Zoe Trilogy 2 - Zoe Herself

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Mum gave him permission to have sex with her daughter (see part 1 of the trilogy). Zoe seduced him before he had a chance to make a move on her.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Size   .

Over the course of the next few weeks, Nina (Zoe's mum) and I had many opportunities for her and I to further my sexual education. I was an avid pupil, and she was just a cock-hungry slut at times, with her trying her best to swallow all 9 inches of my cock.

We agreed that her best effort was probably 8 inches.

Zoe and I continued to study together at both her place and at mine.

It was four weeks after I had first fucked her mother that Zoe made her move.

We had been studying at the dining room table in her home when she disappeared for a while.

"Grant ... can you come here please" I heard her calling from the rear of the house.

I followed the sound of her voice, finding an open door. When I stood in the doorway I found myself looking at a bed ... with a naked Zoe on it. She had her legs spread, giving me a great view of her naked pussy - bare except for a small tuft of blonde hair on her mound.

"I want you to make love to me"

I was a little stunned - I had not seen this coming at all.

The fucking sessions that I had had with her mother did however give me enough confidence to say '"Make love to you ... NO ... make love with you ... it will be my pleasure"

Zoe smiled as she realised the difference in the words that I had used.

I walked into the room and stood at the end of the bed. Slowly I undressed as she watched closely. When I dropped my undershorts to the floor, she gasped. My cock was already at full hardness.

"Wow ... that looks very big" Zoe commented as I crawled onto the bed, bringing my face close to her pussy.

"Your pussy looks amazing" I told her just before rubbing my cheek across her furry mound.

"What are you going to do?" she asked.

"This" I replied as I slid my tongue along the crease between her pussy lips.

Her pussy was very similar to her mother's - nice fleshy lips and a little hood that hid her clitty.

I slide my tongue up and down along the crease, pushing deeper between them until I found a river of her tasty juices. She had a different taste to her mother's - but tasty just the same.

"Very tasty" I murmured into her wetness, devouring the steady flow of her juices as she wiggled her hips against my mouth.

"Oh ... oh my god ... so good ... so good" she moaned before squealing to announce the arrival of her first very wet cum. She splashed my face with her cum - lots of cum.

"Ummmmm ... mmmmmm..." I gasped doing my best to consume her abundant cum juices.

With her orgasm on the decrease I slipped a finger into her pussy, hooking it in search of her g-spot (her mum had taught me well). I found it in the same place as her mum's - stroking it and licking her clitty together had her exploding again - loud and very wet this time.

I kept her at an elevated level of arousal for a while before easing back on my stimulations, and sitting on my haunches. My cock poked out proudly. I shuffled forward until I was close enough to slide my cockhead between her very wet lips.

Sliding it up and down between her slightly parted lips soon had the head covered in her sticky juices. She watched me intently as I teased with my cock.

Satisfied that I was suitably lubricated, I eased my cockhead into the entrance to her pussy canal. I could feel her heat.

"That feels ... feels big and hard" she whispered just as I nudged forward against her tight entryway. Easing back and forth saw her relax, to make progress into her much easier. Soon I had my cockhead just inside her.

"That was the hard part" I reassured her with my cockhead being basted by her hot juices.

"Go slowly please ... I feel so stretched".

I eased forward, sliding further into her slippery tight canal.

"Wow ... so good ... you're beautiful" I gasped with my cock halfway inside her.

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