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Science Fiction Story: Hell, heaven and hot showers. Caution: this is a dark story.

Tags: Rape   Slavery   Science Fiction   Caution   Violent  

Warning: This is a dark story. Check the codes. Caveat lector.


Master Ben did it to me today. He's not too bad, he only hit me twice and smiled once. He's fifteen, just a year older than me, so he finished too quickly. I'd only just started to get the nice feelings when he came. I'll need a new pencil soon, this one is getting too short.


Master Ian took me to his cabin today. I don't like him one bit. I think he's the one who killed Mom. He did it in my butt, which really hurt, and then made me suck his dick clean. Yuck. At least he didn't pinch my nose closed while he had his thing down my throat. He does that sometimes and I usually pass out. I think that's how he killed Mom. After she disappeared he didn't fuck any of us for a month. That was probably his punishment.


Two hours listening to the Commander talk, like every Sunday. When the Swarm arrive they'll eat all the alien lovers, muslims, ni--ers ... yada yada yada. Real white Americans will be too strong for them to attack, so once the aliens have cleaned America of all the subhuman un-American trash then real white Americans will easily drive them out and rebuild America the way it should be. Then the chants of, "Earth First! Earth First! Earth First!" Same thing every week. It's always too cold with no clothes on. I can't wait for summer.

After the talk they killed Megan. She'd gone strange – for the last week she'd sat in a corner pulling her hair out in clumps. Her scalp was all bleeding. She didn't dig her grave when they told her to, she just sat there ignoring them and pulling her hair. The Masters took turns raping her while Ava and Fay had to dig it. If you dig your grave they just shoot you. Megan didn't, so they tied her hands and feet, cut off her breasts, threw her in the hole and buried her alive. When my turn comes I think I'll dig my own grave. If I've not gone strange like Megan that is. Without Megan there are only thirteen of us slaves. They'll probably go looking for more soon.


Sorry this is in red. I couldn't find a proper pencil, just this red crayon. It's not too difficult to sneak stuff out when you're cleaning the kids' classroom; they're so messy. There's always paper in the trash cans as well. That's why the drawings of American flags and George Washington on some of these pages.

Master James did it to me today. He likes us to smile while he's doing it and tell him how big his thing is. Silly. His is only average. Talking isn't going to make it any bigger. He hurt my nips though, he twisted them real hard.


They captured two more people today, a man and a woman. They shot the man right off, like they did with Dad and Eddie. The woman got angry and kicked Mistress Helen. They staked her out in the courtyard by the flagstaff and all the Masters had a turn with her. They left her there for the rest of the day so anyone could do it to her. Mistress Helen peed on her face. I don't know her name yet. She'll join the rest of us once they've finished punishing her. We all feel sorry for her, but having her there gave us a break while the Masters were busy with her.


OK, a lot has happened as you can probably tell. This is on nice new paper, and I can write as much as I want. I've got a brand new pencil and four more lined up for when I need them. I can get as many more as I want just by asking! That's nice. No more sneaking around to steal paper and pencils.

So, Thursday night I wrote my diary (in red!) and went to sleep. Bethany (the new woman) was moaning out by the flagstaff. I woke up in the dark, maybe three in the morning, and it was too quiet. Usually you can hear wind in the trees or some animals, but I couldn't hear anything from outside – not even Bethany. I could hear the others breathing (and Nikki snoring) but nothing from outside. I heard someone get up, walk to the door and open it as much as she could – the chain was always a bit loose. It was Erika. She called out, "Wake up everyone. Something's happening."

We got up and Maria lit her candle. The windows had something gray just beyond the bars, and there was the same gray thing six inches outside the door. "That looks like a Confederacy barrier field," someone said – I think it was Anita – "I saw one once."

"If the Confederacy are here then it might be to rescue us," Erika said. "For the moment we can only settle down and wait. Save the candle, Maria, we might need it later."

We all waited in the dark. I hugged Tyra. Were we being rescued? I really really hoped so. I tried not to hope too much because if we weren't then it would be too sad.

It seemed like hours we waited but it probably wasn't. The chain made a noise, the door opened and three new people came in. They had flashlights so we were all dazzled at first. Two policewomen in blue and this really tall woman in green. It was a rescue! I got so excited that I made a big spectacle of myself and fainted.

Here's something to cover the gap. I didn't see any of this part except at the end.

After Action Report – Summary

The compound had been under surveillance for five months, to forestall any direct anti-Confederacy activity by the group. None was observed, either from drone overflights or by monitoring communications.

The Thursday surveillance flight showed a woman being assaulted while staked out in the center of the compound. The AIs were able to match her face from CAP records as Mrs. Bethany Scott and we passed her details to local police. Shortly afterwards, state authorities asked about possible action to rescue her.

Our force was available to move that night. State SWAT teams would need two days to prepare and move into position so we were given permission to assault the compound. Five local police officers, two female, were assigned to assist.

The previously prepared night-assault contingency plan was used for the attack on the compound, with adjustments for the added local police officers and a protective field to cover Mrs. Scott.

The mission team was two Marine platoons with full night-fighting equipment. Sergeant Gorokhov was assigned to liaise with the local police, who were strictly instructed to stay clear until the fighting was over.

The operation started at 0253 hours.

Once the protective fields were in place over the captives' quarters and Mrs. Scott, drones took out the sentries on the west side of the outer perimeter. Two fire teams moved clockwise and anticlockwise round the perimeter, picking up the other sentries as the drones stung them. The main force advanced to the central encampment.

Huts were assaulted individually. A fire team gathered by the door, a drone-generated soundproof field surrounded both the team and the hut. The team entered the hut and secured the occupants. Use of the soundproof field ensured that the occupants of other huts were not alerted prematurely.

The plan worked well with minimal problems. The local police officers were co-operative.

Friendly Casualties: 0 dead, 1 wounded (subsequently healed).

Enemy Casualties: 1 dead (self-inflicted gunshot), 2 wounded (minor).

Eighteen male prisoners, seven female prisoners, twelve children and fourteen former captives, all female, were secured.

Prisoners were transported to Big Mountain and handed over to local police custody. Children were transferred to state Child Protection Services. Former captives were taken to the moon for medical treatment. We have agreed to keep them available to provide witness statements to local police as necessary.

Sunday – Continued

I wasn't out for long, and I felt really embarrassed when I came to. Ava and Tyra helped me out of our hut. It was bright outside with this light just hanging in the sky. There were lots of really big people in green guarding all the Masters and Mistresses. Most were laid out flat, unconscious Nikki said, the rest knelt on the ground with their hands on their heads. Erika noticed that Katie was in with the Mistresses, so she went over to talk to one of the big people. They were Confederacy Marines of course.

Katie had been in the Commander's hut. He was the only one allowed to keep us in his hut overnight. All the other Masters had to get us back to our hut before they locked us in. The Commander always did us twice, once at night and again in the morning. We had to sleep on the floor handcuffed to a metal bracket, but at least his hut was warmer than ours. The best thing was that he made us take a shower. A hot shower! That was really good. Otherwise we only got cold showers twice a week. When I got here I had a really long hot shower the first morning. Then I had breakfast and then another long hot shower. I've got a lot of hot showers to catch up on.

A woman Marine was talking to Erika. Erika's older than most of us so she's sort of our leader. Anyway, once she'd finished talking to the Marine she told us that they'd be taking us to the moon for medical treatment. The local hospital was too small for all of us, so we'd go to the moon. We weren't being extracted as we'd need to talk to the police after.

They gave us these awful gray shifts to wear. They apologized, but that was all they had with them. We could get better clothes once we were on the moon. Then we went back into our hut to get any stuff we wanted to keep. I just took my diary, crayon and sharpener. There wasn't anything else I wanted. They put this transporter thing on the ground and we all walked onto it to go to the moon.

First they took us all to medical, which was this big white room with lots of big metal tubes. I got in one and fell asleep, though I do remember dreaming about a burning house. The others said I was in there for almost two hours. All my bruises disappeared and my butt wasn't sore any more where Master Ian had hurt me. Is he still Master Ian or just Ian? I think Bastard Ian is better. I really don't like him.

They've put us in two apartments with a shared common area for all of us. We have hot showers and anything we want from the replicators. We're two to a room so we don't have to sleep alone. I'm sharing with Tyra. Our shower is really big so we can both use it at the same time. Just as well for Tyra, I'm using it a lot. Some of the others went overboard on clothes, but I just got jeans and a red tee. I did go a bit wild with pencils though.


They rescued us very early Friday morning. We've had Friday, Saturday and Sunday resting here in the moon. We've done a lot of crying, hugging and smiling for three days. And I took lots of hot showers! Anita and Katie had their pregnancies terminated, though Maria decided to keep hers. Mom got me an implant before my birthday, so I didn't have to decide. I don't know what I'd have done if I'd been preggers. It must have been awful for them either way.

We have this counselor, Charlotte. She's really nice. I gave her my diary to copy and pass to the police. I want them to know what happened.

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