Stick Shift

by Mr Phibb

Copyright© 2016 by Mr Phibb

Erotica Sex Story: Sometimes girls come with extras that open minds, doors and so much more.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Shemale   Fiction   Light Bond   Interracial   Safe Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Pregnancy   .

It was a night to remember, the night my life changed. Just a another Friday bar crawl, looking for another one night stand. Sheila was her name. A chocolate Amazon, six feet if she were an inch, with legs that went on forever. The first woman I'd ever had to look up to, nearly half a foot taller than me. Drinks, a few words, and then my place.

She helped me out of my clothes, and I hers. Foreplay, unwrapping a gift, revealing the beauty not yet shown, the anticipation had me stirring. At least until her skirt slid to her ankles, and my eyes fell upon the first girl cock in my life. Shock must have screamed across my face, and there was no way I was going to play with that.

Problem with bringing an Amazon home is that they don't have to take no for an answer. Handcuffs magically appeared, my wrists soon joined and linked to the headboard. Face up, my now soft cock resting against me, trapped on my own bed.

A husky voice told me it was time to expand my horizons ... and more. No more words were said as shi engulfed my cock, slurping and nibbling, soon getting it back to attention. Hir lips weren't the first to paint my cock, its worn lipstick before, but hot damn if none were ever as good as hir. It wasn't long before I balanced at the tip of release, ready to paint hir throat, only release it with a sly smile.

"Jimmy boy," shi said as shi pulled a condom from hir purse, "time to grow up." Skillful fingers wrapped hir shaft with the pre-lubed condom. Taking hold of my ankles, they soon wound up around my ears. Hir lips pressed against mine, the taste of my own pre forced into my mouth. I felt hir cock press against my hole, and struggled to free myself. Wriggling, tugging, hir grip was iron, there really wasn't any need for the cuffs. The tip pushed forward, spreading my entrance, a whimper sliding from my throat and swallowed by hir as shi eased the head in, resting it there holding my door open, letting me get used to it.

I should've been fighting harder at that point, kicking, trying to get away. The head slid in, then a fraction of the shaft, the glans tugging at my opening as it nearly exited, only to slide in deeper. Little by little, that huge black shaft worked its way in, inch after inch, filling me, stirring something inside of me. My fight went away slowly, and at first I lay there, letting hir plunder my depths at the pace shi chose. Soon I was doing my best to press back, struggling to keep hir shaft each time shi pulled back, panting happily as hir stick pushed back in. What a fool I had been, how had I let such a wonderful sensation escape? The world shrunk, there was nothing but that cock stretching and filling me, nothing existed but hir wonderful cock.

Hir cock seemed to grow, deeper and longer as shi thrust. I don't know how I knew, but I knew that shi was soon to fill me with hir seed. I relished the thought, wishing that hir hot thick seed wouldn't be trapped in that condom. As shi pulled free without releasing, breaking the kiss, I looked at hir longingly.

My ankles were allowed to drop, getting out of the way before shi straddled my chest, slipping the condom off in one quick motion. The tip brushed my chin, and I knew what to do, what I had to do. My mouth opened, my tongue slid out, exploring the head, inviting it in. I didn't know what it would taste like, I didn't care either, I just knew I needed it. Just an inch or two, that's all that would fit like this, that's all that I could handle for my first time.

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