Still Out of Reach

by Ernest Bywater

All rights reserved © 2010 by Ernest Bywater

Action/Adventure Story: Some events in Melissa's life after Ernie's death. His spirit lives on, in her and others. The strength of his spirit and their love gives them the moral strength to stand up and do what's right in hard situations. Melissa lives up to his dreams, and helps others to live his dreams too. They get closer to fulfilling his dream, but it remains out of reach while they make it possible for other generations to reach out and grab the star as they go forward, guided by his spirit.

Tags: Romantic   Fiction   Violent  


All rights reserved © 2010 by Ernest Bywater

The lyrics of ‘The Impossible Dream’ © 1965 by Joe Darion are not reproduced in this story. For legal reasons they are only referred to

Cover Art

The background image is Unto Eternity, My Fairest Love by Pink Sherbet Photography and it is used with their permission under Creative Commons Attribution. The manipulation of text and merging is done by Ernest Bywater. All rights to the cover image are reserved by the copyright owners.

23 May 2018 version
Published by Ernest Bywater

The titles in use are a chapter, a sub-chapter, and a section.

Table of Contents

Moving On
New Lives
Chapter 01: Fifteen Years On
Orphanage Offensive
Gymnastics Exercises

Chapter 02: Twenty-five Years On
Student Warfare
Open Defiance

Chapter 03: Fifty Years On
Friday Morning
Arrivals and Meetings
Follow Up Events

The titles in use are a chapter, a sub-chapter, and a section.

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