Divided Loyalty
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by chris.lionofthenorth

Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A CIA agent is caught behind enemy lines and the KGB sends their top interrogator to crack him

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Hypnosis   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Light Bond   Big Breasts  

Jack was running out of time, and he knew it.

At the moment, he was alone inside one of the largest server rooms in the country, but that was not going to last long. His mission had a high risk of failure, and capture was not an option.

C'mon, where the Hell is it?

He was looking to access the designated server box so he could plant a microcontroller into one of the motherboards. This would allow the agency to remotely access the server and monitor its activity. It was the first mission of this type he had undertaken, and despite all of the training he'd received, Jack was getting worried that maybe another agent should have been tasked with this high-tech job.


Jack quickly ran over to the server box, and bypassed the lock on it.

Server input. Server output. Main processing unit. Motherboard. Motherboard ... Aha! Main processing motherboard.

He slid out the compartment, and found the hardware perfectly matched with the mental image in his mind. Quickly he inserted a small device onto a portion of the motherboard, and slid the compartment back in place.

He heard an electric beep sound, and knew he had to act quickly or he would be compromised.

To cover up his work, Jack quickly relocked the server box, then bolted for the exit. If he were to be caught, Jack knew that would mean certain torture, and all his years of training might not get him out.

The last thing I want is to live out my life in some Siberian gulag, Jack thought. Too cold.

Jack left the room without turning to see who was coming through the door. He knew anonymity was his closely guarded ally in missions like these, and showing his face could mean the difference between mission success and failure.

Jack ran through the industrial-minded hallways, adrenaline pumping through every part of him. His singular focus was to get out of the immediate area so that he could blend in with the rest of the personnel here.

Finally! Calm yourself, now, he scolded himself.

Jack had a powerful build at 6' tall and 210 pounds, and he looked all the part of the typical KGB agent, with his crisp military uniform and stern expression about him. He kept his blue eyes straight ahead, and tugged his military-style peaked cap down so that his face was slightly more covered.

As he was making his way through the main lobby of the building, Jack saw that the security station was still letting people in and out. He quickly walked to the turnstile exit, getting into the short line of people, when he noticed the security guard cocking his head to the side, as if listening for something.

Don't do it, Jack thought. Just let us out.

Thinking quickly, Jack surreptitiously moved ahead so that he was the second person in line.

Just one more...

Jack was practically on the heels of the man in front of him, and was nearly through the turnstile when his heart sank-

"Ostanovis' zdes'"

The security guard held his arm out as he was addressing Jack, barring him from moving forward.

Without thinking, Jack uttered a "Pozhaluysta, u menya yest/chtoby zabrat' svoikh detey iz shkoly"- "Please, I have to pick up my children from school"- to the guard.

If the guard was considering what I said, he showed no sign of it.

Shit, should I take him out? Jack thought.

Jack gave no outward appearance that anything was amiss, putting on the persona of a clueless observer in this situation. Based on the look of the security guard, though, no one was going to be let through any time soon. Jack glanced back towards the path where he had come, then...


Jack delivered a haymaker left hook to the back of the guard's jaw, right on the hinge. The guard crumpled to the floor, and Jack ran towards the building's front entrance. He slammed through the door, feeling the rush of cold air. Once again the adrenaline was pumping through him, and he felt the familiar feeling of panic again. He knew at that moment he was being chased.

I have to get out of the--

Then everything went black.

Jack was first aware of blackness.

Realizing that he was in trouble, Jack opened his eyes and bolted up. At least, he would have stood up, except he suddenly realized with panic that he was tied to a chair.

A bright light was shining from above, reflecting off the white walls and temporarily blinding him.

"on bodrstvuyet", ("he's awake") he heard.

Jack futilely tested his bonds, and groaned inwardly. He was in big trouble.

From what he could tell, Jack was in a small 10x10' cell with very little features to it- there was a halogen light above, the chair he was sitting on, and a single door not 5' away from him.

And of course a Russian soldier, blocking the door. He studied the soldier quickly, and could tell from the man's expression that he was specially trained, maybe Spetsnaz. The soldier did not have any firearms in plain sight, but Jack knew the man had something up his sleeve in case Jack wanted to make trouble.

Remembering his training, Jack calmed himself and thought of the cover story for who he was and why he was here.

Just then the door opened, and the soldier moved aside for another man to walk in.

"You can spare me the lies, whoever you are" he said with a Russian accent, "We know you are an agent for the American government". The man was shorter than the soldier, maybe 5'10''. He wore glasses and a similar uniform as the soldier, except it was a darker shade of brown. There were various insignia pinned to his chest, so Jack figured this man must be the one in charge, for now. He was slowly taking his black leather gloves off when

Jack responded,"YA ne ponimayu" (I have no idea what you mean). "YA rabotayu tol'ko..." (I only work... )


Jack felt the sting of the glove against his face.

"No more lies", the interrogator sternly intoned. "We know you were trying to access our servers, but what we want to know is why. I assume you will not cooperate", he paused, waiting for a reaction from Jack, and then continued, "So we will begin."

The interrogator nodded to the soldier beside the door, and then briskly left the room. As soon as the door shut closed, the soldier smiled at him.

Well, they can try to break me, Jack thought. I've been trained in counter-interrogation, so I know all their tricks. They can break my body, but they will never my will. Semper fi.

Jack remembered overhearing through the CIA grapevine about many successful spy exchanges in the past few years, so perhaps he would be one of them. From what he was told, all of the agents were not physically tortured. The Russians must have done so in hopes of getting their agents back in one piece, as well.

A gentlemanly agreement, Jack mused. You don't torture my guys, I don't torture yours. Jack only hoped that the CIA had more Ruskies locked up than Russia had Americans.

The soldier in front of him walked right to his chair and yelled, "What is your name? Who do you work for? Why are you here?" Jack was taken aback at the man's fury, but maintained eye contact with the soldier who was now towering over him.

Again the man repeated, "What is your name? Who do you work for? Why are you here?"

"My name is Alexei Federov. I am a systems IT engineer for Sukhoi here in Moscow. I am working on assignment from Sukhoi to monitor the government servers and protect them from outward attacks." It was the cover that Jack had learned, and he half-expected some sort of retaliation from the large man in front of him.

Instead, the soldier left the room with a smile. Like he was happy with my answer.

Well this is odd, Jack thought. I wonder what kind of game they are playing.

The soldier came back a minute later, bringing with him some kind of boom box. He set the boom box on the ground, and suddenly Jack heard the most horrible music ever made being played at unbearably loud levels. Jack cringed. It was some sort of death metal screamer band, except instead of drum beats, there were randomly placed discordant chords. The angry tone of the screaming/singing mixed with the irritating background music instantly put Jack on edge, and he subconsciously struggled to get away from the music.

His chair would not budge, however, since it was bolted to the floor. The soldier, on the other hand, appeared to have ear plugs in place, and was enjoying Jack's reaction to the tortuous sound being played.

The soldier left the room, but the device kept churning out its harsh vibes directly into Jack's brain. Jack tried to calm himself, but any exercise he tried in his mind was broken up by that unholy noise. It was taking all Jack had inside himself to keep his sanity.

The torture lasted for what seemed like hours. Then the light above him flickered with its own chaotic rhythm.

Jack finally let out a scream.

Commandant Ilya looked over his handiwork so far, carefully measuring his prisoner's emotional state. His cold blue eyes had no pity for the man sitting on the other side of the one-way glass.

Ilya was surprised at how well this man was resisting the interrogation so far- it had been a couple days of constant stimulation and sleep deprivation, yet this man still would not answer the same basic questions they asked.

The man's will is strong, Ilya thought. Much too strong.

Ilya knew that time was running out, and they still had very little knowledge of his prisoner's mission. The U.S. government was currently negotiating for the release of their spy. Ilya knew that as negotiations became more prolonged, the worse the terms would be for Russia. Both sides knew that the longer a spy was in captivity, the more likely they were to give up information. So if the Russians took too long to make a deal, the Americans would assume that their man was giving information to us, and would offer less.

This spy was specifically trained to withstand torture, to be sure. The U.S. probably knew which non-physical tactics the Russians liked to use to get their prisoners to talk, so they knew how long they had to get their man out. Ilya could not afford a failure here. He turned towards the soldier...

"Posvonite Fedodoru" ("Call Theodora").

Jack was delirious.

Strange images appeared in his vision, little shapes that went just as quickly as they came. Sometimes they looked like people, and he would talk to them. Sometimes they were monsters. They never lasted long, like the imaginations of a driver dozing off at the wheel.

And the music would still continue to echo in his brain, along with the high pitch ringing that resonated in his ears. There were times that the music was stopped, and he would question whether it was really gone or just his imagination.

The interrogators liked to work on a schedule, with questioning at the end of each sound torture interval. It was always the same- What is your name? Who do you work for? Why are you here?

Jack had resisted them at every turn, in part from his early training. The first line of thought he used was his understanding of the situation- Jack knew that the sensory overload from the lights and sound would put his body in a fight-or-flight response, so that he would never get any sleep. He knew sleep-deprived individuals were very susceptible, and that's what the soldiers were watching for in their questioning. The U.S. military used sleep-deprivation in their basic training, and Jack was familiar with it in the Marines as well.

The other mental exercise he tried was to hold onto the memories of his past. He liked to think about his family, friends, and colleagues at the agency. They had expectations for him, and he had to live up to them. Which led Jack to his last recurring thought...

The last thing Jack would do was mouth the words, "Semper fi". Always loyal.

And so Jack was using all these mental strategies to keep himself together, knowing that the next round of questioning was about to begin.

Semper fi. Just hold on a little longer, he thought.

"Are you okay?" said a female voice.

Jack did a double-take in his mind, trying to process what he just heard. Is this another hallucination?

Jack looked up and saw something totally unexpected- standing in front of him was a young woman in a fur hat and a long blue uniform jacket that ran down to her knees. She was obviously Russian, guessing from her pale skin and chestnut-colored hair. Jack noticed that the uniform cut her figure very well, and she was well-proportioned in the hips and especially the bust, although the uniform was still buttoned to her neck. She had crimson-colored lipstick on, but the last thing Jack saw was her piercing green eyes. They seemed much brighter and colorful than normal.

"Are you okay"? She repeated. She had a thick Russian accent, and it was beautiful music to Jack's ears.

Jack gulped, and felt a slight tingle in his crotch.

"I've been better" Jack managed to say.

The woman was standing at attention, arms behind her back. This presented her chest in a more appealing fashion, and Jack wondered how her breasts looked underneath that cutting uniform she wore.

While locking eyes, the woman took a step closer.

"My name is Theodora. I have been tasked with bringing about your release." Something about the way she said emphasized release and nodded her head down gave Jack chills. Jack kept staring into Theodora's eyes.

"For now, I just want you to relax and focus on my voice. Do not speak until I ask you a question." She took another step closer. Jack could smell a rich perfume in the air, and his heart quickened.

"Just listen to my voice and we will work on getting you out of here. You would like that, da?"

"Yes" Jack answered truthfully. Was she sent to save me?

"Very good", she smiled. Jack thought she had a pleasant smile.

"Just listen to my voice and you will be freed. You will finally go home. You want to go home, da?"

"Da". He wanted to go home so badly. Maybe she could help him.

"I want you to listen to me very closely", she said, taking another step towards Jack. She was now only a foot away from his chair.

"If you want to go home, you will have to focus. Can you focus on me?" She asked with a slightly concerned look. She knelt in front of Jack.

Theodora's scent seemed stronger now, and Jack could feel her powerful presence. Jack looked at those luscious red lips, and then remembered to focus on her eyes. All he did was nod.

Theodora smiled again. "Very good. It pleases me when you answer my questions. You do like to please me, right?"

Jack stopped to think for a second- do I want to please her? That doesn't make sense.

Jack felt a light touch on his knee, and saw that Theodora had placed her left hand there. She was making circles on his knee, which distracted Jack for a second. It was only then that Jack realized he had a full erection, and it plainly obvious to both of them.

Jack felt embarrassed, and didn't know what to say.

Theodora must've realized it, because she capitalized on it- "I see you think I am attractive. You do think I am attractive, da?" She was looking into his eyes again.

"Da", Jack said.

"Very good", she smiled again. "It is normal to tell beautiful woman she is attractive" she said as she took her fur hat off, releasing a torrent of rich brown hair. A cascade of womanly scent assaulted Jack as he stared at the shoulder-length hair.

"You do find me beautiful, da?" She asked abashedly.

Jack said the first thing in his mind, as he had been doing the last couple minutes- "Of course".

Theodora smiled at him again. "It makes me happy to hear you say that. You like it when I am happy, da?" She blinked her eyes for more effect. They were mesmerizing to Jack.

Jack didn't miss a beat this time- "Da"

"Very good. Now I want you to relax and close your eyes. Verrry good." Jack was pleased when he heard her stretch out the word "very", and he felt his heart beating loud in his chest.

"Relax and close your eyes ... Focus on my voice ... You are tired and need to rest ... But first you must listen to my voice"

Jack could feel his heart slow down, and his mind was finally quieting.

"Relax and listen to my voice ... Remember that this pleases me ... and that you think me beautiful woman."

"Feel yourself sink deeper and deeper into softness ... Sink deeper and deeper into darkness ... Only the sound of my voice to guide you."

Jack felt calm like he hadn't known in a long time, and focused on following the voice that guided him towards peacefulness.

"You are sinking deeper and deeper ... You feel yourself becoming lighter and lighter ... Following the sound of my voice ... Focusing on my voice and trusting it ... As it leads you to weightlessness." Jack continued to follow the voice, trusting it implicitly.

"Now your body is feeling numb ... First your toes ... Then your feet ... Slowly the numbness creeps through your body, and you welcome the feeling of weightlessness."

Theodora continued to intone Jack's instructions, slowly delving him deeper into his subconscious.

"Now at last you are floating ... Being led by my voice ... With nothing around you ... Only you and my voice"

"When I count to three, only your mind will return to your body, and you will open your eyes. You will continue to listen to my voice, and follow my instructions."

"1" Jack felt his mind moving in some direction.


"3" Jack opened his eyes, and stared straight into the eyes of Theodora. Although he was only aware of what was in front of him, Jack was no longer attached to the rest of his body.

"Very good, now tell me, do you want follow my voice?"

"Yes" Jack said in a monotone voice.

"Very good. Do you still find me beautiful?"

"Very much so" Jack said in the same monotone.

Theodora didn't need to keep smiling for Jack. "Very good"

"It please me when you tell me I am beautiful woman. And when I am pleased, you are pleased, too. Tell me again I am beautiful woman"

"You are a beautiful woman" Jack said. He felt something inside him, something warm.

"What is your name?" Theodora asked. The next answer would tell her how far her prisoner had progressed.

After a second thought, Jack responded, "I ... I can't tell you that". Theodora was watching the young man struggle, and knew that she had to change strategy now. Even though he was resisting her now, it was only a matter of time before Theodora got what she wanted. Theodora always got what she wanted.

He is already under hypnosis, it's only a matter of time, Theodora thought. She had to set this up right, though.

"A name is power", Theodora said. "I have given you my name, but I do not have your name. Your name is tied to who you are. It defines you, makes you a man. Gives you power. This is something you will not give me?"

"Yes, I can't tell you my name"

"That is alright. You may keep your name. Let us focus on me again. Tell me I am beautiful". Theodora stroked Jack's leg again to distract Jack's attention from the danger of the situation.

"You are beautiful" Jack said.

"Very good. I am pleased. And this pleases you, da?"

"Yes" Jack repeated.

"Very good. Follow my voice and listen to it well. You like the sound of my voice, da?" She inched closer to him.

"Da" replied Jack. Theodora knew from the man's word choice that she was regaining her traction with his subconscious.

"You feel strong attraction for me, da?"

"Da" said Jack, quickly.

"This pleases me." Jack felt a small wave of warmth again. He liked to please her.

"Listen very carefully to me. You find everything attractive about me"- She watched him intently- "my feminine scent ... my green eyes ... my legs ... my hips ... my breasts ... my lips ... my hair ... everything." She got the reaction she wanted, and smiled evilly. "You agree?"

"I agree"

"Verrry good. This pleases me. The more you are around me, the more you become aroused. The more you smell me, the more intoxicated you become. Every time I touch you, you will feel pleasure." She tested this by touching his inner thigh. Jack inhaled sharply.

"You can feel the pleasure building inside of you, but you will not cum. You will only cum when I command it."

Jack was slowly nodding his head in agreeance.

"Very good. This pleases me"- Jack felt his cock twitch. His mouth was getting dry.

"You can feel your arousal increase every second that I am near you. You long to touch me, to caress me, to make love to me. And your arousal will increase the more I tease you." Theodora unbuttoned the top button of her jacket, revealing a thin, smooth neck. Jack could only stare longingly.

"But you will not cum until I command you to. Do you understand?"

"Yes" Jack whimpered. He was glued to her every movement, hot with anticipation.

"Very good. This pleases me. Are you aroused?"

"Yes" Jack said, innocently.

"My every movement is like a drug to you, driving you deeper and deeper into lust". She unbuttoned herself again, this time on the lapel by her right shoulder.

"You feel yourself losing control. You want your release so bad, but you cannot cum yet, my little pet. You feel yourself weaken as I tease you" she said, taking off another button. Now Jack could see the top of her cleavage, and her breasts were as massive as he presumed when he first looked her over.

"Feel the excitement build inside you as you fall deeply in love with me, with every part of me. As I reveal my sex to you, you lose more and more control over yourself." At this, Theodora unbuttoned the last of her uniform, and parted the jacket in the middle to reveal her bosom.

To Jack, they were the most heavenly breasts he had ever seen. Theodora had found out which part of her Jack liked best, and she brought her chest closer to him.

Theodora was now only wearing a small dark green bikini to hold in her 32F's, and the bikini had a supporting effect on her breasts, making them bulge out of the top. Had Jack been looking anywhere besides those soft, milk-white globes, he would have noticed that the rest of Theodora's body was well-toned as well.

She undressed her pants, revealing long, powerful legs.

Jack gave a muted cry, his mouth agape. His arousal had built to such a high level that his cock was rock hard, ready at any moment to blow his load and grant him release. In desperation, Jack strained against his chair and the binding that held him, trying to bring his crotch closer to Theodora.

Theodora noticed this, and thought she should tease him just a little bit longer.

Theodora took her hand and caressed herself from the neck down to her breasts, making wave-like patterns with them. She watched the prisoner struggle against his seat some more. She definitely enjoyed this part.

Theodora kept egging Jack on with the same commands about pleasure, while simultaneously caressing herself all over- from her body, to her face, her breasts, her matching bikini bottoms, and her legs.

"Here, let me help you with that" she said, sweetly. She unbuttoned and unzipped Jack's pants slowly, while also bringing her chest close to his face.

Jack's cock popped out of his pants like it was on a spring, and the dark purple coloration meant that Jack had been hard for a long time.

"You want to cum, da? Cum for me?"

"Yes, please, I need to cum" Jack wailed.

"Would you do anything for me, to let you cum?" she asked. She straddled his lap, and grasped his member with her right hand.

Her chest was now inches from his face.

Jack grunted before offering a pitiful "Yes, anything".

"I will let you cum for me when you submit to me. And when I let you cum, my pet, you will no longer remember me. You will not remember this place. As soon as you cum, you will black out and forget that I was ever here." Theodora leaned in closer, covering his face with her chest. "What is your name?" she whispered in his ear.

"I ... I...", he stuttered.

She began stroking his cock, slowly.

"You will tell me your name, or you will not cum. You cannot resist me."

Jack offered no reply, as he was too entranced by the feeling of her hand on his cock. The pressure was building in his balls, and he needed to ejaculate soon. His breathing deepened. With every stroke of her silky hands on his shaft, he felt more and more of his will fading.

Jack could feel her hot breath in his ear, which made the pressure worst- "Your cock is mine, my pet. It longs for release, and only I can give it. I tease you as long as necessary, but you will break for me. You will submit to me." She stroked faster now.

"You long to submit to me. You knew it when you first saw me. You are no match for my sexuality, my breasts, my eyes, my touch.

Give yourself to your desire. Give yourself to me." Jack lifted his head up, as if trying to get away for one last time. But all he could feel was the bliss from his cock, and the build up in his balls. He bucked his hips to reach orgasm, but in vain.

"Submit to me, obey my every word. You cannot resist me any longer." She pumped feverishly on his cock, and her breasts bounced in rhythm. Jack could not withstand any more.

"I control you now. You cannot resist my sex. You want to submit, da?"

"YES, YES, WHATEVER YOU WANT" he screamed out.

"What is your name, pet?" She asked

"Jack Harrison, Jack Harrison, Jack Ha-"

"You may CUM"

Jack felt a rapturous explosion in his brain that he never felt before. His body jerked as shot after shot of cum erupted from his cock, granting him the final release he needed. His eyes closed and his skin tingled in ecstasy. At first the spurts fired off against Theodora's taut stomach, but she quickly adjusted herself so that she could point that beautiful spasming cock into her mouth.

Dominance tastes good, she thought. Ruthless men often exalt the feeling of their slain opponent's blood on their hands, but I prefer the cum of a man's submission.

Theodora watched Jack fall asleep, exhausted from the ordeal she put him through. His cock still twitched occasionally, like the second hand of a clock. She knew he was depleted in more than one way though, so she rested his rapidly deflating manhood on the chair.

Now that Theodora had finished focusing on Jack, she realized that she was in the midst of her own fierce arousal. She couldn't help getting off on other men's (and women's) submission. It was the dominatrix inside her. She stumbled a bit to the door, buttoning herself distractedly.

Too bad he couldn't last a little longer, she mused, as she brought her hand to her crotch. I would've enjoyed some release myself.

Maybe I still can.

"On budet pozvoleno spat' v techeniye neskol'kikh chasov (He will be allowed to sleep for a few hours)", Theodora explained to Commandant Ilya. She had taken her leave immediately after the short, but fruitful, confession from Jack, to take care of personal business. But now she was in control of herself, and had to make sure the next steps were done precisely the right way.

Commandant Ilya nodded curtly, "My sdelali neobkhodimyye prigotovleniya, kak vy prosili (We have made the necessary preparations, as you requested)". Commandant Ilya could not help but be impressed with Theodora, because Jack had defeated Ilya's attempts at interrogation. He hated asking for help, but certainly it was the right call. Russia took foreign spies very seriously, and there was a lot of pressure from his KGB supervisors to crack this one, without any physical torture. Time was still running out, though, since they needed to know whatmJack was doing in their server room. The network engineers had already combed through every server there, finding nothing, and the Americans were about to drop the idea of a prisoner exchange very soon.

Commandant Ilya looked over at Theodora, who was overseeing the last preparations. His standing in the KGB interrogation unit depended on her. Mother Russia depended on her.

Jack woke up abruptly, feeling someone shaking him. He sat up in a simple bed, and saw a young woman talking to him.

"What?" Jack asked.

"I said, we need to get you out of here. Can you walk?" Jack checked himself out, and found nothing wrong with himself, other than a deep throbbing pain in his head. He put his hand there, and felt bandages.

What happened to my head, he thought.

"You hit your head when you were running out of the Defense Ministry building. A damn forklift was just sitting near the exit, and you ran into a steel beam. Knocked yourself clean out."

Jack looked at the woman, but didn't recognize her. She was young, probably in her late 20's, with nice brown hair and green eyes. She only wore a little cover up, and she had a pink lipstick on that reminded him of peonies back home. Jack was appreciating the smoothness of her skin, which was pale but beautiful. The lipstick goes well with her complexion, he thought.

Oh shit, Jack thought, the mission. But who is she? She has a Russian accent.

"Jack, we need to get out of here, now. I was sent by the agency to extract you, but security is going to figure out that you're not really from Sukhoi. C'mon".

Yes, that sounds right. I was using that cover to gain access to the server room, so I could plant the microcontroller. I was able to plant it in time, but couldn't get away. Wasn't I captured, though?

The woman grabbed Jack's wrist and pulled him up. Jack saw that she was dressed as a nurse, with a white polo shirt on and white pants, and Nataliya was embroidered on her chest.

Wow, she's got a nice rack, Jack thought. The polo was buttoned up all the way, but her chest was definitely large for her size, and it stretched the fabric on the front. From the chest down to her waist, the polo just seemed to dangle, and Jack wondered how fit she really was underneath there. Jack saw that the woman had tight-fitting pants that hugged her shapely hips-

"Jack" the woman interrupted.

"Sorry, you seem familiar to me". Jack was trying to hide the fact that he was checking her out.

"That's because we've met before. In Brussels, 2004. You probably don't remember my name, either." The woman seemed irritated with Jack, and Jack wondered if he had done something inappropriate with her.

"Uh, sorry no. What is your name again?" Jack said, apologetically.

"Monica, now let's go." Monica peered around the white curtain that gave their alcove privacy, then looked back at Jack and gave him an exasperated look.

"Put your clothes on" she said impatiently. Jack then realized that he was in a hospital gown, and quickly reached for his clothes. It was the uniform for a Sukhoi IT employee, with his cover name on it. He thought about whether Monica was going to give him some privacy, but she turned around again.

"Would you hurry up? It's nothing I haven't already seen."

Oh, so that's what we did in Brussels, Jack thought. He was admiring Monica's backside with the occasional furtive look as he dressed himself.

When Jack was ready to go, Monica slid the curtain to the side and calmly walked to her left. Jack followed a few steps behind. He couldn't help but notice how tight those pants were, and how great her ass looked.

Focus Jack, he said to himself.

The two of them walked through the white-walled and artificially lit hallways for another minute, before Monica seemed to notice something was wrong. Jack caught up to her.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"I saw security moving toward the medical unit. We are still in Defense Ministry building. I think they're trying to find you. We need to get to the parking garage. Here" She grabbed Jack and brought him into an elevator. Just as the doors were closing, he saw security guards pass the elevator doors.

An arm poked through the doorway, opening the doors again. A couple personnel casually walked into the elevator, which was already full.

"Mozhem li my imet' nekotoruru komnatu, pozhaluysta (Can we have some room, please?)" one of the men coming in said.

Monica sighed, and pressed her body back into Jack.

Jack, realizing that there was still some room against the back of the elevator, inched to the wall. Instead of staying where she was, though, Monica kept moving into Jack.

Jack felt Monica's firm and round ass against his crotch, and her proximity brought a pleasant scent as well. He felt himself hardening, and hoped she wouldn't notice. He noticed that from his vantage point, he could look directly down her chest.

Jack avoided looking in that direction out of respect, resisting the temptation to take a peek. It's bad enough she's on my crotch.

The elevator rocked a little, and everyone tried to keep their balance. Monica grabbed the metal railing on either side of Jack, and pressed even further into him. While doing so, her back arched so that the back of her head rested on his chest.

Jack couldn't help but stare down at her chest, which was expanded from her arching. He saw the tops of the massive milk-white globes held within a lace-trimmed white bra, and he felt the desire to fall into the crevasse there. He continued to stare as she tried to regain her balance, sliding her body up on him in the process. The whole ordeal elicited a groan from him, which he hoped no one heard.

The elevator finally reached their destination, and Monica reached for his hand. Jack was hoping she would put his hand somewhere on her body, but instead she gently pulled him out of the elevator. He felt like a puppy being led on a leash.

If Monica noticed the erection tenting his pants, she didn't show it.

"We have to get to my safe house, quickly", she said. Jack didn't want to argue with that.

After calling a taxi, Monica and Jack got in and looked around to make sure they weren't being followed. Luckily, security wasn't anywhere nearby, so they should have a clean getaway.

After the driver was told where to go, he asked them, "Tak chto prinosit vam dvukh molodykh lyudey, v seredine dnya (So what brings you two young people out in the middle of the day?)". Monica and Jack looked at each other, and Monica quickly added, "My sobirayemsya obratno na svoye mesto dlya bystrogo pereryva (We are going back to my place for a quick lunch break)". Monica held Jack's hand in her own, and they stared into each other's eyes for a while. It felt romantic.

Damn, she's good, Jack thought.

The driver gave a knowing nod, and kept his eyes on the road for the rest of the ride.

After the taxi dropped them off, Monica and Jack walked half a block to what looked like an old, brick apartment complex. She greeted an older woman in the building with a "Khoroshego dnya (Good day)" before leading Jack upstairs and into her apartment.

"We are safe now", she said.

The apartment was big, with a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and large recreational area. It was furnished with a queen-sized bed in the bedroom, many dressers, chairs, and a couch. It lacked in decoration, but it was not the dump Jack expected. One thing caught his eye though, and that was the silver dancing pole in the living area.

"I thought this was a safe house" Jack smartly remarked, nodding towards the pole.

Monica was in the other room, so she didn't see what Jack was referring to. It took her a second to respond, as if she had to think about what to say. "This is my apartment, it is closest safe place to the Defense Ministry building."

"Oh, I see what you mean", Jack said. Now that Jack thought about it, it was odd for Monica to have called this a safehouse, when she was actually living here.

"My assignment here in Moscow was to collect information on a dangerous oil baron named Grigory Dmitrovsky. He's involved in many illegal activities- firearms, drugs, black market. The agency thinks he may be connected with terrorists in the Middle East." Monica looked around the doorway of her bedroom into the living room, sporting a thick fur coat. She saw Jack leaning against the pole, with a devilish smile on his face.

"So what's this for?" he asked.

Monica looked embarrassed, and stammered, "It's for work".

"Or is it a hobby of yours?" Jack asked. "Or maybe a new career in case the agency doesn't work out?" Jack winced as soon as he said it, realizing he was stepping over the line. He was about to get it now.

Monica's voice came back from the bedroom, "You think this is just a hobby? Sit down in chair and close your eyes." Jack got excited at the prospect of seeing this woman semi-naked, even if she wasn't good at pole dancing. He plopped down on the vintage brown leather chair, and closed his eyes. This woman had been on his mind since waking up in the medical clinic, and the elevator tease must've been her way of signaling her interest in him. They obviously had a history together, and it was good fortune that their paths crossed again.

"Open". Jack looked, and saw Monica standing in a shiny black leather suit jacket that was cropped above her belly button. She wore a tight black leather pencil skirt, which showed off her shapely hips. As Jack had guessed, she had a toned stomach and small waist that accentuated the curves of her breasts and hips.

"Do you like?" She asked him.

"Da" he remarked. Monica smiled unexpectedly, and Jack felt like he was on the outside of an inside joke.

"Very good. I like that you like outfit. It pleases me", she crooned.

Okay, Jack thought, she's into the fantasy stuff. I can play along too.

"Yeah, babe. You're so sexy in that outfit. Makes me want to make it rain." Was that what she was going for?, Jack thought

"Very good. I will tease you now." With that, she languidly walked around the pole. Grasping the pole with her left hand, she leaned forward and swung around the pole. With her pencil skirt, however, she couldn't move her legs to regain balance, so she was dangling off the pole, her lower body dragged behind her.

Jack tried stifling a laugh, but Monica saw it. It was then that Jack smelled something familiar.

"How about this?" she asked. After lifting herself up with her arms, she disengaged from the pole and walked towards Jack, swinging her hips in exaggerated fashion. She turned around to let Jack see her backside, and slowly bent over as she unzipped her skirt. Her ass popped out of the skirt, sporting a black leather bikini. Her heart-shaped ass was waiting to be taken, but Jack stayed in his seat.

Wait a minute; shouldn't I be calling in with Langley to let them know what happened with the mission?

"Uh, Monica, not that I'm not enjoying this or anything...", she was rocking her ass back and forth now, and he was having a hard time concentrating " ... but shouldn't we be contacting ... our superiors?" Monica stepped over the skirt, and slowly turned her body to face him.

"You worry too much. I have taken care of everything. They are aware of our situation, and we have a few hours to kill." Monica was groping herself on top of the jacket now, and Jack knew what was coming next. "Just relax and let me take over."

Jack listened to Monica and quelled the thoughts of concern. There's time for that later.

Monica gripped hard at the lapels of the leather jacket, and ripped them open, revealing a black leather bra underneath. The shock of the movement jiggled her chest, which Jack followed closely with his eyes. He watched her chest intently, noticing the crease above her boobs, made by the pull of the bra on her enormous breasts. The cups of the bra fit her perfectly, giving her breasts a perfect round shape, with a small amount of breast peeping out toward her shoulders.

"You are speechless, I see. You cannot talk." Whether it was a statement or a command, Jack didn't know. She took a step closer. A waft of scent assaulted his brain, numbing it. "You feel your mouth dry. You cannot talk. Only listen."

Jack did have a dry mouth, and gulped to alleviate it. Monica took another step in a straight line, her thighs rubbing against each other. Jack could feel the powerful gravitation pulling them closer. It felt as though his erection was being pulled towards her, yet he couldn't move.

"You will listen to my voice, and follow my instructions. It pleases me when you listen to my voice. You want to please me, da?" she asked.

"Da" he breathed. His mind was quieted, focusing only on her body and her voice.

"Verrry good. It pleases me when you follow my voice." She smiled at him, and he felt a familiar warmth inside him.

"You will obey my commands without question, and then I will reward you" she cooed, kneeling on Jack's chair. Jack sat motionless, watching her.

"You completely trust me, da?" She arched her back, bringing her chest forward, then started gyrating her chest in slow circles.

"Da" Jack said, meekly.

"Just listen to my voice and do as I say. You like it when I tell you what to do" Jack nodded. "You want to obey me, to let me think for you. Your mind is blank until I fill it with my commands. Say it."

It took a second for Jack to respond, "My mind is blank until you fill it with your commands."

"Verry good. You please me." Jack responded with a half-smile, but quickly returned to his slack-jawed state.

"And now I reward you for your obedience." Monica unzipped Jack's pants, and gingerly pulled his cock out. It was less purple than the day before, but it pulsed with vibrant energy. She was careful not to touch the sensitive parts near the head.

Jack groaned, continuing to watch Monica gyrate.

"You have no thought of your own, only what I tell you. You will obey my commands without thinking, because you trust me completely. Do you trust me?" she asked

"Yes" Jack monotone.

"Completely?" She asked again.

"Yes", was the same response.

"Verry good. It pleases me that you trust me and obey me without question. Now listen very closely..." She knew that while Jack was in a suggestive state, he still wasn't under hypnosis, and could orgasm at any second, "I want you to think back to the server room." She let go of his cock, slowly. "Listen to my voice and follow my commands. Did you complete your mission in the server room?"


"Very good. It pleases me that you told me that" She watched his cock, hoping she hadn't pushed him too far. After a few seconds, she continued, "Tell me what you did in the server room"

Jack paused for a second. Monica lightly grasped his penis, bringing him to full attention.

"I planted the microcontroller on the motherboard of one of the servers, then left without leaving any evidence" Jack said.

Monica bent down towards his face, and licked him on the cheek before whispering, "Which one?"

"Third row from the main entrance, furthest from the window" Jack replied.

"Verry good, Jack. You have done well to tell me. You want to tell me everything. You completely trust me and adore me." She pressed her breasts into Jack's face, while stroking his cock.

"Tell me you submit to me" she whispered.

"I submit to you" Jack whispered.

"Louder!" she harshly whispered.

"I SUBMIT TO YOU, aahhhh". Jack convulsed with his orgasm, spurting uncontrollably. The entire time he ejaculated, he stared at the breasts of the woman who so completely controlled him, mind and body. The feeling of submission to her voice and her body was once again ingrained into his subconscious, though he didn't know it yet.

Theodora smiled as she felt this man once again give into his desire for her. Sexual domination was her favorite thrill, and she had practiced it many times, all of them successful. No man or woman could resist her sexual power, and every step she took was carefully crafted to ensnare her foe's mind: she perfected her body's femininity through strict diet, exercise, and cosmetic surgery, she used the purest pheromone-laced perfume Russian chemists could make, and she practiced the powers of persuasion and hypnosis like nobody else.

Theodora walked over to her bag, grabbed her phone and sent a quick text.

She had all the information she needed from him now, and would soon return him to Commandant Ilyas. No doubt the Russians and Americans would still make a deal for a prisoner swap.

Theodora returned to the leather chair where Jack was passed out. She quickly cleaned up the mess, and returned Jack's penis to his pants. After zipping him up, she once again knelt on the chair, and pinched him on the arm.

Jack awoke to see Monica straddling his lap. His mind was foggy with the afterglow of sex, but he did hear her say,

"Focus on my voice, Jack. Close your eyes and listen to my voice. Let it take you deeper and deeper."

Jack closed his eyes. He liked listening to that voice.

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