Casey Loves to Have Fun

by Bill Smith

Copyright© 2016 by Bill Smith

Erotica Sex Story: My first story (ever) it's about a teenage girl who experienced a lot of family attention growing up and now coerces and blackmails other families into experiencing the same kind of loving she had. It's her way of making what happened to her seem more normal

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Coercion   Blackmail   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy   .

Chapter 1

I suppose you could say Casey is a little mixed up, which is understandable considering she hasn't had what you'd call a conventional upbringing. The now 16 year old was constantly fucked by her father, two uncles and her older brother from the age of twelve. Casey fell pregnant at fourteen years old, was taken into care and had her son adopted. She blames her mother for letting it all happen and has been left with demons she uses as an excuse for her own wanton pleasure.

Casey has developed a fine figure and despite having a baby has got a nice flat stomach, cute ass and a fine pair of tits, which she likes to flaunt at every opportunity. Standing around 5ft 4" the long haired blonde turns heads for sure.

Recently Casey has made a new friend called Katie, who is also 16 years old. The two girls get on so well and seem inseparable. Casey seems to be spending more and more time at Katie's folks house and will often stay over at weekends. The girls chat, giggle, listen to music, try different make up techniques, discuss boys and sex. It's Casey who always leads the conversation to sex, much to the embarrassment of Katie, who unlike Casey has never seen a hard cock, let alone had any form of sex.

Little did Katie know that Casey relished the idea of Katie being so innocent, in fact she actually befriended her because of the fact. Well this coupled with Katie seemingly having the perfect family life. Katie's mum and dad doted on her as she was their only offspring, not that they spoilt her, but they showered her with love and affection in the normal way parents do and not in the way Casey had become accustomed to from her parents. She was sure her mum knew what her father, uncle and brother were doing to her, but she never intervened. She probably got off on it too thought Casey.

Already Casey was conjuring up a plan, her demons imagination was firing up. Casey wanted to mix the perfect little family up a tad. After all, she thought, she'd be doing them all a favour. What Casey really thought was why should 'little miss perfect life Katie' not have to go through some of what she herself had to endure.

The weekend had arrived and the girls were in Katie's bedroom chatting away as normal. They were both in there Pj's and sat on katie's double bed. "Don't you ever wonder what a cock looks like Katie?" Said Casey

"I know what one looks like" replied Katie

"No, I mean, don't you ever wonder what it looks like when it's turned on and ready to fuck?" Casey asked

The word fuck embarrassed Katie, but it got her thinking.

"It swells up and gets long I guess" said Katie.

"Here look at this magazine showing this girl about to get fucked by an older guy. Just look at the size of his cock. That's sure to make her squeal when he sticks it into her cunt" Casey said, far too loud for comfort.

"Shhhhhhh, keep your voice down, mum and dad will kill me if they knew I was looking at stuff like this" Katie blurted out flustered.

"I bet your dad looks at this kind of stuff all the time. Most blokes like to look at a girl while they play with their cocks. They like to imagine they are fucking them. Their cocks get really hard and then they wank themselves off till they shoot their spunk out of their cocks"

"My dad doesn't do that kind of thing, he's a good man!" Exclaimed Katie

"That's what he'd like you to think, but I bet you he does. In fact, if I can prove he does you have to do a forfeit. Deal? " Casey said with a smile.

"Ha ha, no problem, I'll do anything you say if he does, but I know I'm safe because there's no way he'd do such a thing" Katie chuckled.

Over the next few weekends Casey had begun to tease Katie's dad, Mr Smith, by showing more flesh than she'd normally show, she'd wear shorter skirts, high cut pj shorts, lower tops which revealed more cleavage. She'd find excuses to brush past him and generally be wherever he was in the house, especially if Katie was in the bathroom, or in bed. The plan was to get him to notice her and get his pulse racing.

She knew it was working as she'd catch him looking at her legs, or down her cleavage. She'd also felt his hardness against her leg, on more than one occasion, as she brushed past him.

Today, Mr Smith had just showered and come out of the bathroom with his towel wrapped around him. Mrs Smith was downstairs watching her programme on TV and Katie had replaced her dad in the shower. Casey timed it to perfection and dressed in tiny shorts and vest pj set, with the porno mag under her arm, she skipped out of Katie's bedroom as she heard Mr Smith walking along the landing towards his bedroom and bumped straight into him, accidentally, on purpose, pulling Mr Smiths towel away from him.

"Oh my god Mr Smith, what do you think you're doing flashing at me like that" loudly whispered Casey. "I could report you for this. You can't flash your cock at young girls, it's illegal"

"hang on" Mr Smith stuttered. I wasn't, it was an accident, I wouldn't. You're my daughters friend"

"I've seen the way you've been leering at me and now this. You're a dirty pervert" sneered Casey.

"No, you've got it wrong. I'm so sorry" Mr Smith apologised not knowing what else to say.

"Hold this" Casey said thrusting the porno mag into Mr Smiths hands. The pages opening to reveal the young girl being fucked from behind by the older man. Quick as a flash, forgive the pun, Casey took a picture on her phone. She couldn't have wished for it to appear better. It showed Mr Smith apparently approaching her naked, with the image from the magazine held open in front of him. Mr Smiths cock very visible.

Casey smiled at him now and knelt in front of him, took his cock in her mouth and before he knew what was happening, she'd taken a selfie with her face contorted in disgust, as if she was being made to suck it.

As soon as she had the photo she stood up. Mr Smith looked stunned and couldn't believe what had just happened.

"Unless you do as I say Mr Smith, I'll be showing these two photos to your daughter, your wife and maybe the authorities".

"Oh my god, why? What have I ever done to you to deserve this? Is this a joke?" He pleaded

"No joke and I have my reasons. Now get your sorry arse in Katie's bedroom, I suggest you do it quick too before she gets out of the shower"

His cock was surprisingly hard, probably from the quick suck from his daughters friend. It's true, he had been lusting after her, so for that to happen, as short as it was, it was a turn on.

"Lay on the bed, open the mag and start wanking, in fact here, wrap these around your cock while you do it, but don't cum" Casey said throwing him a pair of his daughters dirty knickers.

"This is wrong, I can't do this" he said

"Your cocks not agreeing with you. Just do it quickly, then you can go and if I were you I'd hurry as I can hear that the shower has stopped"

He had no option, Mr Smith looked at the magazine, the knickers did feel soft around his cock and he started to wank. 'Click' 'click' 'click' Casey took three photos.

"Excellent, now get out of here quickly before your daughter gets back and sees you. Oh and unless you want your wife to see the photos and hear what you've been doing you'll do everything I tell you too. I take it you don't want her to find out do you?"

"No no no, of course not, but I still don't understand" he was shaking his head, his cock still hard. He heard the bathroom door unlock and he bolted.

"Just go Mr Smith, I'll see you shortly. Don't you dare dress, or cum either. Just keep stroking your cock on your bed and wait for me" Casey said as she kissed him on the cheek and squeezed his cock

Katie came back into her bedroom oblivious to what had just occurred. Casey's cunt was wet, she was so excited and turned on; it was the control part that turned her on the most, especially when she was in control of an adult. She smiled to herself knowing he'd be in his room panicking over what he'd been tricked into doing. He was also worried in case his wife came upstairs, but then he thought she usually falls asleep watching her late night programmes, so he should be ok for a little bit and besides maybe Casey's plan is simply to get him alone and have a bit of naughty fun with her friends dad. This thought certainly didn't help his cock go down so he reached down for his cock and do as he was told, then he smiled to himself as he realised he still had his daughters knickers in his hand.

Why was this turning him on? He couldn't understand it, but he instinctively lifted them to his nose. He shocked himself as he sniffed them, he could smell his daughters pussy aroma, his cock pulsed and he felt sick. It was confusing him as the realisation of what he was doing made him feel sick, but for some strange reason it turned him on. He fought the urge to rub his cock hard and cum in them, so he laid still and gently stroked his length, listening out all the time for movement downstairs.

In Katie's room, Casey said "Before you get dressed, I want to show you something"

Katie looked puzzled "let me get dressed first, or at least dry myself properly"

"No, this can't wait, come and sit down next to me" Casey ordered.

Katie shrugged and did as she was told. Casey said "I'm going to show you some photos of your dad wanking his cock, looking at a magazine, with your knickers in his hand, laid on your bed and then you'll have to do what ever I want you to do, right?

Katie burst out laughing, to the point tears were streaming down her face and when she eventually composed herself she said "Casey, you are so funny, if you've got that, I promise to do whatever you want, seriously though, you are so funny!"

Casey, calmly opened her photo library and showed her the photos she'd taken while Katie was in the shower.

Katie's face was a picture, she stood up, her mouth opened to speak, but nothing came out. Katie was actually gob smacked. She rubbed her eyes, forgetting she was naked, she looked at the photos again. There was no mistaking it, her dad was on her bed with her knickers wrapped around his cock, while looking at a porn magazine.

"I'm sorry to have to show you them Katie, but you needed to know what your dad has been doing behind your back. He really has the hots for you. It's understandable, most dads are turned on by their daughters. My dad was the same, in fact he took it to the next stage and we had regular sex, but it was fine, I loved him see"

Katie was still shocked and finally said "Oh my god, really, I never knew, how, where, did your mum know?"

"Oh course she did, it's natural for families to share things. Admittedly she didn't know to start with, but once she did, she was fine with it" Casey lied.

"Now, I think it's only fair to let you know your dad forgot I was here tonight and was shocked when I caught him in your room. He's now really worried, you'll hate him, so I said I'd explain to you it's fine and I'll try to help"

"You don't hate him do you Katie, he's your dad and he loves you more than anything" said Casey.

"I suppose not, I'm just shocked. I never knew my dad thought of me like that. What shall I do now" Katie said, still stunned and naked.

Casey said, "leave it to me, I'll go and have a word. I'll be back in a minute"

Off Casey went to talk to Mr Smith. She explained Katie had seen the photos and told him everything she'd just said to Katie, she then said she'd never seen Katie so turned on. She told him her hand went straight to her pussy when she saw his cock and that she was thrilled he thought she was sexy. She went on to tell him that unless he wanted his wife to see the photos he'll play along with her plans.

"She has the hots for you Mr Smith, she loves you so much, but needs to feel that you want her too. I'm going to have her come in to your room in a minute and I want you too to have a big hug. I'll help you both through this. Oh and if I pick up anything that suggests you don't want this, I'll go straight to Mrs Smith downstairs"

Mr Smith thought about asking if he could dress, but realised he already knew what the answer would be so didn't bother. This was all surreal and had caught him on the hop. Casey laid next to him, took his cock in her mouth and sucked him back to an erection. After a short while, as he started to moan with pleasure, she stopped and said "If you do this Mr Smith and you please Katie, I will reward you like you wouldn't believe, if you let me down, or ever try to tell Katie you've been tricked into this, I will tell everyone you forced me to suck your cock on the landing" and she showed him the photo she took earlier.

Casey got up, wiped her mouth and told him to keep his cock hard for the next few minutes, then left to fetch Katie.

"Katie, your dad is so excited that you don't hate him. He loves you more than anything, he really needs you now. I think you should go to him and give him a hug. He's waiting on his bed and just to warn you, he's so turned on by you his cock is still hard. Go in there girl, embrace him, touch him and see how he responds, but whatever you do, let him know you are ok with his feelings for you. Tell him how turned on by him you are. Enjoy the warmth of his family love for you. Make him feel special. I'll be there to help you through it. Remember, it's natural for this kind of thing to happen between a daddy and daughter.

Katie looked scared but with Casey's encouragement she was led through to her mum and dads bedroom naked as the day she was born.

She walked in and saw her dad laid on the bed, her knickers wrapped around his cock and her dad looking at her, also embarrassed.

Casey knew she had to assist. "It's ok you two, you are both family and you both know it's ok. Katie, get on the bed and give your dad a cuddle, both of you let it go. Show each other how much you love each other".

Katie moved to the bed, slowly got up and accepted her dads open arms. He felt her warm flesh next to his, he felt her erect nipples brush against his chest, she felt his erection against her legs.

"Kiss each other" Casey instructed.

Father and daughter did as they were told, each of them thinking they were doing it to please the other. To start with it was a peck, but it soon developed into a snog. Casey was pleased to see Mr Smiths tongue seek out his daughters tongue. Casey moved to the bed, took Katie's hand and placed it on her dads hard cock. She heard Mr Smith moan when he felt his daughters hands wrap around it. Casey moved Katie's hands in an up and down motion. She could see their kiss getting stronger. Probably both too embarrassed stop.

Casey moved it on a little by saying "how does that feel daddy, do you like Katie touching you like that?"

Not wanting to make his daughter feel bad he said "oh god yes, I love it" this pleased Katie who thought she was doing what her father wanted, in reality her father had very mixed feelings. Of course, he enjoyed his cock being touched, but felt so awkward it was his lovely young daughter doing it. Katie felt strange too, she knew it was wrong, but she had a tingling feeling starting in her stomach and working down to her pussy. She'd had a few feelings like this before, but never really thought much of them.

Casey, sensing their mixed feelings eased daddy's hand down Katie's back toward her bum. "Move up a little Katie" Casey said. Katie did and suddenly Katie's pussy was in touching distance of her daddy's fingers. Casey took one and slid it along her slit, gently applying pressure so it went into her folds. Katie gave a little Yelp as she didn't expect it, but Casey reassured her it was only her daddy enjoying her.

"Don't push it in Mr Smith, I don't want Katie losing her virginity on your finger, keep rubbing her gently though and tickle her clit"

He did as he was told and Katie found herself facing her daddy's cock. "Kiss it" whispered Casey and she pushed Katie's mouth towards her daddy's cock. Katie kissed it and Casey pushed her a little harder until daddy's cock was between his daughters lips.

Katie's heart was pounding, she had her dads hard cock between her lips. She had his cock in her mouth. Her mouth watered and she swallowed, this caused her to suck the end and her daddy involuntarily pushed a little deeper.

"That's is Katie, suck gently on your daddies cock, please him, he loves this. Keep sucking him in and out"

Mr Smith was lost in the moment, he was rubbing his daughters clit, the faster he rubbed the faster she sucked. His cum started to rise, his own heart beat getting faster, he was going to cum and Casey sensed this. She held Katie's head firm ready for daddy's spunk that was sure to shoot any minute. He tried to warn the girls but the rubbing on Katie's clit sent her over the edge, she was having her first orgasm and her daddy was giving it to her. As he realised, his cock began to pulsate and his cum shot into his daughters mouth, shot after shot, he seemed to cum for ages. Katie gagged, but couldn't help swallowing. She felt his hot seed go down her throat. The taste wasn't pleasant but she'd done it, she'd made her daddy cum.

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