Teacher's Pet

by chris.lionofthenorth

Copyright© 2016 by chris.lionofthenorth

Sex Story: Janet is a mild-mannered teacher who is suddenly thrust into a new teaching environment that threatens to emotionally break her. How will she turn the tables?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   DomSub   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Humiliation   Black Male   White Female   Masturbation   Teacher/Student   .

This story and others from this author should only be enjoyed in a responsible manner. If you find yourself wanting to enact anything in these stories, or feel that you might develop a fetish, please do not read any further. Sex addiction is a very real problem, and the author does not wish to encourage this kind of behavior

"Enough, Isabel!" Janet yelled. She was at the end of her wits.

"Mrooowww" Isabel howled. The black and ash-colored cat was standing at the window sill, howling for the whole neighborhood to hear. She had been doing this for almost a week now.

Janet stomped over to the window, and Isabel promptly jumped onto the floor and ran away. After closing the window angrily, Janet couldn't find the cat anywhere.

Damn cat, she thought. Should've had her spayed.

Janet was easily upset these days, what with her recent job transfer from Holy Rosary School to East Central High. She was still trying to figure out what went wrong at HRS to make them close down so quickly, because she didn't believe it was financial.

Like some sort of professional sports league, Janet felt ushered towards a history teacher position at the East Central High School, as if she was a free agent signing with another team. Holy Rosary School handled the negotiations for all of their teachers, but Janet couldn't believe she was placed at East Central High. From everything she had heard, that place was a nightmare.

And so now, only 2 weeks into the new school year, Janet had learned that everything she heard about the school was true. East Central High was definitely inner city, with a wide diversity of ethnicities represented. Unfortunately for Janet, the stereotypes of these inner city public schools were also entirely true- the students were unmotivated, disruptive, disrespectful, and potentially dangerous. Every day, she heard about a fight happening at the school.

Also unfortunately for Janet, the administration was not very helpful at all. Although there was a police officer on duty during school hours, the school had no security, so students were able to get away with a lot.

If only I could go back to Holy Rosary, Janet thought.

As a private Catholic school, Holy Rosary was the opposite of East Central High. Students were expected to behave in class, and there was a zero tolerance policy on physical assaults. The administration was firm, keeping order in every department of the school. Although expectations were also high for teachers, Janet had built a good reputation over her short 3 year tenure there as a bright and energetic history teacher. Janet loved to give lectures from the global history curriculum, which spanned the end of the Roman Empire to the Cold War. Her favorite stories were the ones about Napoleon Bonaparte, King Louis XIV, and Frederick the Great.

As part of the new school year, Janet had to quickly move from her previous apartment in the suburbs to one much closer to the city. She had found a relatively safe one that allowed pets, which was good for her and Isabel. Janet was 28, single, and wondering why life was going so wrong for her. Janet went to bed hoping that tomorrow would be better than today.

Since the very first class she taught, Janet felt disrespected. Students were much more likely to talk and socialize than to participate in class. They often had their phones out, and Janet used to ask the students to put them away. Eventually she realized that the students were hiding the phones so she couldn't see them, and there was no point in interrupting her class to get their attention anyway. Only a few students would take notes, so it felt like she was talking to herself half the time.

And the comments these students were making were totally unacceptable. The boys' language was lewd, like they were trying to impress the girls of the class. The girls seemed to love drama, being confrontational with her and the other students.

Janet's new assignment at East Central included 4 class periods of Global History, with about 30 students to each class. The class size was especially problematic for Janet because she spent much of her time babysitting the students instead of teaching. As a result, she never got through everything she wanted to. She felt frustrated teaching each of her classes, and the frustrations were starting to break through her calm outward demeanor.

Janet was teaching her third Global History class today, which was her worst class. They had just gotten to the Italian Renaissance after struggling with earlier topics about the Roman Empire, Charlemagne, and the Middle Ages. Janet was having the students write notes on their study guides while she explained the Medici family-

"The Medici's were a powerful family that operated in Florence during the Italian Renaissance. Their rise to fame came through what financial means?" Janet was hoping for a student to respond, but saw no one would. She had tried the long awkward silence strategy with this class before, but she didn't have time to coerce class participation anymore.

"Through banking, mostly" Janet finished. "They used their profits from the wool industry to start the Medici bank, and their wealth allowed them to gain political power in the 15th century. In fact, the Medici's produced—" Janet was interrupted by a loud groan from one of the students, Antoine. A few students laughed at this, but Janet was not amused.

Don't give them the attention, she thought. "The Medici's were responsible for no less than four popes from 1513 until 1605. Through their wealth, the Medici's were also able—"

"So boring" Antoine dramatized. There was less laughter this time.

"Antoine, please keep your comments to yourself" Janet replied. She wasn't in the mood to acquiesce today.

Janet didn't hear an immediate replay, so she continued, "They were also—"

"Bitch" Antoine muttered under his breath. It was loud enough that Janet heard it, and most of the class heard it too. There was dead silence.

"Excuse me?" Janet replied, accusingly.

"You heard me ... bitch. This class is a joke." Janet felt humiliated and angry all at the same time, and struggled to find something to say. Antoine lounged back in his chair, as if to assert himself more.

"Antoine, you can't talk to me like that ... Report to the principal's office, immediately." Janet trying to appear as confident as possible, but inside she was feeling shaken up.

"You know what I think of that?" Antoine asked. He threw a pencil at Janet, which she reflexively tried to dodge, but was hit in the shoulder. The pencil didn't hurt Janet, but she was in shock.

Antoine leaned forward in his seat, "Naw, you can't make me do nuthin'. Aint nobody wanna listen to you talk. Nobody gives a shit. Just sit yo ass down, bitch." A whoop came from a girl in the class, then another responded, "fight, fight, fight, fight."

Janet felt everyone's eyes on her, and then the tears welled up in her eyes. She was not prepared to handle this kind of emotional stress, they didn't teach her how to handle these situations.

A piece of crumpled up paper flew next to her head, narrowly missing her. She didn't see who threw it, but knew based on the students reactions that it was Jason in the back row. The near-miss brought her back to reality- I can't call officer Jones, he won't do anything.

Janet went behind her desk to the wall where the phone was. While dialing the number for security, she felt the paper balls being thrown at her from what seemed like the whole class. She curled up around the phone and tried to focus on talking to the other person on the line.

Just the receptionist? Shit. "STOP" she yelled at the class, to no avail. Students were now getting out of their seats, either socializing or trying to bean her with more paper. Janet was panicking now, yelling into the phone for security to come to her room. When she heard the receptionist tell her that the officer would be on his way, she hung up.

After what seemed like an hour of waiting, Officer Jones walked into the room and all the students scrambled back to their seats.

"What seems to be the problem here?" he asked in a booming voice. He looked at Janet.

"The students are out of control, Mr. Jones" Janet said, exasperated. She pointed to Antoine, "This one here is the one who started it. I asked him to report to the principal's, and he threw a pen at me!"

Officer Jones turned to Antoine and asked him, "Is this true, son?"

Antoine looked surprisingly calm, "Naw. She's lyin'. She's always tryin' to pin shit on me. I didn't do nuthin'."

"Alright", Officer Jones said, "we need to straighten this out at my office. Either you come with me now, or I report you to the principal."

"Shit, whatever. I didn't wanna be here anyways", Antoine said to the class with a smile on his face. Some of his classmates laughed.

Finally, Janet thought. Officer Jones waited for Antoine to grab his stuff, then proceeded out the door with him. Antoine gave Janet a wink as he left.

It's just a game for him, she realized. He doesn't care about the consequences. But he'll get what he deserves. Janet saw that there were only 5 minutes left in class, so she told the students to silently read for the remainder of the class period.

Janet was able to get through her last teaching class; albeit with some pretty uncomfortable questions from the students- "Did you put Antoine in jail?" "I heard Antoine hit you with a pencil, is that true?" "Did the cop take him away?"

When Janet refused to indulge the students' curiosity, they went back to their regular inattentiveness. Just like before, Janet could not get any class participation, and only a few students were writing any notes. And just like almost every other class she taught, Janet was constantly reminding students to put their phones away and pay attention.

Why do I even bother? They won't learn anything anyways. It was after class was over when Janet received a phone call from Officer Jones, asking her to come down to the security office. That little shit is going to get what he deserves. Janet was not accustomed to swearing, even in her mind, but this was a special case.

Janet gave her account of what happened, and finished by telling Officer Jones that she was considering pressing charges. Jones stopped his typing and gave her a look- "You might want to talk to Principal Witwer about that." From that look, somehow Janet knew that she was not going to enjoy the next conversation-

"What do you mean he only gets detention?" Janet asked Principal Witwer. "He insulted me, then assaulted me. Me. His teacher!" Principal Witwer raised his hands palm up, as if to say that there was nothing he could do.

"I understand how you feel, Ms. Ansley. But at Central High we don't like to suspend our students. It leads to more problems than it's worth."

"I can't believe this. At Holy Rosary, that student would've been kicked out of school so quick, his head would spin."

"Ms. Ansley, with all due respect, this is not a Catholic school. We don't have the luxury of teaching the county's most behaved students. We make do with what we have, and we try to keep the kids off the streets as much as we can. If it means giving more detention and very little suspensions, we do it. I'm sure you'll understand." Janet could tell from his tone that Principal Witwer was not pleased about having his school judged from something like her. But she didn't give a damn, either.

"Oh, so the students run this school? I see now. I understand how this works." Principal Witwer gave her a serious look.

"Ms. Ansley, I don't appreciate your tone. Mr. Johnson will receive one day of afterschool detention, and that is final. If you don't like it, I suggest you start looking for another job. Good day" Prinicpal Witwer finished. He put his glasses on and proceeded to read from a stack of papers on his desk.

Janet's anger lasted until about 5 pm, when she arrived home to find Isabel pacing on the carpet.

"You waiting for me, Izzy?" Janet said. Isabel meowed, and then started walking towards the kitchen, looking back to make sure Janet would come to feed her. Janet poured Isabel's food into the cat bowl, then knelt down to pet her as she ate. It was a good thing for Janet that Isabel was there, because it allowed Janet to express herself to something.

"Oh Isabel, what am I going to do?" The cat continued to feed, showing no indication that it heard her.

"I'm not cut out for this job" Janet said, bringing tears to her eyes. If this is how it was after only two weeks, she could only imagine what two months would feel like. It was only a matter of time before more students would learn to act like Antoine, and she would lose control of her class completely.

Just then, Janet felt lonely. Although Isabel was here, she couldn't comfort Janet like she needed right now. Janet needed someone who she could talk to, someone who would hold her tight and tell her what to do. Someone who could release this stress she had...

Janet left Isabel at the cat dish and walked over to the desk where her computer was at. She realized she needed a release from the frustration of her job, and she had the tools to do it herself.

Janet turned on her computer as she looked around in the drawers. Her mind was getting excited at the prospect of sexual release as she fumbled around for the vibrator she kept here.

It had been a long time since Janet had masturbated, about 3 years in fact. That was when she was in her final year of the master's program, living with a couple roommates. The vibrator was Chrissy's idea to make Janet more relaxed, to loosen her up. It worked well back then, and Janet wanted it to work now.

But Janet also had to get herself into the mood, too, so she tried to think of something to search for online. At first she thought about just Googling the word "porn", but that was too simple. She was out of practice masturbating, and since this was the first time in 3 years, she wanted it to be good.

A theme? She thought. But what would I enjoy watching? Random ideas of pornos she'd heard of were popping in her head- lesbian, softcore, BDSM.

BDSM. Huh, that would be new.

Janet proceeded to search for BDSM, or Bondage Dominance Submission Masochism. It was totally unlike her to be interested in this genre, which was famous for its whips, leather clothing, and chains. She was a former teacher of Holy Rosary, after all.

Janet found a website that caught her eye, and clicked on it. Before long, she started watching a porn video with a beautiful redheaded mistress named Miss Bianca on it. She looked so sexy with the black shiny leather against her pale white skin, and the flaming red hair made her look dangerous. She was berating a man, insulting him over and over, and the man took it in stride. In fact, the man was totally submissive to her, as evidenced by him licking her boot on her command.

Wow, I wish real life were like this, Janet wondered, imagine if a woman could hold this kind of control.

Janet continued to watch with fascination as Miss Bianca forced the man to do shameful acts- licking her boot, crawling on his knees, barking like a dog. Janet continued to watch for 5 minutes, amazed at how these people were acting, when she felt her own desire building.

Janet quickly ran to the door and windows, making sure that no one would disturb her or know what she was doing. Isabel was standing in the kitchen doorway, watching her with curiosity.

"Not now" Janet said to Isabel. Isabel was swaying her tail from side to side.

Janet brought her laptop and vibrator to her bedroom, and placed both on the bed. She zipped down her work pants, and jumped into bed with her panties on.

While watching the video, Janet inserted the vibrator (now vibrating) into her pussy. The pleasing vibration in her vagina felt new, like she was awakening another part of her ... a more animalistic part, something with a sexual hunger she had forgotten over the years.

Miss Bianca had commanded the man to strip naked, and the man's junk was fully engorged.

So he likes it then.

Janet imagined herself as Miss Bianca, issuing commands to the man to better humiliate him. Miss Bianca was so powerful, and Janet wanted to be that way too.

Eventually Miss Bianca had the man's four limbs tied up to the corners of a bed, his eyes blindfolded. Miss Bianca tortured the man with whips, forcing him to say whatever she wanted.

Who owns you? Janet repeated in her head. The man whimpered a "you do, Miss Bianca".

That's right. You're just a sniveling little maggot, not even worthy to lick my boot. Janet wanted to know what she would force him to do now.

Suck my clit, you little worm. You will stop when I tell you to. Janet closed her eyes, imagining the man servicing her.

Oh fuck that feels good, Janet thought. Keep sucking you piece of garbage.

The video continued like this for another 5 minutes, and eventually even Miss Bianca lost control of herself, moaning from the pleasure of oral sex. The moaning only served to spur Janet's own lust, seducing her to buck her hips against the vibrator in her hands.

Janet never noticed the video ending, but continued to imagine herself in the position of the dominatrix.

Service me, you little bitch. Service your mistress, Miss Ansley. Oh, yeah. Keep going you worm. Suck my clit and don't stop. Ah ... ah.

"Uuuhhhh" Janet gasped in orgasm. She felt her vaginal muscles contracting chaotically as the vibrator filled her mind with rapture. She still imagined herself as the dominatrix, orgasming into the man's face, suffocating it with her sex.

This is me now, she thought when she opened her eyes. Mistress Ansley.

Janet was an average 5'6'', 140 pounds. She had short brunette hair that reached her neck, and pale green eyes. There was nothing remarkable about her face- she just looked like any other woman approaching 30 years old. She didn't work out much, so she didn't have any tone to her stomach or arms, but she also wasn't overweight, either. Her chest wasn't all that small at a 34C, however her professional attire never brought any untoward attention to that area.

On this day, however, Janet was planning something different for her outfit. Instead of the usual neutral-colored professional blouse (tucked, of course) with over jacket and dress pants, Janet picked through her closet to find something sexier- a tight-fitting silver dress that came down to her lower thigh. The dress was nearly sleeveless, save for a laced pattern that covered her shoulders and neckline. By adding one of her light-colored bras with the padding on the sides, she was able to bring her boobs closer together and create some eye-catching cleavage. Noticing that her belly strained a little against the dress, she put on a corset to smooth over her torso.

Janet decided on pink lipstick, with mascara for her lashes. She straightened her brunette hair, which closely framed her face and covered her ears.

So as not to draw too much attention outside the classroom, Janet wore a white 2-button blazer on top of her dress. The blazer was a little big on her, so it hid some of her curves. She also wore some leather clogs outside of class.

Janet arrived late to her first class after her students had already sat down, which must've seemed odd to them. Janet was always punctual. As usual, the students were busy talking amongst themselves and weren't ready to start class. Janet used to stand in front of them and wait for them to quiet down, but this failed within the first week.

"Quiet down!" she yelled. Usually she only used this volume when she was panicking, and it had some effect on the students. She could tell that some of them were staring at her outfit. She still had her jacket on, though. "Everyone put your cell phones on your desk, where I can see them!" She waited until everyone cooperated.

"Today I am going to teach you something different, something you will appreciate. You will not need to take notes, only listen." Janet looked everyone in the eye for greater effect, putting on an air of poise similar to Miss Bianca.

"Today we are going to learn about Empress Theodora, leader of the Byzantine Empire. Theodora grew up in a brothel, and learned the tricks of the prostitution trade at a young age." Janet unbuttoned her jacket, revealing her lace-outline cleavage for everyone to see. No one else was talking now.

"Theodora was a gorgeous young woman who was skilled in dance and seduction, making her a popular girl with the Byzantine men-"

"Mmm, I bet" one of the male students said, breaking some of the tension. Janet looked straight at Michael, who was smiling. Instead of reacting to the obvious innuendo towards her, she took it in stride. I will make an example out of him.

Janet walked over to an empty desk in front of Michael, and put her bag on the floor.

"Theodora was an excellent actress as well, combining her sexuality and stagecraft to attract her male customers at the shows. Afterwards," Janet said, taking her shoes off, "she would take them backstage for sex." Janet placed the black leather high heels on the floor, and slipped her feet inside them. Standing straight up, she now appeared a couple inches taller.

"And how do you know all this, Miss Ansley?" Michael asked. She could tell he was getting excited.

"Sexual women have always been the ones to make history" she said, walking down the desk row. She was doing her best to imitate Miss Bianca's attitude by keeping her head (chin tilted up) in line with her spine, shoulders rolled back. Her heels clicked on the tile floor.

She stopped at Michael's desk, "no more questions" she sternly replied. She waited a couple seconds, then slowly twirled around to walk back to the front of the class.

"Theodora was aware of her sexuality, and used her beauty and art to capture the heart of Justinian, who was heir to the Byzantine throne. They say that Justinian fell in love with her after seeing her dance, but an old Constantine law prevented royalty from marrying an actress. So when Justinian became the emperor of his uncle's empire, he abolished the law and married Theodora. Theodora, once a prostitute turning tricks with her sister, became the most powerful woman in the world."

Janet paced from one end of the class to the other, letting her heels take effect on the students.

"Theodora was not only beautiful and seductive, she was also cold and powerful. During the Nika riots in 532, rival factions within the capital set buildings on fire and named Hypatius the new emperor. A mob formed outside the palace, and the men inside, including Justinian, wanted to run." Janet looked over the male students, "The men were afraid. The men wanted to abandon the palace. They didn't deserve to have their power. They didn't deserve to rule" Janet said, looking at Michael. There was no smart aleck response this time. Janet could tell that her students were captivated by her story.

"But Theodora, she didn't want to give up that power she earned. When the council of men were seated around her, wanting to leave the palace for safety, she lectured them about their duty. Theodora explained how she would take command of the situation, and stay in the palace. She commanded the men to stay at their posts and to die, if necessary, to protect her." Janet noticed one of the male students, Hector, was spread-eagled in his chair. I wonder if he's erect, Janet thought. She made eye contact with him, and proceeded to slowly walk towards him. Click, click.

"The men were overcome by Theodora's commanding presence, and her sensuality", Janet was now standing over Hector, who slinked down a little more in his chair.

"Do you know what they did next?" she politely asked Hector. She put her hand on his desk and leaned on it, revealing more of her cleavage to him.

Hector shook his head side to side, watching her intently.

"They obeyed. She commanded them, and they obeyed her." Janet saw Hector squirming in his chair, clearly uncomfortable with her emphasis on "obey". Janet kept the eye contact a little longer, then walked back to the front of the class.

"The men were so aroused by her actions that they took what weapons they had, and proceeded to attack the mob that threatened Theodora." Janet was looking for her next male victim. She saw Michael knocking his legs together. I know his cock is erect. She started walking over to him, and saw him tense up.

"Just like the men she seduced as a prostitute, she found she could command the obedience of the men around her, breaking their wills", she was now at Michael's desk, but he continued to swing his legs together. Not in my classroom.

Janet leaned over and put her hand on Michael's leg, halting it immediately. She locked eyes with him.

"The men she commanded killed 30,000 insurgents, including Hypatius. The rebellion was put down, like a dog by its master."

Janet continued to extol the power and strength of Theodora, as well as many other sexually-manipulative women, including Cleopatra and Elizabeth I. She told the story of how Cleopatra seduced Caesar by emerging from a rolled carpet, half-naked, taking him to bed that night. Janet also explained how Elizabeth I used her moniker as the "virgin queen" to tantalize potential male suiters from other nations.

When the bell rang, all her students were suddenly awakened to reality, like they had been in a dream for 40 minutes. She watched them all leave, looking them all in the eye before they left. Well that got their attention, after they all left. She went to put on her regular shoes and over jacket while judging how her performance went. Not bad, but what else would Miss Bianca do? She wondered.

Janet tweaked on her performance for her second class, adding in more teasing. She watched the students with interest as she absentmindedly traced along her neckline several times, or when she widened her eyes at a particular student. She had the same effect as before, bringing several male students to "attention", and commanding her audience's complete interest.

She hit a road block with her third class, and yet again, it was Antoine causing trouble-

"What's with the get up, Ansley? You workin' the streets after school?" Several students laughed.

What would Miss Bianca do?

"Antoine, you've earned yourself another after-school detention. Do you want me to call Officer Jones again?" She continued before he could respond, "Then let me finish my class. Go on your phone, I don't care what you do anymore."

Janet toned down her presentation for the rest of the class, having had her confidence shaken. Her performance for the fourth class wasn't as good either, since the thought of Antoine's brazenness still bothered her.

Janet made the necessary arrangements for Antoine to receive after-school detention, and strategized on how to break him.

He's already directly opposed me in class. The incident yesterday showed that. So now he won't give in to blatant seduction, realizing that it's still a part of this power struggle we have. I have to try a different tactic, and without him knowing it. That son of a bitch will pay for his disrespect.

Janet was waiting for Antoine at the detention center, and he walked in with a smug smile on his face.

"Sup Ansley?" he said.

"Can we go to my office to talk?" Janet pleaded with Antoine. He was surprised at her tone, but seemed to revel in her demure demeanor.

Janet walked ahead of Antoine, and could feel his eyes on her backside. Pig. When they reached her office, she closed the door and locked it.

"Please, sit down" she said in a soft tone. She waited for him to sit first, then sat in her leather-backed chair.

"I wanted to talk to you about our relationship" Janet said.

"Relationship?" Antoine asked, quizzically.

"Yes, our relationship. You see, I'm used to getting my own way, used to being in charge", Janet said. There was concern in her voice, and she avoided Antoine's eyes.

"But now I've lost control of the classroom ... and I can't teach my students anymore." Antoine was still trying to figure out where this was all going, but he liked what he heard.

"Well Ansley, it's like this- none of us students want to be told what to do. We don't go to school to follow rules. I don't know where you from, but at this school, we just tryin' to get by. Don't nobody want to be here." While he was talking, Janet removed her jacket, showing off the top part of her dress. He definitely glanced at her rack when she did so.

"I see" Janet said, "so is there anything I can do?"

"Naw, just let us be" Antoine replied, stealing another glance. "Don't be tellin' us what to do and whatnot. Like I said, don't nobody want to be here."

"Alright, Antoine. I see the students are in charge here. I won't keep you too long, either. Have to make appearances, you know?" Antoine nodded his head.

Janet paused in thought- "Can we be real for a minute, woman to man?" she blurted out.

"Sure" Antoine said. Janet stood up from her chair, and walked around her desk with her high heels on. She leaned against the front of the desk, legs pointed towards Antoine. He was trying to hide his confusion.

Janet looked up at the ceiling, and took a deep sigh, jiggling her chest. She knew where Antoine was looking.

"I don't know how to say this, Antoine, but I've been feeling repressed recently. Like I can't express myself, the way I want to be. You know what I mean?"

"Uh, sure" he replied. He definitely didn't.

"The past couple weeks, I've tried living my life like I'm still at Holy Rosary, my old school. We have to talk a certain way, dress a certain way, and act a certain way." Janet was crossing her arms underneath her boobs.

"But now that I'm here, I see all the students doing what they, saying what they want, fucking whoever they want." Antoine couldn't believe he was hearing his teacher swear like that.

"Do you have any girlfriends, Antoine?" Janet blurted out. Once again, Antoine couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Yeah, a few" he responded slyly.

"That's good, Antoine. It must feel so good to fuck whoever you want, no consequences. I wish I could do that." Janet put her hands on either side of her, on the desk.

"Between you and me, that's why I'm dressed like this" Janet said, staring down her dress. Her head was still tilted down when she looked up at Antoine, catching him looking her over. His eyes quickly went to hers.

"It's okay to look, Antoine. I want you to. That's why I wore this dress today. For you to look at it." Janet smiled.

"Do you like how my boobs look in this dress?" she asked, leaning over for Antoine to see. He seemed to like what he saw, and his legs widened apart. She spoke before he could say something-

"It's okay, you don't have to say anything." Janet lifted her leg up, pointing her high heel towards Antoine.

"I think the two of us can be close friends, would you like that?" she said coyly.

"W-what about your job, Miss Ansley?" Antoine asked. He coughed to get his voice back.

"What nobody knows, no one will care about. Besides, I'm ready to take some risks and enjoy life. Isn't that what you do?" Antoine nodded his head.

"Good. I think we can make this work, and help each other out. I'd like to continue this new person I am, and dressing the way I am now. You wouldn't mind if I dressed slutty in class, would you?"

"Nah, go right ahead. I kind of like the new you."

Janet beamed with delight, "I do too. It gives me confidence and makes class much more interesting. In return, I can give you a passing grade in my class. The only problem is, we would have to make it look like you weren't being helped. Hmmm"

Janet jumped off the desk, "I know!" She stepped towards Antoine, in between his legs. "I can have you come in for tutoring after school, right here in my office. But it wouldn't really be tutoring" Janet insinuated. Antoine smirked.

"I've never had a black man before", Janet said in a husky voice. "I hear they're big. Maybe we can do some role-playing after school tomorrow. Would you like that?" she asked.

Antoine's tone was more subdued, "Yes, ma'am."

"Call me 'Miss Ansley'". Janet nodded for him to respond.

"Yes, Miss Ansley" he said. Janet smiled again, and looked down at his crotch.

"Looks like you're ready to go right now" Janet said, spreading her legs against the inside of his. "But let's pick this up again tomorrow." Antoine didn't seem to have any complaints there. Janet walked to the door and opened it.

"I'll see you in class tomorrow" she sternly told him. He took the hint and got up from the chair, making his exit.

Time to do a little research, Janet thought, packing up her laptop before driving home.

When she arrived home, Janet noted the hole in the screen of her outside window, but never noticed that Isabel was missing.

The next day was a Friday, and Janet knew the staff at East Central wouldn't be in their offices after school. This allowed her to plan a special get together with Antoine.

To step things up a notch during class, Janet wore her sexiest outfit- a body-tight black midi dress with plunging neckline. Once again, she wore a padded bra that brought her breasts together. She kept the same hair style as before, with the straightened look, but accentuated her brunette color with red hair coloring throughout. Besides the hair color, Janet also bought new black eyeliner and volumizing mascara. The finishing touch was a fire-hydrant red lipstick.

The transformation for Janet could not be more complete. During class, she was the master of her classroom, acting as cock-tease for the boys and a role model for the girls. Every single student of hers was at attention, and would nervously answer questions when called on.

In fact, Janet wondered if the boys liked to be singled out and given one-on-one attention during class, or if it was too awkward for them. She was becoming skilled at judging her students' character, and practiced this by provoking the students with her powerful presence. During one of the classes, she asked a student a simple question, but the student became apoplectic and could not answer. Definitely submissive.

She certainly gave her boys a show, with her tight cleavage easily revealed under the black dress she wore. She was learning how to work her chest, popping it out for greater effect. Sometimes she would stretch and pretend not to notice the stares she got, but really she was timing their reactions and guessing their level of interest. She made it a point to lean over a couple male students from each class, delighting in the discomfort they exhibited through their averted eyes and stiff posture.

For the women, Janet guessed that her performance mixed with the subject material was pleasantly empowering to them. Janet doled out discipline for the boys, and encouragement for the girls. The girls seemed to take to her leadership very quickly, and didn't see her as a threat. There were a few lesbians in the group, too, which Janet discovered occasionally in her lecture.

Janet had reached near-total domination of her classes, and her students were now calling her, "Miss Ansley". The only problem student she had was Antoine, but that would be fixed soon enough.

Knock, knock

"Come in" Janet said. Antoine entered her office for more tutoring after school. As she predicted, no one else was in their office. Slackers, she thought.

"Have a seat" she commanded. As she locked the door behind him, Janet noticed that Antoine wasn't comfortable with her tone. I'll need to pull that side out of him. She waited for him to sit down first, then walked to the front of her desk. She leaned against the desk, hands on the edge.

"If we're going to do this, if I'm going to risk my job, then there needs to be some rules. First of all, you can't tell anyone about us- not your friends, not your girlfriends, not your family. This relationship will only work if there is trust. I need to have your word that you will never tell another soul about this. Deal?"

"Yeah, sure. Whatever you want" he replied. He was trying to hide it, but Antoine was getting excited. He probably figured they were going to fuck any second now.

"Second, we go at my pace. You will be teased, and sometimes feel humiliated, but you will accept it nonetheless. I promise it will be worth it." Antoine nodded his consent.

"Third, and this is very important- you are not to have sex, or even ejaculate, unless it is with me. That means no side chicks, no masturbating." Janet put her hands on Antoine's leg, spreading them apart.

"I promised to give you the release you need" she said, kneeling in between his legs. Antoine stared at her cleavage for a long second before looking back at her.

"Do we have a deal?" she asked him. She noticed a slight bulge in his pants, and made it's presence known by nodding towards it. "It looks like he's ready."

"I don't know about that last part" Antoine said. Janet had to become dominant.

"Miss Ansley" she corrected. "Look into my eyes and address me correctly" she commanded. She opened her eyes more to bring more intensity to them, and stood up. She leaned towards him, bringing her head above his and her breasts at eye level.

"I will make it worth your while. Every day after school, you will come to my office. Do we have a deal?" She imagined herself the snake, mesmerizing her prey. This was a test of wills.

"Yes, Miss Ansley" Antoine replied. Janet leaned back,

"Good. It pleases me to hear you say that, and to address me properly." Janet turned back towards the desk, and bent over it. Resting her head on a bent arm, she turned to address Antoine-

"You like what you see? Hmmm? You'd love to fuck me over this desk right now, wouldn't you?" Janet asked, as she tightened her ass cheeks.

"Yes ma'am, Miss Ansley" Antoine responded, starting to move.

"Nuh-uh. Stay in your seat, Mr. Johnson." Antoine complied. "When you are in my presence, you will learn self-discipline. You are not to touch me at any point, unless I allow it. Do you understand?"

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