Ann's Family: Aaron's 2nd Sister

by DolM

Copyright© 2016 by DolM

Sex Story: Ann doesn't want to lose her family so she seduces her husband and kids into and incestuous affair.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   .

Ann had been debating with herself. How could he, how could he have sex with his own daughter? That was incest. She picked up the telephone; she needed to talk to her mother.

"Hello." "Hi mom, Did Denise call you?" "Yes Dear, It seems your brother has gotten himself in a bit of trouble." "How could he do that mom, Do you think she will have him arrested?"

"He has already left. He is heading to Julie's house. You're not to tell Denise or anybody, just in case she wants to have him arrested. Get down boy, not now," she heard her mother talking to the dog. "The dog, sometimes he is such a pain. Ann we all have our dark side. We do things we shouldn't. You need to help your brother, and Ann, you need to forgive him."

"I know, I am just so worried they will arrest him. I don't think I could deal with him being in jail."

Ann could hear her mother talking to her dog, "Get out of there boy, down boy. Let me put him out, I will be right back." As her mother was walking away to put the dog out, Ann could still hear her mother, telling the dog "you are such a naughty boy, I should have you fixed, and then you wouldn't be a naughty boy." Ann's imagination starting going wild, OH MY GOD, does she let him do what I think. "I'm back. Denise said she wouldn't have him arrested. She didn't want her kids to have a daddy that had a sex label on him. She thought that would hurt the kids more than it would hurt him. Ann, did you ever fool around with Aaron when you were a kid?" She didn't even wait until Ann could answer, "I know Julie and Aaron did, I caught them a couple of times. They didn't know I saw them. I never let them know I saw them. Maybe I should have, and then he wouldn't think this was ok."

It seemed her mother was very nervous talking about her kid's sexuality. She was rapid firing her questions and her answers; not giving Ann time to answer. She had admitted to knowing about them as kids. Maybe she even fantasized about being with them. And last but not least, did her mother just admit to playing with the dog.

Ann was just as nervous. She felt very uncomfortable having this conversation with her mother. It had taken a turn that was unexpected. Anna thought her mother would be furious.

"No mom, I never did. Mom, do you think this is OK? I talked to Julie; she loves the way Aaron makes her feel. She isn't going to have kids with him; no one is going to get hurt by this she said. She might even let Vickie be with him. Is this really going to be OK?"

"Would you think badly of me, if I said I was ok with this? I was ok with them when they were younger too. Ann ... Sometimes I wanted to join them, but I thought I would frighten them. Have you told your children?"

"No not yet. I wasn't sure I was going to, but I probably will. They will talk it over with the cousins and find out anyway. What if other people find out, will we be labeled perverts?

"Ann, they will eventually find out. Some people will think we are others will be forgiving. It is why we live in the township instead of the village. The township people will forgive us." Terri Morris was giggling, "I already know some people who beat us to the perversion. I am sure when this comes out; we will have some people become very friendly. He is supposed to be here Monday; we will give him till Saturday to get settled in before we go for a visit"

"He may need more time mom, maybe we should give him two weeks?"

"Nonsense, one week is fine, I am going next Saturday, you can wait, I am not."

"I have to go mom, dinner won't prepare itself. Talk later, bye."

"Bye dear, forgive him baby."

Ann couldn't move, what kind of family was she part of? Brother and sister incest, mother who wants to join them, and maybe was playing with her dog already.

Dinner was a quiet affair. Nobody talking about, what everybody was thinking about. For the first time in her life Ann was looking at her children differently. Her daughter's nipples were standing at attention, as was her son's cocks. They were trying to hide them. She would talk with her husband later. It was a conversation she was looking forward with some trepidation. How do you ask you husband if he cares if she becomes a slut, an incestuous slut?

Ann set the tone by coming to bed naked, she never went to bed naked. Jim was surprised, pleasantly, but surprised. He wasn't thinking conversation; he reached for, and pulled on her nipple. Ann's intention of conversation was slipping away. When he reached for and pulled her hair with his other hand, Ann forgot all about the conversation. When he leaned over and bit her neck, Ann had her first of the night orgasm.

At first he nibbled on her neck, played with her nipple, and gently pulled her hair. Ann so wanted him to do every harder and more aggressive. It was if he read he mind. Jim jerked her hair, pulled her head back exposing her neck and bit hard. Ann's body went into overdrive. Her nipples were tingling, and her pussy running. He had turned her faucet on. She could feel it running down her thighs.

Ann thought she was losing her mind when he pulled so hard on her nipple, that her tit was stretched straight out looking like a cone instead of hanging on her chest. The exquisiteness of the pain made her shutter with pleasure. Usually Ann was restrained in her noise, so the children wouldn't hear her. Tonight there would be no restraint. "OH GOD YES, BITE ME PULL MY NIPPLES, OH GOD YES." She knew her kids could hear her, but at this point she just didn't care.

She was disappointed when he let go of her nipple, then she felt the pain of her nipple being hit. He had smacked her tit so hard; it had hit her in the chin. Then he hit her again, and again, repeatedly, the pain going through her whole body; she came so hard she was seeing stars.

When he lined himself up to enter her, he was not making love to her. He was going to fuck her brains out. He slammed into her.

Ann was having an out of body experience. She heard somebody yelling, OH FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER, BITE ME HARDER OH GOD." She realized it was her. The, OH God announced her orgasm that made her lose consciousness. It crashed over so hard she could not move. Still woozy several moments from the fucking she was getting. She felt Jim began to shudder, and scream in ecstasy from his orgasm that triggered another orgasm from her. Now the neighbors could probably hear them.

They collapsed on the bed fully sated. He rolled to the side, pulling her to him. She laid her head on this chest, her leg over him, and went to sleep; a most fitful sleep that lasted until morning.

It was the following Wednesday morning before Ann called. Julie picked up the phone, "hello." "Hey sis, how is it going," Ann asked? Are you guys getting along?"

"It is so good, Ann. The kids love Aaron, and we are having so much fun. Life is very different now." Julie giggled, "I haven't had clothes on for 2 days, except when the kids are home. And even then no underwear. I haven't this much sex in two days ever."

"I guess I got my answers," Ann giggled. "I was trying to decide who was going to come and see you guys. Jim got a call from Denise, so he knows what happened, but we haven't told the kids anything. We are debating if we are going to."

"Ann, I need to tell you if you bring the kids, they will see it all. I have decided, I am going to fuck Eric, I am going to play with Vickie, Vickie is going to fuck Aaron, and we will do it all."

"Oh" was all Ann could say. Her imagination was going wild. What would it be like to fuck your sons, or for your husband to fuck his daughter? "Oh my, Julie, what am I going to tell Mom, she wants to come see you guys? What will I do, you need to tell me. Have you talked to Mom yet?

"Slow down Ann, you need to give me a week to figure out what kind of story we will tell her."

"No Julie she wants to come this weekend. Julie," Ann started slowly, mom already suspects, and she already knows you and Aaron fooled around, she saw you when you were younger."

"Damn, Ann you have to stall her, we can't have her here this weekend. We are having company coming, expecting to play around. Ann talk to her, give me a week."

"Julie, you know Mom, you can't stall her." "You have to Ann; I need a week, please."

"I will try Julie. Are you naked right now Julie? Are the kids and Aaron home?"

"No just Aaron and I are home and naked. He is eating right now. It feels so good," she giggled.

"Oh my god Julie, I don't know what to do. I got to go Julie. I will talk to you later and let you know. Please call Mom. Let her know she can't come this weekend. You need to make up a reason."

"Bye Ann."

Ann Jacobs sat at the dining room table watching her kids in the back yard. They were a little younger than Julie's kids but maturing fast. Both her boys were staining their sheets, and trying to peek at her and her daughter. She hadn't had the sex talk with Eve yet but it was fast becoming a necessity. Then she wondered if Jim had talked to the boys yet. She smiled and thought naaah probably not. He was as big a chicken as she was.

They would have to invite her brother and sister and her kids here for dinner or whatever. If everybody was naked, she wasn't sure they could go there. Not unless it was one hell of a sex talk. Then she thought about her mother. Her mother wanted to go, she wanted them to be playing. She suspected her mother wanted to play too. She would go visit her and maybe talk some more.

She looked at the clock, 10am on a Wednesday, and she hadn't even gotten dressed yet. She was glad it was summer vacation for the kids. The boys were throwing the football, and Eve was floating in the pool. She looked at Eve in her bikini. In her day she would never had worn a bikini. It seemed that all the girls in her mother's family got the Morris body. Plump with big tits and big ass. Not a bikini body. Ann had tried to get Eve a new suit ever since it became swimming weather. Eve seemed to like to wear this one, and show her skin around the home pool. She was always in her bikini. At the public pool or beach she did wear a one piece suit. When she was in the pool at home the boys were almost always at home throwing the football in the back yard.

Eve pushed herself up on the side of the pool to get out. Her top almost let the breasts out, but she didn't adjust it. Her nipple hadn't come out, but the pink around it was visible. Her bottom was pushed almost into her crack, and she didn't adjust that either. Ann should have been furious t at Eve, but she was just astounded. When did Eve become an exhibitionist? At least for her brothers she appeared to be.

Ann decided to go get dressed. Her mind was traveling at 1000 MPH. She went to put on her underwear, shorts, and a top, like she always did. Something stopped her. Everybody around her was going crazy why not her. Just the thought of going without underwear had her pussy tingling. She sat herself down on the carpet and tried to quell those feeling with a quick orgasm. It didn't work, she just got hornier.

She got up and looked through her closet and found the halter dress she bought two years ago. That was probably 20 pounds ago too. Her tits were spilling out of the top and sides. It was shorter than it was two years ago. It was being pulled up and around more of a woman. She went to pull some underwear out, hesitated and decided not to put any on at all. She looked at herself in the mirror ... Her juices were running wild on her. Fluids were running down her leg. What the hell am I doing she thought, and then went out to start lunch. Eve was bending over getting a soda out of the refrigerator. She still hadn't adjusted the swim suit bottoms, letting her ass hangs out.

"Isn't that last year's bikini dear," Ann asked her daughter? "Yeh it is" "Maybe we need to get you a new one?" "I like this one, Mom; I don't think I want a new one."

"Come here baby, I want to talk to you." Eve walked over to her mom not wanting to have this talk again. She was pretty sure what the talk was going to be about.

"I want you to be honest with me Eve. Do you like that suit because it is too small and shows you off a little bit to your brothers?"

"No I just like this suit."

Ann wasn't sure what was going through her mind to make this offer but, "If you want, we could get us both a suit that fits us better and maybe shows more off than the old suits do. Would you like that?"

Eve was flabbergasted, "You wouldn't get mad that I want to show off to them,"Eve questioned? "I thought I would show off a little bit too. Would you like that? It would be a little naughty, but I bet they wouldn't mind, and I bet daddy would like it too. I think daddy would love to see more of his little girl. I don't think that will be bad thing," Ann said.

Eve's eyes lit up, "Do you think daddy likes looking at me."

"I'm sure he does baby. Why don't we go shopping after lunch?"

Eve was not about to argue with her mom. She would go naked if mom would let her. She jumped up all excited, "I think we should," she giggled.

It was about 20 minutes to the mall in Dallas, but they were on a mission. They had a Victoria Secret in the mall. Eve was thinking a smaller cut that would show off a little more, Ann was thinking Thong that showed off a lot.

If she wanted to be part of the family, and see her siblings, Ann was going to have to change the way her family thought about sex and family. She had decided she was going to call her mother and talk some more about things with her too. Maybe she would go see her. She was part of the family, and her thinking was changing. Ann thought to herself, Nancy Morris I bet you would love to get laid by a son or grandson wouldn't you?

Eve was surprised when her mother grabbed a shopping cart. "Eve look around a little to see if you can find something, I'll meet you up by the counter in about 15 minutes." Eve found some suits, but didn't think her mother would go for that daring. 15 minutes later Eve met her with nothing in hand.

Ann held up a suit, "how about this one, do you like it?" Eve just stared at it. It wasn't even a thong, it was a G-string suit. Three little patches that would barely cover any of her. Eve was into hearts and the, what suit there was had hearts on it. "Mom are you sure?" "How do you like the one I picked for me," and held it up. It was just a brief as Eve's. "Wow mom these are sexy, are you sure?" "If you don't like it, speak now and we will keep looking." "No" Eve said excitedly, "I love it, we'll take them."

"Do me a favor Eve, go wait for me on the seat outside the store. I want to buy this stuff, but I don't want you to see them. I want you to wait to see them as a surprise for you. I'll be right out."

Cloths and suits paid for, they headed home. Eve do you remember your Uncle Aaron?" "Yeh, why."

"He is in town. it looks like he is getting divorced. He did some things that a lot of people don't like. It is kind of a secret that he is in town, so if anybody calls and wants to know if you have seen him, or know where he is, the answer is no, Ok."

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