Dave's Family - His Daughter April

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: April is 18 years old and she has seen her dad's best friend thoroughly fuck her mother. She wants the same and surprises him after her mum leaves him exhausted.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Size   Foot Fetish   .

When Jenna left, I collapsed naked on my bed.

I was exhausted, laying on my back I was soon asleep.

I was awoken to the sensations of my hard cock being milked by a small soft hand, and firm tits pressing into my chest.

Keeping my eyes closed I enjoyed the touches. "Jenna must be back" I thought as I lay there. When the body slid up mine, bringing her tits and nipples within reach of my mouth, I knew that it wasn't Jenna.

These tits were firmer and slightly smaller, and the nipples were smaller but harder.

My eyes shot open to discover that the body belonged to April, the 18 year old daughter of Jenna.

"April ... what are you doing?"

She silenced me when her lips came down on mine, kissing and nibbling at my lips with her tongue probing between my lips.

April was slightly shorter than her mum, with short wavy blonde hair ... a pretty face and a beautiful body. I was in love with April's feet - I had sneakily perved on them whenever I met her and she was wearing sandals or thongs.

I had imagined sucking on her toes whilst fucking her ... or having her give me a foot-job. That was my fantasy.

April had a key and was looking after my plants and fish whilst I was away with her dad.

My hands went automatically to hold her firm ass, and to pull her against my hard cock trapped between us. She had let go of my cock, with her hand now behind my neck controlling the deep kissing that was happening.

"We can't be doing this" I finally exclaimed when our lips came apart.

"What you don't like my body ... it's firmer than my mum's"

"What?" I exclaimed.

April, with her face close to mine, said "I saw you and mummy fucking before in here ... I want to experience what she got".

She paused for a moment before continuing 'I've never seen her so happy ... and so wanton. You fucked her good".

All the time she was grinding her young body against mine, keeping may cock very interested in her firm curves. I rolled her over quickly, positioning myself on top of her with my face at her firm tits. I ran my tongue around and around her nipples before giving them a quick suck and nibble.

"Oh god ... keep doing that" April gasped.

I switched back and forth between her tits until it was time to descend between her thighs to pay homage to her youthful pussy. She had a small tuft of blonde hair on her mound, with totally bare pussy lips.

I rubbed my cheeks across her furry mound before slipping my tongue between her wet lips, finding a river of her juices already.

I raised up my head and commented "You have been playing with this already".

"Yep ... while I watched you with mum on top" she explained.

I flicked the tip of my tongue across her clitty, cutting off her explanation and causing her to moan and groan. I concentrated on her clitty for a moment whilst slipping a finger into her hot tight canal. Sawing it back and forth for a while before hooking my finger in search of her g-spot.

It was easy to find - she reacted immediately bucking her hips against my mouth and orgasming very noisily and with great wetness.

"Mmmmmm ... yummy..." I gurgled into her juices. She was a squirter just like her mum.

My finger was covered in her sticky cum, so it was very tasty when I licked that finger before sliding two fingers into her pussy this time.

"Oh fuck ... I feel stretched" she moaned.

"My cock is coming soon ... that will fill your sexy young pussy to the max" I assured her slipping a hand up to grab at her hard nipples, tweaking them for good measure.

I worked two fingers into her tight pussy for a few moments with my thumb flicking across her erect clitty.

"Please ... please fuck me" she begged pushing her pussy against my fingers.

"Are you protected?" I asked knowing that I was likely to explode in her youthful pussy.

"Yes ... yes I am"

I slowly removed my sticky fingers from her pussy, raising them to my mouth where I licked her juices from them.

Moving up to kneel between her thighs, I rested my cock across her mound, feeling her hairy tuft tickling my cockshaft. Taking it in hand, I directed the head between her wet engorged lips, finding her tight canal entry.

I pushed forward gently encountering some resistance before it popped through her tight entryway.

"Wow ... that feels so good" I told her as I gently fucked in and out just a fraction of an inch at a time.

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