The Candidate

by Marduk

Copyright© 2016 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A female candidate is aiming for a seat in parliament that is held by her opponent by a few votes. She is offered a block vote if she would sexual accommodate the members of the local shooters club. She agrees - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Gang Bang   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   .

The three friends were relaxing in the clubs canteen after another competition shoot. "That was quite a good score you put up this afternoon Graham", one of the friends said as he flipped through a 'shooter's magazine'. "I think we all did well Barry" came the reply. "We were up against the best in the state and to win was a real feather in the cap of this club. Now another beer?" he concluded. Just general chatter followed till the one man who had not voiced his opinion totally changed the subject. "I picked up the mail after the shoot", he said "I also picked up this brochure for the conservative candidate in the coming election. I would love her to suck me off, she is very attractive".

"Oh!" Graham said. "I have noticed Burt the various parties are putting out their brochures. This seat is now a 'swinging one'. Years ago it was held by the 'far left' then it changed to the 'far right' and added to that one of the minor parties had a brief tenor. However, the sitting member is on the left of the political circle and has done a reasonable job. The candidate that you have mentioned will have a fight on her hands, but the seat is close so if she can spin a good yarn and convince people that under her, things will improve, she could stand a change".

Burt twisted the brochure into various shapes. "Graham you are the acting president now that Warren is overseas. Over the years we have had an array of speakers on 'guns' in the society and whether it is a good or bad thing. You have arranged a speaker on 'current affairs' a couple of weeks back; why not get this woman to speak to the club and then we take her into the recreation room and fuck the arse off her while she uses her mouth to suck whatever cock is unattended". His two companions gave a gasp and nearly dropped their glasses. There was dead silence as his companions digested what he had suggested, finally Graham remarked. "Burt it is know that you consider women for one purpose and we all know that you are quite successful in the art of seduction. This woman is seeking a political position and has the backing of the present opposition. You don't just go up to her and ask for a fuck, cripes the roof would come down on us for remember there are many who don't like the idea of a shooting club in the neighbourhood". Burt smiled as his mind ticked over. "What is the main aim of a politician or one seeking that position?", he asked. "To be elected. This is a swinging seat. The present bloke only holds it by a paper thin majority and I don't think that is many votes. What do you think this woman would do if she was given a guarantee of the club's support if she dropped her pants, spread her thighs and worked her mouth; I bet she would seriously consider it. There are too many perks in the political world to miss an opportunity not to join the ranks", he concluded.

At first the suggestion was put in the 'too hard basket', however, Burt did a bit of a survey and at the next committee meeting presented his findings. "I have asked almost all the members and every one of them would guarantee this candidates their vote if she would fuck and suck them off. I presented her brochure with her picture and everyone voiced the same comment that I did that she would be sexually great". The ball was back in the court of the committee and all turned to Graham for he was the one to obtain a speaker; he asked if Burt's survey should be seriously considered. The answer was positive. "Alright", he said. "However, remember if this woman 'yells in horror', don't be surprised if the doors of this club close; she will have to be told and I don't want to do that by myself. This is your idea Burt so I want you present when I speak to her and you as well Barry for you are the club's secretary. Every man at the meeting agreed.

The election was some week off and the candidates were pulling out all stops to gain votes, both candidates knew that every vote counted so when Graham asked if the 'conservative' candidate would be willing to speak to a shooters club after an afternoon tea with the officials, her secretary conveyed the message that the candidate would be delighted. A date and time was set. "Well it is done and for all our sakes Burt", Graham said. "This better not backfire".

There was no doubt that the three men were nervous when the candidate was shown into the office. She was dressed to be noticed and there was no doubt she was very attractive. The only photo on the brochure was a portrait one, but now she could be fully appreciated and her tits were moulded to perfection and certainly enhanced her beauty. Tea and scones were served, now it was time to open the bag, the suggestion that would give her thirty votes. "Miss Woodland", Graham began.

"Please call me Karen", she said with a smile. Graham gave a nod and continued. "We know that this seat is held by your opponent on a very thin edge. This club will give you a guarantee vote if...". He paused. He was not one to be embarrassed but never before had he been in this position, a position that made Burk intervene. "What our president wants to say", he said. "This club will give you their vote if you drop your panties, bare your tits and either fuck or suck every member".

It was as though she had suddenly been turned to stone, the cup froze in space and the biscuit just fell to the floor, her face registered total shock and her mouth opened but no sound came forth. The men waited, unsure of what to do. Burt again put a spark under this frozen woman. "That is thirty, guaranteed votes Miss. I know that you would want to win and in such a tight seat every vote is important; all we ask is that you fuck or suck" The silence was profound, no man knew what she was thinking, all waited for either a positive or negative reply; all hoped for a positive reaction or otherwise they could all be 'hung out to dry' and the club that they had all contributed to, would be finished.

The suggestion vibrated through every cell of her being. It had been suggested that she fight the election from members of her own party and she knew of the advantages and privileges a sitting member in the national parliament would obtain. She certainly wasn't a new comer to sex of any sort and on more than one occasion had entertained a number at one time and that wasn't when she had started on a professional work choice. At school, because she was very attractive had accommodated many of the senior boys in the school; she certainly knew what was being asked and she knew what she was told was correct, the sitting member held the seat by only a small number of votes and to obtain a bulk vote could push her over the line. She gave a sigh and asked. "You said every member of this club would vote for me if I did what you suggest?"

"That is right", Burt replied. "I did a survey, naturally displaying your picture and every man said if you fucked or suck them off, you would get their vote". Seconds passed and then came the answer they hoped for. "Alright, now what do you want me to do?"

A few suggestions were put forth but she declined a 'strip' "I'm not a strip dancer or a pole dancer", she said with a giggle for the idea that had been suggested was tickling her fancy. "How about just wearing a gown and when you meet the members, they should be in the main hall now, remove it and walk among them. It would save time on some useless artificial show for I gather your time is on a tight schedule", Graham said

"I have just the gown", Burt said. He returned with a robe that belonged to the president for there was a shower in his office. "It is clean", he said. "Warren is very keen on keeping everything spick and span", he concluded.

"You can change in the bathroom", Graham said. She took the robe, gave a smile and closed the bathroom door. "I hope she doesn't shave", Barry said. "I hate women who shave their groins, it is so fucking unnatural".

"Well we shall soon fine out", Burt said as the candidate came out of the bathroom. "I hope I don't disappoint you", she said as she undid the gown and the only comment from the men was "Fuck you are fantastic".

"I think being the officials we should get first bite at the goodies", Burt said as he removed her gown and pushed her over the desk. The next utterance was a long gasp of 'Ahhhhh!' as he drove his cock up that very hairy cunt.

Positioned over the desk with Burt working her 'doggie style', she sucked on Graham's cock and hand massaged Barry. Burt emptied his load, but she didn't get up and Barry took her in the same position and as he thrust away Graham gave a gasp. "All of it", as he emptied his balls into her accommodating mouth.

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