Helpful House Husband

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A solicitous house-husband sees to all his wife's needs...all.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Sharing   Slut Wife   FemaleDom   Polygamy/Polyamory   Indian Male   .

“Honey, I’ve arranged for a dinner guest tomorrow night. Your calendar said you’d be here.” That was how Henry greeted Wendy as he delivered her favorite drink when she slipped off her shoes and she settled into her favorite chair.

“Who is it?” she inquired after her first sip of the Manhattan.

“It’s Jeff that you were dating when we first got together. He’s back in town for a couple of days and wanted to catch up with you. I remember how much you liked him.”

“That is very sweet of you. I bet the ‘catching’ he wants is between my legs! He was a good screw so I’ll look forward to seeing him again.”

The dinner with guest went without a hitch. Henry was an excellent cook and host. As expected, Wendy and Jeff excused themselves and went to the bedroom.

When the thumping and moans and groans died down (Wendy was such a noisy fuck), Henry took some fresh drinks to the copulating couple. They were sitting up against the headboard. Jeff had his arm around Wendy’s shoulder and his hand was cupping a lovely full breast. His half-hard schlong was on the thigh nearest her where she idly fondled it. With her legs together, Henry couldn’t see the semen oozing out of his wife’s vagina.

After the refreshments, they had another equally noisy round. Henry heard the shower running and Jeff soon departed, ignoring his host.

Entering the bedroom, Henry inquired, “Honey, is there anything you’d like me to do?”

“No, sweetie. I’m too tender for you to eat me like usual. He’s such a stud I can’t take any more cock for a while either. Damn, that was as good as I remember. Come here and I’ll give you a blowjob for being so helpful. I know what a special treat they are for you.” Then they slept.

Henry awoke in the middle of the night. This visitor had reminded him of how he and Wendy had gotten together. He stroked his erection as he reminisced.

He was currently 45 years old and had been cohabitating with Wendy for the last three years. They had met when he was giving a product presentation to her. She was the merchandising vice president for a major retail company. He hadn’t done a very good job due to his shyness in front of such a strong and attractive woman.

After the presentation, she suggested they go to dinner. Of course, he could not turn that down. She asked some very good questions about the company he represented and wanted to know if she could make some personal investment in it. After the dinner, she invited him to her room for more discussion which evolved into him doing his best between her legs.

She was a beauty, absolutely fine all over, and was certainly the best woman he had ever been naked with. Although he was hoping he could stay the night, she told him that he had to leave because she had another engagement. She did give him her phone number and said she would like to get together with him again.

He had the balls to call her for dates although sometimes they were rather far apart. She seemed to be a very busy woman and he couldn’t tell if it was business or personal that kept her so occupied in the evenings.

He figured that some of those evenings had to be with other men, and as easy as it had been for his limited skills to get her naked, probably they were enjoying her body as much as he did. She did absolutely nothing to change that interpretation, but was certainly enthusiastic whenever they were in the sack together.

He was rather passive where she certainly wasn’t. After visiting his modest apartment and noticing how neat he was, and enjoying his culinary skills as well as his cock, she asked if he would be interested in living with her. “I am often busy in the evenings and travel quite a bit so you’ll have to get along without me more than you might like, but that’s what it’s been like for the last year anyway. Are you okay with that?”

It certainly was an opportunity to consider. Wendy was in her mid-30s and had been married from age 20 to 25. The marriage had unraveled when she took her current position and was gone so much.

He had to give her credit, she was honest, “I date other guys and fuck them like I do you. Sometimes I have sex with men for business purposes as well. What I don’t have, I hope you can provide. That is somebody I can count on and confide in and who will provide a good home environment for me. Just like some men have a housewife behind them, I need a house husband as a foundation for my life. Even though we aren’t legally married I would like us to behave like spouses although I cannot offer sexual monogamy.

“I have welcomed a lot of men into my body. If you can accept the way I am, and will continue to be, then I will take very good care of you. I will deposit what you currently earn in a savings account every month so you will not have any financial disadvantage from this arrangement. I may also turn to you for sexual satisfaction after I have fucked some business clients who do not satisfy me, so you need to be okay with that. It really won’t be much different than with the other boyfriends I’ve been screwing while we have dated. Do you agree to this?”

It was agreeable to Henry. The idea of sharing a bed with her most nights, even if he was getting used pussy, would be the best sex life he ever had, not even counting the companionship. Wendy booked an adult cruise to celebrate their union.

When they arrived on the ship for Henry’s first cruise, she told him this was her favorite cabin where several boyfriends had taken her. She loved being topless or nude out on the deck and disappeared several afternoons or evenings with no explanation. He could tell when he mounted her that her pussy had been busy, but could say nothing. He was too shy to chase any other women and knew he had to save his energy for Wendy. She was amazing and could easily drain him after having recently done so with who knows how many other men.

Back to the present. Wendy wanted to get laid in the morning before she left for work and he accommodated her. He knew very well that she might have at least one other dick stuck in her before she returned to him. It didn’t bother him any more. At his age he was concerned about his energy for keeping up with this hottie, so he got a membership at a fitness center. She thought that would be a great idea and would certainly benefit her in the sack.

Since he was often left alone, this was a social occasion for him. There were several other regulars that he frequently visited with after his workouts. One of them was a Desi woman whose name roughly translated in English to Becky. They were often there at the same time of day and would have coffee after they showered.

She was very friendly and understanding and asked some rather personal questions. She inspired his trust and he began to reveal more and more of his life situation. This woman, who was his age, revealed that her sex life was nonexistent and gradually indicated that she would like him to change that.

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