Going for the Juggler

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Cast - A story in the Damsels in Distress Universe. Hero Lincoln is trapped on Earth with no portal and a hysterical fiancée. Lisa is trapped on Chaos. Wilson is trying to kill Cadence. And there is a crazy lady next door with a gun and a Corvair. In this exciting conclusion to the Hero Lincoln Trilogy, Lincoln and Cadence face a 41-story leap of faith, mythical creatures, twins, and stranded companions. Everything is up in the air until it hits the ground.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Pregnancy  

This is part 3 of the Hero Lincoln Trilogy in the Damsels in Distress universe by Lazlo Zalezac. As a refresher, in case it has been a while since you read book 1, Sleight of Hand, and book 2, Romancing the Clown, Hero Lincoln was paralyzed in a hit and run auto incident and bound to a wheelchair for five years before his first adventure. Thanks to the healing chamber and rigorous physical therapy, he is now hale and hearty. But, weapons training is new to him and he depends more on his abilities as a minstrel and entertainer than on his ability with a sword.

So far, he has taken only his Earthly caretaker, Lisa, with him on his adventures, waiting to take Cadence until she graduates from high school. But Lincoln's brother, the husband of Lisa and supposed father of Cadence, has attacked, attempting to kill Lisa, and nearly succeeding. Lincoln escaped to Crossroads with her and got her in the healing chamber. But during their subsequent adventure on Chaos, Lisa decided not to return to Earth with Lincoln because she would be a liability when he came out of the portal to confront Wilson. Lincoln apparently succeeds in thwarting Wilson's nefarious goals, but discovers that Wilson has damaged the portal and he cannot return to Crossroads. Oh, what shall we do?

This story includes magic, music, dancing girls, danger, intrigue, sex, and—like most DiD stories—horny Cassandran women. Sort of. Many thanks to Lazlo for creating this universe and allowing other authors to test their skills against the rules of Chaos!

Here is a list of the continuing characters in this trilogy and of the new characters in this episode.

On Earth

Lincoln: the hero. Former paraplegic. Actor, singer, guitarist, juggler, magician.

Lisa: the earthly caretaker. Lincoln's sister-in-law and Cadence's mother. Has nursed Lincoln since his injury and supervised his healing at Crossroads. Disguised as a man, she is known as Master Lees on Chaos and manages the circus on Lincoln's behalf.

Cadence: the companion. Lincoln's niece and lover. Revealed to be Al Pesciano's granddaughter and heir. Can't wait to get to Chaos and rescue her mother!

Wilson: Lisa's ne'er-do-well husband and Lincoln's older brother. Now seeking the fortune that Al has left his granddaughter.

Al Pesciano: the boss. Dead. Cadence's real grandfather who leaves her as heir to his somewhat shady business enterprises.

Mrs. Smith: Lincoln's next door neighbor. Elderly grandmother type with a quite bawdy sense of humor.

Gino: Al Pesciano's consigliere.

Paolo: Cadence and Lincoln's bodyguard.

A lawyer, a judge, and various Capi and lieutenants of the families.

On Crossroads

Persephone: Lincoln's caretaker on Crossroads, advising him regarding missions, loving him when he is present, healing him when he returns, and facilitating his impregnation of the damsels he rescues. Brilliant teenage intellectual with degrees in several areas.

On Chaos

Gabe and Raphe: the innkeeper brothers on Chaos who work for Linc.

Legs: the dancer. Short for Allegra, niece of Niccolò.

Saul, Melody, and Harmony: the kids. Brother and two sisters forced to be cutpurses but now in the employ of Lincoln's Show.

Thorin: Allegra's bodyguard. Trained by Duke Niccolò.

Niccolò: the Duke. Runs the citadel High Castle and trains troops to guard the southern frontier.

Lord Chang: Danny Sun's former companion. Stranded on Chaos when Sun was killed in the slaver war. Now a warlord in the South.

Khan: Bandit lord and former associate of Chang's.

Various brigands, performers, guards, and colorful characters.

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