My Brother the Dad

by G. Rose

Copyright© 2020 by G. Rose

Erotica Sex Story: Just married, a soldier and his young bride move in with his older brother. One month later the soldier is sent to war in Afghanistan. The older brother promises, "I'll take care of ALL her needs while you're gone." He keeps his promise, and even helps the young couple start a family.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction   Sharing   Pregnancy   .

I wasn’t always this kinky, it just sort of developed over time.

My high school sweetheart and I were just recently married. She was just 17 and I was 18. I was due to ship out for the war in Afghanistan and I was afraid to leave her home single, and she was afraid I’d never come back so she wanted to get married before I left. This didn’t really make a whole lot of sense since I was living with my ten years older brother at the time, sleeping in a large closet on an air mattress. But, Mona was determined. It was okay with my brother, so we married and Mona moved in.

We only had about a month, but we made the most of it. Mona could get loud during sex, so Dean, my brother, would make jokes about how I must be good in bed to get my wife screaming like that. It must be a rare talent, he’d say, because he knew I was hung like a minor leaguer compared to him. Mona and Dean got along very well. She was a very pretty, petite girl after all, and he was a good natured, burly son of a gun with an outgoing personality.

We had only lived there a couple days before Dean took to slapping Mona on the ass whenever she walked near him. She would just laugh, and sometimes slap his ass back. We were in the kitchen one evening when I heard a slap and a giggle and I turned to find Dean’s hand still on her ass, and her just standing still. They were smiling at one another. I could tell that those smiles were not intended to be seen by me. They were clearly flirting. And that, I think, was the beginning of my kink, as my dick began to stiffen as I watched them.

Mona also became less careful in her clothing choices. She began to go braless under her t-shirts; sometimes very tight t-shirts which showed off her nipples to great effect. I didn’t say anything because I loved seeing her dressed sexy. When we went to bed at night I couldn’t wait to get at her. Not hearing any complaints from me, she began to wear her very short, nearly transparent t-shirt with no panties to watch TV. I was sure she was occasionally flashing pussy in Dean’s direction. I also noticed she would often ‘forget’ to close our bedroom door while she was getting dressed. One morning, as I was returning to the bedroom after being downstairs, I saw Dean leaning against our door frame grinning as he watched something in the bedroom. When he saw me, he said good morning and walked past me. When I looked into the bedroom, I saw Mona facing the doorway pulling her t-shirt down over her face. I got an instant hard-on. My brother had been watching my naked wife and she was obviously a willing party to the transgression.

Another time, she and Dean were sitting on the couch when he began to tickle her. She was wearing a shirt that was unbuttoned down to her navel. As she leaned over, laughing, her breasts were plainly visible to him. As he didn’t think I was watching, he cupped a breast through her shirt and she just giggled, then stopped moving to smile at him. He continued to knead the breast for ten or 15 seconds as they smiled at one another.

I was due to ship out in a matter of days, and this is what I was leaving behind. Frankly, I was practically living with a perpetual hard-on as I knew that once I was gone, they were bound to become a whole lot closer. In fact, they began to make jokes about it. Dean would say something like “Don’t you worry, little brother, I’ll take care of ALL her needs while you’re gone.”

“Oh, I’m sure you will, and she’ll love it.” I figured I might as well joke along with them.

Mona would giggle and add something like, “Are you sure you can keep up with my needs, Dean? You’ve heard me screaming every night.”

“Well I guess we’ll find out, won’t we sweetheart.”

She would laugh. “I guess we will. I hope you’re up to it.”

As I walked onto the plane, I looked back to see Mona and Dean waving to me as they held hands. I was guessing that she would likely be moving into his bed that night. And I would only have myself to blame as I had never objected to any of their flirting or jokes. In fact, it could be argued that I had been encouraging them. It was a very dangerous game, I knew, but I just couldn’t help myself, as it turned me on so.

Three days later I called Mona. She was excited to talk to me and wanted to hear all the details about our base. Toward the end of our conversation, I asked if Dean was taking care of all of her needs like he had promised. She giggled, hesitated a few seconds, and quietly said, “Yes.”

“Well, tell him to keep up the good work, okay?”

“I will.” She laughed again and we said our goodbyes. It seemed pretty clear that she had made the move and was not going to hide the fact. I really wanted to ask for details, but I felt it might be too early. I wanted her to be comfortable with my knowing and going along with it.

The next few times we talked, the conversation was similar. I would hint, she would obliquely acknowledge, and then we would say our goodbyes.

Then, I had to know. I had to fill in the details of my sketchy imagination. So, on our next call, after the basic pleasantries, I asked, “So, honey, I’m not accusing or even objecting, but I just have to know. Have you moved into Dean’s bedroom yet?”

“You won’t be mad?”

“No, I promise, so long as you’re honest and thorough with me.”

“Well, then the answer is yes. We figured you would know anyway, so I moved into his room on the night you left.”

I laughed. “Didn’t waste any time, eh?”

“We couldn’t see any point to it.”

“And how was the sex?”



“It’s fantastic! You want details, I suppose.”

“Yes, please.”

“It turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“You know it does.”

“Then I’ll be as blunt and thorough as I can. You know he’s well hung, so it will come as no surprise that I love his big cock. I love it in my mouth, I love it in my cunt, and I love it in my ass.”

“Wow! I never got your ass.”

“Well you never discovered that I’m a submissive. I do whatever he says, and the more demanding he is, the more I like it. Honey, to be perfectly honest, I’m an abandoned slut for him. I wake him in the morning sucking his cock, and I suck it clean again at night after he has fucked me. Sometimes he likes to make me beg him to fuck me.”

Have you guys been discreet around our parents?

She laughed. “Well, we tried, but it didn’t work. One afternoon your mother walked in on us fucking. She just chuckled and said, ‘Why am I not surprised?’ So, I explained that we weren’t really cheating because you knew and didn’t mind. And she accepted that. Then one day my mother was asking awkward questions, so I just told her that I was sleeping in Dean’s bed now, and that you were okay with that. Anyway, everyone has gotten used to it, so Dean and I just act like a loving couple around our families. Frankly, I think they’re enjoying this arrangement because it’s great fodder for their jokes.”

“And our friends?” I asked.

“Oh, they all know. I mean we’ve been dating and stuff, and double dating, and going to parties at our friend’s homes. Oh, and I suppose you’ll hear about it eventually, anyway, so I might as well tell you. We went to a party at Ken and Julie’s place and things got a little wild.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to hear this.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“Well, we had had quite a bit to drink and after everyone else had left, Dean and I and Ken and Julie ended up on their bed naked, and fucking.”


“Yeah, it was pretty hot.” She laughed

“Well who was fucking who?”

“Oh, we just fucked our own spouses or boyfriends.”

“And you didn’t do anything with Ken?”

She laughed again. “Well, we didn’t fuck.”

“Mona ... what did you do?”

“Well, if you must know, I sucked him off. Dean and Julie dared me.”

“Well, I see Dean is a good influence on you.”

“Why? It was fun!” She giggled.

I don’t know why it took so long, but I suppose maybe I just blocked it out of my mind. There was an issue I had to bring up with Mona during our next call. I was extremely nervous as I got her on the telephone. “Honey,” I said, “You know how we decided against birth control after we got married?”


“Well, what is the situation now?”

“You didn’t tell me anything had to change.”

“So, nothing has changed?”

“No, silly. You and I decided that what will be, will be, so ... what will be, will be.” She giggled. “Well it’s probably too late now, anyway, so just don’t worry about it. Okay?”

“I suppose you’re right.”

It was less than two weeks later that she called again. “Guess what, honey, I’ve got some news!”

“You’re pregnant.”

“How did you know?”

“Well, everything seemed to be headed that way, so it wasn’t too hard to guess. How’s Dean feel about this?”

“Oh, he’s excited. He can’t stop talking about it with our families and friends. He’s real proud of himself”

“So they all know?”

“Of course they do! We’ve been living together for four months now. And they’re all excited about it, too. Oh, and your mom said to send you her congratulations. And my mom, too, actually.”

What a strange marriage I had. My young wife was shacked up with my brother and having his kids. And my imagination was running wild with images of my brother fucking my wife mercilessly; and her sucking off our friend Ken, of course. I wondered if there was any more extracurricular sex going on, and I determined to ask her.

On our next phone call, I asked, “Honey, you know how you told me about blowing Ken?”

“Ha. Yes?”

“Well, I’m just curious whether you’ve had sex with anyone else. It seems like Dean likes to egg you on.”

“Well, nothing worse than blow jobs.”

“So tell me.”

“Um, well, we’ve had threesomes with a couple friends of Dean’s, a few times.”

“And you blew them?”

“Yes. What can I say, I like it, and Dean knows I like it. And, he likes to show off that he can get me to do anything he says.”

“But you didn’t fuck them?”

“No. Dean says he’s not ready for that yet.”

“He says. But you would have?”

“I would do anything he tells me to do. Sometimes he has me do other nasty things for them.”

“Like what?”

“Well ... his favorite is for me to spread my legs and pull open my cunt for inspection. And then masturbate for them.”

“And you like that?”

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