I'm Telling Mom!

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2016 by Honey Moon

Sex Story: Twenty year old Helen was always at odds with her fourteen year old sister, Liz. Just because they were both futanari, like their mother, didn't mean they would always see eye to eye. The pranks and bickering escalate, until passions boil over while mom is away on a sleep-over date with a married woman down the street. Can Helen keep in control as the older responsible sister, or will urges older than time push her relationship with Liz far beyond mere sisterhood?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Reluctant   Hermaphrodite   Incest   Sister   First   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Tit-Fucking   Big Breasts   .

I was leaning way back in my chair, engrossed in a very interesting video. Well, maybe engrossed wasn't the word. My pajama top was unbuttoned, and the bottoms were bunched up and hanging off of my right foot.

The video was getting very good. It was Japanese, uncensored, and don't think too badly of me, but I don't think the pretty naked girl actually wanted to be the center of a Bukkake free-for-all!

She looked rather upset that semen was all running down her naked body to her pussy, and the guys involved kept pulling her hands away every time she frantically tried to wipe the cum away before it reached her pouty labia. The sound was a little muddled, but my Japanese is very good. I distinctly heard her whine "This is my bad time!" and "I was supposed to be wearing cosplay!"

That made it ten times hotter! Either she was a really good actress, or she was beginning to panic at the thought of all that cum getting in her pussy and knocking her up! I know it sounds mean, but I voted for the latter! It's not my fault. People like me are pretty much hardwired with a strong impregnation fetish.

I put my feet up on my computer desk, and both hands got busy. My left was deftly diddling my soaked vagina, while my right was gliding up and down my rock hard ten inch cock. Yeah, I measured it. Who with a dick hasn't?

If I had a third hand, I would be roughly pinching my nipples too! They're sort of embarrassingly too big, but with size seems to come extreme sensitivity. Yeah, I sort of like just a touch of pain, so sue me.

The girl on the screen was sort of freaking out when guys started taking turns squeegeeing the semen down her body with their hands so they could sort of finger it into her. I was getting close. I mean I was really damn close! I was just a heartbeat away, and actually reaching my pussy juice slicked left hand for the plastic "Go-Paks" cup with my last few Mini Chips Ahoy cookies (Sacrifices must be made!), when the world took a dizzy twist!

In that spit second, my chair was suddenly yanked over backwards! As the room whirled, I caught a glimpse of my grinning kid sister. Thankfully the little bitch had put a cushion behind me before knocking me over. It saved me from concussing myself, but I don't think she put it there for safety. If I had been stunned, she wouldn't have achieved the "comic" result she was waiting for.

"Oh shit!" I cried, as my cock jerked in my hand. I had reached the point of no return while laying flat on my back, with my cock pointing at the ceiling! A thick streamer of semen shot almost straight up, almost being the operative word. It arched gracefully and came down to spatter on the tip of my nose!

Have you ever tried to stop ejaculating once you started what promised to be a good sized load? I sure as hell couldn't! My hand was on automatic pilot, and I kept right on wanking as Liz laughed at me. Pulse after pulse flew high. Semen rained down on my hair, face, breasts, and stomach in a steady drizzle of heavy wet splats.

"Oh my God Helen, you are such a pervert!" she cried in delight as she kept the lens of her cellphone trained on me.

I had a difficult choice to make when my ordeal was finally over. Quite a few warm slimy streamers had landed in my wide open panting mouth. Granted, I rather enjoyed eating my loads in private, but this was humiliating! Spit or swallow. It was the age old question. I decided that swallowing was the lesser of two evils when it came to my sister's sense of humor. I gulped, and then glared up at her.

"Liz, you are such a fucking bitch!" I screamed. "You could have killed me!"

"Oh get real, Miss Glazed Donut. I put a cushion there! Damn, you were so into your spankin' that you didn't even hear me force the lock on your door!"

"Oh crap." I muttered, afraid to move. I tend to produce embarrassing large loads. I was a mess. "Get me some paper towels or something, or I really will kill you, bitch!"

I heard a yell from down stairs. "Helen, I will not have you calling your sister such names! Apologize at once!"

"Okay! I'm sorry!" I yelled. I then dropped my voice. "Sorry that you're a bitch!"

"What were you jerking off to anyway?" she asked as she bent at the waist to look at my monitor screen. "Are you kidding me? You're strokin' off to Bukkake? That's so sick! I doubt if I could even get it up to that junk! You could at least watch something cool like a big black guy fuckin' a squealing white girl up the butt with his giant cock!"

"I like Bukkake!" I said defensively. "Don't even try to tell me you don't wish you were there unloading on her too!" I tried not to look up her short little skirt at her delectable little ass. I knew it was part of her whole plan to "catch" me taking a peek so she could call me a pervert once again. I resisted, but it was hard not to look. "Now get me some towels or something!"

"Buh-bye." She said cheerfully as she snatched my unsoiled cookie cup from my desk. She intentionally stepped directly over my face as she headed for the door. For a split second, I had a perfect look right up that skirt with her legs spread wide.

Dammit, the bitch was turned on by her little stunt. Her modest cock was sticking straight out, putting a real strain on her pretty pink panties. The pull on the fabric displayed her luscious little pussy in a classic camel toe. Her dampness made the thin material practically transparent over her labia.

I hope to God she didn't notice my cock had a sharp little twitch of an aftershock at the sight. I could feel it expel a last little dribble of semen to run down the shaft as she actually skipped out of my room while munching the last of my cookies.

"Fuck it." I muttered. I buttoned my pajama top to contain most of the gooey mess on my tits and belly, and then struggled to get off of the chair and stand up. I very carefully squatted down so I could grab the bottoms and pull them back up without dripping my semen all over the floor.

I stormed down the hall and into the bathroom as my chin dripped semen onto my quivering boobs. At least I wasn't leaving a trail! Tomorrow was Liz's turn to do the laundry. I know it was spiteful, but I rubbed my pajama top firmly all over myself to try and absorb most of the mess before I took it off. Then I used the still dry back to wipe off my face and sort of towel some of the semen out of my frizzy red hair.

I rolled the pajama top into a tight ball, in hopes the semen would stay wet and really start to stink by tomorrow. Then I took off the bottoms and wrapped them tightly around the wadded up top. With a grin, I buried them deep in the hamper.

I jumped in the tub and took my second shower of the night. "You're such a little bitch." I muttered as I thought of my sister's deranged sense of humor. "You're fucking fourteen; it's about time you grew up!"

I calmed down a little after practically boiling myself in the shower. I knew I didn't have to worry too much about the video she recorded. Even Liz wouldn't dare blow our cover as a normal dysfunctional single parent family by posting it on any streaming sites.

She, mom, and I, are futanari. It was in all of our best interests to keep that on the down-low. It would harm all futanari if we became headline news before our kind claimed a much larger segment of the general population. Thank goodness some normal girls, and a few open minded men as well, somehow seemed to sense our difference. They are drawn to us like a moth to a flame, and cooperate enthusiastically to keep our secret.

I just had to worry about Liz showing someone in the know the humiliating sight of me spunking in my own face. Not that I had anything against that. Who wants people to see their most intimate private moments though? In privacy, with a plastic painter's drop cloth spread over my bed, I often found self Bukkake to be quite soothing and satisfying.

Thank God Liz never caught me while I was experimenting with a certain other fluid that comes out of a cock! Oh God, it feels so warm and exciting when I do THAT while lying on my back in the bathtub! I was too annoyed at Liz to be in the mood for playing now, so I just hastily cleaned up.

When I was done, I wrapped up in a big towel and stomped back to my room. I spotted mom in the hall. "Do you know what your daughter did to me?" I asked angrily.

"Calm down Helen." She said softly. "Your face is almost as red as your hair."

I took a deep breath. "I'm calm. Would you tell her not to sneak in while I'm, um, relaxing?"

Mom's lovely dark almond eyes twinkled. "Is that what you call it?" She laughed. "Admit it Helen, the look on your face when that first splat hit your nose was priceless!"

"Oh my God, the little..." I derailed my tongue just in time. "The little wench showed you the video?"

"Just a single cropped frame she captured of the first impact. If I didn't know it was semen adorning your nose, the image wouldn't even be considered pornographic." She said, trying to keep from giggling. "Masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of, sweetie."

"I'm not ashamed of jerking off!" I lowered my voice, feeling ashamed to have shouted something like that at mom. "Can't you ship her off to a private school or something? How about letting her stay with aunt Kimiko in Tokyo for a while?"

Oh-uh! Mom put her hands on her hips and glared up at me. Our mother is as American as apple pie. She was born here, and is a citizen, but genetically she's one hundred percent a dainty little Japanese doll of a woman. I know that might sound racist in today's PC world, but fuck that. She's my mom, and I love her, so shut up! Tiny and graceful, with a beauty both men and women stop to admire, she's scary as hell if you get her angry!

"Sweetheart." She said softly. "If you don't like the living arrangements in this house, you are more than welcome to find your own place."

Oh shit! Mom never yells. The angrier she gets, the quieter she talks. I had to strain to hear her! "Mom, I, I was just kidding." I said hastily, trying to head her off.

"You know I love you, darling, but you're twenty years old." She smiled, but I could imagine it was the smile some kind of deadly old world Ninja master would have as she zeroed in for the kill. "Would you like me to call a real estate office and make you an appointment?"

I gulped. "Let's not be hasty!" I said softly. "Liz is great! I, I just was, um, embarrassed! You know I hardly know what I'm saying if I get riled up!"

She smiled. The deadly ninja was gone, and the lovely little doll had returned. Thank God! "I know honey." She said in her normal voice. "Now go to bed." She grinned again and closed her hand loosely. She made a motion like shaking up a can of whipped cream in front of her crotch. "Maybe you should relax some more, since your sister so rudely interrupted you before."

"Mom!" I gasped. I noticed a tell tale bulge growing in the front of her nightgown and quickly averted my eyes. I almost told her to go relax, but stopped just in time. "Oh, never mind!"

I hurried to my room and locked the door. Then I dragged my dresser over and barricaded it. I didn't want Liz sneaking in again while I was sleeping. She might do something weird to me, all in the name of good clean fun. I sighed, remembering how I spent days looking perpetually surprised while waiting for my eyebrows to grow back after she shaved them off while I was taking a nap.

I didn't really have to worry about any "physical" type humor of that nature, even if I did take precautions. After the eyebrow incident, mom tanned her ass with a good old fashioned spanking. Thank goodness they never suspected I hid in the bathroom and rubbed off a quick one while listing to Liz squeal!

Outsiders might think our family is a little strange. Many people automatically assume I'm adopted. I'm six foot two, athletic, but with embarrassingly large 50EE breasts, and a shock of curly red hair I can never seem to keep under control.

I tower over both mom and Liz. Mom claims to be exactly five foot, but I suspect she's closer to four foot eleven. Liz is a dainty four foot eight, and hates if anyone ever mentions it. Last week she threw a fit when I called her short tempered. I wasn't even thinking of it that way, but she proved my point by shouting at me for ten minutes.

Liz looks a lot like mom. She's slender and tiny, with the cutest little teacup size titties. Liz openly envies my oversize jugs. She would hate me for life if she ever found out that I hope and pray hers don't get any bigger! Her hair is just as shiny and dark as moms, but where mom keeps hers in a short pageboy, Liz wears her hair long. It reaches nearly down to her delectable little ass in a shimmering cascade of the purest raven black. Oh crap. There I go again. I have to stop thinking of the annoying little creep like that! It's starting to warp my mind!

Anyway, the reason I'm the oddball, is that mom didn't actually give birth to me. Technically, I guess she's my dad. Well, sire, anyway. When mom was Liz's, age, a condom broke while she and her best friend were making out when they were supposed to be studying. Since mom was on the bottom being ridden hard, she couldn't stop things in time. Boom, her six inch cock shot me right up into the girl I now know as Aunt Patty.

Mom and Aunt Patty managed to hide the pregnancy from Aunt Patty's family. Great Grandma Yoko (Yeah, she's one too!) paid their way to study for a year in Japan. My GG raised me for a few years until mom graduated from college back in the States. We're still very close.

During her visit last Christmas, she shocked the hell out of me though! I accidentally walked in on her, while she was fucking the hell out of a pizza delivery boy's ass down in the laundry room. Holy shit! The poor dude was bent over with both hands braced on the dryer while she was tearing him up! How did she ever talk him into it, when she can' speak a word of English? She's amazing! Afterwards, the guy refused to take our money, and even stayed for a slice of cold pizza. We ended up getting free pizza almost every day until GG went back home after New Years.

Yup, I'm a big, busty, green eyed, redheaded American babe, who just happens to have a dick and actually be a native born Japanese citizen. Actually, I have dual citizenship. I do remember Japan though. I keep up with my Japanese, and someday plan on going back. Our kind are really popular there. It's still a secret, but what you'd call more of an open secret. GG says the night life is crazy!

Liz is another story. Mom's sister, our Aunt Kimiko, came to visit before taking a new job that sent her back to Japan. She and mom got smashed on plum wine on her last night. Both of them started reminiscing about the good times they had while growing up. This progressed to reenacting some of those times. They started messing around in a way sisters, especially futanari sisters, shouldn't mess. This time it was mom on the receiving end of a broken condom. Nine months later, mom had Liz.

Mom's scary ninja battle aura would fry me dead if she ever guessed I knew all the little details behind Liz and my births. It's not my fault, honest! Mom gave me her old laptop a few years ago. I guess nobody ever told her that deleting a file didn't make it somehow magically cease to exist. I was just messing around, hoping to restore mom's cache of dirty movies (I did. Damn, mom likes some weird shit!) when I ended up restoring her diary as well.

Embarrassing as it sounds, her writing is detailed enough where I sometimes jerk off while reading a few key entries. All I'll say about one is this. I guess it's much safer if your "Butter Dog" is a girl.

Mom was minding a dog for a friend, when curiosity got the better of her. The dog, a Great Dane named Jinkies, got a little over excited while lapping up the butter. Good God. How she could let a dog's pointy teeth anywhere near her cock, I'll never know! I'd be too sacred he'd think it was a chew toy! I guess she figured it would be safely out of the way since she was on her hands and knees. Big mistake, mom!

Jinkies decided all on his own to take things to the next level! She didn't have a chance to get away when, with no warning, he reared up and mounted her! Holy shit, mom came very close to calling 9-1-1 before finally extracting herself from the very knotty predicament she was stuck in, or should I say was stuck in her? To this day, if you mention getting a dog, she blushes and flat out refuses to even consider it.

Is it just mine? I often wondered. I love mom, Liz, and GG dearly, but I have to admit it. Even if you discount our being futanari, we are a strange little family!

The next morning I woke up annoyed at the throbbing hard-on making a tent in my blanket. I spent the night having vivid dreams of mom getting fucked by a pack of wolves. She was pissed, but the Alpha wolf reminded her in flawless Japanese that humans couldn't have puppies. Mom calmed right down and set up one of those number ticket things like they have at the deli. She smiled and told them to form an orderly line.

I cringed at the weird shit my subconscious came up with about my own mother. The dream had affected me rather obviously though. I managed not to have a wet dream after my self induced cum bath the night before, but I was so damn hard I ached! I threw off the covers and sat up.

Just as I started to bend down to capture the ruddy swollen head of my throbbing cock in my mouth, I heard a shower of tinkling little clicks. I looked up, and almost had a heart attack! I don't like a totally dark room, so I sleep with my curtains drawn so I get a little illumination from the streetlights. There was Liz, sitting in the tree outside my window! She had thrown a handful of pebbles to get my attention right at this most crucial time of my daily morning ritual! Her ever present cellphone was held high as she captured yet more embarrassing video of me.

"Liz!" I screamed, jumping up and turning my back to the window. "Get down before you kill yourself!"

"Good morning, pervert!" I heard her muffled call. "It's a beautiful day today!"

Shit! There was no way I was going to suck myself now. Even if I closed the curtains, I'd be too distracted worrying she was still sitting out there! I threw on my robe and headed down the hall to catch a quick shower and tend to "business" there.

I took off my robe and started the water running. My cock throbbed as I stepped in. Letting the water pour down over me, I grasped my penis and started to stroke. I tried not to, but I thought about mom and the wolf pack as I gave myself the attention my cock craved.

"Gotta pee!" Liz shouted as she banged open the bathroom door.

"What the hell? Use the downstairs bathroom!" I squealed as I snatched my hand from my cock. "Hey, that door was locked, anyway!"

I saw her through the glass doors as she strode right up to the toilet. "No lock can keep me out." She said as she lifted the lid.

I had to force myself to turn away as she pulled down her jeans and put a hand to her penis. It couldn't help taking quick little peeks as she stood there and calmly urinated. Oh God, I didn't dare do it, but I wanted to grab my cock and jerk like a maniac as I got to see that tiny little butt and her cute flaccid penis as she peed.

On one peek, she turned and looked right in my face through the growing cloud of steam. "You pervert!" she hissed. "I'm telling mom!"

"Hey, you barged in on me!" Her hand moved like a streak of lightning and she flushed the toilet. I let out a squeal as the nice warm shower suddenly scalded me. "You bitch!" I cried as she yanked up her pants and ran. "At least come back and wash your hands, you little slob!"

I had lost the mood after my scalding. My cock hung limp as I finished my shower in sullen anger. I went back to my room and dressed for work. I was going to have to wait until lunch now, and see if I could talk my friend Darla into sneaking into the supply closet again.

Darla is one of those women that seem to have the sixth sense needed to sniff out a futanari. Not that we release special mind controlling pheromones that give normal women an uncontrollable urge to rip off our clothes and jump our bones. That would be like something stupid from a poorly written online smut story.

The deep net sites written and frequented by our kind argue about it, but I think it's some latent psychic ability. Either that, or Darla is just a pervert that one day stood on the toilet, looked over the wall, and caught me red handed just as I started to ejaculate in the stall next to her!

She never said a word about what she saw, but the next day at lunch something wonderful happened. She sat next to me, and smiled. I almost drowned myself in my coffee when I caught a quick glimpse of the condom packet she was hiding her mouth! Our friendship grew much closer after that!

Now that she and her husband are expecting their first baby, things are even better than ever! No more condoms for the duration! Darla lets me go bareback with her now, since she's already safely knocked up! I can not wait until she starts lactating. She promised she's let me take a taste fresh from the tap!

I glared at Liz all through breakfast. She just gave me her best innocent little girl smile. "What's wrong sis? You look a little edgy."

"Shut up?" I said quietly. "Don't you have school or something?"

"Its summer time now, you big dork. I'm done with school until the fall."

"You almost fell this morning." I said hotly.

"As if!" She grinned. "I have the reflexes of a cat."

Mom looked up from her coffee. "Little kitten, if I catch you climbing that tree again, your reflexes won't save your ass from a spanking."

The look on my kid sister's face was priceless. "Sorry about that mom! I just felt like climbing, and there was a tree just standing there."

Mom just looked at her." I suppose it had nothing to do with how you were pointing your cellphone at your sister's window." She said very softly. "Once was amusing, but enough is enough! There will be no more candid videos of your sister. Understand?"

Liz cringed at the little hint of mom's inner ninja. "Yes momma." She said sulkily. She turned to give me an evil look, as if it was somehow my fault.

"I'm off to work." I announced as I left the table. It was good to leave on the high note of the little trouble maker getting scolded by mom!

Sadly, that was the high point of my day. Darla called out because she couldn't reschedule her first prenatal checkup. I was so busy I ended up eating a quick lunch at my desk. There went my plan of sneaking off for a quick wank before returning to work!

At the end f the day, I hurried right home. The house was quiet, so I headed right up to my bedroom. My cock was swelling under my skirt in anticipation of settling down to a nice tasty nasty story, or a quick search for a new Bukkake masterpiece. It was very uncomfortable, as I intentionally wore a very constricting pair of panties, special ordered from a site that caters to futanari.

I only had a slight bulge while wearing them, but I knew as soon as they came off, I would spring to full hardness in just a couple beats of my heart. I walked into my room, and froze.

Liz spun around on my desk chair, and grinned up at me. "Hi sis, welcome home! You sure have a lot of filth on your computer." Her dark eyes narrowed. "You pervert!"

"MOM!" I screamed, forgetting I was supposed to be a responsible adult. "She's at it again!"

Liz giggled. "Mom went out. She's having a sleep-over date with Mrs. Madison from down the street." For just an instant I saw a look of pure jealousy on her face. "Mr. Madison left on a business trip yesterday, so they don't have to sneak off to a crummy motel. Mom won't be back until tomorrow."

"Get out of my room, you little creep!"

"You're calling me a creep?" She laughed. "You're the one with all the Bukkake videos!"

I spun the chair around until she was facing the door. "March, and I just might let you live!"

"You always threaten me like that." She said sweetly. But you never ever as much as gave me a little slap on the tuckus. You're all talk, sister dear."

She squirmed just a tiny bit in the chair, and I couldn't help glancing down at her lap. Her jeans had a distinct lump, and I could see quite a large dark wet spot where the head of her cock was outlined in the denim. I grinned.

"You called me a pervert?" I said with a laugh. "Look who has a chubby from looking at Bukkake!"

"I do not!" she shouted as she leapt from the chair. "I, I was thinking about someone." She ran for the door with the slightly bent posture of someone trying to hide her boner. "You're the pervert here for trying to get a look at my junk!"

"Fuck!" I muttered, as I shut my computer off. How could I "relax" myself now? If Little Miss Nosy suspected, she'd assume I was stroking off to thoughts of her boner! Dammit, it was going to be a long night!

I went back downstairs. "I'm ordering a pizza." I yelled. "Tell me what toppings you want in ten minutes, or I'll make your half all anchovies!"

I was surprised when Liz came downstairs in only five minutes. She was walking normally now, but her face was still flushed. Did she think I didn't know she just rubbed off a quick load? Did she think I didn't notice that she was now wearing her favorite pair of ratty old sweatpants instead of her slightly dampened jeans? I kept my mouth shut, trying to avoid another outburst.

She sighed, and then gave me a smile. "What toppings are you getting?" she asked like a normal sister.

"Mushrooms, green peppers, and onions." I recited.

"Add olives and tomatoes and it'll be perfect!"

My frustration became a little edgier when I gave a little fantasy time to the possibilities of a pizza delivery guy. Sadly, GG's friend was fired shortly after New Year. It seems a very vindictive wife caught the poor guy giving extra sausage to her husband.

When I paid for the pizza, Liz gave me an odd look. "Were you thinking about GG's big adventure?"

I couldn't help laughing. "You knew about that, kiddo?"

She blushed, but smiled from ear to ear. "I was coming down stairs when I saw GG lift up the hem of her skirt. My Japanese isn't as good as yours, but she later told me that her "Gaydar" was really going off when she saw him." She giggled. "You know how GG likes pretty boys!"

"Well, who doesn't?"

She looked at me, and burst out laughing. "I knew that you and Michael Cottrell were doing more than studying when you used to spend so much time up in your bedroom!"

"Smarty-pants!" I couldn't help smiling. "If you're lucky, you'll meet a few nice guys with open minds. Mike sure was a sweetheart. We struck a bargain after he noticed, um, something going on under my skirt one day. If I let him fuck my pussy, he'd let me fuck his ass." I smiled fondly at the memory of losing both cherries to my best buddy. "Ever the gentleman, he even let me go first."

"Oh wow sis." She sighed. "I wish I had a friend like that."

"Kiddo, give it time. You're such a little beauty that it won't be long before you get your chance." I mentally cringed at my mistake, expecting her to try and punch me for using the "L" word again.

"Gee, I really hope so!" She sighed before picking up her first slice of pizza.

When Liz wasn't trying to be a smart-ass, I really enjoyed the kid's company. We sat in the living room and dug into the pizza. We talked and laughed while watching various stupid reruns on TV.

Suddenly, the good mood was shattered. An AdoreMe.com commercial came on. Liz stared intently at the screen. Well, I did too. When the commercial was almost over, I noticed something. Sitting next to me on the sofa, Liz had the cutest tent standing up in her sweatpants as she stared at the pretty woman on the screen holding up a bra and panty set.

I tried to stop myself, even as I said the words. "Goodness, it looks like someone rose to the occasion."

"You pervert!" she cried. "You're trying to look at my junk again!"

"What trying?" I shouted while pointing at her tent. "It's practically right out in the open!"

She hastily thrust both hands into her lap to hide her erection. "I'm telling mom!" she shouted once more as she struggled to get up and run for the stairs, while still attempting to hide her condition.

"Smooth, Helen." I scolded myself. "Did you really have to ruin the kid's evening like that?"

I sat there for a while. Why did I have to go and say something stupid like that? I remember when I was her age, and popping boners any time I saw a pretty girl on TV. Mom always pretended not to notice, but it was damn embarrassing! I used to wander off a couple times a night to hide in the bathroom while frantically stroking off load after load.

"I must be a grownup." I sighed, when I finally decided to go up and try to apologize to Liz.

I walked slowly up the stairs, trying to frame what I wanted to say so I wouldn't make matters worse. I was right about to tap on her door when I heard a soft whimper. Dammit, I had made my little sister cry. Being so petite, Liz hated showing what she called "sissy stuff" and rarely let things get her down.

I opened the door and stepped in. For a second, what I was seeing didn't register properly. Liz was sitting at her desk, leaning in real close. Her face was nearly touching the screen of her laptop. She was sort of bouncing around a little in her chair, and I could see her forearm rapidly moving. I stepped closer, and then froze in embarrassment. Liz wasn't crying. I had just walked in on her while she was seriously masturbating!

"Oh yeah, oh yeah." She whispered huskily as her hand moved. I edged a little closer until I could sort of peer around her. Her hand was only loosely closed. She was rubbing her adorable cock with her thumb, while her other four fingertips glided up and down the underside of her shaft. I was almost mesmerized by the sight. That is until I saw what was on the screen. The little perv had it set on a loop, and was staring intently at me, as I showered my heaving breasts and panting face with cum!

I couldn't help myself. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear. "I'm telling mom."

Liz's reaction wasn't quite the same as mine when she had tipped me over. She cried out in fright and jumped up from her chair. "You didn't knock!" she squealed as she slapped wildly at her keyboard until the video player shut down and my perpetual semen shower vanished. I could see she had a folder open with numerous jpeg images as well as the video file.

"Move it, kid." I said as I pulled her chair over and sat down.

She shuffled, walking like a penguin with her sweatpants down around her ankles, before she finally realized what I was doing. "NO!" she screamed. "Don't touch my computer!"

I clicked on the first image and my mouth dropped open. It was a little grainy from her obvious cropping down and then drastically enlarging the photograph, but it was still very clear. There I was, washing my car. I remembered distinctly the day, because I had a pissed expression on my face. Since I had gone braless due to the warmness of the day, I looked like the winning contestant in a wet tee-shirt contest. "So that's why you snuck up on me and dosed me with a bucket of water!"

"Stop it!" she wailed as I clicked the next image. There I was again. This time the view was from the rear, as I bent over to pick something up from the floor. I have to admit it. My round firm ass looked pretty damn good outlined in my favorite black skirt.

I clicked another image. This one was a little indistinct due to steam, but it was of me taking a shower. The little letch had caught me with one hand on my obviously erect cock while I was enjoying a little quality time!

I clicked again and again, greeted by various candid shots of me. Many didn't even include my face, but featured close-ups of my tits or ass. "Kiddo, you sure have some nerve calling me a pervert."

I made another click with the mouse. "So that's how it is." I said softly when I saw my folder was in a file titled HOOTERS. I clicked some more. She had hundreds of videos and photographs of sexy women with racks as big, and sometimes astonishingly bigger, than mine!

Liz had them sorted in groups. She had lesbian, hentai, heterosexual, (With sub sections for category of sex, including interracial). It took me a second to notice something. The vast majority of them featured redheaded fair skinned woman, like me.

I felt a smile touch my lips when I did a quick scan through the hentai file. Apparently my sister had no problem with illegally downloading content, where I avoided that. I carefully picked one or two new titles a month and ordered them directly from Japanese sites. It was a bit pricey, but one of the things my company is involved with is finding ways to stop piracy. I'd feel like a hypocrite if I started using bit torrent again.

Still, she had quite a few videos I would like to "borrow" to add to my collection. Liz had every episode of "Futabu!" released to date, including the live action film! I didn't see the harm in helping myself to them. She already did the deed. I would just be transferring files from her computer onto one of my external drives.

I then made the mistake of looking in a file titled "Pony". After my dream last night, I felt a nervous thrill of danger. I clicked, and breathed a sigh of relief. No bestiality. All I found were hundreds of images of pastel colored cartoon ponies from that kiddy show she kept trying to force me to watch.

Many of them were depicted with big horsy dicks and they were fucking the shit out of each other. I kind of liked the purple one with wings and a horn. I think she was their queen or something. Those images were kept in a file of their own titled "Purple Smart" for reasons only Liz would know.

American cartoons weren't my thing though. I soon found files containing images much more to my liking. I recognized many of them. I'd be a lying if I said I didn't. Some looked a little different than I remembered though. Then it struck me. Their hair color had been rather skillfully changed to red. Liz was good with Photoshop, I'll give her that. The altered images all featured futanari with cocks so big they would scare a pastel pony!

"Hey, I'm not THAT big!" I announced while looking at one such example.

"I can explain!" Liz whispered.

"What explanation could you possibly have?" I asked, feeling a weird cross of anger, mixing with just a tiny hint of pride. I said it again. "I'm telling mom!"

"Please don't!" she begged. As I watched, her eyes filled with tears and her penis went limp. I suddenly felt like a creep.

How could I be mad at her for this? I faced a shameful secret of my own. I had a gigantic file of photographs. They all featured lovely Japanese girls in, and more often out of various school uniforms and other cosplay. I only saved the daintiest looking ones, with modest little titties and long flowing hair nearly down to their delectable little backsides. How was that any different than what Liz was doing? Well, aside from her having actual REAL pictures and a pornographic video of me!

"Honey, I was just kidding!" I assured. "I won't tell anyone, okay?"

"I'm so sorry!" she sniffled. She seemed t remember her sweats were around her ankles. With a sudden squeal, she ducked down and yanked them back up. "Do you promise not to tell mom? She, she'd hate me if she ever found out!"

"Found out what?" I asked softly. "That you masturbate while thinking about me?"

She nodded her head, and then rubbed the tears from her eyes. "Mom would hate me for doing something so disgusting!"

"She could never hate you, Liz." I assured. She obviously didn't know that Aunt Kimiko was also her 'daddy' and it was not my place to tell her. I don't think mom would hate Liz for a mild interest in incest, when it was her own sister that knocked her up. "Kiddo, mom could never hate you for anything!"

"But you do!" she cried. "You hate me now, don't you?"

"Now you're just being stupid." I said with my best smile. "You piss me off on a daily basis, but I love you, Liz!"

"I'll delete everything!" she vowed. "I swear it, Helen! You can even just smash my laptop if you want. I have almost enough birthday money saved to get a new one anyway!"

"Liz, I'm not smashing your laptop!" I sighed. "You don't have to do anything. Just make me one promise."

"Anything!" she shouted. "Helen, I'll promise anything! Just don't hate me!"

"Okay Miss Drama Queen." I tried to say in my sternest voice. "Remember what mom said? There will be no more candid videos, OR pictures. Do you understand?"

Her eyes opened wide. "I promise!"

"Good. I promise that if I ever want to talk to you when your door is closed, I'll knock first, and wait for you to open it." I looked right at her. "Remember, I also know how embarrassing it is to have your sister walk in and catch you masturbating, so consider this me letting you off the hook."

I left her room, closing the door behind me. "Why didn't I tell her to delete the pictures and video she already has?' I asked myself stupidly. "I could have just taken it and done the job myself; overwriting them to be sure they're gone. She wouldn't have objected. She even offered to let me smash the thing right there!"

I sighed, knowing full well why I didn't. There was something very flattering about knowing your kid sister beat her meat to pictures of you. How many times have I thought about her and mom while strokin' to Japanese porn? Oh God, this really is a weird little family I'm in!

In about twenty minutes Liz came back down stairs. She was no longer showing a tent in her sweatpants, and my guess was that she took up where she left off right after I closed her door.

"Do you want me to make some popcorn?" I asked softly.

She sort of half smiled. "Um, okay Helen."

Things were a little awkward between us for a while, but soon we were laughing and joking again, as if nothing had happened.

Much later that night I tossed and turned in my bed. My cock was hard, but after what had happened between me and Liz, I was too embarrassed to do anything about it.

I threw off the covers and sat up. "I have to do something, or I'm liable to wake up glued to the sheets."

Wet dreams were something to be avoided at certain times during a futanari's cycle. It didn't happen often, but there was a real danger. After all, plenty of single sex girls have gotten knocked up when indulging in a little heavy petting with their boyfriends.

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