Robin and the Catwoman

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 1995 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Fan Fiction Sex Story: When the Boy Wonder awoke to find himself the captive of the Catwoman, he was relieved to find that he hadn't been unmasked. Little did he know that his secret identity was the least important thing he would lose before morning

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fan Fiction   Light Bond   First   Oral Sex   .

“Oh my head.” Robin whispered as he stirred awake.

It took a few moments for him to fully regain consciousness. His last memory was of chasing someone across the Gotham rooftops, now he was in someone’s apartment.

“I’ve been captured!” He screamed in his mind as he suddenly realized he was under restraints.

Taking a deep breath, he willed himself to think calmly, just as Batman as taught him. Take stock of the situation, then form a plan of action.

The room was in semi-darkness, illuminated only by the moonlight filtering through the skylight. Bright blue eyes surveyed the loft. Not much to see. A studio apartment, very nondescriptive. Could be anywhere in Gotham City—or for that matter any city. A small bed, three dressers, small kitchenette. Then he noticed two suitcases in the corner. Someone was either just moving in or ready to move out.

Next he again tried his bonds. No good, they were strong leather straps. He was strapped to some sort of homemade wooden table, attached to some sort of wheel and pulley system that allowed the bed to be raised and lowered. He could be turned straight up to a standing position or laid flat. Currently he was locked into an forty five degree angle. If anything, it reminded him of something out of those old Frankenstein movies.

“Ok, I’m not strong enough to break out of this.” He said to himself. “So let’s consider rescue options.”

Across the room he could see his bright yellow cape and green gloves draped across a chair. He couldn’t see his utility belt anywhere.

“Figures, that’d be the first thing they took.” Robin said to himself. “The homing transmitter would make rescue all to easy.”

Then the sixteen year old adventurer made another futile attempt to loosen his bonds. In his mind he reviewed the events leading up to his predicament.

He’d been on the way back from making a personal appearance at the new Gotham Boy’s Club over in West Douglaston when he spotted a dark figure exiting a tenth floor window of the Diamond Exchange. He’d tried Batman on his cycle’s radio but got only static. It would be impossible to follow the figure on the streets, so he bat-roped to the roof and took off after the thief.

Despite his years of circus acrobatic training, continued and improved on by the Batman, Robin was unable to do more than keep the dark figure in sign. Whoever they were—they were good. After about ten minutes he was about to give up, he’d lost the burglar somewhere near the waterfront. Flipping on his portable radio, he was about to check in when he caught a sudden movement off to his right.

The green and red clad boy whirled around and quickly took off across the roof. He was only a few seconds behind his adversary when he suddenly felt himself falling. Robin had only a split second to realize that the rotting roof of this long abandoned building had given way beneath him. Then he was engulfed in darkness.

“Well Dickie boy, you really did it this time.” the Boy Wonder said. “When Batman catches up to you he’s really going to read you the riot act about taking off on your own.”

He really didn’t want to consider the possibility that Batman wouldn’t catch up to him. Or that his captor might have planned a fatal conclusion to the nights adventure.

Who was his captor? That was a good question. Was it the shadowy thief he’d chased across the rooftops? Or was it someone who’d just stumbled upon his unconscious body in that empty warehouse.

One good thing in his favor, aside from a low grade headache and a few minor bruises, he didn’t seem to be hurt. Another thing in his favor was that he was still wearing his mask, meaning that whoever had brought him here didn’t know his Dick Grayson identity. Not that he was famous or anything, but he’d been photographed with Bruce enough times for someone to have seen a picture. If Bruce Wayne’s ward was moonlighting as Robin, could there be any question about who was Batman.

Far off in the distance, Dick heard a clock chiming two. He’d been unconscious for almost three hours. Batman had to be out looking for him by now. But looking where?

For the next twenty minutes that thought dominated his thinking. Without that utility belt, it was going to be pure chance that he was found. Could his captor have already left, abandoning him here. If that was the case, he might never be found.

That morbid concept was suddenly interrupted by the sound of padded footsteps on the roof. Followed by the appearance of a dark form at the edge of the skylight.

“Batman?” Robin whispered under his breath.

Half of the old style skylight opened and the shadowy figure dropped into the room. With a catlike grace the silhouette landed on the hard wood floor. Still covered in shadows, it moved across the room to a light switch next to the door.

“I can tell you’re awake, ” Said a soft melodious voice as she hit the light switch, flooding the room with light. “No sense is trying to hide it.”

Illuminated by the twin rows of track lighting that covered the opposite walls, She stood revealed. Clad in a skintight dark purple jumpsuit, she wore a tight fitting cowl with small cat ears. Although she had never been photographed, Robin had no doubt as to her identity.

“You’re the Catwoman!” He said in an excited voice.

“Well that’s pretty obvious... ” She responded as she walked across the room. “Any other revelations?”

As she stood on front of him, Robin couldn’t help but be impressed by her purple clad body. He’d always thought Batgirl had a hard body, but next to the Catwoman she might as well been a boy.

“I must’ve been out of my mind bringing you up here.” She said as she tossed a small carry bag onto the bed. “If I was the hardened criminal they keep writing about in the papers I’d have left you back in that warehouse. The way some of those rags write about me I should’ve slit your throat, just to keep in practice.”

A slight shiver ran through Robin at that suggestion. Then he told himself that if she wanted him dead, she already had ample opportunity.

“Why did you bring me up here?” Robin asked.

“I was impressed by the way you tried to keep up with me back there at the Diamond Exchange.” She began. “No ones ever even spotted me on a job, and here you were on my heels for over a mile. When I saw you fall through that roof, I doubled back to see how badly you were hurt.”

“To be honest, I only spotted you at the Exchange by accident.” Robin interrupted, figuring better to keep on her good side. “And I was about to give up when you bolted out of that last cubby-hole.”

“Well that makes me feel a little better, ” She said as she smiled. “I take great pride in my abilities.”

She paused as she pulled off her cowl, revealing short black hair. She looked to be about 27, with features more cute than beautiful. Running her fingers across her head, she combed it into an almost boyish style.

“Where was I? Oh yes, I doubled back to see how badly you were hurt. At first glance, your injuries looked a lot worse than they really were. You landed in a pile of garbage bags, they broke your fall. Nothing was broken, I’ve had paramedic training. At first I figured I’d just call an ambulance and get out of there while the getting was good. Then I spotted a group of waterfront dregs already watching from the broken windows. If I left you there, you might not be alive when the boys in white showed up.”

“Thank you, I’m grateful.” Robin said emotionally. “I really mean that.”

“I believe you do” Catwoman replied. “I’ve never killed anyone, never wanted to be the cause of anyone else’s death. Unlike most of those costume clowns running around this city, I’m only in this for the money. Let them play their power trip games while they try and outfox the Police and Batman. I’m content with having never been seen, only glimpsed.”

“Until now... ” Robin said, suddenly feeling a little insecure.

“Until now... ” Catwoman repeated.

A long silence hung in the air until the Catwoman finally spoke again.

“I guess I have to make sure that you can’t tell anyone about the Catwoman.” She said.

Robin’s face went pale with her words and he felt his body grow suddenly cold.

“Since I already passed on my chance to do away with you... ” Catwoman said. “I guess I’ll have to kill the Catwoman instead.”

“What?” Robin asked, certain he had heard wrong.

“Kill the Catwoman.” She repeated. “If she doesn’t exist, then your description doesn’t matter does it?”

Robin let out a sigh of relief.

“I’ve been planning to retire the tights after a few more jobs, ” Catwoman continued. “I guess I should take this as a sign that it’s time. No sense tempting fate. After all, I already have enough money. All safe and sound in the best banks.”

“Catwoman ... I... ” Robin began.

He was cut off as she placed am outstretched index finger against his lips, signifying silence.

“I told you, from this moment on, there is no Catwoman.” She said softly. “My name is Selina.”

“Selina... ” He corrected himself. “I was wondering... ”

“You’re wondering what I’m planning to do with you?”


“Well, seeing as you don’t need immediate medical attention.” Selina said. “I figure I’ll just leave you where you are and call the police with your location when I leave here in the morning. It’s not as if you’re going anywhere before then.” She added as she ran her gloved hand against the edge of Robin’s table.

“I see your point.” Robin replied.

“Interesting little toy, isn’t it?” Selina noted as she adjusted the strap across Robin’s chest. “The woman I subleased this loft from was heavily into Bondage and Discipline. When she went to Europe for the summer, she put most of her toys into storage, but she had to leave this one behind. Haven’t had any use for it until now.”

“Lucky me.” Robin answered.

With Selina only a foot away from him, Dick found himself becoming increasingly aware of her as a woman. The soft natural redness of her lips. The bright green of her eyes. The enticing curve of her breasts. In his mind he was having difficulty concentrating on being Robin. He felt himself slipping back into Dick Grayson, with a 16 yr old’s hormones. He was relieved when Selina turned and started to walk away from him. Watching her as she moved, the Boy Wonder couldn’t help but note—she had a beautiful ass.

“Oh by the way, ” The black haired woman said as she stopped and turned. “If you’ve been looking for your utility belt, it’s not here. I found the micro-transmitter and the homing device in it when I carried you up here. I turned it on and dumped it across town on the Oakridge section. Wouldn’t want Batman showing up unexpectedly would we?”

Selina spent the next hour packing her belongings in the two suitcases Robin had spotted earlier. She had laid out a change of clothes, but except for the gloves she had removed earlier, she still wore the purple jumpsuit of the now “deceased” Catwoman.

“There, ready to go.” Selina announced. “It’s still a few hours till sunrise, No sense it drawing too much attention by leaving while it’s still dark.”

Robin was counting the minutes until he would be free. The sooner she was gone, the sooner he would be out of here. So intent was he on this idea, that he didn’t even notice at first that Selina was stripping out of the purple catsuit right in front of him.

“I hope you don’t embarrass easily, ” She said as she pulled the form fitting outfit down her body. “But there’s barely room in that bathroom to shower, much less change clothes.”

Embarrass wasn’t the word for what Robin felt. The flush he felt in his reddening face was nothing to the warmness between his legs as he felt his dick growing hard. Stripped of her tight purple jumpsuit, Selina exhibited a lean firm body that any professional athlete would envy. Her breasts, while not large were perfectly formed, held in place by a black sports bra. Every muscle was toned to perfection, the result of endless hours in a gym. By the time she was down to just her bra and matching panties, Dick could feel his cock straining against his dark green briefs.

It was at that moment that Selina pulled off her bra, letting her small breasts pop free. The sign of those firm mounds and the small pink nipples atop them was more than Dick could stand.

“Wow!” He exclaimed softly.

He hoped that she hadn’t heard, but she had. She smiled at his comment and then walked over to him. Try as he could, it was impossible for Robin to hide his hard on.

“I guess I’ll take that as a compliment.” She said as she noted the large bulge in his shorts.

Giving in to temptation, Selina reached down with her fingers and traced the outline of Robin’s cock through his briefs. Surprised to find that erect it measured almost seven inches, she laughed as it jumped at her touch.

“I guess that’s another reason they call you the Boy Wonder.” She laughed.

Robin didn’t reply, but her fingers had felt nice against his cock, even through the material of his shorts.

“You know, that also answers another question I always wondered about.” She continued as she retraced her fingers in the opposite direction. “I always wondered if Batman and you were queer. I mean why else would a grown man run around with a teenage boy unless he was buggering him. I can see that at least you like girls.”

“Batman’s no queer!” Robin called out.

“Well I guess I’ll have to take your word for it.” Selina replied as she gave his cock a playful squeeze.

Impressed by the hardness in her hand, Selina made a decision.

“I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but I have to take a peek.” With that she gripped both sides of his green briefs and pulled both them and his underwear down to his knees. Released from the tight confines of his costume, Robin’s cock sprung upward, pointing to the ceiling in all its youthful splendor.”

“Wow!” Selina said. Now it was her turn to be impressed.

Rather than be embarrassed, Robin was proud that she was impressed.

“I bet you have girls lining up at your high school to have a turn at that.” Selina said as she cupped his balls in one hand and ran her nails alongside the thick shaft.

Dick tried to hide his response, but for a moment, his expression betrayed him.

“I can’t believe that, ” Selina said in surprise, “Not with a body like you have and equipment like that. No way you’re a virgin.”

But Dick knew that he was. It wasn’t that girls hadn’t been interested. Many had, and more than a few had made their interest crystal clear. Yet if was impossible to let anyone get that close. He couldn’t take the chance that anyone might find out he was Robin.

Watching the expression change on the teen’s face, Selina knew that indeed he was. Still stroking his erect cock, she was overcome with sudden desire.

“You know, I’ve stolen just about everything of great value you can think of. Cash, jewels, stocks.” She said. “But I’ve never stolen anything as precious as a boy’s cherry.”

Robin looked right into her eyes and knew that she wanted him. To be totally honest with himself, he wanted her as well.

“Until now... ” Selina concluded.

With that she dropped down and took Robin’s throbbing penis into her mouth and began to suck softly on it.

Robin couldn’t believe the incredible sensation as he felt the wetness of Selina’s mouth engulf his manhood. Every nerve in his cock was alive and as her tongue passed along the length of his dick, it sent sparks throughout his body. Beginning at the base of his balls, Selina began to lick and kiss her way to his crown. Licking the underside of his cockhead, she brought soft moans of delight from his lips. The she wrapped her lips around it once again and deep throated his length.

Pushing against his restraints, Robin struggled to push more of his cock into her willing mouth. With what movement he had, he began to thrust his pelvis, face-fucking Selina. Reaching down with her free hand, Selina freed Robin’s legs from their restraints. His legs now free, the Boy Wonder was able to double his gyrations, bringing a smile to her cock filled mouth.

Already she could taste the first drops of precum on her tongue. Selina knew that Robin was close to exploding. Gripping his balls and pressing on his urethra, she tried to hold him back as long as possible. At the rate he was pumping, it would only be seconds more. As her mouth finished an upward motion and had just begun to recover the crown, Selina’s mouth suddenly filled with an explosion of hot, sweet, boycum.

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