humper found his eighteen-year-old, hormone-flooded head swimming with visions of gigantic bouncing tits. This would also be a common daydream for a boy his age, but in Henry's case the majority of the mammaries in question belonged to members of his own family, all of whom he was intimately familiar with. In other words, he had fucked them.

"I can't concentrate on writing about this stupid 1920s shit! Those ugly flappers didn't even wear low-cut dresses! I bet that Daisy chick was barely even a D-cup! Man, poor Gatsby! How did he manage?" Henry trailed off, having managed to pick up a basic outline of most of the story while reading the novel over the past week, despite having his eyes frequently averted from the book every time his impossibly stacked mother or sister walked by, his swinging organ immediately standing to attention at the site of one or both of their massive racks. Hilda and Harriet Humper rarely wore tops around the house, which gave Henry plenty of feminine distractions to compete with his studies.

Ordinarily he would grab either his mother or his sister and either beg or charm his way into some relief via their tits or pussy or mouth or all of the above, but Hilda was strict with her children's study time, not allowing distractions until they had put in sufficient time hitting the books each day. Hilda Humper could still be a surprisingly strict disciplinarian with her son, especially considering the fact that she had been pleasuring his gigantic wee wee by fucking him on a daily basis for nearly a year.

But Henry also knew that when it came to doing his homework and focusing on academics, Hilda would put her titties back inside her colossal brassiere and slide a pair of panties over her pink love canal and oh-so-kissable round fanny. She wouldn't give a shit how much his wee wee was tingling for the contact of fucky strokes or her warm mouth or her sopping wet pussy or, for that matter, a place between her hilly Humper mounds. Mmmmmm, titfuck. Momma wouldn't even let him knead and fondle or suck on her robust boobies if he started to neglect his homework, specifically the reading and writing assignments the buxom educator gave him in her senior English class. Fuck, but he could feel the snake of his dauntingly long dong creeping down the left pant leg of his Gap jeans to the point that it almost appeared as if a python had snuck into his drawers that morning.

"Motherfuck! Fuck this book anyway! Mommeeeeeeeee! Get the fuck up here for a minute!" Henry bellowed in a whiny tittie baby voice, his mother ever reminding him that he behaved like a child. But she would then huskily remark that he was a child with a kickstand cock between his muscular legs and a set of balls that she loved to suck and lick and pull on, so large and full were they. "Mommy, come up here and help me with this fucking homework and shit! This is worse than Nietzsche, although I think you've got some uber-titties and I've got one uber-mother-fucking cock and balls! Momma, come here and talk to me!" Goddamn it, he thought to himself. If she won't help me, I'll have to pull out this man-missile of mine and stroke that weasel till it spits across the fucking room. He hated the thought of having to do that. Henry didn't want to coax a spit-up out of himself manually. His wee wee wanted Momma.

"Henry Herman motherfucking Humper?! What are you yelling about, young man?" the top-heavy green-eyed Hilda Humper said as she stepped into the room, half-concerned and half-annoyed at her boy's petulant outburst, but her monstrously massive bazoomies wriggling under her tee shirt anyway. Seeing the book she had assigned him to read during the previous week and the mostly empty writing paper on his desk, she quickly put two and two together.

"Mommy-Boobs, I need!"

"Oh, for fuck's sake, Henry! You haven't finished your paper yet? It's due tomorrow, young man! I knew I shouldn't have kept you up all night humping away in my room on Saturday. Gee, but we did some huffin' and puffin', Tiger. But for pete's sake, Henry - it's only a two-page summary. You should remember most of the key points from the lecture from the last class," Hilda reminded him, glancing down at his wee wee throbbing at the fly of his jeans, her gaze a mixture of motherly concern and carnal lust, secretly wishing that Henry would finish up his work so that they could have a quick tumble before bed.

Mmmmm. In and out, in and out. The busty mother was craving her boy's ripe young cock again. She wanted that foot-long slab of gristly thick hardness pumping in and out of her accommodating and pink Humper cooter. Hilda had been so busy cleaning the house and grading papers that she had practically no time to satisfy her comically wanton sex drive. The only sexual activity she had engaged in that day was giving Henry an early morning hand job as they both ate breakfast; she had also enjoyed a very quick fuck with the paperboy just after breakfast while the paperboy's mother was obliviously waiting outside in the car with the engine running. A day with only two sexual encounters was practically celibacy for Hilda Hannah Humper, and her horniness had continued to build up throughout the day.

"But Mooooom, I can't concentrate on this shit when I'm so horny!" Henry insisted, staring hard at her t-shirt adorned honkers that were the biggest in the fucking school. "I haven't squirted my ball batter out in like twelve hours or some shit. I mean, you didn't even give me my after-dinner blow job! What is this, a monastery? How is a guy supposed to stay focused when he's so backed up? My mushroom head needs to get fed, Mom." The absurdity of his complaints after a mere half-day without getting his wee wee sucked were completely lost on the boy, who had grown accustomed to getting his penis serviced by her constantly. "Besides, all I can remember from class on Friday is when you sucked Kenny Long's dick for getting the highest score on the quiz. It was a little hard to concentrate on the lecture when you had a string of jizz hanging off your chin the entire period."

"Henry, it could have been YOUR string of jizz hanging off my chin instead of Kenny's. You just gotta fucking study harder and work on your English skills and all that vocab and the other happy fucking horseshit I teach! Work harder, son!" Hilda sounded more like a mother than a dirty big-boobed teacher as she lectured him with a finger pointing in his direction, her J-cup motherfucking fat globes of girly glandishness wagging up and down under a casual white t-shirt that read 'Proud Mother Of A Son With A Twelve-Inch Penis' in black letters that were barely legible when stretched around her hilly hooters. "You need to buckle down and work fucking harder!"

"I've never been harder while working on my goddamn homework, Mom!" Henry blurted out, squeezing his fat veiny cock through the fabric of his jeans. He gaped at the braless bazooms that rattled around on his blonde mother's sculpted body unreservedly. "And buckle down? Fuck, Mommy! I need you to unbuckle my belt, unbutton my pants, unzip my motherfuckin' fly and whip out my fat tube of a damn horseycock and free my plump sack of sticky! Don't be such a bossy bitchy boobie momma with me. You know what your wee wee boy needs."

Hilda really wanted to oblige him, to unhouse her hefty old honkers and swing those fuckers out into view and then to pull out her son's young fresh meat, his ripe young cock from where it was hidden from view behind his pants and drawers. Goddamn, but she wanted to so fucking bad, but the top-heavy, behemoth-boobed blonde beauty needed to teach Henry a lesson far more important, a lesson far bigger (if possible) than the two mountains that adorned her modest chest and shoulders.

"Henry Herman Humper, I don't care how much of your cum I've swallowed, Mister. I am still your mother, and as long as you are under my roof, you will obey my rules," the Humper matriarch admonished more forcefully, putting aside her own carnal wants for the good of her son's education.

Hilda jutted her mammoth boobs out defiantly as she scolded him, the two flesh mountains looking as if they might burst her novelty t-shirt.

"And one of those rules is, no sex until your homework is done, young man. Do you think you're the only one who has to follow them? Just last month I had to turn away no fewer than three of Harriet's fuck buddies from school in one night just so that girl could finish her damned physics project without getting distracted by all those inches of wee wee. She just about pouted her pretty little head off, but I'll be damned if she didn't get an A on that motherfucker," she recalled, proud that she had set such a good example for her cock-crazy bosomy young daughter. "I did indulge the poor horny boys' wee wees though. I mean, they had driven all the way over here. Seemed kinda cruel to send them all away without putting my mouth on their wee wees and givin' 'em a blow job. Sucky, sucky! Tee hee!"

"Okay, Momma Megatits. Jeez! Fuck! You can be such a hard ass sometimes," Henry finally conceded, secretly wishing at that moment he was one of the lucky boys receiving a famous Hilda Humper wee wee wash. "I promise I'll buckle down and finish this tonight. But once I'm done, can you give me a blow job? Pretty please with a hymen on top?" He hoped to at least extract the promise of upcoming oral assuagement from her, thinking that perhaps he'd work faster with a warm mouth waiting for his wee wee once he was done.

"Tell you what, baby," Hilda replied, fondling the roundness of her left boob and lowering her voice a breathy octave to drive home her words. "Finish your paper and bring it to me. I'll grade it tonight and if it's A-material, I'll give you one of Momma's special deep throat wee wee washes, and I'll even let you come on my face if you wanna. Tee hee! You know how good it feels when Momma clenches your wee wee with her throat muscles. Oh, baby, you get so big and hard in Momma's throat that your fat mushroom head must swell two sizes! Tee hee!"

"Oh, Mommy, I love your throat! Well, what if it's just B-material, Mommy?" Henry asked in a whiny voice as he gazed at her t-shirt pumpkins with wide eyes and rubbed at the bulge of his wee wee with the heel of his hand like a young boy just hitting puberty and watching his penis get larger and discovering how much fucking fun he could have playing with his stick. "I mean, I'm not that good at this writing bullshit."

"Well, if ya get a B on this motherfucker, I'll letcha stick your fat son of a bitchin' boom stick right between Momma Hildy's educationally-inclined boom boom bazooms, Baby Weansies. You can ride my milkers with your sweet horsecock prick."

"Well, what if I get a C, Mommy?"

"If you get a C, then you are a fucking moron, Henry, but even so, I'll spit all over my palm and my fingers and shit and I'll stroke your pee wee so noisily and make it feel so fuckin' good that you'll squirt for Momma so good, you'll squirt across the fucking room," she explained, raising her t-shirt up over her head for just a second and shaking her pink-nipped watermelons at her son until he winced and his penis flinched inside his pants. "You better start writing, cause your fat wee wee looks like it is starving for some sort of fucky, baby. I mean, that fuckstick is hungry for Mommy-love, poopsie, and there's only one goddamn way you're getting any of that sort of shit tonight, my swelligent son. When homework gets finished, then wee wee gets replenished with pleasure."

Two hours later...

"So? How did I do?" Henry asked, his patience exhausted from both the effort of concentrating on the paper and the need for release within his swollen testes brought on by his hunger for his mother's boobies and her pussy.

"Ahem Well, your suggestion that the car accident could have been avoided if Daisy had just stayed at the hotel and had a threesome with Tom and Gatsby is, ummm, interesting, and you devote two paragraphs to wondering what Jordan Baker's bra size is..." Hilda trailed off, amused but not surprised at how easily her teenage boy's unconscious libido could creep into his writing. "But overall, it's well-written and you captured all the main themes and literary motifs. B-plus," Hilda concluded, simultaneously marking the grade with her red pen and bumping herself in the boob in the process.

"B-plus?" Henry was less concerned with the mediocre grade than he was with its implications on what he was packing in his pants. "But that means I only get a titfuck! I wanted a blow job! It's not fair!" he pouted, stomping his foot like a boy much younger than his actual eighteen years, his demeanor that of a kid being denied his first choice of toy rather than his preferred sexual favor, as was the present case.

Hilda scoffed, half-shocked and half-amused at her son's ingratitude, incredulous that he felt slighted at his sexual reward.

"Henry Humper!" his mother admonished him, her heavy set of milkwagons heaving with her agitation at her spoiled son. "How could you not appreciate the privileges you have, young man? There are poor teenage boys all over this country who will go to bed horny tonight because they do not have loving mothers who are willing to so much as give them a hand job, let alone a warm, soft titfuck. And God forbid their mommies ever promise to suck them. All those poor hard cocks and backed up ballsies and no one to relieve them. And a lot of those mothers don't have even have BIG BOOBS, Henry Humper! They might be almost flat-chested double-D cups! But here you are with a pair of 38 triple-J hooters - the lust of every man and the envy of every woman in town - ready to service your wee wee, and you're complaining? How dare you?!"

Hilda finished her lecture, an insanely twisted and appropriately Humper sexualized perversion of the classic "eat your broccoli, there are starving kids overseas" speech that so many American kids have heard over the years, except this time it concerned the regularity of how often Henry got between his mother's thighs while her legs were in the air.

"Well, if that's the way it is, I'll just have to take these big ol' boobies of mine somewhere more needed. Poor Jamie Peters just broke up with his girlfriend and hasn't had a titfuck in weeks. Maybe HE'D appreciate a ride on my boom booms," the buxom blonde said theatrically, standing up, jostling her weighty bosom up and down defiantly and then starting for the door to drive home the point.

Henry, to his credit, was appropriately shamed by Hilda's admonishment and quickly apologized. "No! Wait! You're right, Mom. I'm sorry," Henry told her sincerely, moving to the door and shamelessly placing a palm on each of his mother's breasts and squeezing them gently to stop her from leaving. "Mmmmmm. They're so soft. I forget sometimes how lucky I am that I have these titties - err, I mean that I have such a loving mother as you to take care of me." Henry's gaze jerked upward to his mother's face in synch with his verbal correction. "I'm grateful. I fucking swear! It's just my wee wee was looking forward to some tonsil time, but you know I'll happily enjoy one of your famous boobie clenches. Honest!"

"Aww, I know you had your heart set on that wee wee wash, baby," Hilda smiled sweetly as Henry goosed each of her knockers and she patted the front of his pants approvingly, glad that her boy had rediscovered his sense of gratitude, but had not lost his hardness in the process. "But a rule is a rule - an A gets you a blow job and a spit-up on your Mommy-Boobsies' face, a B gets you a boobie clench. However..." she trailed off momentarily, reaching her hands to the hem of her shirt and pulling it over her head, her gigantic breasts bounding free in the process, causing Henry's gaze once again to settle on her silver-dollar-sized nipples which were already hard with anticipation.

"However... ?"

"I do recall I gave you a B-plus. So what do you say we split the difference? A nice old-fashioned jiggly titfuck, and when it's time for squirtsies you can pull that wiener out and stroke it off until you shoot all over my mouth. I'll even drink some of your cum, poopsie. What do you say, Big Stuff? Does that sound fair?"

"Holy shit, does it ever!" Henry exclaimed giddily, unzipping his fly with one hand and fumbling with his belt with the other, anxious to get his pee pee between Hilda's cans and shoot off his achingly backed-up load.

"Let's get those motherfucking pants shucked off of you in a big fuckin' hurry, Sugar Prick! Momma wants to see your big beautiful wee wee, poopsie, and work that fat young cock of yours right betwixt her plump plentiful boom booms!" Hilda excitedly moaned as her naked jugs bounded heavily on her chest and shoulders as the blonde buxom educator undid Henry's pants button and began to take down his trousers with excitement, her son's boxer-encased penis erect and elongated as it swung to nudge her in the cheek. Hilda grabbed the fabric swell and squeezed it lovingly yet firmly. This only made her boobs jostle around all the more cartoonishly.

"Oh, Mommy-Boobs, take my dick out!" Henry ordered his chesty mother as she rubbed the bulge in his underwear against her forehead, nose and mouth.

"Mommy-Boobs has gotcha, baby," Hilda assured her boy as he fondled her familial knockers and she adroitly slid his boxers down over the freakish bulge he was proudly and unabashedly sporting. His heavily veined, amazingly thick and horsey-long penis sprang abruptly into view, his snake of an organ always taking his mother's breath away every time she saw it. "Motherfuck, but I just want to swallow this ripe young cock of yours alive every time I see the son of a bitch! But rules are rules. You gotta start using your wee wee on Momma's boobies first. Tee hee! That ain't too bad of a consolation second prize. Plus, Momma's gonna letcha squirt her in the mouth, good fucker! Tee hee!" Henry didn't mind second prize at all. His big wiener wanted his mother's fleshy hills somethin' awful, whether he was suckin' em or wee wee-in 'em. He was fucking happy either way.

"Yeah, I want to have a big messy spit-up right in Mommy-Boober's mothersucking mouth," Henry told her with a swarmy grin as he playfully twisted her big spacious nipple and then chuckled as she winced pleasurably and wrapped her small fist around his baseball-sized penis head and squeezed the spongy mushroom in a most enjoyable way, making her bazooms skip up and down. Hilda Humper's boobs had a lot of bounce to them and those fuckers were motherfucking heavy too, but firm and doughy and fleshy and motherfucking wonderful. "Just work the skin up and down on my weanie a minute before I shove this thing into that Grand Canyon you call your cleavage. Prime me, you pulchritudinous big-tittied bitch! Pull on my wee wee!"

"Oh, I always prime your pee pee pole before your big thingie goes spelunking down deep between my hilly Humper hooties, Killer Cock. You ought to know that fucking shit by now, Henry Herman Humper," the blonde 39-year-old golden-haired top-heavy educator told him, her tiny fist still hanging on to his foot-long fleshy naughty appendage like she was going to use the fucker to change gears. Henry's stalk grew dangerously hard in her grasp and he could feel the already giant head swell even fatter and larger inside her palm. Her J-cup boobies smacked together and Hilda squeezed him so hard that she almost grunted with the effort. It made his penis hurt so good. "Ohhhhhh, Henry," Hilda loosened her grip and her palm and thin fingers began to slide down the bone hardness of his boner, "Ooooooo, poopsie, it's gonna feel so good to sandwich you right between Momma's Boobsie Twins, your big fat fuckin' wee wee porkin' your parent's pontoon knockers like the motherfuckin' Wienermobile. How's your wee wee feelin' now, Henry?"

"Holy fuck, Mom! Oh, fucking shit, Mommy! Oh, horseshit and motherfucking titfuckers! Whooooo! My weeeeeee weeeeeeee! My wee wee is harder than a fucking diamond in an ice storm! If you keep tugging me like that I'll end up shooting my fuck juice all over you before I even get a chance to go tittie spelunking! Ohhhhhhh, fuck, but it feels good though..." he trailed off abruptly, eyes rolling upward and knees weakening a little at the exquisite sensations his mother's firm yet gentle grip was providing to his now-fully-erect twelve-inch penis. Henry, however, was missing a hell of a show now, the increasingly vigorous motion of Hilda's hand job technique making her gigantic tits jiggle and shake like a pair of jello molds in an earthquake. Over the years Hilda had often been complimented by the thousands of lucky recipients of her patented wee wee tug that the visual of her bouncing titties was the best part. In fact, more than a few of her own male students had been so mesmerized by the visual that they blew their loads all over her face after just a few strokes, sometimes to Hilda's chagrin if she had other plans for their wee wee.

Remembering the promised sex act was a titfuck and not a hand job, Hilda loosened her grip further and used her free hand to squirt a bit of lotion into her cleavage, readying the cavernous valley between her 38 triple-J mommy mams with lubrication in anticipation for the wee wee that was to come. And cum.

"Sweetie, remember. You're getting a tittfuck. I promised you that in exchange for all your hard work and when Hilda Hannah Humper makes a promise, she keeps it. Especially when that promise involves my baby's big ol' organ and a fresh batch of my baby's baby batter! Tee hee!" Hilda used the remaining lotion on her hand to slather up Henry's elephant's trunk of a cock from balls to tip, wanting to give him a nice slippery ride in her terrific tittie tunnel. "Alright, baby, the runway is prepped and you're clear for landing! Slap that big ol' juicy young deliciously veiny hard Humper fuckstick of yours in between my control towers and bring him home, Major Titfucker! Tee hee!"

"Yes, ma'am! Major Titfucker preparing to land my fucking glider right between those big fat control tower mammaries, Mommy!" Henry exclaimed with excitement as he stood up right in front of a seated Hilda, her otherworldly freakishly cartoonish boobies seeming to take up nearly the entire upper half of her otherwise petite little body. She wore only panties at this point and Henry was quite sure that those would likely be coming off later, that is if Hilda wasn't too tuckered after her tits got fuckered to get her pussy fuckered too. "Can you give the glider a little more space between the towers so he can get the nose of the plane between 'em?"

"Tee hee, of course, silly! And by nose, you mean 'big fat motherfuckin' mushroom wee wee cockhead' right?" Hilda giggled as she placed a small hand under each of her gargantuan globes and pried the heavy weather balloon-sized mounds apart to show him just how lovely, dark and deep her cleavage really fucking was. "Oooooooo, cause I love your big fat motherfuckin' mushroom wee wee cockhead the best, tee hee! Cuz that's the thing all your semen comes out of."

"Oh, I want in, I want in!" Henry moaned, his twelve-inch penis now directly level with her hilly knockers. "Oh, my wee wee's hungry and starving for fuck!"

"Well, get in, get in, baby!" Hilda vociferously ordered him, barely holding her J-jugs apart, her breasts looking like they would slap together violently if she let them go. "Your mother's gonna feed your famished Mr. Wean a straight diet of boobies and fuck! Tee hee! Now get your pee wee between 'em and I'll wank ya with my milkwagons, motherfucker! Tee hee hee!"

"Yee Haw! Time to saddle up and ride! I'm gonna drive this cock rocket straight into Big Tittie Gulch! Ha ha! It sure beats Dry Gulch!" Henry exclaimed, the two familial fuckers mixing their analogies up absurdly, but neither of them really caring much at the moment. Placing his hands atop Hilda's splayed titties for leverage, Henry slapped his foot-long fuckstick forcefully right down the middle, the head of his cock smacking against Hilda's breastbone with an audible "thwap" that stung the sensitive skin of his frenulum in a not unpleasant way. With his wee wee warrior in place, Hilda released her prying grip on each of her jumbo juggies, the pair of pleasure pillows crashing together in a slap of jiggly soft flesh and forming a velvety sheath for her son's semen sword. Henry wasted almost no time going to work and began giving Hilda's clenching boobies a few test pumps up and down, going slowly at first to savor the pleasure he always felt within the snug confines of his mother's boobs.

"Oooooooh ... that's it, baby. Now you're totally innnnnnn. Doesn't that feel good? Does Mr. Wee Wee likey?" Hilda cooed, sexily encouraging her boy's thrusting with motherly encouragement and pressing her tits inward from both sides with her hands, the doughy flesh of her jugs pillowing upward like a muffin top and squeezing Henry's staff like a slippery vice. "Stroke that cock up and down. Slide, Mr. Wee Wee, slide. Slide, Mr. Wee Wee, slide. Mmmmmmm. That's it, sweetie. Saw that cock between my titties. Uuuuuuup and dooown, uuuuup and dooooown," she intoned in sync with his movements, briefly sticking her tongue out to lap up a stray bit of pre-cum from the tip of Henry's penis as it darted towards her face before disappearing into her cleavage cave once more. "Mmmmmm, a nice little appetizer! You getting ready to serve me up the main course, Humperfucker?" Miss Humper asked rhetorically with a knowing grin, leaning over to steal a glance at Henry's balls and anticipating the reception of their overstuffed contents. "Momma's in the mood for a little bedtime snack!"

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