Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jon and Amber discover that many of their condominium neighbors are as sexually horny and interested in playing together as they are. They hold intimate parties as an increasing number of other condo residents decide to join in. Much sex. Many characters. All ages and situations.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory  

I lay back on the bed, sweaty and spent. My mouth had the lingering taste of some godly elixir. The aroma of pussy and sex filled my nostrils because that had been my focus for the past hour – an arousing bout of cunnilingus I'd given to Jessica and Megan. My tongue and lip muscles were sore. While I'd do one, the other would blow me. Eventually, we started to fuck, and I ended up blowing my load deep inside Megan as she pleaded with me to never stop and to fill her hot cunt with my man stuff. She was persuasively vocal.

This was a bit of a dream, but every time I pinched myself I felt a small pain, and knew I was involved in anything but a dream. This was real ... and sexy, and arousing, and very naughty.

The depravity my wife Amber and I indulged in had started about eight months earlier. I got an assignment that would keep me out of the country for three weeks – the longest I would have ever been away from Amber. Previously, I'd only been away one night at a time, and even that had been rare.

Amber and I had a robust sex life. Despite having been married three years, we were still in that honeymoon stage, where sex was the be all and end all of our married life. We did other things, but those were holding actions until we could get back to bed. Amber was thirty-six and I was thirty-seven. This was the second marriage for both of us. We had one child that Amber brought from her first marriage, a pretty girl age eight, named Penny, who I loved dearly like she was my own issue.

To properly care for Amber during my extended absence for work and on a whim, about a week before I left, I brought home a sybian from our local erotic toys XXX Shoppe. A sybian is a machine with a large smooth leather or vinyl saddle over a wooden frame with an area on the smooth rounded top where a specially-designed pliable plastic area vibrates right against the female rider's clitoris and sensitive labia. An elongated ridge of flexible material sits in the middle of the top with short nubs on it almost like those on a French tickler; they're positioned perfectly to provide the best stimulation of someone's clit and surrounding area.

In addition to the vibrational mode, several attachments came including a remote control; these attachments could be plugged into to a hole in the top of the pad to add additional stimulation and excitement – an erect cock that twisted and vibrated inside the rider, and with a bit of positioning, right on their G-spot. Lastly, on the front of the device, was a handle the rider could hold onto to stabilize their ride as they experienced shattering orgasm after mind-blowing shattering orgasm.

Amber approached my gift with trepidation after Penny was asleep. I'd already gone down on her, so she was well into the foreplay stage on our late evening sex. I helped her mount the machine including the extra dildo, and then promised I'd turn it off if she weren't enjoying herself. I wanted her to be proficient in the sybian's use before I left for Europe.

I started Amber off at a low setting. The internal motor just took on a gentle hum, and I knew from my own experiments that the cock-like dildo vibrated, flexed, and twisted slowly inside her.

Amber's eyes got large and she flashed me a very approving smile. "Oh, this is really nice. Thank you for my present." I could see her push her gorgeous nude body down on the cock and against the vibrating pad atop the machine. She wasn't proud; she purposefully spread her labia with her fingers so her clit would get maximum stimulation, and twerked forward slightly so the twisting cock would stimulate her G-spot. She then held her tits up to me in a sexy gesture.

Over the next several minutes I gradually increased the setting on the sybian until I was somewhere in the mid-range on the machine's capabilities. Amber exploded into an orgasm with a scream I was sure our daughter and the other residents in our condo building could hear.

I did not back down. I increased the vibrations every further. Amber was feeling her breasts with one hand, pinching one nipple really hard, and the other held onto the support bar with white knuckles. I couldn't be sure where her mind was; her eyes were closed and her mouth open. She drooled slightly as she panted through orgasm after orgasm, one following another by only a minute or so.

Amber crested again and again, minute by minute. After ten minutes of this, I'd cranked up the machine to about three-quarters, and Amber had one more huge orgasm with her girl juice squirting out over the machine and the bed. This was the most intense climax I'd ever seen her experience. Her whole body had a sexy sheen to it. I'd never seen her squirt.

She pleaded with me, "I have to stop. Please. Oh, God."

I slowly reduced the vibrations until the machine stopped. Amber raised her pussy off the magic rotating cock, and fell face down on the bed next to the machine. She was sweaty and breathing really hard, gasping for air.

"Are you OK?" I asked, worried. I reached over and stroked her back in a tender way.

After a pause, she raised her head slightly and said, "I have fucking never been fucking better in my whole entire fucking life. You get the Husband of the Century award for bringing that thing home. I may never go to work the entire time you're away; I'll ride this thing from dawn to night."

"I hope it doesn't replace me." I did worry about her switching over to electricity from our manual lovemaking efforts together.

"Oh, don't worry. Mr. Sybian doesn't love me, and you do; but Mr. Sybian can do some marvelous things that you can't. I need both of you."

"Do you want to try it using the remote yourself?"

"Tomorrow night. Right now, I need my lover's cock inside me." She rolled onto her back and spread herself open to me. Her pussy was all shiny and swampy from her first ride; God, my wife was sexy.

A few days later, I stood on the street in front of our condominium waiting for my taxi to the airport. I looked up at the building in the afternoon sun: eighteen stories that held thirty-six condo units. On the ground floor were several retail shops, and in the back three levels of parking for the units. The third floor held several meeting rooms, a kitchen, a media room, and a generous size gym, sauna, and swimming pool, as well as three smaller condo units. From there on up to the top of the building there were three living units per floor, each about three thousand square feet – large compared to most other condos. Each unit had a west-facing balcony wide enough for a table and some chairs. On the roof there was a deck and party area that rarely got used; it had a covered kitchen, and lots of tables and chairs scattered around. It was lovely, but was only used for special events. The view was fantastic.

The taxi arrived, and the driver called out, "You Jon Chambers?"

"I am." I was off to the airport and then Europe on another adventure. I was a technology security consultant, specializing in protecting large companies from invasion over their networks by nefarious outside forces that wanted their secrets or just wanted to annoy them.

I landed in Milan about twelve hours later. It was Sunday morning. I'd allowed myself a day of recovery from the red-eye flight over. Even as I bedded down for a one-hour nap in my hotel room, I wondered whether Amber had used the sybian the night before. I chuckled at how she'd fallen in love with the beast. At least our sex life hadn't suffered; if anything, we'd ratcheted up to a new level.

When I awoke, I set up my laptop and did a quick check of my email. There was one email from Amber with an attachment – an.mpg4 file, indicating a movie most likely taken with her cellphone. Amber knew how to edit out irrelevant parts of video, so I expected I'd hear a Miss You message from Amber and Penny. The subject line on the email was: 'You are a GREAT husband. Thank you.'

I was very wrong about the content. The video started right after I downloaded the clip. There was Amber perched atop the sybian in the middle of our bed. She was nude and her whole body was vibrating and writhing atop the device. I could tell by the frequency that she was already at a mid-range setting. The clip showed her having an orgasm, and then she turned up the vibrational frequency again. I watched and she had another, her sexy nude body glistening with perspiration and her moans of satisfaction her main messages for me. The short clip ended as she blew me a kiss and waved in a coy way at the camera from on top of the machine with the magic cock turning and twisting in her body.

I replied, 'Wow. Send more. I miss you too. You are the sexiest person in the world. I love you.'

A few days went by, and I got into my first week of activities with my Milan client. I got the I.T. staff focused on their pharmaceutical operation, because after my assessment, that seemed to be the most vulnerable to outside hacking. By the end of the week, a number of new protocols had been implemented, and we could also see about a dozen attempts an hour to break through the new security firewall.

I got two other videos from Amber, but they showed her and Penny blowing me kisses and wishing me a great trip, and then on the second video the two of them at Chunk E Cheese having dinner to Penny's great delight.

I got another really sexy video of Amber Saturday morning. The night before she'd set up the camera and masturbated for me as she told me about how much she loved special parts of my anatomy, and how she wanted me home very soon. There was no sybian in that video, but Sunday morning showed Amber in a three minute clip where she almost spontaneously combusted atop the sybian. She had the machine up to top speed. I didn't know a woman could stand that kind of stimulation or vibrate that way. As her last orgasm hit, she toppled off the machine onto the bed and lay in a comatose state. The machine kept running on its side beside her as she gasped for air and sanity. The accompanying email explained that this was the first time she got the controls all the way to the top setting. She wrote that she'd lain there for ten minutes before she could move and turn off the machine; she'd edited away that part of the video.

The next two weeks followed a similar pattern. During the week, the videos were tame and family PG rated – Amber and Penny doing silly things to amuse me and to send me love. The weekend videos were anything but; I masturbated to those videos every night.

My travels subsequently took me to Amsterdam, Berlin, and London before I headed home. In Amsterdam, I did use my camera to take some surreptitious movies as a strolled through the red light district. I sent the video to Amber with the comment that I only window-shopped; I didn't buy anything or even take any free samples. That inspired her to send me a sext of her pussy with a message 'Maybe this will tide you over?'

When I got home Friday at dinnertime, Amber greeted me at the door wearing her sexy spike heels that she knows turns me on, and a smile. Penny had been pawned off on Amber's parents for the weekend. My wife and I got to know each other again in a very intimate way for the next two hours, and then we went out for a late dinner to a bistro down the street from the condo.

As we ate, Amber said, "I met the nicest couple one day this past week. They're downstairs from us in our elevator stack: Chris and Jessica or Jess Hanson. I hope it's all right; I invited them for cocktails and a shared dinner tomorrow night. It won't be late, and then we can do our own thing. I know you'll love them."

Amber went on to tell me that she'd had coffee several times with Jess on my away weekends, and that she and Penny had joined the couple for dinner at a nearby bistro one night. She raved about them, how comfortable they were to be around, and how she felt they could become some of our best friends.

Amber and I had the same taste in other people, so I trusted her instincts. The following day, I was making great strides in getting back on east coast time thanks to a short afternoon nap where Amber joined me for a nooner before I conked out. By cocktail time I was a ball of energy.

Chris and Jess arrived carrying two heated dishes that we immediately put on the dining room table. I warmed to them instantly, and I could tell they already had a great rapport with Amber. I got us all wine, and we got into the evening and became fast friends quite rapidly.

There were all sorts of comments about our decorating, and various comparisons to their own that I couldn't appreciate having not seen inside their condo unit. As I started to get wine for everyone, Amber led Chris and Jess off for a nickel tour of more of our unit. We were proud of it, particularly some of our wall art that consisted of original acrylics we'd picked up at various art shows around the city. Several of them could be classified as erotic without going over the top since we did have an eight year old with an inquiring mind.

Our dinner conversation was lively and wide-ranging. We shared a lot of the same interests and opinions. I could see that Chris and I would be great golf buddies, and the more we talked the more that seemed like a great idea for the following weekend. While sitting there, we booked a game, making online reservations at one of our favorite courses.

We cleaned up after dinner, and then migrated to the living room for more talk and some liqueurs. Before I could even take orders, Jess whispered something to Amber and the two of them faded away from our conversation circle, after making sure that Chris and I were well engaged.

After about twenty minutes and a glass of cognac each, Chris commented, "Hey, where did the women go?"

I shrugged, "They didn't leave the unit. Come on, let's see what they're up to."

We stood and walked down the hallway towards the back of the unit. They weren't in our den and Amber's hobby room, so we retraced our steps and headed for the master bedroom. Amber had been sure to make up the room in preparation for a tour; so I knew it'd be OK to bring Chris back there again.

As we rounded the corner into the bedroom, I came to a sudden stop. Chris bumped into me, but took in the same view I did in that instant.

Amber and Jess were nude and on top of the bed with the sybian. Jess was astride the sybian with her eyes closed. Amber held the remote control in her hands and was slowly working the dials. From the sound of the buzzing, the machine was near its mid-range.

I had a wave of panic sweep over me. Was this the first time Amber had shared sex of some kind with Jessica? Had she already been intimate with Chris? Was she going to leave me? What the hell was going on?

As I watched the two women, I got a hard-on that tented my slacks. While concerned on the one hand, I realized I was highly aroused. Jess was beautiful, with a set of tits that I wanted to suck on for all eternity. She had a hairy bush too, but it was groomed into a heart shape. I could imagine the pleasure she was getting through her clit and vagina about then. She moaned as an orgasm overtook her medium frame. I could even spot the electric dildo writhing in her pussy as she squirmed atop the machine.

Amber teased, "That's four; do you want to try for five?"

Jess opened her eyes to look at Amber, "Oh, yes. Turn it up a little more ... OH, FUCK!"

Jess had seen Chris and me standing in the hall looking into the bedroom.

Amber turned to us, "Oops. We got into a little girl time. Sorry guys."

I spoke, "Don't be sorry. This is the sexiest event this room has seen in like forever. Jess, you're beautiful." I looked at Amber with concern in my gaze. I asked in a very low voice, "Are we OK?"

Amber came to me and kissed me, pressing her nude body against me. She said, "We have never been better. I love you."

Jess was already turning a slight scarlet shade. She was well plugged into the machine, including the rubbery dildo that visibly continued to move and vibrate in her squishy cunt.

Jess gasped, "I'm very embarrassed." She looked around for something to cover herself with, but nothing except a box of tissues was in range of her grasp.

Chris said, "Honey, don't be embarrassed. That looks really sexy and ... VERY interesting."

I glanced at Chris. He didn't seem to be worried about his wife, the sybian, or Amber at all. I had a growing list of questions as each millisecond passed.

Amber ignored her own nudity, "Yes, gentlemen. Stop embarrassing us. Take your clothes off and join us. After Jess has her fifth orgasm you can make love to us. I think it's be sexy if we did it side by side. I was on the machine first showing Jess, and so I'm wound up, too."

I already had a raging hard-on. I couldn't help but notice that Amber didn't specify 'make love with your wife, ' or similar boundary. I wondered what she was thinking. Knowing Amber, it wouldn't have surprised me if Chris didn't turn her on. He was her type – tall, dark, and handsome. Left to her own devices, I didn't think she'd ever have an affair, but this was vastly different. I was right here, and if she did anything, I'd be tacitly condoning her sexual liaison with another man.

Despite my concerns, I was aroused, and that emotion seemed to be taking precedent over the others churning in my head. I was naked in seconds, and Chris right behind me. We moved beside the bed near Amber.

Amber said, "She's up about mid-way on the dial." She passed me the remote for the unit, and flashed me a devilish smile.

Jess panted with her eyes closed, "And Jess really likes mid-way on the dial, too. Oh, fuck, I've started to get near another orgasm."

On the spur of the moment, I took one of Chris's hands and put it on one of Amber's breasts. I knew that having someone other than me feel her up would give her a thrill. Besides, I wanted to feel Jessica's tits, and now I had some guilt-free space to do it in. I had no other idea about where the evening might go, but this was highly arousing.

Chris thought so as well. Both of us had erections that could be used to lift steel beams into a skyscraper. Chris' was pointing straight out from his body, only as he pawed at Amber, I could see his shaft rubbing against her thigh. My hard-on was aiming more at the North Star, and the throbbing was telling me that my cock demanded attention.

As Jess writhed atop the machine, I reached forward and fondled her breasts, switching between the two. Her nipples hardened to about the same consistency as my cock in microsecond. I pinched and pulled a little to add to the stimulation she was getting around her pussy. She opened her eyes, looked at me, and smiled. I just knew we were going to have some fabulous sex in the very near future.

We both glanced at Chris and Amber. He was now using both hands as he watched me fondle his wife, reaching around Amber from the back to hold her full breasts. Amber's nipples were hard and erect indicating her sexual excitement and arousal. She was squirming her ass back against his rock hard erection. I realized with a slight tilt to her body, she could capture his cock in her vagina and start to fuck him.

The thought of another man fucking Amber about scrambled the few cells of functioning brain that I had left. I wanted to see her taken by another man. She was the sexiest woman on the planet, and I knew I'd totally enjoy watching another cock in her quim.

At the same time, I had that feeling of horror that some other man might woo her away from me because of being a better lover, or having a cock that felt better, or some other unpleasant result.

Amber again looked at me and whispered, "I love you. I'll always love you."

Somehow, those words temporarily put my mind at rest. She must have read my mind or the look on my face.

Jess came again, and as she did I pinched her nipples fairly hard, knowing that Amber often liked me to do this to her when she was having a climax as it intensified things for her.

As the climax passed, I turned off the sybian. Jess held her arms out to me, obviously in a gesture asking for help to dismount from the machine. She whispered, "My legs are mush. Hold me. Catch me."

I pulled Jess off the machine as she tilted towards me, her naked body coming in close and intimate contact with mine. Our bodies rubbing together gave me a jolt of sexual energy that I'd never felt before.

Jess turned in my arms to face me and said, "Kiss me while I still feel the orgasms deep inside me."

I did kiss Jess. I did it without even spending a fraction of second wondering about what Amber would think about my action. Only after about fifteen or twenty seconds of our third French kiss did the thought cross my mind that I might be way over the line. Our bodies pressed together trapping my hard cock between us. Jess had started to rub our bodies together, stimulating my cock.

I turned back to Amber, but that angst evaporated instantly. She and Chris were wrapped tightly together also enjoying some passionate kisses of their own. His sex organ must also be trapped between the two of them. They weren't fucking ... yet.

I smiled and turned back to Jess. She whispered, "Can we make love? I'd love to be with you."

I gave a little shrug. Clearly the boundaries were shifting rapidly that evening, but I didn't know how far or how fast. I wondered what it would be like to watch Chris fucking Amber.

I moved the sybian off the bed, and lay down next to Jessica. She grabbed for my cock immediately and we were kissing up a storm too. She played with my cock and balls. I toyed with her breasts and then moved down her body to her drippy slit. I had to taste her.

On the other side of the bed Amber was sitting on the edge of the bed kissing Chris. He obviously was using both hands: one diddling her breasts, and the other assaulting her pussy in some way. I could hear her moan at one point. At that point, I heard the squishy sounds of his fingers sloshing around in my wife's pussy.

I wasn't sure whether we had a green light or not, and then it occurred to me that probably no one else did either. We were suddenly naked and connected with a member of the opposite sex outside our marriages, and we wanted to indulge but were unsure.

I said, "Are we all agreed that making love with our new friends would be pleasant pastime right now?"

Chris answered, "Absolutely."

Amber said in a husky tone, "Yes. God, yes." She gave me a look that pleaded for acceptance of the idea.

Jess nodded and whispered, "Yes, everyone." She paused and added, "Thank you, Chris. I love you."

The tenor of the entire evening shifted at that point. Our kisses with our new partners got hotter and more intense. Our fingers became more intimate, exploring every place you might want to explore on a sexy new person of the opposite sex, and our mouths soon followed.

I went down on Jess, bringing her to another orgasm on my tongue. She was then desperate to have my cock in her pussy. I obliged, and soon we'd started a slow fuck that would build up and get faster and faster.

I asked, "Birth control?"


I heard Amber offer up similar information, and then watched from only a couple of feet away as Chris sank about eight inches of granite-like man meat into my wife's wet pussy. She gasped as he went in, and I knew she was pleasured. At least, we were about the same size. I wondered if Amber had a size hang-up.

I was so horny that toads in Louisiana were running away because I out horned them. Seeing my wife – my WIFE – having sex with another man was beyond description. I couldn't remember ever being so aroused. I had the feeling that Jessica was feeling the same way about watching her husband start to fuck Amber. Chris was nearly drooling at watching Jess too.

Jess and I coupled. I had to remind myself that I had my own style and pace, and that I wasn't trying to keep up with Chris or out-do him. Jess and I were a little more tender and loving, our kisses deeper, and our whispered words to each other more romantic. We were what each other needed in that instant.

I realized that Jess probably had some of the same concerns I did about Chris and Amber: would he leave her for better pussy? Would he go home with her? Was Amber a better fuck in some mysterious way? I imagined she'd have other worries I couldn't even fathom.

We all stroked and thrust as we licked and kissed each other's spouse. This felt so exciting and way beyond anything that had ever happened in my life. As we fucked, we'd pause and watch our partners screwing right next to us – watching cocks slide into cunts, and then we talked about how erotic and sensational it was.

We arranged ourselves at one point so the women could kiss and fondle each other. They took to these sapphic acts like ducks to water. I wondered if Amber hadn't been telling me something about her sexual preferences or what had happened while I'd been away.

Eventually, everyone had a round of orgasms with their new partners. Both women insisted that the men remain in situ right where they'd dumped their cum. This pushed my boundaries, and I don't think I softened very much. I could still feel Jess pulsing her pussy around my cock, perhaps in small aftershocks from our shared orgasms.

Jess sighed, "I'm really happy about what just happened. I hope you three are too." She smiled at each of us.

Amber spoke next, "Me too. I liked fucking your husband. That was fun and erotic. I hope we get to do this again and again."

Chris nodded, "I liked it. I still love Jess, but I truly enjoyed being with you, Amber."

I emphasized, "I loved it." I hugged Jess to me, "I love this woman AND my wife. This is very unusual, but I guess I can love two people at the same time. Right?"

There were other murmurs of agreement.

With the sexual edge off my mind, I could think a little more clearly. I realized that some recreational fucking did not necessarily mean the end of a relationship or anything dire in any manner. Amber blew me a kiss, and that simple act made me realize that she was thinking of me and my needs.

Amber said to the group, "Can we do this again before we break up for the evening?"

I glanced at Jessica and smiled; she smiled back. We wanted to go again. We didn't say a word; I just started to pump my semi-hard cock slowly in Jess's pussy. I'd never left her warm velvet tunnel of love. I'd deflated a little, maybe down to a six or seven, but in less than a minute I was back at a ten on my scale, and we were going at it hot and heavy.

Jess and I changed positions a few times. In a couple, the girls would make out with each other. They got increasingly bold in feeling each other sexually. At one point, Amber took my cock from Jess's pussy, sucked on me a bit and then ate out Jess as Chris fucked her from behind. Eventually, she put my cock back in the empty but tasty hole.

My cock had been covered in my cum from my first round with Jess, plus a large amount of girl juice also from Jess. Amber didn't blink an eye at the cocktail.

Amber had done interesting and cleansing things with my cock many times before, but what made that day totally unique was the bisexuality she displayed. Chris was hammering into Amber's pussy from behind as she bent over the union of Jess and me. Watching Amber eat out Jess was a treat, and I would have gotten harder but I was already a priapic wonder. Her behavior made me longer, harder, and larger than I'd ever been.

Jess groaned each time as I got reinserted into her velvet warmth. That gave me an ego boost too, because she looked so happy that I'd returned to her folds.

We finished up after another twenty minutes. Chris suggested that we all go in the heated pool down on the third level of the condo. The weather was nice, and it was rare that anyone used the pool at night. Amber and I slipped on bathing suits. I noticed that Amber put on her briefest more revealing bikini to further entice Chris and me. We rode with Chris and Jess down the elevator to their condo, and waited while they changed.

We went the rest of the way to the pool together, and each of us made shallow dives into the water. This was like taking a communal bath together, except we had to wear a modicum of clothing just in case anyone in any of the visible units looked out their window or gazed down on us from their small balcony.

We took turns making out with each other, and then the girls put on a display for Chris and me, kissing and doing sexy tongue play as we watched. I said to Chris, "Sorry, but I don't go that way. I'm pure hetero."

He grinned and agreed, "Me too. I do like to watch the two girls, however. I've never seen Jess do anything like this."

He and I talked and watched, both agreeing about the many firsts that had happened that evening: first threesome, first foursome, first swap, first double blowjobs, first sapphic kisses, first bisexual behavior, first female-on-female cunnilingus, and so on. Even as we talked I could see both women fingering each other as they stood in shallow water. I wondered if anybody upstairs could figure out what they were doing.

I asked Chris if he was OK with what had happened. He said, "I think so. It'll be important to me to make love to Jess before we go to sleep – to reconnect and reconfirm our love and commitment to each other, but other than that I sure hope we repeat this many times in the near future." He gave me a look that posed the question back at me.

"Next weekend?" I posed with a grin. My response surprised me. I didn't think I'd come to terms with our swap session, but I guessed the arousal was over-riding those negative emotions and demanding a repeat.

He grinned back, "Exactly what I was thinking."

I suggested that the following Saturday we do cocktails, eat out at one of downtown restaurants we could walk to, and then come back and indulge our extramarital passions with each other. Chris liked that idea, and that set the pattern for the next couple of months.

During the following week, Amber and I were hot and heavy with each other every night. In the past, we'd postponed sex as too much effort or being too tired or stressed from work. Not any more; soon after Penny was tucked into bed, we were frolicking in bed. I thought we had sex fairly often before we started with Chris and Jess, but now we were both insatiable, and wanted lots of hot sex with one another. Half of the weeknights, one of us would wake the other in the middle of the night for a quickie. We hadn't even done that on our honeymoon.

Amber and I talked a lot with each other too. I was glad I had to go to work, because I felt that concentrating on something other that our relationship and the sex was helping to unscramble my brain.

Our talks concerned what we felt. Amber assured me that prior to that Saturday night, nothing sexual had transpired with Chris and Jess, and I believed her. She said Jess had seen the sybian on the house tour, and after dinner asked to see it again. One thing had led to another, and the two women stripped down to try it. They'd gotten so turned on, they wanted more unique sexual things to happen, and the swap resulted.

After much discussion about the impact on our relationship, we both realized we were stronger than ever. We'd had a good time, and wanted more of the same. The sexual fun was so unique and arousing, we could barely stand it. We re-pledged our love to each other time and again, and waited for the following weekend get-together.

Saturdays after that became routine in that Penny went to stay with Amber or my parents for an overnight, which she always enjoyed and so did our parents. We'd have a great cocktail time with Chris and Jess, walk to one of the fifty nearby restaurants, and then come back to either of our condos, and fuck and suck our brains out for several hours.

We discovered we each had both voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies. This resulted in either Amber and Chris or Jess and I putting on a little sex show for the others. We even studied some porn to see what would be enticing to do in front of our spouses. As a group, we kept getting hornier and hornier.

At the end of one of our nights together, we'd finish up, sometimes swim or shower together in some fun combination, and then go to our own beds and make love one more time with our spouses.

Over time, my need for that final validation of our marriage diminished. Amber and the others had felt that way too, and after we realized that nobody we deeply loved was leaving to run off with anybody else, that need almost went away. We did it from time to time but it wasn't mandatory the way it had been the first half-dozen times. Sometimes that meant we had a third round with our loving swap mates.

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