Sara and Lizzie's Story - A Rope and 3 Clothespins

by Sea Nymph

Copyright© 2016 by Sea Nymph

Erotica Sex Story: If you've read "Sara and Lizzie's Story" then you know Lizzie was a very special friend of mine. We co-wrote a fantasy trip which is posted as "Sara and Lizzie's Story" and in that story Lizzie mentioned that she would bring, among other things, a rope and three clothespins when she packed for our fantasy trip. She never told me during that back-and-forth what these items were for and refused to tell me for months despite my repeated inquiries. Finally one day, she sent me this.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   Fiction   Light Bond   .

This story is for you, Sara ... we've shared a lot and you've shown me a curiosity about some of the edgier things I like to do with a lover. Do you remember when I said we should go on an exotic trip and explore ... ourselves together? You loved the idea ... so I sent you a list of what I would bring with me ... clothes, toiletries, personal items and jewelry ... and ... a length of rope and 3 clothespins! For months you've been asking me what the clothespins are for ... but I do like to tease. I like the slow seduction of it all ... but at some point we have to put our tools to work ... so for you, my friend ... here we go!

The lighting in the room is subdued when we enter my bedroom but it's glow feels warm and comforting verses the bright lights of the living room ... where I just had you undress ... in front of the floor to ceiling windows. I too have removed my clothing, and we walk together, hand in hand, to a new adventure. There on the bed is a length of soft black rope ... and 3 clothespins.

"What..." I place my lips on yours and quickly quiet you. Our kiss is deep and passionate and the message is one of trust. "Shhh love ... no speaking ... just surrender." I brush the hair from your face and touch your cheek. You know that whatever comes next you have nothing to fear from me. I guide you to the bed and a kneeling position in its middle. "Give me your hands." You do ... and I pick up the rope and tie them firmly together. You know I have done this before. I stand on the bed for a moment and pass the other end of the rope through an eye hook in the ceiling drawing tight on the slack and your arms instinctively rise above your head ... then suddenly I pull a little harder and you are stretched forcing you to rise up on your knees. You are pulled tight and I secure the rope ... then draw my finger nails down your arms and the sides of your body. You shiver and I smile at you knowingly.

You are nervous of course ... what will I do? More than that now though ... you are becoming excited. Goosebumps begin to form on your skin and despite being somewhat bound you are fidgety. "Shhh ... be still love." I pick up one of the clothespins. They are simple yet strong ... hardwood with good springs to them. I trace one along the top of your leg, across your belly and up between your breasts coming to rest with it on your chin. "Open your mouth love." You hesitate so I tap your chin with the pin and then you comply. I open a clothespin and close it on your lower lip. It hurts, but not terribly. I tug at it stretching out your lip until I can move in and softly bite at the other side of it. I release the clothespin but bite you a bit harder now ... just until you whimper slightly ... then I let go and kiss you deeply again searching for your tongue which you desperately give to me. Our kiss breaks and I pull back to look in your eyes, searching ... yes you are still with me. "You are mine tonight love."

I take the clothespin I was using and trace lines up and down the inside of your arm and your body flinches at being tickled. Now you feel the pin pinching at the skin beneath your arm where it meets your body and I tug at it slightly. Now another pin and the other side of your body again tugging but in two directions ... stretching your skin out ... pulling ... and suddenly they are pulled off. There is a rush of pain and you gasp ... but you are not really hurt and the sensations in your body confuse you. There is a pain ... yes ... but somehow it is pleasurable ... and your body is responding to pleasure.

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