Popping Amy

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2016 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A young girl gets what she needs

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Billy lay on his bed on Saturday morning, the day after his 14th birthday, his penis standing up proudly from his fuzzy groin. He looked down his fast-growing and well-muscled body at it and smiled, watching it quiver, proud of both its size and shape and the fact that, if he left it alone, it could stand there for ten minutes or so without further stimulation. He also knew that it could ejaculate straight up for a foot or more with a bit of manual encouragement.

The boy had been working hard to develop his muscles and his penile power, doing Kegel exercises, lifting weights and masturbating vigorously at least twice a day. He could now stop his urine stream and hold it for ten seconds or more and do it several times. He closed his eyes, smiled and brought his plastic ruler to stand beside his rigid cock, pushed his erection next to it, raised his head and squinted.

"Damn," he said aloud. "Damn, damn, damn. It's still only six inches. Shit!"

The boy was disappointed, and he tensed his belly to try to get the domed head to rise. He had measured it at the beginning of the summer, after a growth spurt that had him wearing size nine shoes, and he had been growing steadily, arms and legs as well as weight, but his stupid penis was just five inches back then and just a fraction over six now. "Damn." He smacked it with the ruler, rolled out of bed, found his favorite sock and stroked his prick until he felt his juices flowing.

Then he clamped down on his PC muscles, held his rigid penis firmly at its thick base and stumbled to the bathroom, released his pressure and ejaculated with a cry of relief. He splatted two thick ropes on the tiled wall as he milked his member and then two more down the length of the bathtub, turned on the shower and got in to wash off the evidence and sooth his sore manhood.

Dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, he sat and ate his breakfast, feeling inadequate. All the pictures he saw in the Internet showed boys and men with immense cocks, both long and thick, servicing females, pricks eight, ten inches long and as thick as a beer can.

Brazzers' samples were his favorites most days. His all-time favorite was a girl called Mina sucking a man's 12-incher although that tool was not very thick and he was pretty sure might have been ten inches and not twelve.

There was one he often looked at of a girl sucking a boy's upright cock and then climbing up to impale herself. That was what he wanted. His was, he was now sure, stunted and he would never get laid.

There were ads for creams and devices, all of which were, he knew, false. He had been doing some stroking, jelqing as it was called, but decided it had no effect as many men had reported.

Into the kitchen trotted his sister's friend Amy, a buxom youngster of sixteen who did not believe in bras but did exercises she was sure were better for her, push-ups and muscle-tensing that lifted her heavy bosom and strengthened her pectorals. Boys approved widely because Amy had a fine, soft, jiggling pair that were fun to watch, especially when she ran.

"Where is she?" Amy asked.

"Went with her mother, school clothes shopping I think."

"Shoot, I overslept." She pouted nicely and plunked herself down on the boy's lap and snorted, bouncing and licking her lips when she felt his cock tense.

Billy hugged her and mashed her pillow-soft boobs to his chest, and she lifted her face to be kissed.

"How long we got?" she asked, wiggling.

He shook his head.

"Till they get back?"

"Oh, hour maybe, not sure."

"Then we've got lots of time. Come on, Billy, I want you to bonk me, to be my very first."

"Whoa," he said, excited and surprised. "How old are you?"

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