Beth and Katie: A Dialogue

by Beth Africanus

Copyright© 2016 by Beth Africanus

Erotica Sex Story: An edited version of a story I created with a friend on EP.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Lesbian   Fiction   Spanking   Light Bond   .

B: Please be gentle, I've got very sensitive skin. Even the slightest touch can reduce me to a giggling mound of jelly!

K: Hmm ... well that's just asking for trouble as far as I'm concerned. I think I may have to use just the tip of my tongue on your nipple ... I would definitely like to see how that turns out!

B: No Katie, that's not fair. I'll explode if you touch me there!

K: Oh well, in that case ... I want you to remove your bra, put your hands above your head while I tie them to the bed, and then I'm going to run my fingers slowly up your ribs, from the curve of your behind all the way to under your arms, while I slowly flick my tongue across your nipples ... and when they are wet I shall blow upon them to make them pert and pointy! I hope you can stop yourself from being a naughty girl?

B: Oooohhh... !!! That is so tingly and you are so mean doing that to me when I've already told you how ticklish and sensitive I am. It was delicious when you licked my nipples, but I am in hysteric now and if you don't stop I am afraid I am going to be a very naughty girl indeed!

K: Then I shall keep stimulating your nipples with my quick tongue while running the tips of my fingers up and down your soft inner thigh...

And of course I will gently blow across your naked breasts, just to keep you excited...

Between breaths I shall whisper in your ear how sexy you look, bound to the bed, and I shall slowly bring you to a climax by a waterfall in the woods ... listen to the sound of the water crashing over the fall while I take your nipple between my soft lips!

Have you been naughty yet? :-)

B: Yes Katie, I couldn't help myself! I love your gentle touch on my skin, but I did warn you how sensitive I am ... now I have messed up my undies and your bed! You are so lovely and you know how to keep a girl excited. I love your warm little hands on the soft skin of my thighs, but you strayed too far with your fingers ... I did warn you of the consequences!

Can I borrow some dry knickers?

K: Oh dear ... such naughtiness!

Well, before I find you dry underwear, you need to be punished for your lack of control. I'm going to have to untie you from the bed, put you across my knee and spank you with my hand on your wet knickers. I think at least six of the best are called for.

Then I shall pull down your knickers and slowly slide my fingers inside you while wrapping my tongue around your nipples once more. I think you deserve another fabulous orgasm for putting up with my tickling ... I shall bring you to climax by flicking my tongue back and forth across your clitoris and massaging your cute little breasts at the same time Do you think that will do it for you?

You can play with my tits as well if you like!

B: I think it's jolly unfair that I am the one getting punished! I begged to stop tickling ... now I've got wet undies and a very sore bottom!

But the orgasm was simply delicious!!! I love your soft lips on my skin and you are so naughty with your fingers. Now I am spent and all hot and flustered. I just want to lie back for a while gazing at your gorgeous, soft body. You are so lovely and I am not nearly so embarrassed now. In fact, I'd go through all that tickling again just for another kiss from you :-)

K: I'm glad you no longer feel embarrassed. To be truthful, I was only looking for an excuse to see you naked and beautiful!

Let me rub cream into your poor bottom, then I'll kiss you wherever you tell me to. But I must kiss you on the lips first ... I am dying to explore your mouth with my tongue!

Let me know when you've recovered ... I might bring out some of my toys for us to play with ;-)

B: I'm not so embarrassed now. It was fun and I've got you all to myself for kisses and cuddles! I'm like a helpless puppy when I'm tickled, but I don't mind being naked in front of you, your soft hands tenderly stroking my bottom.

K: Mmmmm ... I do like the feel of your very sexy body ... and you're quite good with your hands and fingers yourself!

Now then, let's see how you react to my toys. I'm going to tie your hands to the head of the bed with these silk scarves, then tie you feet to the end. Now that you are prone, I will slip this blindfold on you so you can concentrate on the sensations I will bring you. My, my, you look so sexy lying there ... I want to lick you all over!

First I'm going to put on this lovely fur glove and rub you gently from head to toe. I shall take particular care with your legs and pussy ... and while I do that ... well I just can't help myself, your beautiful tits are too inviting ... I'm going to lavish attention on your nipples with my tongue lips and teeth.

B: Mmmm ... what I nice girl you are, sharing your toys with me!

The fur is so silky and smooth, I got tingles all over as soon as you started to stroke. I feel so vulnerable lying nude and blindfolded, but I trust you completely. Just kiss me now and again so I know it is still you.

My breasts seem quite fond of you too ... they perk up as soon as you touch me!

The sensation of fur gliding over my skin is indescribable and the sense of anticipation exquisite. You gently rub my inner thighs and the furs tickle my naked pussy. A warm flush suffuses my whole body.

It won't be long before my body surrenders to the delicious sensations. When you feel me about to go, kindly drag yourself away from my breasts and lightly flick the soles of my feet and my toes with the fur. I assure you the result will be earth-shattering!

K: I run my tongue along the smooth inside of your leg until I reach your bare feet. I kiss and run my tongue over and between your cute little toes, then I take from my toy box a fresh white feather. I run the feather up and down the sole of your left foot, while I run my long nails along the sole of your right foot. You squirm. I hope you have stamina girl, because I can keep this up for soooo long! I run my firm nipple up and down your soles ... I like that a lot ... but I will not be putting aside my feather yet!

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