King's Treasure

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: Being an orphan and a street rat was how I started. When I was caught and put to work as a page I learned more than how to read and write. I learned some legends and myths might be true. Of course the hard part was diving down after the treasure but I also had to make sure no one saw or realized what I found.

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The legend goes that two thousand years ago an evil and corrupt king ruled and the people rose up against him. They say he tried to flee but the ship was set on fire and sank in the ocean and he swam ashore. The people caught him and tied him to a post and burned him alive ... or hung him ... or used horses to pull him apart or...

There are many stories on how he died but they all agreed he was killed. Of course if you look at history, common people never stay free. They lifted up another to be king and later they were defeated by another kingdom and ... now we have a duke to rule us and even a baron. All of that means very little to the common people that live in the city.

I grew up on the docks and learned the currents of the river and the sea beyond. It was several leagues from the city before the river emptied into the sea. The docks and the boats that came and went were not a safe or easy place. I knew how to use a knife and how to fight with only my hands before my voice changed.

The city Watch was the one to catch me sleeping in an alley. I was fourteen and had no one so they sent me to the city lords to be a page. Of course that was where I learned to read and found the ancient library. No one had been here in several decades. It was three years before I was free and I had something I took with me.

I had a record or account of the overthrown king and his leaving. It was general but the two things it told me was he had loaded the ship with treasure and where he had planned to go. I also had a copy of the journal of the city lord that had taken his place. The ship had not sank in the ocean, it went down in the river at a place they called the three Guardians.

Now they were just the Guardians. The river was only a dozen paces deep and that was when the tide was in. When it was out it was half that and during the summer like now you could sometimes see the bottom. I borrowed a rowboat and left in the morning as the tide was going out. I went across and down the river and slowed when I reached the Guardians.

I used a wooden stake and pounded it into a crack that was in the second huge rock. I tied the boat and looked over the side. I had looked at the rocks and the only place a ship could have entered was between the second and third. There was a steep rise from deep water of the river which I did not think was natural.

I was beside the second stone that rose out of the river and the water was clear enough to see. I put a weight belt on and tied a cord to the boat. The other end held a net bag and I slipped out of the boat and into the water. The tide was still going out as I took a breath and dove. I swam down and out and saw the channel.

I let the tide pull me as I searched it and drifted down river. I swam hard when I saw the wide and sudden change in the channel. I surfaced and took another deep breath before I dove again. I swam against the current as I went to the bottom. I reached out to move some of the dirt and silt and my hand brushed something hard.

I shifted a little and brushed more silt and bumped into it. When I pulled it up I swam for the surface and over to the boat. I hung on the side and looked at what I had found. I frowned and then my eyes opened wide, "this is a piece of the deck."

All morning I made dives and uncovered more. The last dive I found the ancient chest in the hole where I had pulled out boards from the deck. I struggled to work a net around it before I had to swim up for air. The tide was coming in which made it easier and harder. Easier because I was not being pulled out and hard because I had to swim deeper.

I rested and laid back in the boat for several minutes before I shifted and began to pull up the cord. The chest felt like it weighed several hundred stones. Finally the net reached the surface but I could not pull the chest in. I did the next best thing, I tied it off at the rear of the boat and then untied the rope from the stake.

I rowed up and across the river and to a unused and abandoned boat house. I tied off the boat and then moved the net around and climbed out. I struggled and worked one end of the chest onto the dock and then pulled the rest after it. The three metal bands were completely rested through and only a ghost remained.

The lock and attachments were bronze but they were so corroded that one yank and they were off. I lifted the lid and the wood fell apart in my hand. Inside the chest were eight large clumps of tarnish. The water had drained out and I reached in and tried to break some of the tarnish off. I ended up with a hand full of ancient silver coins.

I grinned as I knelt and started breaking more loose and pulling them out. I went to get something to carry the silver and ending up with a small crate. I carried the crate to my small set of rooms and started cleaning. It was late afternoon but I bagged up half of the silver and was taking it to a money changer.

Of course I had to go through the main market and it was almost closed. I slowed when I saw the slave tent and the teenage girl. She wore a slave collar and the leash was tied to a post. She looked bored and lonely and I could not help myself. I went closer and before I knew it the slave merchant was there and we were bargaining.

She cost me twenty gold or two hundred silver. The slave merchant hissed when he saw the silver coins but I counted them out and he accepted them. I led the girl away and continued to the money changer. Like the slave merchant he looked at the silver hard before exchanging it for gold coins.

I stopped in a tavern on the way home and bought us dinner. The girl kept looking at me and smiling. When I closed the door to my rooms she looked around before she began to remove her clothes. I blushed as I dropped the leash and turned her and looked at the collar. I took it off and tossed it into a corner before I went to wash.

She followed as I undressed and took the cloth from me. She wet it and washed me gently and smiled as she stroked my hard cock. She set the cloth down and pulled me towards my bed. The whole time she had been with me she had not spoken. She pushed me into bed and straddled me and lifted to position my cock.

She pushed down and wiggled as my thick cock stretched her tight pussy. She sighed and shifted before she closed her eyes and began to rock. She rolled her hips and twisted and turned as she continued to fuck me. Several minutes and she was shuddering hard and fell and I caught her and rolled.

I gave her a kiss and began to fuck her with long strokes. Her eyes widened and she clutched me and lifted and spread her legs. I used firm thrusts and planted my cock each time. It was not long before I shoved into her and held her while she struggled and squirmed. My cock throbbed and jerked and then gushed a torrent of sperm.

She jerked and gasped while her pussy clenched. When I was done I looked at her and hesitated before I started over. She looked surprised but grinned and hugged me. It was awhile before I stopped and she shifted to lay half on me. I held her and years of being lonely made me start to talk.

She did speak but softly like almost a whisper. Her name was Heather and she had been caught on the street a few years before and turned over to a slave monger. Her first master made sure she was trained and finally died just a week before. It was late when we slept and she did not move out of my arms.

When I woke I was still holding her and shifted to give her a kiss. Her eyes snapped open and she froze. I caressed her shoulder, "bathroom and a wash?"

She looked at me and relaxed and then nodded. I moved out of bed and led her to the bathroom. After we were done I started to run water into the small tub. I helped her in and knelt and began to wash her. She was quiet as I washed her and then helped her out. I used the cloth to wash off before I gave her a clean shirt and a pair of pants.

I dressed and led her out and stopped to buy warm rolls and jam. It was very early when I took her to the boathouse and helped her into the boat. I grabbed a coil of rope and tossed it into the boat. I untied the boat and got in and pushed away before I started to row. She looked at me and then around at the foggy morning river as I started out into the middle.

I looked at the other docks but no one was there. I kept glancing back as I rowed across the river. When we reached the Guardians I drifted and moved Heather. I caught the stake and tied the mooring line to it. I let the boat turn and drift as I stripped. I grinned as I looked over the side and into the water. I slipped over and looked at Heather, "I will be back."

I grabbed a long rope from the boat and took a deep breath and then dove. I swam down and saw where I had been working and tied the rope to a thick board. I stuck my head into the hole that had been the deck. This was where the chest had come from and I tried to look around. Of course silt and river muck was covering everything.

I dug at the spot under where the chest had been and saw another. I moved back and out of the hole and caught the rope as I swam up. I surfaced and took deep breaths before swimming towards the boat. I smiled at Heather and tied to rope to the front of the boat and then hung on the side to rest.

She shifted and gestured to herself and then into the river and I blinked, "you want to come in?"

She nodded and I lifted myself out of the water to look around before I sank down, "undress and be careful getting in."

She stripped quickly and then slipped over the side and I caught her hand and pulled her to the front of the boat and to the rope, "there is a currant. If you dive use the rope to go down or come up."

She nodded and I grinned and rubbed an erect nipple and took a deep breath. I dove and followed the rope as I went down and back to the hole. I went straight to it and in and began to move the silt and muck out. I glanced to the side when I felt Heather and shifted as I worked. Each time I dove she would follow and move the stuff I pulled out.

She could not stay down as long as I but after an hour I had the entire top of another chest exposed. The last time I dove down I used cord and worked it around the sides and bottom. I wiggled the chest which stirred up the silt. I backed out and braced my feet and slowly pulled on the cord.

The chest came free and Heather helped me lift it out of the hole. I tied the rope around the chest while she headed to the surface. I followed and caught the side of the boat. I tread water and rubbed her bare butt, "in the boat."

She nodded and lifted up and rolled into the boat and I followed. I tried to lift the chest but if anything it was heavier than the last one. Finally I managed to get it up to just under the bottom of the boat. I pulled us closer to the rock and untied the rope from the stake. I glanced towards the city and hesitated when I saw the top of a sail moving across the river from the city.

I looked around as the boat drifted through the Guardians. I shook my head and turned to start rowing down river, "put your clothes on."

It took an hour before we reached the mouth and I used an anchor on a reef. The fog and mist was gone and I grinned at Heather and moved to kiss her. I glanced over her shoulder at the sailboat that had followed us and gestured, "stay in the boat."

I slipped over the side and began to dive. It was deeper here but I did not go all the way to the bottom. I came up behind the boat when I ran out of air. I spent over an hour diving and swimming before I climbed back in. I made a show of struggling with the rope like I was pulling it up. I managed to slip a net over and around the chest and bring it to the surface.

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