Sara and Lizzie's Story

by Sea Nymph

Copyright© 2016 by Sea Nymph

Romantic Sex Story: Lizzie (not her real name) is some who was incredibly important to me for a very long time. I had already come out when we met, but she taught me to accept and to love who I was. We never met in person; this was purely an online love affair but at time it was quite intense. In the end, she decided she needed to focus on what was real in her life and I understand that. I still love her deeply. This is a story. a dream. a fantasy that we wrote back and forth to each other.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Fiction   First   Slow   .


I was thinking we should go on a romantic getaway together for a few days ... as a sort of jump start to our great love affair.

I will have a white limo pick you up as soon as you're ready ... and I'll be waiting for you in the back seat ... with a bottle of champagne and strawberries. I'm told they complement each other well.

I thought I'd let you know what I'm packing...

My perfume, Chanel ... and a little make up, mascara, liner ... two lipsticks ... a hairbrush ... two bottles of nail polish, clear and ivory, remover ... a nail file ... a blue scrunchie and a white one.

Some underwear ... two really sexy sets, one in chocolate mocha colour by Timpa, a thong and demi bra combo, the other in ivory by Aubade, a demi bra and brief combo ... a black thong by Natori and a nude thong by Lejaby ... a pair of white bikini briefs by Barely There ... and a pair of light blue French cut panties and a white and blue t-shirt bra by DKNY. Two clothespins ... maybe three.

No nightwear ... I like to sleep nude.

An ocean blue crochet top and string bikini bottom set. You can see through it.

A pair of white capris ... some faded blue jeans ... dark blue walking shorts ... and a small pleated floral skirt.

10 feet of velvet rope.

A light brown t-shirt ... and sky blue button down ... a pale ivory blouse ... my knitted white pullover.

A little black dress ... with plunging neckline and deep open back.

A silver necklace that hangs a little low ... three silver rings ... two silver bangles ... and a thin leather bracelet with charms ... Pandora.

A black silk scarf.

4" black closed toe heels ... light brown leather gladiator sandals ... white sneakers ... and silver flats.

My purse ... my sunglasses

My passport.

Let me know as soon as you're ready to go ... I've made all the arrangements so don't worry about a thing ... it will be lovely!


I love your list and want you to know I've read it about a dozen times since you sent it. Lol I'm a little concerned about the clothes pins!! :-). But I love that you will have velvet rope with you. I am tingly all over imagining what we will do to each other with that!

Okay, so my list...

I showed you my black dress...

At that party I just wore flats with it and I will bring them. Perhaps I can try heels, but we will need to shop for them...

I will bring faded jeans and jean shorts...

I have and will bring two bikinis (pic of one attached -- the other is a black string bikini). I love that yours is see through, perhaps I can borrow it...

I will bring a selection of my Lululemon shorts and sports bras...

Some underwear, I don't have the sexy sounding ones you describe, but a few bikini style and a few French-cut briefs will be in my bag, brightly colored...

I will bring a selection of tank tops, loose fitting and comfy, brightly colored...

Running shoes and a few pairs of flip flops...

Very minimal make-up, like you: mascara, eye liner, some lipstick...


No jewelry...

My passport...

Lizzie, I love your list, but I don't have a lot of the sexy clothes you describe so I will also bring money so we can shop. I've never really wanted to or tried to make myself look good for someone else. But reading you list and imagining you in those outfits makes me so want to decorate myself.

We are bringing passports so I assume we are flying somewhere so I will want to be comfortable. Lately, when I am dressing for comfort, I am choosing athletic wear over jeans. This hasn't been a conscious choice, just a trend I'm noticing about myself, so my jeans are packed in the duffle over my shoulder and I'm decked out in my latest Lululemon gear...

When the limo pulls up, I'm instantly excited. While I hope you didn't notice, I'd actually been sitting by the window waiting even though you are early. I step out the front door and your eyes are drawn to my butt as I turn to lock it. I'm wearing form fitting Lululemon "Run: Pace Tight" pants in black with peach striping down the sides. Up top I'm wearing my new Lululemon Rise and Shine jacket in white with a matching peach liner. Underneath my jacket you can see the straps of my Lululemon racerback tank in charcoal gray. On my feet, simple white ankle socks and Nike running shoes complete what you see. The only thing on my body that you don't see is a simple bikini cut cotton undies, probably in some completely unrelated and non-matching color! There is, of course, nothing under my tank top. When I slide into the seat beside you and unzip my jacket, you will notice how hard my nipples appear and I will blame the cool air walking from the house to the car. But you will know they've been hard ever since I sat down next to the window an hour ago...


As you hurry down the walk from your front door, the driver gets out of the limo to open the rear door for you. The limo is white, but as the door opens you see a deep red interior ... and within a pair of legs, in faded grey denim and ankle height saddle brown coloured leather boots. As you reach the car, and pop your head inside ... I am there ... with my hand outstretched to you. "Sara!"

I am casually dressed, grey denim jeans; a long sleeve tee ... in an athletic style with grey sleeves and a white body, the line of a bra evident beneath. My hair is loose and about my shoulders and I wear a thin bead necklace and matching bracelet; a silver ring on one hand ... and smiling from ear to ear. "I'm so glad you could come!"

You take my hand and I draw you to the seat next to me ... our bodies touching, but only just. The door is closed and for just a moment you panic over your suitcase, but you hear the trunk open and realize the driver has taken charge of it. Your attention turns back to your surroundings ... the rich red interior, the colour of passion. There in front is an ice bucket with a champagne bottle within, two long stem glasses beside ... a single red rose in each, and beside that a bowl of fresh strawberries ... big strawberries! There is soft music playing, but the tune escapes you ... and the light smell of my perfume ... sweet, but not without a hint of spice.

The driver returns to the car and leans back to look into our cabin. "To Logan Miss?"

"Yes thank you. Please let me know when we are fifteen minutes away" you hear me saying, and then touching a button to my right the privacy panel between the driver and ourselves is raised. "Champagne?" I ask ... not really waiting for any answer, "We need to celebrate our first date!" I remove the rose from your glass and hand it to you ... my eyes locking on to yours ... for just a moment, and then I am pouring you a glass. I remove the rose from my glass and lay it beside, then filling mine as well. You watch as I pick up both glasses and turn to face you, and you take one from my offering hand. "Cheers!" as I clink glasses with you and then take a quick sip ... turning almost hurriedly to the strawberries. "Sara, you have to try one of these. They are so juicy." I pick up a very large strawberry and while still holding it, offer you a bite. You are a little nervous I think so I just wait and then after a moment of hesitation you lean in and take a bite ... a bit of the juice dripping down your chin.

I lean forward ... entering your space ... my face very close to yours. Your breathing is getting faster and you feel like your body wants to move ... and then my tongue is there ... oh my ... it's actually licking the juice from the side of your mouth. Then I retreat and our eyes meet again while I also bite of our strawberry ... never losing your gaze. Ha! I could not escape the drip either. "Mmmm ... these strawberries are delicious."

Now the tension is unbearable ... your body is getting warmer but I see your nipples still pretend to be cold. I lean into you again ... my free hand moving to your leg just above the knee ... and I kiss you ... softly, gently at first ... gauging your response ... then flicking my tongue mischievously across your lips ... may I come in? Your lips ... so soft ... they part ... and I know the answer.


As I slip into the seat beside you there seem to be a dozen different trains of thought all crashing in my head at once. This happens to me when I am overwhelmed sometimes and I start trying to get control of my mind.

I hear you say my name and yet all I can manage is a smile. More words come out of your mouth and you look so beautiful and relaxed. You have no idea the panic going on in my head. I get mad at myself now. I tell myself I've given a speech at our state Capitol and faced guys twice my size in tournaments. I can do this.

The door closes behind me and I realize like an idiot that I just dropped my bag outside when I got in. Then the trunk opens and you smile and I exhale for the first time. I can do this.

You are so beautiful and the car is amazing. I've never seen a limo with a red interior before, but then I've only been in two. I inhale and notice your perfume right away. Ugh, I curse myself. I knew you liked fragrances and I meant to go shopping to find one I like, but like usual I simply smell like my soap and shampoo.

I hear you talking to the driver, but I don't pay attention. Instead, I'm taking in my surroundings. Champagne. Oh boy. Do I admit I've only tasted it once at a wedding? Strawberries, well I love strawberries so that will be easy. Suddenly you're offering me a rose. I can do this.

I take the rose and enjoy its scent as you pour the champagne. We toast and enjoy the sparkling liquid. I hear you offer me a strawberry and in my head I say, "Oh yes please, they look delicious!" but no words escape my lips. I lean toward you and close my mouth on the sweet fruit.

Proving just as delicious as it looked I swirl the fruit in my mouth, but then I feel the wetness dripping toward my chin. I'm about to panic having proven myself to be the child I fear I still am, but you come closer. Just your presence, your proximity, causes my heart to best faster and my breathing to quicken. Then your tongue comes out and swipes across my cheek, cleaning the sweet juice from my face. I wonder if you know the effect you're having on me?

We've pulled out of the driveway now and are heading up toward the Mid Cape Highway. I realize now that I didn't even hear your instructions to the driver. We must be going to Boston; to the airport. Why else would you have told me to bring my passport? I smile a slight smile as I realize it does not matter because I trust you completely.

My smile grows as I notice you also had trouble with the strawberry! I wonder if you did that on purpose to make me feel better. Then your hand reaches for my leg. Instantly, with your contact, I became aware of my body. It was like the oven fully on looks cool until the door is opened.

Your hand lands on my leg and my hand is drawn to it send covers it. Part of me wants to pull your hand toward me to quench the throbbing I suddenly feel in my pussy and yet I know I need to hold you back or I'll lose control myself.

You lean in for a kiss and I say to myself: I can do this, it's just a kiss. I've kissed girls before. But then that annoying voice in the back of my head that keeps me honest with myself reminds me that middle school dares don't count. Your lips are so soft, your kiss is so different. It is everything I expected and yet nothing I could have imagined.

I want so much to be mature, elegant, experienced for you. I want you to love my kiss, but in that moment I lose all control and a quiet moan escapes my throat. I feel your tongue on my lips and without even a conscious thought, they part and welcome you in.

My hand, no longer worried about controlling yours, reaches for your face to let you know there is nothing I'd rather do at this moment than kiss you.


I have found the answer. Your lips have parted ... you have opened the gates to me. I want you ... in this instant ... urgently ... almost savagely to satisfy my pent up desire ... but you are here and we shall have this time so I try to calm my agitated body ... my racing mind.

Your hand is on my face. Oh Sara, if you only knew ... and yet your body asks. Your lips are welcoming ... your moan calls to me ... yes, your hand is on my face. I will make this beautiful and together we shall be a work of art.

My tongue conquers your lips and enters your mouth, seeking your tongue with which to dance. Ah ... it is there ... soft, warm and wet. My head tilts to allow us each to better close our lips on the other ... to better explore you ... while my hand slides slowly purposefully up your leg to rest just above your hip before pulling you into me. It is beautiful this kiss we share but still I need to know ... to be sure. I pull back ... enough to look again into those eyes ... those eyes where I know now I will lose myself again and again. "Are you ok?"

You answer though truly I hear not what you say. Your eyes have already told me. Now then, I return to our embrace, emboldened, confident, and my hand draws you closer to me, so that for the first time our bodies meet pressed to one another ... my hand moving to the small of your back to ensure you do not escape. Our kiss builds ... it becomes more passionate ... more imperative ... as though we seek to tell each other a great tale and cannot speak it fast enough. My mind is racing ... my god how I want you.

Without breaking our kiss I try to pry your jacket from your shoulders, and while I fight myself to let you free I need both hands, so they rise to your shoulders and begin to pull the garment from you. I feel you start to slip from my embrace so I bite your lip ... gently, but to hold you to me, and you stay, now helping me remove it. There, you are free of it ... your body more exposed to me now ... your shoulders ... your arms bare. I am on fire.

I grab your arms suddenly, urgently and push you down to the seat ... where I follow, still my lips locked to yours, my tongue ... your tongue ... mmmm. You are my drug. I am laying atop you my legs trying to find steady ground on either side of your hips ... desperately trying to not break this kiss. My hair falling, spilled all about your face. I feel your breathing beneath me and it draws me closer. I am moaning ... maybe ... well sounds escape my lips though muffled by our kiss. They are saying yes ... I want you ... I need you ... and then you feel it. A tear falls upon your cheek, and you realize I am crying.

You stop me ... pressing me upward though not letting go ... searching my face through the fallen hair which you brush to one side. I am crying ... tears are running down my face ... but my expression shows no hurt, no pain ... only love. You open your mouth to speak but I touch your lips with two fingers. "Shhh ... it's ok. I'm ok." For a moment we just stare at each other. I take my fingers from your lips and seek your hands which I clasp between us. You want to speak ... so I settle some, sitting astride you ... and I listen.

After a moment ... that special moment I know it ... I know it surely now ... I trust in you ... I know you trust in me ... and we can be lovers.

As I look upon your body, flushed with excitement, your chest raising and lowering with deep rhythmic breaths, your own hair tussled, the lips I have been kissing, the line of your neck where it rests within the bones of your chest ... and your breasts, presenting hardened nipples offered to me through the tank top pulled tightly across your chest ... I want you ... my god how I want you.

My face turns a bit mischievous now ... my head tilting just slightly, almost imperceptible, except you are learning how to read me ... we are tuning to each other's signals ... and a smile a simple devilish smile says it's time to start again.

My hands fall to the bottom of my shirt and in one quick practised moment I pull it over my head and free my body to your view. I wear still a bra ... a white balconette bra with thin spaghetti straps and a top edge which allows my nipples to slightly peek over. I too am excited. I pause for a moment because I want you to see me ... I want to show myself to you.

And then I move ... I shift above you like a panther ... a beautifully elegant hunter seeking her prey. I lift one leg to land my knee between your two legs and pry them apart ... and you concede this territory to me. Then landing my body down your right side I slide my right hand below the hem of your tank top ... just slightly to play at the top of your leggings ... to explore your navel ... the beauty of your tummy. My other hand brushes free your hair from your face to gaze into your eyes ... those pools which heal me. My hand dances across your skin with promises you know I will keep ... and your back arches to tell me you are ready. Those eyes ... yes you are ready.

I descend upon you ... the weight of me pinning you down your side ... my lips drawing nearer ... my touch climbing higher. It is a race with no finish line ... simply to be run. I am close to you ... my breath upon your face ... my gentle caress lingering just below the rise of your breasts ... they are humble ... but I love them that way and I do so hunger for yours. You lay still below me, except that your breathing is laboured, though I think you wish to close the smallest of distance that remains. I tease you ... don't I? And then I am on you ... feasting on your body, my hands gently brushing the edge of your nipples as I trace the line of your left breast ... my mouth on your mouth ... my tongue again pushing within you ... and you know there is a hunger which must be fed.


We're laying along the seat of this beautiful car and you are half on top of me. Our skin, so hot, is finally making contact, but I want more, I need more. I am aware, so aware, of how close our pussies are. Our nipples, even though still covered, are finally playing with each other. I want you, I want you so much.

Your kisses are fueling the fire inside me. I want to tell you I've never been kissed like this, I want you to know what you are doing to me, but all I can do is surrender myself to you with each kiss. Your hands caress my body, but I yearn to feel your fingers on my skin. I'm impatient and in need, I've dreamt of this day for too long.

We've been on the highway for a little while now and the car slows almost to a stop. I know this just means we are approaching the Cape Cod Canal Bridge, but you sit up to see what is happening. While you are momentarily off me, I act on impulse. Your kisses are amazing, but I want more, so much more. I want so much to reveal myself to you and do it without thinking. I reach down and grab the bottom of tank and pull it over my head, tossing it aside somewhere in the car.

You gaze down at my chest, at my hard nipples. Laying on my back like this, I almost have no breast at all, but there is no mistaking my nipples. They are hard and aching for your touch. I search your face, seeking truth to all you've told me about small boobs. I know guys like something different, something I don't have, but you are different.

A smile forms on your lips and you come back down to me. I am filled with joy as I feel your skin against my sensitive nipples. Your lips find mine again and somehow, your kisses are even more filled with passion. My hands caress your back, loving you, but also holding you to me. I don't want you to leave me again. Let the driver do his job, Lizzie, stay down here with me.

As we move against each other your bra drags against my nipples again and again. It is beautiful and frames you so nice, but it is you I want to feel on me, your skin. I begin tracing your strap seeking the clasp. Finding it, I manipulate it to release its hold on you. I don't have many with clasps and I am behind your back, not mine, so I am not as smooth as I'd like to be. But it comes free and we pause our kiss just long enough to pull the garment from between us. I now feel the warmth of your naked breasts against mine and you hear another soft sound emanate from deep inside me.

My nipples, already too big for my small boobs, are now harder than they've ever been and drag across yours again and again as we move and gyrate against each other with our kisses. I've surrendered completely to you, to your kisses and to anything you want to do with me. I am yours completely in this moment...


I have you! I know it by the way your body cries in its every movement for more. I know by the way you seek to match me action for action, kiss for kiss. You have become bolder. I did not expect this so quickly and yet I love that it is happening. I love that you have revealed yourself to me ... that your shyness is fading. I love the sense of wonder that fills your eyes always seeking what's next.

"Sara..." I break for a moment to reach for the strawberries, then dragging one across your nipples "Do you want another bite?" The strawberries are huge so you cannot take it all in your mouth, but you bite off its end. Again I draw it across your right nipple followed by my tongue ... around in little circles pushing and pulling at your nipple. It's wet from the juices ... and me. "Another bite?" You do and I move to your left nipple now. Back and forth we go, strawberries, nipples ... only this time a little bite from me ... just enough to feel my teeth pinch your hardened nipple between them ... and you jump. I think you're ok though ... so we will continue yes? This time I bite the strawberry and rub it across my nipples before moving back up on you and offering them to you. "I won't break Sara." I play with you this way for a long time ... first you ... then me ... food can be so erotic. And then, I break again and place my hands on your hips. I draw you down to lay more flatly across the seat and grab the bottle of champagne.

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