My Sister Dena and Her Friend Kim

by Uncle Micky

Copyright© 2016 by Uncle Micky

Incest Sex Story: My parents left my sister Dena and me at home for a week one summer. Dena's friend Kim provided the impetus for us to find each other.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

I’ve lived many years, in many places, and had the love of a few good women. I’ve made many freinds and acquaintances over the years and they have supplied me with many stories. I think they’re mostly lies, but who cares? Most of the stories have been told later at night, after the cards are put down and the bottles are emptying. Some stories are mine, others I’ve made mine.

Uncle Micky

(Many thanks to my colleague Phil Gorman for his proofing and editorial assistance)

The summer between my junior and senior years of high school developed into a most excellent time for me. My junior year had been wildly successful. I lettered in football, wrestling and baseball. Wrestling was my main sport; I qualified for the state tournament, but managed to get my ass kicked in the second round. Regardless, I had advanced further than any other wrestler had from my high school in the last ten years. My prospects for my senior year were good, a contender for a state wrestling title, elected by my teammates as a captain for the coming football season, starting both ways, starting catcher for baseball, and a 3.78 GPA!. I was walking on air.

I didn’t actually fit into the jock role, though. I excelled at math and didn’t hang out with anyone in particular. I guess I was kind of a loner; but, that was OK with me. I began to connect with some of the girls at school, but was still rather uncomfortable around them. I had twelve-year-old Judy next door and eight-year-old Kayley from down the street to “play” with, and there were my other “activities,” but I was starting to feel the need to explore deeper into the world of girls my age.

This is where my sister Dena came in. Dena had just finished her freshman year and developed into an outstanding student-athlete. She had earned two varsity letters, as a freshman, and was honorable mention for all-district. Dena was fourteen and right between me and my brother Jimmy who, at that time, was twelve. She learned to play sports because of us and, therefore, never once did she play or compete like a girl. No girl in the area was tougher than her, except for the older bull-dyke types who seem to be on all girls’ sports teams.

Dena had also developed during this past year into a quite attractive girl. She stood around five foot six, weighed around one hundred and fifteen pounds and had all the right proportions. Her face was particularly interesting. She had the look of a model: high cheek bones; a defined, but trim nose and deep, dark eyes that seemed to bore right into you. Her greatest feature, though, was her ass, which was rock hard and a perfect tear-drop shape; especially in volleyball shorts. Unlike Jimmy and me, she had a Black-Irish complexion with raven-black hair.

Whenever possible, I attended her practices and tried to make it to everyone of her games, which earned me many points among the girls at school. I also found that if I timed things right, I could sneak a pair of her used panties out of the hamper, after she came home from practice, for my own personal use. Her aroma is still one of the headiest, and most erotic, I have ever inhaled. The taste of the sweat from her crotch mixed with the natural moisture that came from her pussy was both repulsive and addictive. I knew what my desires were when it came to Dena; but my head and heart always made sure that I protected my little sister, especially from myself.

The Set-Up

It was August and our parents were going to make the yearly family trip down to Kentucky to visit my mom’s folks for a week. We all loved this trip and it was a true family event for all of us. This year was different though. Dena and I both had required summer practices to attend. My folks, who both had played sports in high school understood our situation and genuinely regretted leaving us at home for the week. On the same note, both of us really wanted to go on the trip; but, we were starting to realize that sacrifices came hand-in-hand with commitments. Anyway, some time at home without the parents sounded pretty cool. Our parents, Jimmy and little sister Lily left early on Saturday and wouldn’t be back until the following Sunday.

Nothing, of any interest, happened the first couple of days. I hung out in the basement family rec/work-out room that my dad had put together, or lounged in the small aboveground pool we had in the backyard behind the house. Dena was around; but, our paths seldom crossed, except at dinner time. On Monday and Tuesday, I was busy with two-a-day practices and Dena had her volleyball practices. We ate together and made small talk; but, basically kept to ourselves.

After dinner on Tuesday, Dena asked if her friend Kim could spend the night on Wednesday. I had no problem with this, and then, went about my business. Kim was a relatively new friend of Dena’s and the two of them were becoming very close. Kim was shorter than Dena, much more petite and was incredibly blonde. Her hair was long and flowing. Whereas Dena had a classical beauty to her, Kim was an all-American-girl beauty. To put it bluntly: she was built like a brick shit-house! She was in the same grade as Dena and had been elected captain for the junior varsity cheerleaders for next year. Kim had serious gymnastic ability and was likely going to be the queen of the prom in a couple of years. I had no problem at all having her around the house. As a matter of fact, Kim became the star of my nightly jerk off before I went to bed.

I got up the next day, went to practice, hung out at school between sessions, walked to the deli for a sandwich, watched volleyball practice, caught a nap in the training room and made it to the second session of practice. It was early afternoon by the time I got home. I took a quick dip in the pool, went inside, got showered, relaxed downstairs in the basement in dad’s easy chair, and began studying the defensive playbook signals. I heard Dena and Kim come in the house and rummage for food in the kitchen.

They appeared at the basement stairs. Dena leaned down and around the wall and said, “Mike, we’re going for a swim, what’s our plan for dinner?”

I looked up just as Kim joined her on the stairs; Kim had on very short white shorts and a black shirt which, combined with her blonde hair, made a stunning appearance. I know I was caught in a pause as I stared at her and then came to my senses and replied to Dena, “No plan really, I might do up some steak and spaghetti.”

They both reacted with an exaggerated “Yuck,” and headed back upstairs to get changed. After a while I heard them head out to the backyard to the pool. I made my way upstairs to spy on them from the kitchen window, but the angle of view was bad. I went upstairs to Dena and Lily’s room, which looks out over the backyard and was rewarded with a wonderful view of the girls playing around in the pool. I had my shorts down around my knees and was starting to stroke my dick while watching the girls. Dena’s black bikini was somewhat conservative; but, her developing exotic beauty shone through. She started doing handstands in the pool. Her legs spread, and my head spun. Kim was wearing a simple, skimpy red bikini. She had her hair up with a few strands hanging down and was much more girlish in her play than Dena.

I glanced around the room and noticed the girls’ clothes on the floor. Both shirts and bras were on the bed; Dena’s shorts and panties were about five feet away from me and Kim’s were nearer to my feet. I made a beeline to Kim’s panties and began examining them very closely for any hair or stains; none were apparent, I wrapped them around my dick and headed back to the window to watch the girls and stroke off. My dick felt huge as my hand slid Kim’s pretty, pink panties up and down my shaft. The sight of the wet young bodies below and the sensory addition of Kim’s panties had my head buzzing. Needless to say, my eyes were glued on the beauties outside window and my hand was quite busy stroking my dick. I could hear them clearly, as they talked about nothing. Kim pulled herself out of the pool, grabbed a towel and asked Dena what her goal for the year was.

“A state championship! I’m going to work my ass off and lead one of these teams to the title ... what about you?

Kim laughed, strutted around on the deck, and replied, “I’m not too sure, nothing as big as a state championship ... maybe I’ll become a slut and get a state champion!”

Dena laughed and said, “Become a slut? You must mean you’ll become sluttier!”

Kim dropped her towel, rolled her bikini front down until it barely covered her mound, pressed her arms together pushing her tits upward and said, “Maybe I can be a Hooters’ girl, that’s like being a slut isn’t it?”

Dena roared her approval and said, “If you do that I’ll drop you faster than you can shit!”

Kim pouted and said, “OK ... just a slut then.”

As I felt the cum boiling up inside me, I realized I couldn’t hide streams of jizz in my sisters’ room. I quickly reached over to Lily’s dresser, pulled out a pair of her socks, and got one of them over my dick just as I started to tense up and shoot my load. I made sure to look back at the pool as I came. Dena had climbed out and was sitting next to Kim at the small patio set. I ran my load, making sure everything was back where it was supposed to be and made my way to the bathroom to clean up. I made it back to the basement before they came in. Lilly’s socks went into my wash pile. Eventually, Dena appeared and said she and Kim were going to head to the sushi place for something to eat, and maybe, stop by Kim’s house for a while.

I simply shrugged my shoulders and asked her not to be out too late. Dena smiled and walked over; she had the towel wrapped around her hips and the moistness of her skin made her glisten in the light. Her stomach is flat and taut. I could detect the muscling under her skin as she moved. She placed her hand on my shoulder, bent down and gave me a light kiss on my forehead. My eyes were paying close attention to her bikini-clad tits as they momentarily, hovered inches from eyes. She stood back up and said, “You’re being sweet. I promise we’ll be careful, if we’re out too late we can always call you to come get us, right?”

Somehow I kept my cool and said, “Sure, you know I’m here for you whether you need me or not.”

Dena lifted up on her toes and smiled radiantly, she leaned back down, gave me another soft kiss, stood and headed to the stairs, looking back over her shoulder she said, “That’s one of the reasons I love you big brother.”

All I could manage was a lame, “Love you too sis.”

I sat for a short while contemplating what had just happened and decided to go up to the kitchen and get my dinner together. As I was puttering around the kitchen, Kim came in and sat at the table.

“Whatcha doing Mike?”

My lord! Is she ever pretty! Her hair was all curled; she had on a short frilly white skirt and a tight black top. She sat sideways to the table, leaning back in the chair with her legs crossed. I took it all in and said, “Kim, you look beautiful.”

She laughed and said, “Why thank you Mike, I didn’t think you would notice a little ninth, um, tenth grader.”

“Kim, you’re pretty hard not to notice; anyway, I’m making myself some dinner.”

“Why don’t you come with us? We won’t bite and it would be a lot more fun if you were along.”

“Not tonight, Kim, its carbs and protein for me and, anyways, I would just get in the way.”

“C’mon Mike ... you could keep an eye on Dena.”

“Dena is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She doesn’t need me trailing her around.”

“Mike, you know how much she loves you, right?”


“Oh Mike, you’re the big brother of all big brothers. She goes to every single game of yours, she talks about you all the time, and she watches everything you do. She could even be your own little stalker.”

“Kim, now you’re going too far. We have a real strong family; I support her in everything she does, and she supports me. Hell, we would be away with our family right now, if we could have arranged it. Shit ... she better love me!”

Kim rose out of the chair and left the kitchen saying, “OK Mike, I understand. We both think you’re special ... enjoy dinner.”

The girls left and I had my dinner. My curiosity was piqued though and I found myself back in Dena’s room. I looked around and saw nothing of special interest. I headed back downstairs and then it suddenly occurred to me: in dad’s old Playboys there is a centerfold, a beautiful blonde centerfold. I headed back to the basement, through the rec room, and into dad’s workshop. Under the workbench in a box, are his old magazines. It only took a moment for me to find her: Miss January 1992, Suzi Simpson. Not a perfect match, but close enough. I carried the magazine back up stairs to my room and stroked myself into another frenzy. Looking at Suzi but thinking of Kim, did the trick. Well, two jerk-offs in one day is not common for me; but, then again, not really unique. That day was kind of a special day though, and I was feeling pretty good. The release was welcome and allowed a diversion from thoughts of Dena. I headed to the bathroom and took a nice long, hot shower. I put on a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt and headed downstairs.

An Unexpected Turn

I settled in the family room, turned on Sports Center, and opened my Stephen Hawking autobiography. I eventually dozed off. Around nine o’clock I woke to the sounds of the girls returning. They were giggling up a storm and almost sounded a little bit tipsy. I sat up on the couch as they entered the room. They were hanging on each other and trying hard to look sober. “Let me guess, you snuck some wine out of Kim’s dad’s cellar.”

They looked at each other, Dena looked back at me and with a giggle said, “It was only a little bit, Mike; we’re not really drunk, just a little giddy.”

I attempted to look serious and said, “Whatever, you both should head upstairs and try and calm down and get some sleep.”

Dena turned, with her arm in Kim’s, and started out of the room. Kim stood her ground and stared at me.

“No Dena, I’m not ready for bed; at least not upstairs.” She shook her arm free and came over to me. “I’m really curious about this brother of yours ... just how good is he? I think it’s time you shared.”

Dena attempted to grab her arm and pull her back, but Kim averted Dena’s hands and slid onto the couch next to me. Before I knew it, she was kneeling on the couch, facing me, and putting her arms around my neck. She weighed into me and had me leaning back into the corner of the couch. She felt great pressed up against me. Her firm tits were poking into my arm and the side of my chest.

Instinctively, my arm hooked around the small of her back and pulled her tighter into me. I readjusted a bit and ended up with her sliding a little more on top of me. She leaned in and we met in a deep passionate kiss. Her tonguing was active, but not frenzied, as some girls can be. I could feel her pressing into me as she started a slow hump on my hip. I began to kiss her back when I suddenly remembered: Dena! I looked up from Kim and saw her backing out of the room, turning and running up the stairs.

Kim ran her hand down inside my shorts and had a firm grasp on my dick. I wanted to throw her off me and make sure Dena was OK; but, but, but ... I had a beautiful fourteen year old girl dry humping my hip, with her hand wrapped around my dick, while kissing my neck! I slid down a bit and positioned her more on top of me. I ran my hand up under her skirt and felt her round, tight ass. I grabbed the waistband of her panties and began pulling them down. She squirmed around and moved her legs until her panties were on the floor. She had to release my dick as she sat up and peeled off her shirt. I was still caressing her ass and trying to reach down under her for her pussy, but she blocked me by sitting up.

I hesitated, anyway, because she was now unclasping her bra and releasing two of the most wonderful tits I had ever seen. They were full and firm, standing out from her chest with a sort of ski-slope shape. Her nipples are a light brown color and just slightly puffed out. She had creamy white triangles from where her bikini top protected her skin from the sun. My left hand was still on her ass so I used my right hand to cup and squeeze both her tits. I moved my hand to her back and brought her downward to me so I could suckle on those perky nipples.

She leaned forward and let me guide her left tit to my mouth. I placed the nipple between my lips and began to suck it slowly into my mouth, where my tongue could take over. I opened my mouth further and tried to fit more of her tit inside. I squeezed her tit with my hand to make it narrower and succeeded in getting more of it in my mouth. The squeezing and sucking were having the desired effect on Kim. She was pushing her tit in deeper and humping harder on me than before. Using my hips, I lifted her up enough so that I could slide my left hand under her ass to her pussy. Reaching in from the side, I had my fingertips in her slit in no time. My little finger found her clit and I began to give it a rough going over, while sliding my fingers into her snatch. My thumb ended up pressed against her asshole so I attempted what the guys called a “bowling ball,” fingers and thumb inserted in both holes. She was breathing heavy and riding my hand as if it were a dick. She pulled up a bit and freed her left tit and replaced it in my mouth with her right tit. This caused my hand to lose contact with her pussy so I lifted my left leg until my thigh was firmly jammed up between her legs. I start moving it and she responded with a vigorous hump on my leg.

She seemed to be in her own world. She kissed everywhere she could reach, but seemed mostly interested in how I could be used to stimulate her; and it was working for her; which only increased my own arousal. I had never encountered anything like this before. She was breathing rapidly and repeating, “Oh my god, oh my god...” The humping on my leg increased in intensity and her breathing quickened even more, she stopped speaking, held her breath and arched her back. She pressed down hard on me, squeezed her thighs around my leg, and let out three or four quick convulsions throughout her body. She went partially limp on top of me for a moment; then, rose up and looked at me with a smile on her face. Her full, luxurious blonde hair was cascading down, framing her face and she said, “Hey Mike, you know what all the girls like the most about you?”

“Kim, I have no fucking idea.”

“That’s what I thought. We love your ass, everyone loves watching you walk by. I go to games to see you in those tight uniforms. God, it’s making me horny just talking about it.”

I lifted my butt a little bit, turned slightly to take a look and said with a laugh, “Yeah, well it is in pretty good shape, don’t ya think?”

She slid off of me and wrapped an arm around my hips and said, “OK big boy, roll over, I want to get a close look.” She began to turn me over. Of course she couldn’t do it alone so I happily turned on my stomach for her. She sat on the edge of the couch and placed her hands on my hips and ordered, “Now pick it up, get that ass in the air, better yet, get on your knees.”

I did as instructed; it felt odd to be ordered around in such a way. Kim was running her hands around my ass when she took my shorts and began pulling them down. I lifted off my knees and then lifted my feet as she removed them. She brought her head right alongside my ass and started kissing it. I was glad I had taken that shower earlier! She left her left hand on the small of my back, moved her fingertips down to the start of the crack of my ass and caressed the cleft. It sent waves of excitement through me that I had never felt before. Her right hand was caressing my ass and slowly moving down to my hole and balls. Her mouth was kissing and sucking on my ass cheeks and occasionally she slid her tongue up and down my crack. She purred her satisfaction. At one point, I heard her quietly murmur, “perfect, just perfection.” Regardless, I had never felt anything like it before. My dick was rock hard and I felt ready to cum, even though it had not been touched.

She finally lifted up from my ass a bit and slid her hand down under to my balls. “So, are these fellas getting a little lonely? I think I need to pay more attention down here.”

I shifted around, lifted my leg like a dog taking a piss and rolled over on my back. Kim reached for my dick and began a long and gentle stroke. I was grateful for the two jerk-off sessions earlier; otherwise, I would have been done right then and there. She leaned up and over, placed her knee on the edge of the couch and then brought her mouth slowly, but completely, down on my dick. The feeling was heavenly! Her mouth was warm, moist, and tight. She started to suck up and down on my dick. I looked around and realized that, through all of this, she was still wearing her short white frilly skirt; but, is otherwise completely naked. It was an extremely erotic sight; beautiful tanned firm legs, a short frilly skirt with no panties, a thin taut tummy, beautiful, solid, hanging tits, long curly blonde hair, and one of the prettiest faces in the state with a nice sized dick sliding in and out of it. It was my turn to say, “Perfect, just perfection.”

She looked up at me and smiled as she took my dick from her mouth and said, “OK Mike, this is it, I’ve never done this part before, but I just have to. Promise me one thing...”

“Whatever you want”

She started to straddle me and said, “You can’t come inside me! I’m not on anything and I don’t want to use a condom; promise you’ll pull out before you cum or let me know when to hop off.”

“That’ll be hard, Kim; but I can do it though.”

She laughed at the hard comment and carefully positioned her pussy right over the head of my dick, which she held in her right hand. Her pussy was compact; there was no large mound or protruding lips. She had a nice covering of light blonde hair that’s trimmed for a bikini. She kept enough of a bush that it looked natural, but trimmed, if you know what I mean. She slid back and forth, a few times along the head, and then slowly started to drop around the head. She had no hymen and I imagine many different household items have preceded me into this Promised Land; so, the entry was not difficult. She was very tight, almost strong; she was also very well lubricated and warm. The feeling was sensational! She was able to control the tightness of her cunt seemingly at will. She lowered herself ever so slowly, taking about an inch at a time. She had a look of concentration as she shifted her gaze from me to the cock that’s being welcomed into her cunt. Finally she had it all; she started to move up and down, building to a genuine humping, a real fucking.

Her eyes were closed, she was on her left knee and had her right foot planted firmly near the back of the couch as she half squatted over me. Her right hand was on top of the back of the couch and her left hand was on her hip. I started to push up into her but she didn’t seem to notice. She was much more interested in her own humping and riding my shaft. I had the feeling that I was just someone who happened to be there with her.

I was seventeen though, and it really didn’t matter. She was a vision of beauty and she was fucking the shit out of me. I exhorted her, “Harder Kim, faster Kim.” And she responded.

She rode me like the wind. Soon enough she fell to her right knee and began a hard humping of my dick. She started to quiver through her pussy and said, “Push it Mike, push it in all the way now!”

I pushed up as hard as I could and she came down with all the force she had; she locked on tight to my dick. Her knees locked tightly alongside my hips and she let out a high pitched but quiet, howl as her eyes grew wide. She looked directly at me as her entire body stiffened and convulsed in orgasmic tremors. She relaxed, slowly slid off me and started moving back down my leg until she was even with my dick. She deliberately sucked all of her pussy juice of my dick. It was heaven! I could feel my excitement begin to build; for some reason I glanced at the door and there stood Dena. Kim could tell something was up and looked back over her shoulder at Dena. Kim sat up, turned to Dena and waved her over. Dena hesitated, looking at Kim, then at my engorged dick, and then at me as she started to head our way. Kim held her right arm out for Dena as she kept her left hand around my dick.

Dena walked up to Kim and, holy shit! They kissed passionately! Kim had Dena half sit in front of her, alongside my leg. They kissed again. Kim moved her hand from my dick, took Dena’s right hand and guided it to my dick. I think my eyes were as big as Kim’s tits. Dena touched my dick and I could feel jolts of electricity flying through my body. I knew Dena felt it too because she broke off her kiss with Kim, saw that her hand was firmly around my dick and starting to stroke it. Dena pulled away, stood up and ran out of the room.

Kim turned to me, and as she lowered her head back to my dick said, “She wants to Mike, she wants to be with you but she can’t admit it. Now you can cum inside me.”

With that Kim swallowed my dick whole. She used her hand and her mouth with cheerleader eagerness. My mind began to wander to Dena and I could feel things begin to boil up. My emotions were mixed. I was starting to feel angry at Kim. I know that, in some way she had hurt my sister. I felt that Kim needed to be abused; punished like some of those other girls. I placed my hand on the back of Kim’s head and pushed her down hard on my dick. I wasn’t even looking at her. I could feel her resist and try to pull up off my dick but she didn’t have the strength. I pushed her further until I heard her start to gag, and then I came.

I shot my load deep in her throat; I kept her there for two full loads before letting her up. I could see that she had teared up, and now she was struggling for air with a mouthful of my cum. She started to cough as she also tried to gasp in some air. My cum was spitting out of her mouth and onto my stomach. I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face down to my dick as I spasmed out the remainder of my load on her face. I pushed her down further, ran her face across my cum-covered stomach, and used her face and hair like a towel for my cum. I commanded, “Get it all, you little cunt! Clean me with your face. My God! You’re a fucking little whore!”

I thought, I hoped, she would be pissed, but instead she looked up at me with a cum-smeared face, her beautiful hair sticking to her and said, “Oh god, Mike, that was the hottest! I loved it!” She takes her hands and started smearing them across my stomach and her face. “There’s just something about this stuff that I just love! Mike, when can we do this again?”

“Go get a shower, Kim. Just get the fuck out of my sight.”

Kim latched her mouth on my softening dick and gave it a few more sucks, smiled at me and said, “Mike, I’ll never forget this, I definitely want more.” She headed upstairs.

Dena’s Dilema

I took a quick shower downstairs and spent the night on the recliner. When I got up to go to practice, everything was quiet. I got a quick bite to eat and headed out. I didn’t want to face either of them.

Although my mind was a bit preoccupied, I had a good practice. I proceeded through my usual routine between sessions; but, when I went in to watch volleyball practice, Dena wasn’t there. Her coach came over and asked me if I knew where she is. I told her that I had left the house before she got up, and then mentioned that she had sushi for dinner the night before and maybe that had something to do with her being absent. The coach seemed satisfied, but told me that Dena needed to be present the next day; if for nothing else, to see the trainer.

I headed to the football office and told coach I needed to be excused from the second session because of a family matter. He let me go, the second session is mostly offense, and he really didn’t need me there. When I got home, it was dead quiet. I headed upstairs and knocked on her door. “Dena? You in there?”

“Go away Mike, leave me alone.”

I slowly opened the door and peeked my head in. “Dena, I’m not going away. What’s the matter?” She was curled up on her bed with her back to the door. She was wearing one of my t-shirts and a pair of cloth shorts.

“I said go away Mike, leave me alone, don’t be an asshole.”

I entered the room, sat on the side of the bed and put my hand on her shoulder. “Dena, you’ve got to talk to me. If it matters, I’m sorry about Kim, I didn’t expect that...”

Dena quickly turned her shoulders and looked at me with genuine anger. “You stupid shit! I’m not pissed at you for fucking her; I’m pissed at her for fucking you!” She sat up facing me with her left leg tucked under her. I could tell that she had been crying.

“Dena, I don’t understand ... wait ... does this have something to do with you and Kim kissing last night? Dena, what’s going on? ... You’ve got to tell me.”

Dena started crying and I could tell that those were genuine tears, she was really in turmoil. I reached for her and wrapped my arms around her. She moved closer, nestled her head on my shoulder and pulled tightly into me. I tried to console her; but, she just kept crying. I was very conscious of her body folded into mine. Her tits are small and firm, pressing into my chest. Her hair smelled of strawberries. I reached up for the back of her head and cradled her into me. She kept moving slightly, trying to get in closer.

Once her crying slowed, I leaned back so were face to face. “Dena, tell me about Kim and you.”

“I can’t, you’ll hate me.”

“I could never hate you! What is going on? You have to tell someone. If not me, promise me you’ll talk to mom or dad. You can’t let whatever this is eat at you like this.” She smiled and laughed at the mom and dad comment (I knew she would!)

“Mike, you’re the only one I can talk to; promise me you’ll not hate me and that you’ll never breathe a word to anyone.”

I promised, and gave an extra oath to be extra secret. We sat back a little bit from each other but were still in physical contact. She placed her hands on my knee and I still had one hand on the backside of her hip. I couldn’t help but notice that with her one leg tucked under, her shorts were open enough so that the edge of her white panties were visible.

Dena started talking. “Mike you don’t know what it’s like. I’m a better athlete than all the guys in my class; so, that scares a lot of them. Some whisper around that I’m a dyke. Christ, I could just crush them! Which would only confirm what they think. Then I hear that some of them actually do like me and want to ask me out; but, are too scared of you to ask. Christ, Mike, do you know that mom put me on birth control the summer after the eighth grade?! A lot of good it will do me the way things are! These guys, they’re so afraid of you, they figure you’ll kill them. Then, the other guys at school; you know, the older ones who do ask me out, are dirt-bags or freaks. It’s kind of like I’ll never have a boyfriend. I’m a jock and all sporty and not all girly-girl like Kim or the others.”

“Dena, I’ve only threatened one kid and that was because he was talking some shit about you! Hell, I want you to go out and have dates and stuff. What about the other girls, how do they treat you? ... Wait! ... You’re on birth control?”

“Yeah, the pill ... a whole year now. The other girls? ... cold ... Micky, cold. They’re all cold to me. Kim is the only one who has been a real friend and treated me nice. I figure that since we’re both at the top of what we do, we would be natural friends. Now I think maybe she used me to get to you.”

“That could be; but, I doubt it. What about that kiss? That wasn’t fake.”

“We started fooling around a bit at the end of the school year. We talked about sex stuff, and experiences, and things, and she has had so much more. She told me she loves guys but also thinks girls are real sexy too. She said I was the sexiest girl she’s ever met. She said the boys were assholes for not wanting to be with me. Well, one thing led to another, and she has me practicing kissing with her. We’ve only played with each other a little bit. We haven’t gone all lezbo or anything. Then last night, I saw what she was doing and what she really wanted. When I saw the two of you I wanted to come in and join, you know, kind of like me and you on Kim, but she wanted it to be me and her on you. I got really scared and ran out.”

“What happened to Kim last night?”

“After coming upstairs she went for a shower, came back in the room, got her stuff and went home. I didn’t say anything to her. Now I’ve lost my only friend, God only knows what she’ll say about me ... I’ll never have a boyfriend ... I don’t know anything about guys, or sex, or anything.”

“I’ll talk to Kim and make sure she’s cool about everything. Do you still want her for a friend?”

“Yes, I really like her ... she is a tough little bitch.”

“I think I know what to say to her. It won’t be a problem”

A Decision Made

I found myself looking at Dena and surveying her natural beauty. Her head was tilted down a bit and she was looking up at me with those big beautiful brown eyes through strands of her raven-black hair. My hand was still on her hip, which spread out in perfect form from her waist. I thought to myself, ‘I molest two girls on the street, a twelve-year old and an eight-year old; I started this when the oldest was only five. I’m an expert Peeping Tom and have raped two girls from across town. Then, there was that boy walking in the park that night ... Is making a move on my little sister any worse than what I have already done? Is this my nature? My double life? What the fuck, this is what I do!’ I leaned forward and brought Dena back in for a hug which she readily accepted.

I leaned back slightly and said, “What do you want to know about guys?”

Her eyes widened and her face lit up. “It’s our secret, right Mike? You’ll teach me everything right?”

“Yes, Dena, our secret; there is no other way to do this. We both keep our mouths shut; now, what do you want to know?”

“All of it Mike! I want to know everything; every little dirty bit, you’ll be my tutor!”

“OK, we’re going to start right now. Dry your eyes and tell me what you want to know first.”

Dena wiped her eyes on her blanket, paused a second, looked me in the eyes and then down to my lap. As she spoke, she pointed to my crotch and looked back at me, “I want to learn about boys’ things. I want to see it, I want to see it up close and touch it. I want you to teach me all about it.”

I stood up next to the bed and faced her; she shifted around to face me and I asked, “You understand what you’re asking, right?”

“Yes Mike, I want to learn. God! You’re the only one I can trust, you’re the only one who seems to have any respect for me ... and treats me like, like, a girl.”

She was looking up at me. I almost don’t believe it, this is going to happen! I started off, “You know what it’s called, right?”

“Sure, a penis, a dick, a cock ... I know that stuff.”

As I started to slide my shorts and underwear down I said, “Yeah, that’s right. Some guys will actually give their dicks real names; sometimes girls give it a nick name.”

“Do you have a name for it?”

“Not now, but I used to refer to him as Mr. Happy and, a while back, I called him Woody.”

She giggled at the ‘Woody’ reference and said, “Oh shit, Mike, not Toy Story! I’ll never be able to watch that movie again!”

I finished removing my bottoms and she fell silent.

I was now fully exposed to my little sister. Her eyes were glued on my dick, hanging flaccidly, just inches from her face. Dena looked up and asked, “It’s not as big as it was when I saw it last night.”

“Yeah, it’s about three inches right now; but, when I get excited it grows and hulks out.”

With a playful pout she looked up and said, “So, you’re not excited now? What do guys find exciting?”

I leaned over and guided her up until she was standing in front of me, “Lift your arms in the air”

She obeyed and I lifted her (my) t-shirt up and peeled it up and over her head. She was wearing a gray sports bra, which I also peeled up and over her head. She stood quietly while I gazed at her body. She made no attempt to stop me or cover herself. Her tits are about a-cup sized. They are roundish and somewhat pointy. They are firm and she has a tan line, although her natural skin color is darker than white. I would have to say she had proud tits; they stood out and carried themselves high. The aureoles are a brown color and slightly protruded which gave Dena the appearance of being aroused. Her nipples are a lighter, almost pink, color and were starting to come to attention.

I knelt on one knee in front of her and carefully peeled her shorts and panties down. I placed both of my hands around her legs and began to slide upwards. Dena’s pussy was right in front of my eyes and it was beautiful. Dena doesn’t have one wasted ounce of weight on her entire body. Her legs, like the rest of her, are lean and muscled with just the right amount of soft skin to give shape. Her pussy had a reddish pink tinge, puffy and it protruded into a perfect mound. She had trimmed her pubic hair, but kept enough for a perfect triangle that became thicker towards a line down the middle. I could see the edges of her lips barely sticking out of her slit. I ran one hand around and across to the inside of her thigh and slid it upward until my index finger and thumb were firmly placed along her slit. I pressed a bit and Dena let out a quick moan.

It was then that I first catch a whiff of something familiar, but unidentifiable. Dena’s pussy has the usual heady aroma one expects; but there is something else there also ... a different smell that grabs your attention and makes your senses spin. I leaned in, gave her puffy mound a kiss and breathed in her aroma. No one has my sister’s aroma and it’s addictive, in a strange way.

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