Tiffany's Debute

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2016 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A lovely girl become a porno star

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Rough   .

I signed lovely young Tiffany to do a series of short, soft-core pieces for a pornographer I knew and had worked with, a man of some taste and talent. He promised she would not be injured and paid us top dollar after seeing her bare in his office, up on her toes and spinning slowly before him, arms raised and eyes closed. Even I got hard watching her and her tight-lipped pussy. But then, I knew I could have her anytime, anyplace and in any manner. She was thoroughly and permanently hooked. And she was only fifteen.

The series was called "A Date with Tiffany." I did not like them using her real name but since we had a contract, I did not complain. The first one was called "First Date." It was and is a beauty, a gem, and the costuming was wonderful. I quickly agreed to several more and romped the luscious girl until she begged me to stop, something she seldom did.

Her co-star was a handsome stud in his mid-20s with a really impressive up-curved cock and the stamina of an adolescent. He picked her up in his black Corvette and the camera followed his eyes to her lovely and nearly bare breasts as she wiggled into the seat belt, her tiny skirt barely covering her talented twat, her mounded thighs invitingly spread and her hard nipples straining the clinging cloth of the brief blouse barely covering them and baring her belly.

The camera car followed them into town, showing Tiffany's hair blowing and the tiny in-car camera showed the young man stroking her plump thigh and his hand slipping a spaghetti strap off her shoulder. Her pink tit moved in and out of her dress as he played with her nipple. Tiffany's left hand dexterously unzipped him and dove into his fly.

Into the theater they went, arm in arm, and then cuddled in a back row, holding hands, stroking thighs, until the boy tried for a breast, and Tiffany pushed his groping hand away, but then she kissed him, open mouthed, and petted his cock, which stood bare and upright, shining in the glow from the screen. She went down on it, bobbing and slurping.

They picked up Cokes and french fries at a drive-through and then parked up in the hills, overlooking the town and moved to a picnic bench. They did some kissing, pawing and struggling, much of it in close up without dialogue, just hands and legs, and ended up with the boy's mouth at the girl's lovely breast, her frilly top up around her neck and his hand under her short skirt, pulling on her thong.

The camera followed Tiffany's fingers as she unzipped her date's pants and lifted out his huge cock, nearly fully engorged, standing up and jerking about while she tried to calm it with gentle strokes.

The damn thing looked to be about ten inches long and a couple of inches wide, a first class monster the way it was photographed from beneath.

They got a wonderful close up of the girl's face when she first got a good look at the rearing ram, her mouth open and eyes wide. I don't think it was acting.

The young man pulled off Tiffany's tiny panties with her wriggling and moaning help, and then went down on her, and she held his head between her thighs and did a most impressive job of simulating orgasms, snapping her head from side to side and squealing.

Satisfied she was his and ready for fucking, the boy climbed atop the luscious youngster and tried to stick his huge cock in her young pussy.

"I've got to get home," she said sweetly as he pressed at her sex lips but was unable to penetrate. The close-up was incredible - it was like a battering ram at oaken gates. He spread her legs impossibly wide and pushed one knee back to her ear. The camera angles were wonderfully graphic.

"Another few minutes," he begged, arching up so the camera could see the size and shape of his bent manhood. It really was impressive, a thick spear with throbbing veins. Tiffany's sex lips were hairless and closed, a tight-lipped slit.

"You're too big," Tiffany sobbed, kicking her feet high, grasping her thighs and spreading herself for him.

"Are you a virgin?" he asked angrily.

"Uh uh," she said, "but I'm only twelve."

"Damn, damn, damn," the young man said after a few more futile attempts. Back in the car, Tiffany went down on him and captured his cock head with her lips, lapping away as the screen filled with the man's shaft and the girl's mouth.

He gasped when he came and cum oozed from the girl's lips as she bobbed up and down.

Tiffany sat back, straightened her clothes, fluffed her hair, licked her pouting lips, adjusted her blouse and smiled at her date as he started the car. "Better luck next time," she said as they drove out of sight.

The second one, called Tiffany's Big Date, started in the shower and as the camera parted the translucent curtain, there was naked young Tiffany washing her hair and half covered with bubbly suds. After she rinsed, she worked on her body with a sponge, rubbing and stroking as she turned about and managing to get her nipples fully erect and two fingers in her slit along with an oval bar of soap.

From the wall she took a hand-held spray nozzle and rinsed herself carefully and then placed the bulbous head in her groin and shot jet after jet up into her vulva until she gasped and came, resting her free hand on the wall for support, her head bent, mouth open, hips moving in simulated coitus.

Out of the shower, she dried her hair and wrapped it in a towel while she bent and displayed her luscious parts. Camera slowly panned her wet body. The kid's jugs was incredible.

She sat on the toilet seat, spread her legs, rubbed shaving cream on her stubbly mound and then shaved what little hair she had until only a tiny wisp of golden curls remained above her tight-lipped slit. She wiped herself and fingered her puffy lips, smiling at the mirror and turning sideways to look at her heart-shaped ass.

Then as footsteps were heard, she tossed a towel aside and stepped out to face her older brother, played by a blonde young stud who did have a bit of family resemblance as well as a long, thick cock.

"Whoa," he said, grabbing the naked nymph and dragging her to his room where he closed the door. "Do me a favor, Tiff," he said, sitting her down on the side of his bed and opening his fly.

She looked up at him, wearing only a towel about her hair, batting her eye lashes and licking her lips. "Sure," she said with a nod.

"Suck me off," he said, flipping out his sizable cock, "then I can last three times as long in Sandra."

"She's such a bitch," Tiffany said, stroking her brother's big erection and feeling his balls. She licked his purple glans into her mouth and the camera backed up to show the girl with just a towel on her head trying to swallow the boy's erect penis while he stroked her tits, and she massaged his muscular butt. He didn't last long as she hollowed her cheeks and fingered his balls. Semen slid off her chin as he squeezed her nipples.

When her brother came, he bent over his sister's head and gasped. The pretty girl licked off the last drop and stood to kiss her brother's mouth.

Then she hurried to her room and locked the door behind her, leaning against it and smiling as she fingered a gob of her brother's spew from her mouth and wiped it on her startled tits with their upright knobs.

When her nipples were hard again, Tiffany got two slim dildoes from the bottom drawer of her dresser. She lay back on her bed, licked one device until it glowed with her spit and then slipped it into her tight vagina, screwing it in, adjusting the clit tickler and then turning it on so that it buzzed faintly.

Then she sucked on the other dildo, a flexible one, moving it in and out of her mouth until she managed to get it well down her throat. Then she moved it up and down with her tongue and throat muscles and turned the thing in her cunt up two notches, bouncing on the bed in the throes of passion.

Writhing from side to side, Tiffany came again, gushing out clear fluid around the dildo in her cunt. There was a knock at her door, and she spit out the cock in her mouth and let her brother in, flipping her covers up over her groin.

"The folks are home," he said, "you better get dressed." He flicked at her hard nipples and then left.

Tiffany put her toys away and began to dress, pulling on a pair of tiny thong underpants and then adjusting a lacy half bra under her beautiful breasts and tweaking her nipples again with a smile at her mirror image.

She donned a crop top that displayed most of her stomach and hung from two narrow straps that ran beside her full globes. She belted on a leather skirt that was four or five inches above her knees and then slipped into some slides with three-inch heels. She pirouetted before her mirror and then worked on her eyes with a tiny brush and put on her lipstick and licked her lips and pouted at the mirror.

Tiffany checked her small purse and saw that she had three ultra-thin condoms and her cell phone. A horn sounded from outside and she hurried down the steps, waved to the living room and ran out to the car where her date waited, slavering as he watched her big jugs bounce and her long legs flash.

She jumped into the car, kissed him quickly and grabbed her seatbelt.

That was the end of the half-hour show.

The third Tiffany tape was called Tennis Date, and this show began with three boys and Tiffany playing doubles tennis. There were many shots of the girl running, lunging, stretching and bouncing about in her tiny white dress, her buttocks nearly bare and her breasts bouncing freely in and out of the low neckline.

The boys were in shorts and t-shirts while the girl wore a slim and slinky tennis dress that clung to her ripe body and almost fully displayed her breasts when she bent for a low shot. Finally Tiffany hit a shot that dribbled over the net and the boys on the other side cheered as she dropped her racket and lifted her arms high.

"That's it," said her dark-haired date, hugging her. "You did good."

"I was awful," she said, hugging him and lifting one knee, "and you guys were just being nice to me."

"Let's take a swim to cool off," he suggested, his hand cupping her rounded butt. "See you down at the pool. The three young males trotted off, and Tiffany gathered up her stuff and walked to the dressing room, various parts jiggling wonderfully.

In the wall a board opened up and an eye appeared. "Here she comes," her date said, stepping back. "Take a look."

The other two crowed in and then they started taking turns as they stripped off their clothes and pulled on swim suits, all three growing increasingly tumescent.

Tiffany, ignorant of her audience, got out her blue bikini and sat down to take off her shoes. Then she slithered out of her tennis dress, pulled off her tiny pants and tied on her even tinier bathing suit which barely covered her sex and her nipples with three triangles of stretch material. She looked at herself in the mirror and then went outside while her panting audience sighed.

The boys hurried out and all three groaned and then whistled when she appeared. She gave them a happy wave and dove in the deep end. Soon all four were playing and splashing each other. No one else was in the pool and there was no lifeguard on duty since it was early in the day.

The top of Tiffany bikini soon came sailing out to land at pool side and the girl squealed as several eager hands peeled her out of the bottom which soon hung from the end of the diving board.

For the next fifteen minutes the tape detailed the various couplings the boys had with the young girl in the pool, often with one behind her and another up on the side with his cock in her mouth.

There were a few interesting underwater shots of joined youngsters bouncing off the pool's bottom and writhing and humping as they surfaced. Each boy fucked the willing girl at least twice but it was hard to tell in the flurry of waves, froth and activity.

Toward the end, when she escaped the tired males, her date captured her and hauled her out on the high board, ten meters above the water. He spread her long legs and lanced her while she wrapped him in her legs, and they bounced and nearly fell off several times before he came and then dove in to give way for another of the young men to step forward and enjoy Tiffany's charms.

He flipped the girl over and entered her from the back, finally pushing her right off the end so they fell to the water, still tightly joined. After that they dressed and Tiffany's date took her home, happy and exhausted.

"That was fun," the smiling girl said after she kissed him and opened the car door.

"How about next Saturday morning, some more tennis?"

She smiled and closed the door, leaned against it grinning.

Tape four was called "The Friendly Neighbor." It opened on the interior of frame garage where a young male knelt with wrench in his hand.

"Hi Billy," Tiffany said as she stepped into the garage where the shirtless boy was working on a motorscooter.

Backlit, she seemed to glow.

He stood, smiled at her, wiping his hands on a rag and said, "Hi."

"Can I borrow your bike? Jack asked me to go riding with him tomorrow and my gears are jammed."

"Jack Miller. He's a senior."

"Uh huh, so?" the girl asked and stepped closer to the boy who was barely as tall as she was.

"So, well, he's got a nasty reputation, I mean with girls."

"He's always polite to me. Can I?"

"Sure," Billy said, rolling out his bicycle, "but let's check the seat. I think your legs are longer than mine."

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