Jen's Walk in the Woods

by Dark Fantasy

Copyright© 2016 by Dark Fantasy

Sex Story: Cunt Jen is a submissive without dominant, so she tries to satisfy her submissive streak by herself. She forces herself into living out a fantasy to wander the woods naked at night. This story is f-self, no sex with other people is involved. Be warned, she likes it dirty - story contains bad hygiene and scat.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Masturbation   Food   Water Sports   Scatology   Exhibitionism   .

Not many people could claim to know Jennifer Masters. She was nice to people but tended to hold them at arm's length, and since she moved from home to start her first job she hadn't made any real friends. All that said she was a happy girl and even after a short time highly regarded at her workplace.

Even the few friends she had, however, would have been very astonished to learn about Cunt Jen. Jennifer was the classic product of a catholic upbringing, the poster good girl. Nobody would have bet anything that she even knew a single swear word. It was a shell she had developed in her childhood home, and she wore it subconsciously whenever she interacted with people.

Cunt Jen was not. Cunt Jen was a slut who masturbated with a finger in its asshole and then had a huge orgasm when smelling its brown finger. It was Cunt Jen who got off on watching porn, the dirtier the better. Cunt Jen was who got turned on by the thought of receiving pain and humiliation. Cunt Jen was the one to be turned on by a bladder so full it hurt, or by bowels so full it had to work hard not to shit itself. It was Cunt Jen who found out that smearing toothpaste into its cunt gave it an incredible urge to piss, while the same in its asshole just made it hurt for a while; it liked both.

Jennifer, the good girl wouldn't even allow herself to think words like 'cunt', 'asshole' or 'piss'. She wouldn't dare to masturbate because that was evil. So she created Cunt Jen to live out her other side. It's not that Jennifer was schizophrenic, she knew exactly what she did. It was just her way to work around her upbringing and still live in the way she craved without having to feel guilty.

There were many things Cunt Jen had managed to live out in the confines of its apartment. Unfortunately, the things it wasn't able to do was even longer. For example, it had tried multiple times to walk naked through a patch of woods at night near its home. The problem was, it wasn't an exhibitionist. What turned it on was the idea of danger, that it just might be caught. Once it even got fully naked and went a few meters, but couldn't force itself to cross a small empty street. Therefore, it gave up and got clothed again.

Needless to say, Cunt Jen was very annoyed with itself and its inability to live out its fantasies. The failure festered in its brain, until it finally found a way. If it was too weak to succeed, it would have to maneuver itself into a position where it couldn't get out of the experiment.

The big day was a Tuesday. Cunt Jen selected it because Jennifer didn't have to work that or the next day, and in the hope that the danger of people being out was lower on weekdays. It had written down the rules for the whole day, and from the time it got up around noon Cunt Jen was firmly in control. It played that way roughly once a week, designing a scene beforehand and then living it out. It was just a bit more involved this time.

From the time it got up, it wasn't allowed to wash itself or brush its teeth. It was required to put on clothes Jennifer had worn to twice in the previous week while doing a workout, so they smelled bad. The only exception were the panties, which was a set she had worn without pause for the preceding week. They stank so bad, it gagged when it smelled at them. Normally Cunt Jen was naked during these scenes, but as today was all about clothes or the lack of them; it thought this was more fitting.

Directly after getting up, Cunt Jen went to empty its bladder. As it wasn't usually allowed to use the toilet for that, it had to squat in the shower to do its business. Of course, it wasn't allowed to clean up afterwards, either. This was to only time it was allowed to piss before finishing the day; it also wouldn't be allowed to shit even once.

Cunt Jen would be required to eat and drink twice that day, once after getting up and once before going out. The first meal was be spaghetti bolognaise, which it simply dumped on the kitchen floor and then lapped up like a good doggy. Even though nobody was there to see it, it was very humiliating to it, and so it was the first time that day its cunt started to get wet. It also had water to drink, a big one liter bottle it had emptied into a dog bowl to drink from. It wasn't allowed to stop before the floor was clean and the dog bowl empty.

Once done, the second part of today's entertainment could begin. It had beforehand create a play list with porn videos whose themes matched the day. There were videos of girls walking through the streets, sometimes quickly exposing their tits or cunts when nobody looked their way. Then they would find a spot to piss in public, sometimes being noticed and sometimes not. There were other videos of naked girls in bondage being led through full streets.

It started the videos and sat down on a leather chair, then used some rope to bind its legs to the outsides of the legs of the chair. It often did that, even though this time it didn't open up its cunt to non-existing viewers as it still wore pants and panties. It wasn't very probably the Cunt Jen would get bored during all this, its panties were already soaked. However, just in case it had another job to do while watching. A timer was running and would beep every 30 minutes. Cunt Jen would then be required to stick a hand into its panties and masturbate until it almost had an orgasm, but it wouldn't be allowed to come at all.

Preventing an orgasm was difficult in the beginning, the videos and just the situation and the knowledge of what the rest of the day would bring served to turn it on very much. It got even worse over time, as it started to feel a slight pressure building in its bladder and bowels over time, both of which always served to make it even hornier.

While it wasn't easy, it succeeded. By the time the play list had run through, it had already gone dark on the outside. It removed the ropes binding its legs to the chair, but its legs had fallen asleep so it could only crawl back into the kitchen. The second meal was a repeat of the first one, but the spaghetti were replaced by a piece of bread it had pulled into small pieces. It again drank a big bottle of water from the dog bowl.

Then it was time.

Cunt Jen took the few things it had prepared the day before and left the house. It wasn't much, a backpack, its watch, the apartment keys and a lock with a fitting key. It also put on sneakers for the first part of its walk. Even though fully clothed, it dearly hoped it wouldn't meet anyone. Even though it hadn't looked into a mirror the whole day, it was sure it not only stank but also looked like a bum. That and its face smeared full of bolognaise sauce were sure to draw unwanted attention.

The woods were not far from its apartment, a walk of maybe ten minutes. They were not wide, varying between about ten and fifty meters in width, but they went through the landscape in a lane many kilometers in length. Cunt Jen moved to the middle of the woods from where it entered, and hid the keys for the lock beyond a big tree.

From that place, it started to walk briskly through the woods. It stopped after exactly 30 minutes by its watch. It found itself in a small clearing it didn't know, it hadn't ever been in this area. Ah, well, so this was the location.

Without pause, it started to remove first its shoes and then the rest of its clothes and put all of it into its backpack, closed it and then swiftly locked the pullers of the zipper together with the lock before it could take a few seconds to think and bail out. Finally, it was committed.

It didn't take more than a few seconds before the full weight of reality began to seep into the brain of Cunt Jen. What had it done? It started to shiver, and then almost worked itself up to a panic. This couldn't be true. It couldn't be so dumb. There had to be a way out. It tried to rip open the backpack, when that didn't work it tried to break the lock using a branch it found. All that without success, it had purchased quality after all.

At that point, it started to accept there was no way out and fatalism started to set in. If it had to, it would just have to walk back to the key, but it swore to itself it would never again do anything so dumb! After today Cunt Jen would die, Jennifer herself would rip its throat out! It finally had gone too far.

It wasn't sure how long it had taken to calm down, but thought it must have been at least half an hour. Unfortunately, with the watch in the backpack, there was no way for it to know the time, and that meant it had no idea how much time it had left before the darkness would start to recede. With nothing else to do, it put the backpack on and started to move.

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