Take Me to the Nude Beach

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: Teenage girl wants better sex and has a plan to get it.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Teenagers   Romantic   Tear Jerker   Sharing   Brother   Oriental Male   Nudism   .

“Big brother of mine,” Marie said in her most plaintive help-me voice, “Please take me to the nude beach I just learned about. You owe me a bunch and this will be payback.”

Her eighteen-month older brother Billy asked, “Why do you want to go there?”

At least having his attention, she snuggled up to him on the couch and said “Ever since I turned sixteen I’ve been trying to get some of the good sex I read about. The guys in my class don’t seem to be worth a shit. I want to try some older guys but don’t want to waste my time on the dating crap. My girlfriend said that at that beach you can see what they’ve got to offer and it’s a hell of a lot easier to hook up. Besides, you show off your goodies so you can get a lot of attention too. It’s worth a try. Besides, you might have fun seeing all those tits and pussies hanging out. Maybe you’ll get laid.”

She did have some leverage and so he agreed to drive. It was only an hour away after all and it did sound like it might be at least entertaining.

When they got there they left their clothes in the car and she took an old blanket and he carried a cooler of soft drinks. Both of their heads swiveled a lot as they walked down to the main area. It wasn’t just a bunch of gorgeous people showing their lovely parts. There were all ages intermixed from little kids to older people with gray hair and drooping bodies. It was helpful that similar folks hung out together so that families were over on one part and the young people much further away. They found a spot for their blanket and cooler and started wandering around.

Marie was a cutie, long blonde hair, perky, b+ cup tits, and very light fur above her crotch. She got hit on real quick and told her brother they would meet that at the blanket at 4 o’clock. All each of them wore was a watch.

Billy wandered around and got in on some interesting athletic events. His actual performance wasn’t worth shit as he was distracted by tits and other body parts flashing through his field of vision. A few of the other guys had erections so he didn’t feel too bad about his but it faded as he got used to the situation. When he took a break to get a cold can from the cooler, an older woman, maybe his mom’s age, was on a blanket nearby and she struck up a conversation. Her tits were pendulous and she had a bit of a belly above the copious pubic bush.

He thought that she kept trying to give him some beaver shots but he was too intimidated to do more than have polite conversation. When his sister came back he introduced her by first name only and the woman seem to be downcast.

Brother and sister picked up their stuff and bid adieu to the woman who said she hoped she’d see them again. Marie said they’d had a good time and would probably come back.

Marie was bubbling, “Did you get laid? That woman would have taken you on an instant, I could tell.”

Billy seemed startled to hear that, “She would have? I’m not sure I’d know what to do with somebody that age.”

Mary laughed, “Probably about the same thing you would do with me if you could. Women are women and we all mostly like the same thing in general. At least that’s what I know so far.”

She continued, “I’ve had a helluva good time. This was a good decision. I met four guys who really knew what they were doing between a girl’s legs, unlike the high school kids I’ve tried. I hope we can come back here next week.”

Billy got a hard-on thinking about his sister doing all that but didn’t say anything. His mind was whirling with TMI. When they got home their parents weren’t back yet.

She came up to him and said, putting her arms around his neck and pushing up against him, “I’d like to show you what to do with that nice lady. I’m so wound up from all that cock I got that it seems to make me want more. Sure it’s incest but I don’t care.”

She reached down and indeed he was ready. She took him to her room and they stripped and she hurriedly got him balls deep between her thighs.

“Oh my God, you’re bigger than any of the guys that were in there earlier. What a discovery! I just need to teach you how to use it and we will both benefit. Let’s get started on your lessons.”

By the time they went back to the beach the next weekend, Billy was looking for the woman while his sister went off to have her adventures. He found her and two hours later the older woman said she was in love, age difference be damned. She wanted his contact information so she could invite him over to her place for more fun without waiting a whole week.

When he told his sister on the drive home she was delighted for him. “I only fucked three guys today but each one spent a lot longer and it was really good. Don’t worry, brother of mine, I’m a long way from worn out and I hope you have recovered by the time we get home.”

A month later Marie had tried out a dozen guys at the beach and selected two as “regulars”. One of them was married and Marie had met the wife who she thought wasn’t nearly as sexy looking as herself. She told the guy’s wife about her brother and was requested to send him over. She and the husband watched as Billy banged the wife right in front of them. The woman suggested that they have some foursomes in the future. Marie was impressed at how cool this lady was.

Billy was putting the meat to the older woman a couple of times a week now. She was teaching him lots and his sister complimented him as he demonstrated what he learned between her legs. It was really nice to have somebody so handy to fuck if the hornies hit her, or to follow-up on a date when she hadn’t quite gotten all she wanted. She felt very blessed.

Billy was feeling pretty much like a stud and tried out a couple of girls in his class but came back to his sister and said, “It is just like your experience. They don’t know what they’re doing and it’s not nearly as much fun as what I’ve already got. But I guess I had to find out for myself.”

Both brother and sister had really good sex lives so they could concentrate on school and their grades soared. They both got scholarships which they decided to take to the same university. It was easy to convince their parents that living together would be the most economical option and they found a nice apartment within walking distance of campus.

Although they were getting plenty of fucking, it was invariable that they would make acquaintances in this new place and, as usual it was Marie that established one first. When she brought Eddie home after a date, she introduced him to her brother and took him to the single bedroom in the place. He didn’t seem to pick up on the implications of that, too eager to get her hot pussy. After he left and Billy slid in the juice he’d left, they both laughed about that.

She said he was a pretty good fuck and had a lot of money in take her to some cool events so they’d see how sharp he was. It was about the fourth time that he banged her that he thought it through and asked where her brother slept. She smiled sweetly and answered, “With me of course,” he never called her back.

Billy did better. Meeting a girl in one of his classes who was a year older, she was more mature, having already been through a short marriage and delighted that he knew how to make her body feel so good.

They usually did it in her room but finally he took her to his place and introduced her to Marie. She was a lot brighter and figured out the sleeping arrangements immediately. That didn’t faze her though. She simply asked Marie, “Do you enjoy girls to?”

Marie brightened as she said, “I’ve never tried it so I don’t know. Are you asking to show me?” Jenny nodded and said, “I’m ready if you are!”

Billy stroked his dick as he watched the two girls exploring each other’s bodies. He dipped his dick whenever he was asked but otherwise stayed out of the mix. By morning the two of them were a lot more experienced in that kind of sexual interaction. Jenny also had been really tickled watching the two siblings screw, something she had never directly observed before. Everyone was pleased about the outcome and they got together pretty frequently.

Marie needed a decent guy lover though. They seem to be difficult d to find and she tried several and rejected them. Finally she hit pay dirt. It was an unlikely place. She’d been cruising through the students without much success when she started visiting with one of the staff. Although he was a graduate student, he supported himself by a college job that gave him some tuition benefits. He was from South Korea and studying engineering.

She could never explain exactly how they connected but they did and she asked him to go to something with her. He was too damn shy to ever initiate that. She gauged him extremely well and eased him into coming home with her. He didn’t tolerate alcohol well and that allowed her to easily override his inhibitions.

Billy and Jenny were out doing something and when they came back they heard those familiar noises from the bedroom. They peeked in to see Marie riding somebody. They listened in fascination, wondering who in the hell it was. Finally things died down and they went in to check. Xang was totally embarrassed to be seen nude by an unknown woman and it made both of them laugh. Marie told him to just cool it as she introduced them.

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