Initiating Zoey

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2016 by realoldbill

Sex Story: Getting paid to enjoy a virgin

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Reluctant   Incest   First   .

Zoey Kurtis was one of those girls that many people envied. She was rich and beautiful, a talented singer and pianist, a first class swimmer and diver, and a very personable young lady. She was also, on the eve of her 16th birthday, a virgin.

For the last couple of years she had dated widely and well, mostly from her own social class and had experimented with a few recreational drugs and some wine and beer. She had stroked a few cocks and had her breasts groped several times, but she was not eager to copulate.

So early on the morning of her birthday, she was surprised when her 20-year-old brother came into her room without permission, skinned off his pajama bottoms by her bed and then turned back the covers and got in beside her, a smile on his face and his prick very hard and erect. She saw it and blinked having seen many on the Internet. Her brother’s hard member was hardly frightening, only about four or five inches and pretty thin, hardly anything to fear, her mind told her. She squealed. “What are you doing? Go away. Are you crazy?”

“You’re legal, ” he said, pulling her to him and kissing her mouth roughly as he pulled up the short and frilly nightgown she wore, the top of a set of what were called babydolls by some. “So you might as well be useful instead of just decorative.”

‘Stop Jimmy, ” she pleaded after pushing him away and wiping her mouth.

“Come on, sweetie, somebody’s got to be first. Might as well be me, right?” He rolled atop her and kneed her legs apart, smiling down at her stricken face, his rigid cock on her belly.

She swung at him, and he grabbed her wrist and then somehow got both them in his grip above her head while he fondled and stroked her groin which she had kept nearly hairless because of her tight tank suit for the swim team.

She felt a finger poking and then slipping into her vagina and arched back and kicked her feet. “No, don’t, ” she gasped just before he covered her mouth with his and poked deeper, hurting her. She whimpered.

“You’re dry, Sis, better give in and get ready to enjoy it. It’s going to happen. I’m going to pop your cherry and pump you full of my jism. Ready?”

He pulled her pillow down under her rump and rubbed his slick cockhead up and down her slit, trying to find her clitoris with his glans and then set his ram at her barely wet lips and pushed. “Hope you’re not fertile right now.”

Her brother had been initiated with a prostitute when he was fifteen, one of his father’s many girls in fact, and he had been sexually active ever since but seldom enjoyed the same girl twice. His lovemaking was, to put it nicely, inadequate, abrupt and unsatisfying. He paid for most of his sex.

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