Short Skirts and Selfie Sticks Do Not Mix

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2016 by Honey Moon

Sex Story: Matilda Boyd had a very comfortable life. Millie liked her husband well enough, but she simply adored his bank account. Feeling neglected while he was away on his many business trips, she had to find love where she could get it. In a thrift store, she meets a lovely young bi-curious girl. After she discovers the girl's astounding secret, a series of bad choices threaten to totally destroy Millie's rich cozy lifestyle!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   Hermaphrodite   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Big Breasts   .

My husband would be coming home soon after an extended trip abroad that promises to vastly increase his financial worth. I'll be frank. I love his bank account, but I hate being left alone so often. Damn, that sounded wrong. I honestly like Billy; I wouldn't stick around if I didn't. I'd just do the divorce thing and take him for every penny I can get my hands on.

Yes, I hit the jackpot when I married William Boyd right out of high school. (No relation to the Hopalong Cassidy actor!) While the other girls on my cheer squad went after promising jocks, hoping they would eventually go pro, I set my sights much higher. As captain of the Wolverton Wolverines Cheer Squad, I just had to crook my little finger and the geeks and nerds would come running.

I was Billy's first. Well, I was a lot of nerd's first, but that let me be choosy. Billy is cute, comes from old money, and is so smart he's like Elon Musk and Steve Job's love child. Add to that one more detail. My Billy Boy is HUNG! His ten inches suits me perfectly. He's just the right thickness, too. On special occasions I give him a thrill and let him bop my ass with it. I've actually grown to like that. Sometimes I even masturbate with a dildo up my butt when he's away from home.

Once I let Billy think he talked his way into my panties to pop a "cherry" that was popped three years previously when I talked my lezzy cousin Liz into test driving her new strap-on during a sleepover, I knew I had a winner. Thank goodness he was so awkward around girls. None of my classmates saw a true diamond in the rough like I had. If any had discovered what my special nerd friend had in his pants, I would have spent my entire senior year scratching bitch's eyes out to keep them away from my meal ticket!

I enjoy having practically unlimited free time. I do some volunteer work, I travel, and I do a lot of shopping at thrift stores. Having money doesn't mean I waste it! I love going out on "the hunt" for bargains. Aside from these more open pleasures, I do have a passion. I write a little. Well, maybe I write a lot. Perhaps I do a little too much writing. Ever hear of that book "Fifty Shades of Grey"? What I write makes Grey look like pure straight up vanilla ice cream served at a church social!

There's a slight problem though. My husband thinks I write Doctor Who fanfics, and the occasional original science fiction short story. I do. I even let him read them. He doesn't know that for the past twelve years I've been writing some really twisted erotica. I somehow don't think he would approve. I know his uptight mother wouldn't.

Name a fetish and odds are I might have touched on it. I'll write anything from innocent first times, to magical orgies ending in vore fueled snuff. If you don't know what vore is, look it up. Yeah, well written vore is just as erotic to me as a passionate sex scene! About the only fetish I won't write about is scat. Look that up too. YUCK!

I take a certain amount of pride knowing that men (and women) all around the world masturbate while reading my little erotic tales. That may sound disgusting to some, but I don't give a damn. I kind of get off imagining how my stories are used. No, I'll be honest. I'm thrilled knowing how much "use" my stories are put to! How many women can truthfully claim that they get thousands of guys they never actually met to pop a load, or have women from all walks of life moaning while they read with one hand down their panties? Damn, the thought always makes me wet!

I'm beginning to digress here. Okay, here's a quick recap. I like my husband, He is a very good provider, who isn't home as much as I would like. I, let's face it, write filth. Embarrassing as it is to admit, I get turned on by writing filth. Depraved as it seems, I'm sometimes the moaning woman with a hand down my panties because of my stories. There, now I think I'm back on course.

I was out shopping at a thrift store, after a morning of writing a serious sex scene between an older woman, and a bi curious under age high school girl. I was more than a little edgy, but intentionally walked away from my computer and let myself drop down to a low simmer. I get some of my best writing done if I avoid the temptation to pet kitty.

I found a daringly short black leather skirt. It was just the thing to wear to the airport when I went to pick up Billy when he came home the following week. I took my find down the short corridor to the dressing room to try on. I slipped into an available booth and closed the door.

I hung my bag on the hook and placed the skirt carefully on the bench provided. I rummaged through my hanging bag and pulled out a few paper towels. I always come prepared. I placed the towels on the rather questionably clean floor. Kicking off my vintage Hush Puppies, I stood on the towels and unbuttoned my snug fitting jeans. With a happy sigh, I slipped out of them.

I have to keep Billy interested in me, so I work hard to make sure they keep on fitting. I'm 36, but I watch what I eat, and work out regularly. I get in a good run nearly every morning, and enjoy being watched, um, I mean working out at the gym. It pays off, but I do wish I could get my butt to shrink a little. Nothing seems to work, but I do keep firm back there. Billy swears that my ass is perfect. Judging by the looks I get in these jeans, he isn't alone in his opinion.

I wriggled on out of them, and carefully hung them by slipping a wall hook through a belt loop. I picked up the skirt, but stopped. "I may as well." I whispered as I put it back on the bench. I slid my panties down my legs and stuffed them in my bag before picking up the skirt again. Billy would surely love a little "Beaver Shot" at the airport. I wanted to see just how much ass would show when I bent over and looked back at the mirror. I was right about to step into the skirt when I saw a motion out of the corner of my eye.

These booths have doors that end about ten inches above the floor. I've complained about that to the manager, but he claimed it helps prevent people from stealing shoes. Yeah, right. All of my unnamed suspicions came true as I stared eye to lens at a Smart phone mounted on a selfie stick! I hadn't noticed any guys in the store, so I suspected the worst.

"You Goddamn perverted bastard!" I hissed, as I lunged at the device. I managed to get my hand on the phone and snatched it right off of the stick. "Meet me at the checkout line if you don't want me turning this over to the cops." I said quietly as I stopped the video recorder.

I heard a mumbled "Oh shit! I, I'm sorry!" and then feet running.

My anger vanished and I suddenly couldn't help smiling. I recognized the voice, and it wasn't the manager! I had noticed a very pretty young lady aimlessly drifting around the store. I seemed to keep ending up in aisles she wanted to go down. Twice she had even apologized as she squeezed past me. Now she had apologized again! I felt warm all over. She was checking me out in the store, and had come back to see even more. She even intentionally rubbed her lovely young body against mine. I had found a bi-curious girl just like in my story!

I almost drooled. I haven't been with a woman since my best friend moved back to Puerto Rico to take care of her ailing mother last year. I thought hard and fast. The sexy redhead was in highschool, I could tell by her jacket. Was she of age? If I squinted, and tried not to look directly at her, I think I could just manage to convince myself that she was, and not the fourteen that I had taken her for.

Since she was obviously interested, I wouldn't have to worry much about her telling anyone. Was I going to really do something this risky? Hell yes! Billy has been away for weeks. I haven't had a social orgasm since the night before he left! I needed something besides my own fingers to deal with my steadily building stress. Billy thinks I'm faithful, so I have to be extremely careful every time I take a new male lover. I am not about to ruin the good thing I have going!

The risk just seemed so much less if I were to try something with my new friend. Let's be honest. I've seen my husband's internet history. He has quite a "thing" for lesbian sex. If Billy ever discovered I strayed with a girl, I'm sure I could spin it right and have him popping a serious boner as I tearfully confessed my sad bisexual sin.

I had been planning on getting picked up at bar for a one night stand tonight, but if I could work it, I'd have my fun with no danger of complications. Forget diamonds. Condoms are a girl's best friend, but they do fail! That's why I always and I mean ALWAYS use the ol' double whammy. I never venture out for a one night stand without my diaphragm. Even with it properly inserted with a generous amount of spermicide, if the guy acts reluctant about condoms, he just gets a blowjob and I go home frustrated.

Mother Nature is a fuckin' whore! Why do I always have to get so damn horny on my fertile days? My stupid biological clock isn't helping either. I don't want kids, but my womb seems to have developed different ideas on the subject as I get older! I get so damn aroused on the hot days of my cycle. I just can't help taking the risk. I'd be dead meat and out on the street if a condom and my diaphragm ever failed together. God help me, but that scary thought even seems to get me hotter.

This month would be a risk free joy. I just needed to bait the hook. I looked over the phone. It only took a moment to figure out how to set it to take still pictures. I slipped out of my sweater and took off my bra. I decided to go for broke and quickly ruined my best lipstick by writing my author email address on the mirror mounted on the inside of the door. It's the address I include with all of my stories so fans can tell me what they think and how many times they jacked off while reading. It has no connection whatsoever with my actual real life identity.

I stood proudly naked, and took a couple of nice selfies. Hell, I looked good in them! Just like the old song, I'm five foot two, eyes of blue. I may be 36, but I can still pass for early twenties. Well, maybe late twenties, but I still look damn good! I'm a natural blonde with my hair worn long. It's straight, reaches the small of my back and my husband swears they invented the term "corn silk" just for me.

My breasts are a good 38D cup. Thankfully, the girls still stand up quite well. I've heard whispered acidic comments along the lines of "They're fake", from less endowed women from time to time, but I always smile. Who cares what others think, when I know I'm the real deal.

I've mentioned that I think my butt is a bit too big, but that's only because my hips are a bit over generous in the width department. It gives my body a pleasing hourglass figure. My mother-in-law always says I'm a natural born baby-factory. I do wish she would stop trying to talk me into popping off a few kids! She'd have a grand mal shit fit if she ever found out that I talked her precious little boy into getting a vasectomy. I have problems tolerating The Pill, and there is no way I want to risk even one of her darling boy's live sperm swimming up my fallopian tubes!

I faced the mirror and smiled. I wanted my new little friend to get seriously worked up! I put my free hand on my hip, and struck a pose. Hips cocked in a seductive manner and with a come hither grin on my face, I took another picture. Next, I tried for innocent. I put the tip of my thumb in my mouth and tried to look nervous as I held the phone directly over my vagina when I took the shot. That one I did twice, once by flash, and once by the ambient light of the booth. I wanted to make sure it came out. Then I got a little daring. I took a close up, but not of my face.

I took two really close pictures of my vagina. I hoped my new friend likes pouty labia. I know I do! I bet she'll really like the fact that my pubic hair is so sparse, I just keep myself shaved baby smooth. There would be no hair for her to worry about while contemplating using her tongue on me.

I hurried to dress and headed out of the booth. I didn't even try on the skirt, just leaving it behind. I had more important things on my mind. I did a quick about face and reentered the booth. I picked up my towels from the floor and scrubbed at my note until it was just an unintelligible smear of crimson.

I saw my redheaded angel standing nervously by the checkout line. "I, I'm so sorry!" she said softly as I approached.

"Sorry for what sweetheart?" I made a big show of presenting her with the phone. "You should be more careful. You dropped this over by the dressing room.

The cashier looked over our way. "Now that's what I like to see." He said approvingly. "Not many people are honest enough to return an expensive item like that. I hope you appreciate this, young lady."

My new friend smiled shyly. "I do appreciate it." She assured. "I appreciate it more than you could ever know!"

"Try not to get into trouble." I said quietly to my young friend before heading out the door. I smiled and let her see me lick my lips. The poor thing almost walked right into a rack of used DVDs as she stared with wide starry eyes. I had to hurry home. There was no telling how soon, or what she would do, when that sweet young thing found my little gifts!

I risked yet another speeding ticket as I floored the Beemer and raced home. I dug out my hidden laptop, and opened my email account. My heart pounded when I saw one email that didn't have a heading like "Your story was so HAWT!" I felt myself grinning like a fool when I read. "Thrift store cell phone".

I opened the email and read it. "THANK U SO MUCH FOR THE PIX. I SWEAR I'LL NEVER POST THEM ANYWHERE!" That was actually a relief. On the way home I had started wishing I had put the skirt over my face so nobody would recognize me if the pictures went viral. I read on. "U R SO SEXY! CAN I HAVE A PIX OF YOUR BUTT TOO?"

I stared at the keyboard. I could picture my little angel checking and rechecking her inbox for a reply. I smiled as I typed. "5PM TODAY. I'LL BE AT THE STARBUCKS ACROSS THE STREET FROM WHERE WE MET. BE THERE!"

I waited five minutes and checked my inbox. ":) CANT WAIT!" was all she sent. I couldn't wait either! No condoms, no diaphragms. Just sweet gentle love as I showed my pretty new friend the joys of being bisexual!

The rest of the day dragged. I was oh so tempted to "relax" myself, but managed to hold off. I wrote for a while, but that wasn't helping. My hand kept trying to sneak down between my legs. I stayed in our bedroom to avoid the maid. Maria was rather pretty, but annoyingly religious. If she ever suspected I sometimes imagined spanking her while she wore a frilly little French maid outfit, she would pray for my soul. More importantly, she'd tell Billy.

If she was as young as my new friend, it might be worth it. I wasn't about to risk everything on a fling with the help though. Too bad she's a citizen. If Maria was illegal, I could use the threat of deportation to keep her mouth shut while I have a little fun with her. It would be really exciting to make her cry by blackmailing her into committing the oh so terrible sin of lying down with a woman.

Oh well. What was that old saying? Don't shit where you eat? I managed to get a grip on myself and did a little work on a Doctor Who fic I had started to account for all the writing I've done lately. It was coming out pretty good. Who knows, perhaps I'd actually post this one, and not just keep it as a smokescreen for Billy.

Four-thirty was fast approaching. I smiled as I stepped out of the tub after an invigorating, fast, and VERY cold shower. I don't normally do that, but I would have been riding the hand held shower massager for an hour if I didn't chill myself to take the edge off. I glanced at the mirror and giggled. Not a trace of steam. "I hope my little friend likes you guys." I told my firmly erect nipples.

I hurried to get dressed. Tonight felt like a Yoga pants night. I slipped into the snug black garment, secure in the knowledge that I'd have no panty lines. The reason, I decided not to wear any. In the shape I was in, my extremely obvious "camel toe" would seriously dampen the fabric, but I didn't plan on staying at Starbucks long enough to worry about it. Besides, it wouldn't show very much since the pants were jet black. Well, that was the theory, anyway.

I snuggled into my favorite sport bra, and donned a light jacket. I spent a minute adjusting the jacket's zipper, until I displayed the optimum cleavage. Damn, I looked GOOD! I could look better, though. Off came the jacket. I slipped out of the sport bra. My friend deserved a treat. I slipped into a lacy black unlined demi I had been saving for my husband's homecoming. I gave myself a wolf whistle in appreciation of my abundant cleavage.

I rummaged through the closet and found my favorite hoodie. It was snug, and delightfully short. My belly button would just show in the gap between jacket and Yoga pants. My fair skin between the black garments would naturally draw everyone's eye. I zipped the hoodie, but not too high. I wanted to display the goods for my new friend, and anyone else who cared to look.

I hurried downstairs and passed Maria as I headed for the door. Maybe I should have waited for her to do the shopping or something. "María madre de Dios preservarnos!" she gasped as she stared at me.

"Uh, yeah. Right back at ya! I'm just going to get in a quick workout."I grinned at the obvious lie. "I won't be back until after midnight. Make sure you lock up and set the alarm when you go to bed."

""Estás vestida como una puta. Yo debo informar a su marido!"

"Whatever." I sighed. Someday I really had to learn at least a few words of Spanish. For some reason I just couldn't seem to handle learning a second language. I watch a lot of anime, and still can't remember even simple phrases in Japanese. I felt a little annoyed at being reminded of this. Billy is fluent in Spanish, French and Italian. He always encourages her to speak like an immigrant by practicing his Spanish on her. "You're a damn United States citizen." I snapped. "Speak English!"

"Yes, Mrs. Boyd." She glared at me. "Enjoy your workout, puta."

I smiled. Maria's English was excellent, even if she still threw in a few words I couldn't understand. "I'm sure I will. See you tomorrow."

Just as I put my hand to the door, the phone rang. I waited a moment for Maria to answer it. "No Señor, ella sólo caminó hacia fuera. Le informo esposa que usted volver a casa esta noche. Ella se sorprenderá mucho!"

"Dammit, how many times do I tell you no personal calls?" I shouted.

Maria gently replaced the phone in its charger. "I do apologize, Mrs. Boyd." I nearly gave her a double take. What the hell was that shit eating grin all about?

I got to the Starbucks, my heart was pounding. Would she be there? I didn't have to worry. There was my angel sitting where she could watch the door. Her face lit up the moment she spotted me. I saw her nervously gulp when she got an eyeful of how I was dressed.

I strolled in and walked right past her table while heading to the counter. I could feel her eyes on my bottom as I placed my order. I could feel lots of eyes on me, but I was only interested in my lovely little girlfriend. The young man behind the counter never once managed to get his gaze out of my cleavage, and muttered "It's on the house as his trembling hand passed me my black coffee.

As I walked back to the table, exaggerating the sway of my hips the whole way, my little friend hopped up and hastily tied her jacket around her waist. I couldn't help smiling. The pretty little thing wanted to show off her assets to me. Her dainty B cups strained at the old nearly worn out tee shirt she wore. The darling went braless as well. I was pleased to note that she too seemed to have larger than normal nipples, but felt a slight thrill of fear. In the bright light of the coffee shop, there was no fooling myself about her age. The girl was not eighteen, by any stretch of my imagination.

"Hello sweetie." I said in my best husky voice as I settled into the chair opposite hers.

I saw her gulp nervously. "H-Hi!"

"Did you enjoy the pictures I gave you?' I asked softly.

"Oh God, yes." She squeaked. "You, you're so pretty!"

I gently placed a hand on hers, and smiled when she visibly trembled at the touch. "Sweetheart, would you like to go for a drive?"

She nodded so fast I feared she would give herself a whiplash. "I, um, yeah, uh, okay."

I had to be a little cautious. This place had security cameras out the wazoo. I did not want any footage of me leaving with my little darling. "Honey, don't be offended, but let me leave first." I clicked my key fob, and the beemer's lights flashed. "See that car? I'll get in it, wait five minutes, and then drive away. I'll circle the block, and pick you up at the bus stop on the corner. As soon as you see me close the door, you leave and head right for the bus stop. Don't even look in my direction."

She nodded again. "Okay."

I had time to think as I headed for the car. This was a big step. Did I dare go on with this? I got in and closed the door. There I sat, feeling myself getting quite damp. "I should just drive away and forget about her." I muttered. Hell, who was I kidding? I watched her leave the shop. The kid practically ran down the street! When the five minutes were up, I started the engine and cruised around the block.

There she was, thankfully alone at the bus stop. I pulled over and opened the door. "Hurry up and get in."

I took off even as she was closing the door. I kept my eye on the road as she fumbled into the seatbelt. At the next red light, I turned and faced her.

"Just out of curiosity, how old are you, sweetie?"

"Four, um, I mean, uh, eighteen." She looked at me nervously. "I'm eighteen, I swear!"

"Care to try again?"

By the light of the setting sun, her blush looked adorable. "You can let me out at the next bus stop." She said softly. "I just turned fourteen last Monday."

"Well, happy birthday!" I said cheerfully, ignoring the little flash of fear I felt at her age. "I think I might have something very special for such a pretty birthday girl." I lowered my voice to a dramatic whisper. "What time are your parents expecting you home?"

"It's just mom, and she won't be back until almost one. She's a doctor, and pulled a double shift at the ER today."

"I smiled. "What's the address, sweetie?"

She bashfully gave me the address, and I drove a roundabout route to get there. I pulled into the driveway and left the engine running. "Honey, you go in. I'm going to park a couple of streets away, just in case."

She looked a little worried. "You're coming back, right?"

"You couldn't keep me away, honey." I unzipped my hoodie just a little more. "I'll see you in ten minutes!"

Her eyes practically glowed as she stared down my cleavage. "Okay, I, I'll be waiting!"

I drove off and parked three streets away. I had more time to think as I headed back. Hopefully nobody would notice me, but if they did, the woman in the skin tight Yoga pants would surely stick in their minds. Hopefully any witnesses would remember my stupid bubble butt, and not my face.

When I got close, I cut through a neighboring yard and tapped lightly on the patio door. After a moment a light came on and the curtain pulled back a little. I saw a lovely green eye peer out at me.

"Oh wow!" she exclaimed when she slid the door open. "You almost scared the poop outta me!"

I couldn't help smiling. "You do understand why I'm taking precautions, right honey?"

She giggled. "I'm not dumb. If someone found out that, um, you, uh me, well, maybe, you'd go to jail."

I felt a fluttery thrill of fearful excitement run down my spine. "You got that right, kiddo."

"I swear I'll never tell anyone!" She pledged. "Um, could I ask a question though?"

"Sure sweetie."

"What do I call you?" She blushed prettily. "I don't think your name is really slutwifecuckoldqueen, like your email address said.

I couldn't help laughing. "I should hope not. That's the email address I use for my writing."

Her blush deepened. "I, I know." She giggled, and sounded even younger than her fourteen years. "I was shocked when I finally thought of where I had heard of slutwifecuckoldqueen before. Did, did you write "Mary's Bad Snake Day"?"

"Goodness, my sins have come back to haunt me!" I said with a laugh.

"That story made me feel really funny inside." She looked down at the floor. "The first time I read it, I, um, I accidentally kinda started masturbating when I got to the part where the giant snake-woman started eating Mary, head first. It was really hot when the tiny snake woman Mary was using as a dildo started begging and screaming for help because her tail rattles got stuck in Mary's womb. She was only supposed to distract Mary long enough for the giant to eat, but couldn't get her rattles free in time. I, um, "got there" when she ended up getting dragged in and swallowed too!"

My lovely angel was so flushed and excited just from relating my story back to me. I could tell she put it to 'use' quite a bit. "Mary even had a dick." She said almost manically. "I bet the little snake lady was sure glad her jaw could unhinge when Mary shoved it in her face."

"Vore is very popular right now." I said with a grin as I stared at her lovely erect nipples through the thin cotton of her tee shirt. "I never came out and said I in the story, but the giant Naga was the little one's mother. I always pictured her feeling a little guilty afterwards, but laying a new batch of eggs helped her get over accidentally eating her favorite daughter."

"Oh my God, that's my headcanon almost exactly!" she cried excitedly. My young friend pulled out her phone and waved it at me. "I downloaded it as an epub file in case I, um, need something inspirational to read in private." She giggled again. "Sometimes I masturbate to it in the girl's room at school. I practically have it memorized! Does that make me weird?"

"Of course not honey!" I grinned. "If you were weird for reading it, what does that make me for being the author?"

"It makes you super hot! You're like a celebrity! I even emailed you once."

"Did I respond?' I asked, feeling a little guilty. "Whenever I post a new story, my in box gets flooded!"

"Yes, you did!" She grinned sheepishly. "I asked you a question about that story where the teacher found out a boy was going to drug her coffee, and she only PRETENDED to drink it. That way she could secretly be wide awake and enjoy it while he fucked her! Then when he left, she gulped the coffee down so she would be found drugged and unconscious. He confessed and got arrested for rape, but nobody blamed her for having sex with a student! I thought that was wicked hot!"

"That would be "Teacher's Most Valuable Lesson". I got a lot of emails about that one. Sorry, but I don't remember any specific ones."

"That's okay!" She smiled shyly. "You wouldn't tell me the name of whatever drug he used." She looked up at me and sighed. "I, um, I'll understand if you don't want me to know your real name though."

If the kid had any devious plans, she would have already made note of my license plate number. I smiled and extended my hand to her. "Hi honey, my name is Matilda Boyd. You can call me Millie. What's your name?"

"Hi Millie!" she said as she took my hand. It was so warm and soft in mine. "My name is Samantha Stephens." She blushed again when she saw my smile. "Yeah, I know. Mom got hooked on Bewitched reruns when she was having me. You can call me Sam. Everyone does."

"Well Sam." I looked around the dining room. "Aren't you going to invite me in?"

She tugged my hand and practically dragged me through the tasteful dining room and into the spacious living room. Her mom the doctor seemed to be doing well for herself. "Can I offer you anything?" Sam asked eagerly. "We have soda and iced tea. Mom has wine, but she might find out if some was missing. I drank a little once and got in huge trouble when she noticed!"

I put a hand gently on her cheek. "I wouldn't want to cause you any problems, Sam." I smiled. "Maybe you should show me your bedroom so we can just relax and talk."

The look of joy on her face was simply adorable. "Oh sure, that's a good idea!" She giggled. "I am so glad mom yelled at me to clean it up this morning! It was a real mess."

I followed my hostess upstairs and had to smile when I saw her room. It wasn't all that long ago that I was a teen. I could see the hint of organization in the chaos of clothes hanging everywhere, DVDs, CD's and books stacked on every flat surface, and a lone sock hanging precariously off of a shocking pink lampshade. Aside from the mess, it was a very girly-girl room. Everywhere I looked, something pink and fuzzy seemed to be lovingly placed.

"Very nice." I said casually, while she dashed in and kicked a bra under her bed.

"Uh, I was in a hurry this morning." She explained as she picked up a pair of jeans, sniffed them, and then tossed them into the closet.

The bed itself was actually made quite neatly. I sat down on it, and patted the mattress next to me. "Sam, settle down." I smiled my best smile. "I know you're nervous, but there's no need to be. I'm about to help you make your dreams come true."

She adjusted the knotted jacket sleeves at her waist, and rather timidly joined me on the bed. "You left the video on my phone." She said softly while looking up at me.

"Did you enjoy it?'

"You shaved your pussy!"

I couldn't help laughing. "I'll take that as a yes."

She fidgeted a bit, and then suddenly copped a feel! "I'm sorry!" she gasped, after giving my right breast a gentle squeeze. "I had too! I, I've never touched a girl before! I've never touched anyone before, like, um, like this!" She squeezed me a little harder, and then snatched her hand away. "Sorry!"

"Honey, it's okay." I smiled. "Would you like to help me out of my hoodie?"

I could see her fingers actually trembling as she reached out to grasp the zipper pull. I nodded when she paused and stared into my eyes. Dow the zipper went with a low sizzling sound.

"Oh wow." She breathed as she saw more and more of my lacy demi. "That's pretty."

"It comes off too." I said softly.

I helped her get me out of it, and the poor thing was practically panting as she stared at my naked breasts. "Oh wow! Oh wow!" she breathed. She reached out with both hands and gently cupped them. "I hope mine get as big as yours!"

I gently ran a finger over the thin cotton hiding her breasts, and she shuddered delightfully. "Don't rush things, Sam. You are very beautiful the way you are."

She gulped. "Can, can I see your butt now?" she asked softly.

I didn't even answer. I stood and kicked off my shoes. Then I slowly and sensually wriggled out of my skin tight Yoga pants. Once off, I tossed them onto her desk, where they draped over her computer monitor. Turning my back to her, I stepped away from the bed. Frankly, I think it's a vulgar trend, but I squatted down low and treated Sam to about five seconds of Twerking. It does pay to keep in shape. I smiled when I heard her let out a deep and throaty moan.

I slowly rose back up, and faced her. Her face was flushed, and she was trembling as she stared at my naked body. "It's your turn Sammy dear. I can't wait to see how beautiful your body is."

She just sat there, her face coordinating with her gorgeous hair as it grew quite red. "You, you won't think I'm beautiful." She muttered, before snatching the pillow from the top of the bed and ramming it onto her lap.

"Honey, what's wrong?" I asked as I sat back down next to her.

"Nothin'." She said sullenly.

"Did I go too far?' I asked softly. "Honey, I won't do anything that you don't want me to do." I sighed. "Should I go now?"

"Yes." She said softly. Then suddenly she looked up. "No, don't go!" she threw the pillow aside, and fumbled to untie the sleeves of her jacket. She then stood. "Do you promise you won't hate me?' she asked with a nervous quaver in her voice.

Her jeans were baggy on her, but I could now see something that had no business being at the crotch of a lovely young girl. It was my turn to gulp. She had quite a large bulge under the belt. "Show me everything." I finally said.

She took a deep breath, and unbuckled the thick heavy bellt holding up her loose baggy jeans. She then unbuttoned them and tugged down the zipper. She let them drop. I would have smiled at her colorful boxers, but the tent in them was no laughing matter. She tugged them down too, and a fully erect penis popped right up.

I stared for a few seconds that seemed like an hour. The penis was very nicely formed. If I was any judge, it was a good solid eight inches in length, and quite thick as well. "Are you really a boy?" I asked evenly, trying to keep him or her from hearing any nervousness in my voice.

"No, I'm girl, mostly." She lifted her dick and I got a good look at a pair of firm large balls hanging in a normal looking scrotum. She sort of hefted them, and I could see a pretty little pussy hidden below. "I'm a futanari." She said softly. She looked up, an accusing glint in her eyes. "How come you hardly ever write futanari stories?"

"I don't know!" I said as I stared at her cock. "Maybe because I never thought there was really such a thing as futanari people in real life!"

"Duh, like there's really such a thing as giant snake ladies! You write a bunch of stuff about them!"

I think her words struck her just as funny as they struck me. For a moment, we just stared at each other. Then, we started to laugh.

Seeing those balls made me change my plans, but there was still a lot we could do without any long term risk for me. By that, I do mean risk of the big belly variety! "Do you still think I should go?' I asked gently as I moved closer to her.

"I, I guess not." She said softly as I gently wrapped my fingers around her erection. She whimpered at the touch. "Not, not if you don't want to."

"Oh, I think I'd like to stay a while." I said as I gave her a gentle little stroke.

Her legs sort of gave out from under her, and she ended up sitting back on the bed. "You're touching my dick!" She said in wonder.

"I'll do more than touch it." I whispered as I got down on my knees before her.

I lifted her right leg and pulled off her sneaker. Then I extracted her foot from her pant leg and boxers. She started breathing a little heavier when I did the same for her left leg. I shoved the clothing aside and paused to just look at her cock. The poor thing was in quite a state. I could count her pulse by watching the little twitches as she throbbed with need.

"Oh, oh, oh!" she breathed as I eased her knees apart and moved between them. "I, I can suck myself a little." She confessed as I leaned over her lap and let my hair drag over her glans. "But, I, I never dreamed someone else would ever..." She took a shuddering breath. "Are you really gonna suck it?" she asked almost pleadingly. "Please?"

I answered by leaning closer and giving the head a sweet little kiss. The wetness that smeared my lips tasted just as any healthy man's precum would taste. In other words, it tasted delightful!

The poor thing was beginning to shake harder. It brought back fond memories of giving eager young nerds their first blowjobs in the back seats of their daddy's cars. I took the swollen head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. The little squeal she made was so damn adorable! I let her slide in a little more, my lips stretched tight around her thickness.

"Wait!" she panted. "I, um, it's too soon! Slow down!"

It was her very first time, so I knew she was on a hair trigger. That was okay. I took more of her into my mouth and gave her a nice hard suck.

"Oh no!" she squealed as she hunched up at me. Warmth spurt over my tongue. My mouth was rapidly filling with the cloying musky taste of semen. Oh God, how I loved it! I bobbed my head, milking that throbbing cock for all I was worth as my cheeks puffed out. I felt fingers twine painfully tight in my hair as she tried to shove my face harder into her lap. I let her, and soon my nose was pressed tight against her warm supple skin. The head of her cock had forced its way into my throat. Spurt after spurt fired directly down into my stomach. It was amazing! I could feel it filling my belly with warmth before she finally tapered off and stopped.

"I'm sorry!" she wailed as I slowly pulled back, sucking gently so I wouldn't miss those last wonderful drops. "I couldn't help it! It just all came out! Oh God, do you need a tissue? You can just spit it on the floor if you want!"

Lips tightly pursed, I looked up at her worried face. Her eyes opened wide when I parted my lips very slightly. I let a dribble of her semen run out. I loudly slurped it back in, and then opened my mouth wide.

"Oh my God, that, that's so gross!" she shouted gleefully as she stared at me wiggling my tongue in the mouthful of semen she had given me. I could actually hear it splashing; I had so much in my mouth! "I, I thought that was just a porn thing! Do, do you, do you really like jizz?"

I dramatically tilted back my head, and noisily swallowed the last of her issue in one big gulp. "I adore it." I gasped, letting my voice sound thick as her cloying fluid coated my throat. I opened my mouth wide again to show her it was now empty. "Do you like how you taste, Sammy dear?"

"Um, I guess I already admitted I can suck myself a little." She grinned. "I can only get the head in, but it's really fun! The first time I cummed in my mouth though, it was by accident. I was gonna finish off by jerking on my titties, but I kept sucking just a little bit too long. Suddenly, I went right over the edge! I was blasting goop right into my mouth, and couldn't stop myself! I almost threw up! Now I do it a lot if I don't have time to clean up a big mess after jerking off." She giggled. "It's still kinda nasty, but sort of cool tasting. I swallow as much as I can every time now."

"You tasted delicious, honey." I eyed her still hard cock. "Do you want to do it again? You can fuck my breasts to work yourself up to another climax. Do you have something we could use as a lubricant?"

"Can I fuck you for real?" she suddenly blurted out. "Please Millie, can we do that?"

"Sweetheart, I'd love to, but we can't tonight." I gently fondled her testicles. "I somehow don't think these are just for show. Do you produce sperm?"

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