Wesley and Deanna

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 1994 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Star Trek Sex Story: It was Wesley Crusher's last night aboard the Enterprise and one other member of the crew was determined to make sure that it was a memorable one

Caution: This Star Trek Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fan Fiction   Science Fiction   Oral Sex   .

The dim lights of Gamma watch illuminated the decks of the Starship Enterprise as Wesley Crusher walked the halls. Nearly two hours had passed since he'd left the cabin he shared with his mother, the Chief Medical Officer of the great vessel. He hadn't been able to sleep, even thought most of the enormous crew observed Gamma shift as the official night.

In a few hours, Alpha watch would signal the start of a new day. Wes's final day on the Enterprise. In less than forty-eight hours he would be on his way to Earth and Starfleet Academy.

Had it really been only a few years ago that he'd come on board as a brilliant but awkward boy. Now he was about to leave it as a fully grown young man. He would greatly miss the Enterprise, he knew. Few people got to live on the Flagship of the Federation Starfleet. Fewer still got to serve on her as a member of her crew. Yet Wes had done both. His hand reached up and touched the single disc of a Ensign that he wore on his uniform. Tomorrow, or more precisely today, he would be replacing that insignia with that of a Starfleet Cadet. Hopefully it wouldn't be too long before he would be able to wear it again.

"I guess I'm not the only one with insomnia tonight." Said a soft melodious voice from behind Wesley.

Jumping at the sound, it was a second before Wes turned around. When he did, the sight before him brought a wide smile to his face.

"Deanna!" The young Ensign exclaimed. "What are you doing up this time of night?"

"I had an appointment with someone on Gamma shift." She replied, her voice ringing in his ears. "And it was easier for me to lose a little sleep than for him to rearrange his schedule."

"I guess the Ship's Councilor is on duty 24 hours a day." Wes sheepishly replied.

"I don't mind," The Betazoid continued. "The only drawback is that once I'm up, I'm up for good. No chance of grabbing a few more hours sleep."

"Well, I was just taking a last look at everything." Wes replied. "I'm only now beginning to realize how much I'm going to miss it all."

"Most people don't realize how much they value something until they lose it." Deanna said. "But I'm sure once you complete your Academy training, Captain Picard will request that you be reassigned to the Enterprise."

"I hope so."

"Do you mind if I walk with you?" Troi asked. "I do enjoy this time of the day, when the ship's so quiet and peaceful. But I'll understand if you want to be alone."

"No!" Wesley exclaimed. "I'd really like that."

Deanna smiled as they continued down the long empty corridor.

Talking as they walked, Wes began to become increasingly aware of Deanna's sexual presence. Every once in a while he found himself gazing down into the inviting crevice between her large shapely breasts. It had been a long time since he fantasized about Deanna Troi, but now that he was about to leave the Enterprise he found that those fantasies hadn't lost any of their intensity.

He could still remember the first time he had seen her. He and his Mother had just arrived on the Enterprise from Farpoint station and he was getting acquainted with their new quarters. Doctor Crusher had gone directly to Sickbay to inspect her new domain. That was far more important than unpacking. When the door chime had rung, Wes simply assumed it was his Mother returning - instead it had been the Ship's Counselor coming to pay a social call.

In his mind he could still remember how she looked that day. The short skirted blue uniform, her really awful, at least in his opinion, hairstyle. Yet to a young teenage boy, she was like a Greek goddess. She had quickly introduced herself and then warmly welcomed him to the Enterprise. Then after asking Doctor Crusher's location, the Counselor had left as quickly as she had entered.

So absorbed had the young boy been with the beauty of her body and the tantalizing scent of her perfume, that he continued to stare at the now closed door for a full minute after she'd left. It wasn't until he finally woke from his trance that he became aware of the major erection her closeness had produced. It was with some embarrassment that he discovered that he was now being afflicted with that same reaction.

Deanna was all too aware of Wesley's growing sexual arousal. She didn't need to see the swelling bulge in his uniform, her empathic abilities could feel his rising lust like the crests of a breaking surf. Her face showed no change as she talked of such mundane things as the little café just outside the Academy grounds that he simply had to visit. Inwardly, she was grinning broadly. The increasing waves of sexual energy bringing a wetness between her legs.

Deanna Troi had long been aware of Wesley's fantasies about her. To be truthful to herself, she had to admit she'd found his interest exciting. She'd never taken a young man as a lover before, but it was something she'd seen her mother do several times. The sex drive of Betazoid women doubled and tripled as they grew older. As sexually charged as she felt lately, Deanna wondered what it would be like when she reached her mother's age.

"As much as I'm going to miss serving on the Enterprise," Wes continued saying. "It's the people that I'm really going to miss the most. Mom, Geordie, Data, Commander Riker and Captain Picard. And of course you."

"And I guess you'll miss Ensign Jordan too." Deanna added.

Deanna knew that Wes had been seeing Carol Jordan on and off for the last few months. In fact she was sure that the young blonde had taken Wesley's virginity. The thought caused her nipples to become even more erect and a tingle to spread around her now moist mound.

"Carol's ok," He replied, clearly uncomfortable in mentioning the subject. "We just went out a few times, nothing really became of it." What Wes really meant was that while he had indeed lost his cherry to Carol, he had, on the whole, found it a thoroughly unrewarding experience. Carol was a nice enough girl, pretty and bright. But whenever they were together, Wes couldn't help but feel like he wanted her to be someone else. The someone he now walked with and wanted to jump right here in the corridor of D deck, not caring if he woke the hundreds of crewmen sleeping behind the closed doors.

Before long they found themselves at the door to Deanna's quarters. The Counselor stopped and Wes took this as a signal that she had ended their little nocturnal trek. With a warm smile and a slight shrug of frustration, he said goodnight and began to walk away.

"Don't go yet, Wes." Deanna called after him. "I was going to make myself a little snack. You're welcome to join me."

Deanna didn't need her Betazoid abilities to feel the sudden rush of emotion that filled Wesley Crusher as he spun on his heals and turned back toward her cabin. The light in his eyes and the broadness of his smile said it all.

Wesley quickly followed Deanna into her private quarters. It was the first time he had ever seen it. Just before he stepped inside, he couldn't help taking a quick look up and down the corridor to see of anyone could see them. He found it hard to stop thinking like that blushing boy of so long ago.

"I'm going to take a minute and change," Deanna said as she headed for the bedroom. "Why don't you punch up some fruit or something from the replicator."

"Sure..." Wes stammered, his eyes fixed tightly on the sway of Deanna's ass as she disappeared through the doorway.

The young Ensign took a few moments to think about what to order. Then in a sudden burst of courage he asked the computer for Rigelian Ja'kija Juice. It was a popular non-alcoholic drink, with a wide reputation as an aphrodisiac. He had never really had one, but he had once heard Commander Riker telling another officer about them. If Deanna said anything, he could always claim ignorance of the drinks notoriety. In a second, two large glasses of a bright blue liquid had appeared.

Taking a slight sip from the tall frosty glass, Wesley felt a sudden light headiness, followed immediately by a sudden flush throughout his body. Maybe this particular drink wasn't such a good idea after all. He hadn't realized it could be so potent.

Before he could change the drink selection, Deanna emerged from the bedroom. One glance in her direction and Wes forgot all about the drinks. Gone was the form fitting blue duty uniform that usually stirred Wesley's and every other able bodied male's imagination. In its place, Deanna now wore a beautiful translucent green dress that left very little to the imagination. Outlined broadly against the soft material, Deanna's hard nipples stood invitingly. Glancing downward, Wes could see the dark triangle of the Betazoid's pubic mound. Totally at loss for words, He just stood there with the juice glass in his hand.

The flowing lines of the gown seemed to drift along invisible currents as Deanna glided across the room. She reached for the remaining glass in the replicator and gracefully brought it to her soft red lips. She took a taste, then ran her tongue across her lips, wiping the small blue drops which had been left there.

"Mmmm, Ja'kija juice" Deanna purred. "Will Riker always used to order this back when we first met. I think he believed all those stories about it being some kind of aphrodisiac."

Wes was about to say something about it being pretty strong stuff when Deanna lifted the glass again and took a long deep swallow. When she placed it back on the table, Wes was amazed that it was half empty.

"On Rigel they may considered that pretty potent." She said. "But on Betazed it hardly qualifies as fruit punch."

Wesley smiled in admiration and carefully took another sip of his drink. The second rush seemed stronger than the first.

"Maybe we'd better get you something a little more to Terran tastes." Deanna said as she lifted the glass out of Wes's hand. "If you drink much more of this I think you'll sleep away your last day."

When Deanna had leaned over to take the drink, the deep opening of her garment billowed, giving the young man an impressive unobstructed look at the charms beneath. Wes knew if he didn't get out of here soon, he'd burst just from the friction of his uniform against his hardened cock.

"Wes, it was no accident that I ran into you tonight." Deanna said with a smile. "I really didn't have any late night appointment."

"You didn't?" Wes replied, confused at her statement.

"I've been aware of your, shall we say, desire to be more than just friends, for a long time now. And with you leaving for the Academy, I thought it might be a good idea for you to have a chance to get it out of your system. To be honest, I've spent many nights wishing I could return your attention."

For all of his much heralded intelligence, Wesley Crusher had no idea what he should say. A half hour ago, he wanted to roll naked on the decks with this beautiful woman. Now that she was offering herself to him, he felt a sudden hesitation. What would his mother think?

Deanna could sense his conflict, and knew that his mother was part of it. She knew, even if Wesley himself hadn't fully come to realize it as such, that the boy had a strong sexual desire for his mother. It wasn't that unusual for boys raised by a single parent. Not that she blamed him either. Deanna had long ago developed feelings for Beverly Crusher, but the time to act on that affection wasn't yet right. She hadn't had a female lover since Tasha died. Eventually she would have to do something about it, but for now one Crusher at a time.

Finally concluding that Wesley would never take that first step, Deanna reached out and took him into her arms. Her soft breasts pressed against his chest as her mound fitted against his hardness. She lifted up his chin and kissed him softly.

"It's your choice, Wes." She whispered softly as she broke the kiss. "You can stay or go. If you want to go, we'll just forget this ever happened."

The Ensign looked into her big dark eyes, then down to the soft whiteness of her breasts. He thought about it for a second, then buried his face in that softness. A smile came to Deanna as she ran her fingers through his brown hair and softly stroked it. She kissed the top of his head, then around his ear. Finally she lifted his face from her breasts and kissed him firmly on the lips. In the deep recesses of her mind, she could feel the enormous release of desire from Wesley as the reality of his fantasy finally sank in.

Wesley's gray uniform was quickly discarded. Taking a few moments to fully appreciate his naked form, Deanna wasn't displeased. True, he was far less developed than Will Riker or most of the men she had known. But Wes has a certain charm all his own. His skin was smooth and hairless. Even around his manhood, the hair was short and sparse. Fully erect he stood about six and a half inches. Deanna gently ran her fingers along the length of his cock, then she took a firm grip on it and began to pump it.

Wesley closed his eyes and sighed in delight at the soft touch of the Counselor's hand. After only a dozen strokes he could already feel his juices building up to an explosive climax. It was already too late to try and hold back. Another few moments and he would be filling Deanna's hand with his sticky seed.

The Ensign's brown eyes suddenly popped open in surprise as the Betazoid's gentle touch was abruptly replaced by something wet and warm. Looking down, Wesley found his cock engulfed by Deanna's soft red lips. The soothing pleasure of that mouth caused a shudder to run through his body. Followed seconds later by a powerful rush as his very essence ripped though his cock and discharged into her waiting mouth.

Continuing her sucking motion, Deanna seemed to draw every drop out of young Ensign Crusher. A small drop of white fluid escaped her attention and slowly ran down her chin. Finally, satisfied that Wesley was totally drained, she let the now semi-soft cock fall from her mouth and rose again to her feet. She wiped the small white droplet from her chin and then licked it from her finger.

Wes had a sort of disappointed look on his face, it had all been over so quickly. Even with Carol he had climaxed long before he even got her anywhere near her own orgasm.

Deanna smiled and pulled Wesley to her, kissing him hard on the lips. Wes could taste the saltiness of his cum on her probing tongue. Once, out of curiosity he had licked it off his hands after a masturbation session. Mixed with Deanna's saliva, it tasted quite different.

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