Thanks to a Pastrami Sandwich

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2002 by Jack Spratt. ALL Rights Reserved

Romantic Story: Don locates a deli close to his current assignment. His desire for pastrami sandwich is dwarfed by his desire for Jayden. The young clerk has a devastating effect on him. Don learns she is actually the owner's youngest daughter. Jayden brings love into his life. Not bad for a fourteen year old.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

Special thanks to Phil Gorman 2016 for his expertise in re-editing and proofing.

This project was supposed to be a milk run. I’ve been on a three-hour job for the last week and there’s no end in sight. Every time a fix is in place and then re-boot we watch each workstation come on line and then crash. The actual source of the problem keeps eluding the team. As another day in paradise, finally draws to an end. If the team spends any more hours in a day here I might as well move in. As it is I get home exhausted, shower and crash to be awakened by my screaming alarm. That is a little about my job.

I am Don Parsons. At fifty-one I am usually comfortable with my life. I live alone in a large house. My wife was taken by cancer twelve years ago. Now I am only responsible for myself. Moving is not an option with me so I kept our matrimonial home. It’s much too big for me but it’s like a pair of old slippers I’m comfortable here. Up keep is not a burden. Money is no object as I’m well paid with many bonuses. What I do is very much in demand. I specialize in computer viruses, when I’m not doing that I try my hand at software development. But the simple-minded genius that write the viruses keep my services in demand.

My current assignment has me baffled. Usually I can click in on the code that was used but this one is totally new. The prick that wrote the code has a mind he could make a fortune with, instead of making more work for me. After each new code I think resolves and kill this worm, it replicates itself. I have yet to locate the source. The fact that servers go down doesn’t help as I can’t go through all the files and search for it. I have an isolated copy of it a disk and now how to figure out how to contain it while I figure out how to dismantle it. That is on my mind as I leave the office complex at nine thirty.

The only good thing about this assignment is I’ve found the perfect deli-variety-diner store in the city of Abbotsville. They make a pastrami sandwich to die for. The diner part consists of two very old tables with two chairs each. Their main business is take-out. When I arrive, the young clerk whom I found out is actually the owner’s youngest daughter, is behind the counter. She is the icing on the cake. She is beautiful.

I’m guessing she is thirteen or fourteen. Her blond hair is usually in a ponytail or in tight bun. She is about four feet five with noticeable breasts. It’s her face that is a knockout. Pretty doesn’t describe her looks she is several notches above that. She’s a natural blond with a very light complexion. Her facial features are unique I don’t usually like thin lips on a girl but in her case it’s part of the magic. Her use of light makeup maximizes her beauty. I’m no longer sure if I go there for the sandwich or just to look at her. Her name is Jayden. It says so on her nametag. There’s a little bell that rings when you enter the store.

“You really must like it here or you don’t have a home. Which is it?”

“Actually I’m thinking of opening a deli across the street and am here to steal your recipes.”

“You don’t have to open a new one, dad will sell you this one in a minute. At least that is what he is always saying.”

“He wants to sell?”

“Are you kidding? Then what would my dad have to complain about.”

Her laughter fills the small store. My tension disappears for a moment as I gaze upon her beauty. She’s smiling and it’s contagious.

“Can I trouble you for two sandwiches and a cup of strong coffee?”

“No trouble. I was glad to see you come in at this time. Usually it’s so boring all I do is restock and clean. Dad insists that everything is cleaned daily. The store has been here for twenty-two years. I’m the youngest and need some spending money so I get the evening shift. I do my homework between customers and cleaning.”

I watch her movements as she assembles my sandwiches. She is so feminine. Her hands are small and delicate. Her nails are well manicured. It’s a joy just looking at her.

“What grade are you in?”


I roughly calculate she must be thirteen or fourteen. Now sitting at a table I watch as she brings a tray with my food and drink on it. She moves like a cat. She does have small noticeable breasts. Her blouse hides most of them but her small nipples are showing. Her legs are well muscled and toned. I wonder what she would look like in high heels and a sleek dress.

“Enjoy your meal.”

What I really enjoy is the sight of her walking away from me. Her distinct bum cheeks flow back and forth as she returns to her counter. I have the benefit of her mild scent. The meal is good as were all the others I have eaten here over the past week. I read the paper and enjoy my second cup of coffee.

“I am sorry but we close in twenty minutes. I just wanted to let you know.”

“That’s fine. I’m finished just wanted to catch up on the news.”

As I look at her it gives me an opportunity to study her facial features. She has high cheekbones and a mouth made for kissing. The way she is looking at me I am sure she can read my mind. She gives me a soft smile and walks away. I imagine she put a little more swing in her wiggle for my benefit. As I leave the shop I hear.

“I’ll see you again tomorrow?”

“Likely, the job is taking a lot longer than I expected. Goodnight.”

She follows me to the door and I hear the bolt slide into place as I leave. When I look she is still in the window watching me and blows me a kiss, then she disappears. Beauty and nerve is going through my mind as I drive home.

Today is worse than yesterday. Not only did that dam worm re-appear and take out the systems on two more floors I find I have it on my new expensive laptop as well. If I could get my hands on the prick that wrote this I would cut off his balls! I will lose a lot of my own material if I can’t kill the little bugger. I can only hope my backups are virus free or my system at home is dead as well. I’m not a happy camper.

Each night I try to get out early enough to get my pastrami sandwiches before Jayden’s shop closes. As I’m finishing up she comes to the table.

“Mister, why don’t you call before leaving the building and I’ll have the sandwiches ready and waiting for you when you get here? That way there is no waiting and don’t have to rush. You can enjoy them.”

She hands me a card with the number on it and her name in pen. I’m sure I can feel her magnetism or it could be me hallucinating. Her face is radiant. It has me feeling like an old fool for getting excited looking at a teenage vision.

“No Mr. my name’s Don.”

“I’m Jayden; see it say so on my name tag.”


Over the next few days I do as she suggested. I call and kibitz with her. She could make a fortune on the sex lines with that voice of hers. When she talks to me I get hard. It takes a lot to get me hard at my age. She can do it in seconds just by talking to me.

This project drags on and on. I am really getting pissed off. I still haven’t found the key to kill the dam thing. Every night I see Jayden, I thank my lack of knowledge for giving me one more day seeing her. Then I’m really mad at myself. My office is only ten blocks from the shop and it’s on my way home. Stopping here regularly will be a breeze. What I need now is to get a brainwave to get my mind working three notches higher.

I do learn that Jayden is fourteen with a birthday in four months. She’s doing well in school and enjoys literature. That is one subject that really evaded me or I should say I avoided. She enjoys Shakespeare and a Russian author by the name of Chekhov. I recall seeing a play by this clown Chekhov called ‘The Cherry Orchard’. He apparently only wrote four plays. It’s my contention that the only reason he only wrote four is they finally caught up with him and shot him. What really got my interests is her interest in erotic literature. She is currently reading ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ by H. D. Lawrence. I recall that work.

“Do you enjoy reading classical stories?”

“Yes especially the ones with some interesting stories.”


“Yes lots of sex.”

Out of the mouths of babes.

“Well I have to admit sex is interesting reading and better doing.”

Jayden looks at me inquisitively as I leave the diner for some well-earned sleep. My drive home is perplexing as I ponder Jayden last comments. Just how much does she actually know about sex? With her looks and body I could understand if someone has taken the time to introduce that walking wet dream to the beginnings of sex. I only wish I was the teacher.

We continue our banter during my meals every time I drop in for my lunch. When Friday night rolls around she can sense I’m not too pleased.

“Boy, something got your back up. I thought you would be happy to get two days off so you can rest.”

“Well the powers to be have decided that we should work tomorrow till noon. They dropped that on us at four thirty tonight. I’m not a happy camper.”

“Well I have to work too so don’t feel too bad. I’ve your lunch ready.”

We’re the only ones in the store. She leaves the counter and sits at the other table across from me. The tables are small and the tray takes up most of the surface. It appears she didn’t change from her school clothes. Her pleated skirt fans over her hips and when she sits I get a very nice display. Jayden is not wearing nylons. When she moves I notice she is wearing black panties or should I say bikini panties. I can see the strings that are holding the small section of cloth covering heaven. I nearly chocked at first sighting. Quickly getting control of myself I take every opportunity to stare at her crotch. She has beautiful inner thighs of soft flawless skin. When she moves, her bikini sinks deeper into her pubes. For a small girl she has large luv lips.

Enjoying the view I try to think of some way to get the conversation back to sex as I left it last night. I didn’t want to appear a pervert. She brought it up.

“Have you ever read Lady Chatterley’s Lover?”

“Many years ago as a student, can’t remember much of it.”

“I wish I had a boyfriend. I want so much to experience what she did with her lover.”

I’m right here goes through my mind. I’ve an erection to prove it. But I refrain from being so crude.

“Don’t you have a boyfriend?”

“No, all the guys at school are jerks. All they want to do is feel my titties and finger me between my legs and as you can see I don’t have too much in the titties section.”

She pushes out her chest showing the small lovely protrusions of her breasts against her white blouse. They look wonderful to me. Each one is over a mouth full. How much do you really need?

“For your frame and body you’re very well endowed.”

I nearly bit off my tongue after I utter the last word. I can feel the heat of a blush running up my body.

“I didn’t think anyone could notice. You think they are nice?”

“Jayden you are a very beautiful young lady. You should be proud of your body.”

She is smiling and again shifts her body. I am gifted with a view of her luv lips embedded in the bikini. The center of is noticeably damp. Jayden’s excited. Hell, so am I. She notices the time and tells me she has to close soon. I leave feeling much better when I came in.

Saturday morning turns out to be a complete waste of time. Whether it’s a result of the team being pissed off about working Saturday or something else isn’t apparent. We all clear out at the stroke of twelve, me to the deli. I might as well see Jayden before I go home. The door opens and Jayden looks at me in surprise.

“Sorry Don I’m going to the mall. Mom’s here and will make you a sandwich.”

“May I drive you to the mall?”

She looks at me with those beautiful eyes with a silent question, but doesn’t say a word. I look at her dressed in tight jeans and a cut off tee shirt and tremble with desire. Her cut-offs shows her flat tummy and her beautiful deep belly button. Whatever the question was she got the answer she’s looking for?

“Thanks it will save me the walk.”

We both walk to my Yukon being a gentleman I open her door first and wait for her to climb in. With these monsters you haven’t any choice. Watching her body put additional strain on those already tight garments is worth the chivalry. Jayden has a beautiful well-shaped bottom. The peach between her legs must be as worthy. When I climb in the driver side she still has that questioning look on her face.


“Do you like little girls or something?”

“Why do you ask? Do you consider yourself a little girl?”

“Don’t you?”

“No. A beautiful woman yes, a little girl far from it.”

That removes the questioning look replacing it with a beautiful soul-melting smile.

“Thank you Don. What’s your real name?”

“Well Don is my real name. Don Parsons I live on Elm Street here in Abbotsville. My number is in the book. Why do you ask?”

“I want to know the name of a man who considers me a woman at fourteen. It may be a once in a lifetime deal.”

She’s young and quick thinking, quite a combination. Jayden settles into the seat and I drive to the local mall. It’s one of those large sprawling ones with a massive parking lot, with names for each section so you don’t forget where you are parked. We park in Rose Blossom. She looks at me inquisitively.

“Are you coming in too?”

“Yes if you don’t mind. I have a few hours to kill and will drive you back home if you like.”

“I’d like that. I really don’t have much to get.”

We slowly walk to the main entrance. This mall is no different from the ones anywhere on a Saturday afternoon. It is packed with people. I stay close to Jayden and she veers off to a cosmetic store. I stop and look for a rest area.

“Jayden I will be waiting for you at the bench.”

She nods and disappears. The flow of people is continuous. The women are the objects of my attention. I recall many a time sitting in a similar situation waiting for my wife shopping enjoying the view. Jayden comes out carrying a small bag. She waves at me to follow her. I set my view on her lovely bum cheeks and follow those well packed jeans.

She looks at me and points to a specialty woman’s shop and disappears. I sit like a trained pup and watch the entrance. A large number of well-dressed women and younger girls make up the shops cliental. Very soothing view from where I sit. When she comes out she is carrying a larger bag.

“Can I carry the bag for you?”

“Well a gentleman too. Thank you Don.”

She hands me the bag. Finally she goes into the anchor store a sprawling department store. I follow her. She goes to the pharmacy section picking up nail polish remover, cotton balls, Q-tips and tampons. I follow her through the check out.

“Would you like something to eat or drink my treat? I didn’t have my lunch as you know.”

Jayden is very good company. She is very aware of life and has a wit to match mine. We get back on the subject of erotic literature. She goes into the story she is reading questioning why Lady Chatterley would want to take on a lover if she had a husband.

“Perhaps she felt ignored but likely unsatisfied. Some men don’t appreciate or anticipate the requirements of their partners. That was never my problem.”

“I bet you keep your wife happy.”

“I’m a widower for the last number of years. But I’ve a wonderful memory of my wife and I.”

“Any girlfriends?”

“No I haven’t had a relationship for over three years; I seem to be married to my work.”

“That’s a waste. Don you’re a very handsome man. Some girl is missing a great opportunity to be part of your life.”

Now the heat of a blush starts at my toes, this is a situation that is novel to me. Jayden just pushed one of my buttons that hasn’t been used in years. The heat hits my face. She’s laughing at me.

“Your blushing Don, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“Well is guess we’re alike in that way. I don’t have a girlfriend and you don’t have a boyfriend. The only thing in our way is the age difference.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem. You told me I’m a woman.”

“Well there’s no doubt about that.”

She sticks her tongue out at me and gets up and leaves with me following as a beast of burden. On the drive back to the deli Jayden silently studies me.

“Well here we are, would you like me to carry your bags?”

“Thank you for the lift Don but I can manage the bags.”

The surprise is when she leans over and kisses me on the cheek then takes off like a rabbit for the front door. Before she opens it she turns and blows me another kiss. The trip home is very pleasant as I think about Jayden. After a steak and a salad I’m determined to find the key to this virus worm. After three hours of total frustration I manage to open the infected file with a hex editor. The prick that wrote this is a genius. I have no idea how long I will be able to read it before my system crashes. I take a chance and instruct it to print. The printer accepts the text and starts printing. I have the virus code on paper.

Feeling proud of this little accomplishment I treat myself to a rare drink. I enjoy a Black Russian. I’ve been using the same bottles for the last seven years. That gives you an idea of my liquor consumption. Sitting with twelve pages of code I try to determine the actually part of the file that is causing me all the problems. This guy or girl is very smart. There are files within files and most go nowhere. After stripping five layers of garbage I finally find the culprit. It is so well disguised now I know why the group couldn’t nail it.

Using the basic execution file I make a few minor changes and have it attack its ability to replicate itself and then actually rendering it harmless. The theory is great however the big question is will it actually work! That is the sixty-four thousand dollar question. I save my program as an exe file on a disk and load it into my effected laptop. Once booted, I go directly to the disk before the virus has a chance to crash the system and execute my little program. The screen goes blank and I can see and hear the hard drive engaging finally my system opening screen appears like nothing had happened. I gingerly try and load a word processing program. It comes up. I load a file and it appears on the screen so far so good. I look for that offending file and can’t locate it. Using my virus checker I find twenty-three files that it can’t identify and they are all quarantined. With the speed of light I delete all the offending files. I play with my laptop for over an hour and everything is in order.

I duplicate my little virus killer on ten disks. I am ready for Monday. The rest of the weekend is relaxing. However every time I close my eyes I see Jayden that fourteen-year-old little minx. This is the first time I have masturbated in months and as I cum, a vision of Jayden sitting on my bed naked is the clincher.

On Sunday morning I’m reading the entertainment section of the local paper. Abbotsville has an arts theatre on Lorne Street and the current film is ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’. My next thought is how I can ask a fourteen-year-old to go to a very adult movie. It has a restricted adult rating. I check the times and one showing is at three this afternoon. I decide to go on my own just to see how sexually revealing it is. Accept for the fact it is supposed to be a work of literary art you could mistake it for a porno film. It leaves nothing to the imagination. What is in the book is in the movie graphically portrayed. How could I approach Jayden with the invitation to see the film? Would her parents allow her to go with a stranger? Doesn’t sound like I’m carrying the problems of the world on my shoulders?

When I arrive at the office of our client Monday morning, the team are disgruntled because of the evasiveness of the virus. They are huddled in groups of three and four rehashing what we did last week with no new ideas of what to do next. I can only hope that my little program will work on this massive server. The C. E. O. of the company is asking each person if they have anything that will allow them to go back to work. Everyday down is costing them three hundred thousand in profit. They have been infected for three weeks going on four. It is not hard to figure out his concern. Sitting in front of a server I turn it on. The key for my killer to work is to activate it before the system crashes from the virus. I get the businesses home page so far so good. Slipping in the disk I changes drives and execute my file. Like on my lap top the screen goes blank but the hard drive light is flashing rapidly.

“Did you find something Don?”

“Bill I really don’t know. Let’s just wait and see what happens after this if the system comes up again.”

The hard drive on this server is massive and not only that it has three mirrors drives. I have no idea if they are all infected. It’s nearly lunchtime when the drives finally stop flashing and like my lap top the system reverts to its home page like nothing happened. I quickly install a commercial virus checker and run the program. It takes two hours to review all the files on the three drives. During this time the rest of the team have been watching and the C. E. O. hasn’t left the computer room. He has coffee brought in four times for the team. The virus checker has quarantined thirteen hundred and forty three files. That is how many times that shitty virus had replicated itself. It is no wonder we couldn’t kill it. I delete the quarantined files.

I watch as each workstation comes on line, all asking for the operator to key in their pass word. There is a shout of exuberance as the team realizes they can go back to the office. The C. E. O. comes over and shakes my hand. Hell I think there is a tear of happiness in his eye. He leaves. As team leader I call the office and tell them we are coming home.

I had just put the receiver in its cradle and the phone rings again.

“Don congratulations on a job well done. It took a little longer then the three hours. And as a bonus you get to stay where you are to help them install a firewall to make sure this doesn’t happen again. The C. E. O. requested you personally.”

At least I’ll be installing programs instead of killing them. This I like as its preventative programming. I accept the assignment. It’s nearly four thirty, time for me to call Jayden.

“Your favorite customer is calling. Could you please have my sandwiches ready?”

“You’re early I just got home from school. I’ll make them now.”

Jayden looks good in her school uniform. The pleated skirt whirls as she moves around showing me those beautiful legs of hers. I wonder if she’s active in school sports. When she sees me she sticks her tongue out at me and goes behind the counter and retrieves my tray with my sandwiches and coffee. As she walks she has direct eye contact with me. My desire for this young lady accelerates.

“You know if you keep sticking that tongue out at me I am have re-evaluate my comments about you being a woman and revert to you as a bratty little girl. Mind you your tongue is beautiful.”

Jayden accepts my taunt as it is intended and sticks her tongue out again. How I wish I could taste it. She puts the plate in front of me and sits down.

“Good to see you too Don, how did the day go? You’re so early. Are you finally finished?”

“Well we finally destroyed the virus so that made the day go fast. We’re finished that part but tomorrow I start the second phase to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

The store is quiet with only one customer other than me. All she requires is a quart of milk and is gone. Jayden and I continue our talk.

“Did you know that ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ is playing at the arts theatre on Lorne Street?”

“No I didn’t I would love to see it.”

“Well if you can get your parents’ permission I’d be honored to be your escort and take you. It is adult restricted so you would have to pass for sixteen.”

“I’ll let you know.”

“Well this is my numbers, office, my home and cell, if you want to contact me. Or if your parents want to talk to me.”

Jayden gives me the same questioning look as she has done many times before and again as in the past she must answer herself. She’s smiling. I get up to leave and she walks me to the door. She appears to be breathing rapidly as if she is excited. I don’t know what I have done to create it; at least I hope I’m the cause.

“Thanks Don that is a very nice offer. I really want to see it.”

Nothing happens regarding my offer for two days. On Wednesday evening after doing my breakfast dishes the phone rings. Caller I. D. prints out J. D. Rex as the caller.


“Hello may I speak to Don Parsons?”

“Speaking how can I help you?”

“I am Juan Rex Jayden’s father. She told me you offered to take her to an art movie of a book she is taking in her literature class.”

“Yes I offered but on the condition you and your wife approved.”

“Well we thought it weird at first until Jayden told me you have been eating our pastrami sandwiches for the last month.”

“Well it’s been nearly that long. Your deli makes the best ones I have had in years. So can I answer any questions for you?”

This is the moment of truth. He may say he has already called the police and they are on their way to drag me off to jail for propositioning a young girl. I wait.

“Mr. Welsh the C. E. O. of the company you have been working for, also likes our deli. He has been a customer of mine for the last eight years. I asked him about you and he gave me a glowing report of you and your co-workers. It seems you are saving his company millions of dollars because you got their computers working again.”

“He’s too kind. We finally were lucky to find a cure for his problem. I hope they make all that money. It means they can pay me.”

There is a small laugh on the other end.

“Yes I know what you mean. Well my wife and I give you our permission to take Jayden to the movies and if you decide to stop for something to eat, we’re fine with that as well. The next time you are here ask Jayden to get me I would like to meet you before you ask her to the movie.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow at about four thirty Mr. Rex.”

“Just all me Juan.”

“Ok Juan thanks for calling.”

To say I’m a bit nervous as I enter the deli the next day is an understatement. I feel like a teenager on his first date, meeting the girl’s parents for the first time. I hope I don’t say something stupid. Jayden notices me and come to meet me.

“Daddy said he talked to you. He wants to meet you so does my mom.”

“Well I feel like a teen on his first date meeting the parents. We might as well get this over with.”

“You coward, I thought you were grown up. I may have to reconsider my evaluation of you.”


“Smarty, get your dad please.”

She turns and gives me her tongue and disappears behind the curtain. I can hear talking. Jayden’s mom and dad appear. Mrs. Rex is a very attractive blond like her daughter. After introductions and hand shaking we talk about many subjects. Juan is a friendly person and accepts me. Mrs. Rex studies me and is smiling. So far so good, I wait for the Juan’s decision. When Jayden is serving a customer Juan confides to me.

“I am certainly glad to have met you Don. Jayden had me wondering when she said a man with gray hair offered to take her to the movies. There’re all kinds of weirdo’s on the street. Now that I’ve met you I feel better. You have my permission to ask Jayden. I already know her answer. She’s been on my case all day.”

“Thank you Juan. I’m sure Jayden will enjoy the movie. She told me she enjoys literature. I never did.”

“You and me both but her mom encourages her to develop an interest in the arts.”

Later Mrs. Rex, Sibyl, tells me the same thing. She’s staring into my eyes and then confides in me.

“You better be good to my daughter. You don’t hurt her.”

The look on my face must have told her I’m surprised and wondering about her comments.

“My uncle took me to the movies when I was Jayden’s age. He taught me all he knew to make me very happy. I learned to appreciate life and my body from him.”

I just shake my head in the affirmative. This is a shock and a pleasure. All three of them leave and in a few minutes Jayden returns with a smile on her face.

“You really impressed mom. She told me you are a very interesting man.”

“Well your parents say it is okay for the movie if you are still interested.”

“Are you kidding? I have been working on dad all day. Of course I am interest!When?”

“Well Friday or Saturday night whenever you are available. I will even take you to dinner.”

“You really like young girls don’t you Don?”

“You are the first girl I have ever asked for a date since I was a teenager. I don’t know why but I feel excited when I’m with you. It’s an amazing feeling.”

“I feel something for you too Don. But I’m not going to tell you what it is. You make me feel funny in a good way.”

“Now that we got the mutually admiration out of the way when would you like to go?”

“Saturday night and I would love to have you take me to dinner. You will be my first date. Rayne will be jealous.”

“Who is Rayne?”

“She is my best friend. I’ll be calling her tonight after you leave. She thinks the boys at school are wimps too.”

Arrangements are made for me to pick her up at four o’clock Saturday. The movie starts at eight, so there is plenty of time for a leisurely dinner. Jayden should be home by ten thirty or eleven. I’m thinking I’d love to have her in bed at ten thirty. So I’ve a dirty mind. I remind her of the adult rating. She tells me not to worry.

Before I leave both her mom and dad come out to say goodbye. Sybil gives me a look and a knowing smile. Her lips shape a kiss to me. I feel a chill running up and down my spine. She’s a sexy woman.

The next two days are repeats of yesterday. When I arrive for my dinner all three are waiting for me. Every time I see Jayden’s mom I feel something click between us. I want her daughter but am not without sexual feelings for Sybil. I just wonder what all the under-tone actions mean.

On Friday night Jayden is alone in the deli. She serves me and takes care of two customers then returns to the table.

“I’m so excited Don. I can’t wait till four tomorrow. My first date, Rayne wants to meet you. I told her not unless you said it was okay. I think she’s jealous.”

“I’d love to meet your friends Jayden.”

“Ok I will tell her.”

We make the finally arrangements for our dinner. Jayden advises me that she enjoys all kinds of food as long as it doesn’t have anything to do with pastrami. On my way home I drive back to the theatre and cruise up and down the streets near it. There is a large restaurant called the Copa two blocks from the theatre. In side is bright and clean. The menu looks satisfactory so I make a reservation. It is at four-thirty tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday morning I make sure my suit is decent. I spurge and get Jayden a corsage. I’ve been leery about getting one for my dates in the distant past wondering if it is the right color to match outfits. I get a white flower. That should just about go with anything but a white dress.

This evening may only result in a good meal but I am going with a positive attitude. I know what the picture did to me I hope it does the same thing and more for Jayden.

Before leaving the house I check myself in the mirror, clean suit, blue shirt, matching tie and a shine on my shoes nothing to embarrass me. Grabbing the corsage, it is off to pick up my young date. Jayden is waiting for me when I arrive she is at the door waving for me to come in. Both her parents are waiting and watching. She is dressed in a black pleated skirt very similar to her school uniform, a fitted blouse that hugs her body and the sheer black nylons and chunky high heels set off her marvelous legs. That in combination with the way her makeup is applied makes her appear older. Realizing the corsage isn’t appropriate I hand it too Jayden and whisper for her to put in a vase. She smiles in acknowledgement and disappears. She hands me her coat that I assist her with. When she puts on her coat lined with a fur collar the effect is magical. Jayden looks like a princess.

“I hope you have an enjoyable evening Don. This is a first for Jayden dinner and a movie.”

“Well I will have your daughter home at a respectable hour. I may want to take her out again and really don’t want her parents angry at me.”

Jayden’s parents are in a good mood as we leave. I walk Jayden to the Yukon and open the door. She breezes past me leaving a wake of her haunting perfume. It’s a different scent than usual. It gives me my usual reaction. It’s hard to keep my eyes on the road and not on Jayden. Her lips are glowing in the light. Her face is so beautiful to look at.

“You look devastating Miss Rex. If I was younger I would be asking your parents for you hand.”

“Aren’t you interested in more than my hands Don?”

I look at her in astonishment she’s laughing and purses her lips for a kiss. After regaining control of the Yukon I look at her again.

“Oh I hope you mean that. You look so sexy tonight. I would love to say the heck with the movie and just look at you for two hours.”

“Oh no you don’t, you told me you were taking me to a dinner and a movie and I’m holding you too it. The kiss you can have if you’re good.”

“I’m always good.”

Our dinner is actually first-rate. Jayden has dessert and I have a coffee.

“Aren’t you going to have dessert Don?”

I look at her and think you are good enough to be my meal and dessert. I want to taste her complete body.

“No the meal was delicious I have nowhere to put it.”

After paying I help her with her coat and am encased in her scent. I don’t know what it is but Jayden has a positive effect on me. I want to hold her and kiss her. My hands are trembling as I put on her coat.

“We have an hour before the movie. What would you like to do?”

“Don, the dinner was great. I can’t thank you enough for asking me out. Mom told me it would be exciting for me. She has a lot of faith in you. I don’t know why. Before the walk lets go back to the Yukon, I always pay my debts.”


Jayden grabs my hand and we walk to the Yukon. I help her and she turns to me.

“Please get in Don.”

Wondering what she’s up too I get behind the wheel. She moves over to me her face looking at me.

“I owe you a kiss.”

It’s a good thing all the windows are privacy glass. They appear very dark from the outside but allow me to see out. I can imagine some old lady in the apartment across the way watching and see me kiss a young girl. Jayden is waiting.

Imagine me a fifty one year old nervous about kissing a fourteen year old woman. Our lips meet. There’s electricity. My arms are around her shoulders pulling her up to me and I feel her arm circle around my neck. I loose count of the kisses before we come up for air. I have an erection that beats anything I’ve had in years. Fortunately it isn’t pushing against her. I can taste her lipstick and tongue. I really don’t want to go to the movie now. I want Jayden.

“Wow. Mom told me that kissing could be thrilling but I never knew how much. When I tell Rayne she will really be jealous. She still wants to meet you. Don, that was wonderful. I want to do it again.”

“I think we had better go for a walk and cool off. If we do that again we may end up doing something we hadn’t planned on. Jayden you are everything in a woman I could ever dream about. I don’t know why but you make me feel so giddy.”

“Well you make me feel funny too.”

We do walk for nearly thirty minutes before we enter the theatre. There is a sign that says this is the end of the engagement for this picture. The next film they are advertising is ‘The Pearl’. I can remember studying it in high school. I ask Jayden where she would like to sit and she says the balcony. We find two excellent seats in the middle of the section. There is one other couple sitting in the front.

Jayden put her hand in mine. She feels so soft and delicate. I can feel the current flowing between us. She looks at me with that questioning look again. Smiles and watches the movie start. During the credits she takes off her coat and I am watching her breasts rise and fall as she breathes. She catches me.

“Watch the movie Don. I’ll be asking you questions when it’s over.”

“I would sooner watch you.”

“Yes I noticed.”

Well into the movie the scene changes I watch as the characters get involved with a steamy sex panorama. Then I look at Jayden. Her hand is tightening on mine, as the actors are now nude on the screen. Her eyes seem riveted on the male who is to say the least is well endowed. Jayden slides forward in the seat and her skirt doesn’t. She is wearing nylons and a garter belt. I can see the crotch of her panties. I can feel my reaction. On the screen the characters are getting in position for the male to enter. His engorged cock slides easily into her. Unconsciously Jayden pulls my hand to her crotch and pushes against her luv lips. I can feel the heat and moisture. The outline of her pussy is evident. I do an exploratory with my fingers. Shifting her panties my finger slides into her moist slit. Her clitoris is out of its hood. Concentrating on it Jayden’s body tenses. She’s going to climax. With both her hands on my hand pushing me deep into her crotch her body stiffens and she emits a slight wimpier. When she comes back the present she realizes my finger is in her and even in the subdued light I can see a blush forming on her beautiful face.

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