The Lucky Gardener at the Girls School

by Shani 34

Copyright© 2016 by Shani 34

Sex Story: Arthur is the gardener at a girls school, and spies on the girls until he is caught by Sylvia, the delicious PE teacher. This story is about how Sylvia turns Arthur into Angela, and makes Angela wear girl clothing, sleep in the girls'dormitory, and pleasure all those needy girls. Sylvia uses a strap and a cane on her girls, and Angela experiences those also.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Heterosexual   CrossDressing   Fiction   Spanking   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   School   .

Arthur Fallon loved his job, as ground keeper and general handyman in the Belton Ladies Finishing College. He was surrounded by healthy and often beautiful young ladies, who had mostly grown used to his presence and just ignored him. The girls would run and play, long legs flashing, skirts lifting, presenting frequent glimpses of their knickers. He had his own private maintenance shed, in the gardens well away from the main school buildings, to which he had the only key, and to which he often retired to jerk off after some especially exciting viewing. He even had a telescope that he could use if he was careful, enjoying watching girls whatever they were doing, from playing sport to sleepily sunbathing on the lawn.

He lived in a small house supplied by the school, just outside the school grounds. What he did there was his own business, but his employment contract stipulated that he was not allowed to take any of the girls from the school inside his house, or into his garden shed. Outside normal working hours, he was not permitted to enter the school buildings, unless he was called in to attend to some urgent breakdown.

But he was free to roam the school grounds at times of his choosing, idly raking leaves as he watched the hockey teams training, or going into the dormitories at lunchtime to check for leaking taps and broken lights. He was allowed to use the gymnasium when no girls were in there, and managed to keep himself fairly fit and trim by exercising there, enjoying knowing that sweaty girls had been straining on the equipment just hours before. He liked to go for long runs through the grounds late in the evenings, dressed in shorts and running shoes as though he was only interested in keeping fit, but he was always hoping to encounter one of the schoolgirls making out with a boy. Even more delicious would be to spot a couple of the girls making out in the bushes. He loved to imagine that all the girls were sex mad and was sure that lesbianism was rife, and hoped to spot them, in the darkness making out under the stars!

Forty years old, he was content with his solitary life, and didn't feel the need for a steady girlfriend or, heaven forbid, a wife. But he fantasised a lot, and being so close to so many lovely girls his fantasies obviously featured those girls in romantic or more sinister roles.

He told people that he was writing a book about obscure plant diseases, which was enough to prevent further enquiries about his evening activities. But mostly he wrote short smutty stories based on his fantasies of imagined interactions with the girls, either wildly erotic or ridiculously romantic. The stories he enjoyed writing the most involved interactions between the girls, maybe him seeing two girls lying together naked in the bushes!

His other hobby was tracking the girls, the way police do when investigating crimes. In the basement of his house he had a wall devoted to them, with one column for each girl, starting with her name if he knew it, or his nickname for her if he hadn't yet learnt her name. Each column started with photographs of each girl where he had managed to obtain one. Occasionally he managed to get a proper photograph of a girl, but mostly each girl was identified by a circle on a blown up picture of the sports team she played in. Below that, he listed all the personal details he could find out, observe, guess, or invent about the girl. Age, nationality, hair colour, height, weight, and above all bra size were listed beneath each girl's photo. When he wrote a story about a particular girl, he would print it out and clip it to the wall below her face.

His solitary life held many compensating advantages. As the general handyman, he often came across girls in various stages of undress, mostly in the dorms or the gym, but also on hot sunny days just sitting around in their undies on the lawn. To his delight, the girls had by now got so used to him that they often didn't attempt to cover themselves up. If they were in a group chatting, several might be in their undies, or with a towel wrapped around their hopefully naked young bodies, and he could get close enough to eavesdrop on their girlish chatter, which was very often about music, clothes, boys, and sex!

He was particularly attracted to the area around the gymnasium. He loved mowing the lawn while watching girls going in to the gym wearing their school uniform then perhaps coming out in gym kit, and running around the playing fields or doing exercises on the grass, supervised by the PE teacher. At first he wasn't interested in the PE teacher herself, a boring flat chested rather butch lady who yelled a lot and seemed to achieve little in the way of motivating her students, he allocated her just a narrow column on the side of his wall chart.

But then the PE teacher changed, the old woman retired, and was replaced by a delectable new girl not much older than the girls she was teaching. So far he knew very little about her, but she already had a central space in his basement wall chart. He discovered by reading notices in the main building that her name was Sylvia Tanner, and he quickly managed to obtain a photograph of her simply by stealing the introduction notice from the notice board!

He didn't often drink, but late one night, thinking of the lovely Sylvia, he pushed in amongst the bushes behind the gym's changing rooms, and drilled a small hole through the wall!

Next day, early in the morning before any girls would be in the gym, he walked around the building carrying gardening tools trying to look natural, half expecting a squad of policemen to burst out and arrest him. When he was sure he was alone, he snuck behind the gym and settled down for a day in paradise. Sure enough when the lights were turned on he found he had a perfect view of the changing area! Before long the girls started to arrive, and before his eyes one by one they took off their school uniforms, their bras or vests, and finally to his delight, their panties!

He spent most of that first day crouching in the bushes. For long spells with nothing to see, he wished he had picked a place where he could sit more comfortably. But he forgot his discomfort when girls came back from the sports field and stripped and headed for the showers with just a towel wrapped around them. For Arthur, the best was watching as they emerged from the showers, unselfconsciously drying their lovely bodies in front of him. He watched as they stood showing him everything as they dried their hair, sitting with open legs to expose shaved pussies, or bending to present taut bare bottoms as they dried their legs and feet.

He loved watching the whole process, the girls undressing, changing into gym outfits, coming back into his view hot and sweaty and dropping their gym kit over hooks on the walls, or into lockers, then going to the showers usually naked carrying their towels. Soon he saw them coming back out naked, laughing and chattering and flicking at each other with their towels or even with their hands, and finally getting dressed to go back to their next lessons.

And now, supervising the whole gaggle of gorgeous girls, was the lovely Sylvia in her trade mark tight top and tiny miniskirt, snapping at them to hurry up.

He didn't yet know anything about her other than her name, but by now he was pretty good at estimating most facts about the women and girls he was watching. Her hair was long and blonde, but was that natural, or dyed? Her height was a bit above average, her breasts at least 36d, but he knew nothing about her background. He liked to imagine her growing up under a strict but fair father, loved to picture her being spanked over daddy's knee! But he knew none of those things as fact. He would have been astonished if he knew the full details of Miss Tanner's past!

Sylvia Tanner had, in fact, come to work at Belton Ladies Finishing College after a rather mixed start in life. Her dad was shocked when he discovered his innocent looking daughter liked sex with girls! One afternoon he came home from work early to find his daughter spanking some other girl over her lap! Both were stark naked and when they finally noticed him they tried to pretend it was no big deal. But now dad had caught them together, Sylvia tried to insist that the other girl should be allowed to sleep with her! That thought was far too way out for her very conventional dad. He needed to find her other interests!

He managed to get her a job teaching PE in a boys' school, on the optimistic assumption that this might change her focus. It did intensify her interest in discipline. Sylvia was indeed very highly sexed, and absolutely bi-sexual. She quickly found that she loved spanking frightened boys! Soon after joining the school, she took a chance and asked the head master if it was okay to do so, and he said it would be okay if he could watch.

The head master was only too keen to encourage her to spank naughty boys, he loved watching her in action. But one day when the head master was away, she went too far with one of the younger students, using a cane quite savagely and leaving the boy's bottom quite badly marked! When the mother complained, the head saved his own skin by blaming his out of control teacher, and Sylvia had to leave to avoid a scandal.

Rather than risking the full truth coming out, the head gave her an excellent reference, only slightly alluding to her "competence at maintaining discipline" and her new school rather naively gave her free range to run the gym as she thought fit.

Arthur first saw how the beautiful Sylvia kept discipline in her class a few days after he started watching from his little hideout in the bushes. He watched as the girls emerged from the showers, either naked or wrapped in a towel, but nowadays much of his attention was focused on Miss Tanner. She usually wore a tight very short gym skirt that barely covered her panties, and a tight top through which her nipples could be clearly seen. He noticed that the girls would lower their eyes as they walked past her, as though scared of her. And then he discovered why.

Sometimes she would pick one of them, and without a word point to a white square painted on the floor! Without any argument, the girl walked over to the square and stood in it, facing the room, and let her towel and any other clothing drop to the floor! Then she stood still, hands on her head, while the rest of the class dried themselves, dressed in their school uniform or whatever, and left the room. Arthur was left gazing in awe at the trembling body of the girl as she visibly cowed before her Mistress.

When all the others had left, Sylvia beckoned the girl to turn to face the wall. And now Sylvia would be holding a large gym shoe in her hand! Without any obvious instruction, the girl bent forward and put her finger tips to her bare toes. And Sylvia gave her typically a dozen hard swats across her bare bottom with the gym shoe!

Then the girl stood up, turned to Sylvia, and said a soft thank you! Sylvia held out her arms and gave the girl a long hug! Over the next few weeks this happened many times, and Arthur was astonished to see that the hug often evolved into extensive kissing! And as they kissed, Sylvia sometimes slid her hand down between herself and the girl she had just thrashed! Arthur watched in awe as the girl squirmed through an orgasm, then slid to her knees, tugged Sylvia's panties down from under her gym skirt, and buried her face in Sylvia's crotch!

Arthur began to understand that this was how Sylvia maintained such strict discipline over her classes.

Arthur's life began largely to revolve around watching Sylvia and her gymnastic class, always hoping to witness yet another girl being sent to the naughty square. Each time it happened he spent most of that evening writing it up and pasting the report below the girl's name on his secret wall in his house just outside the school. He gave each girl a mark for how well she took her spanking, and wrote extensively about what followed after Sylvia told her she could stand up.

And then one day as he crouched in the bushes with his eye to his peephole and his hand on his cock, he heard a motion behind him, turned, and found himself facing the majestic Sylvia, in her trademark tight tee-shirt and short skirt. He might have tried to find an excuse for being there, but as he stood up Sylvia looked down at his rampant cock sticking out of his trousers. The noise of twenty or so teenage girls laughing and yelling on the other side of the wall was not loud enough to prevent him hearing Sylvia's hissed, "Come with me", as she turned away. Desperately he did up his fly, pushed his way out of the bushes, and ran after her, dreading what the head mistress would say.

But Sylvia didn't take him to the main school, she walked him round to the entrance to the gym, and straight into the changing room. There were squeals and gasps from the girls, most of them still half naked. Sylvia held her hand up for silence and told everyone to gather around.

"I caught Mr Fallon spying on you, through a small hole in the wall. I don't doubt that he drilled the hole himself, and has been watching you all for some time."

The girls were all predictably outraged and shocked and full of demands for punishment of various kinds, including castration! Sylvia waited until the initial hubbub had settled down then again signalled for silence.

"If we report him, Mr Fallon will lose his job, which would be rather a shame because he is the only good looking guy any of us get to see in the school term. Mr Fallon will go on the sexual offenders list and will never again be able to work in schools or anywhere near girls like you. Is that what you want?"

Most of the girls instinctively cried out that it was only fair and right, and some felt that he should go to jail. Again Sylvia let them express their outrage, then said, softly, "There's another way to handle this. How about if we don't tell anyone else, and we punish him ourselves."

The girls, and Arthur, stood in shocked silence as Sylvia offered her proposal. "Ladies, I have just had the pleasure of seeing Mr Fallon's cock when I caught him playing with it. It's a nice one. Show everyone, Mr Fallon." Arthur stood open mouthed, not able to believe what she had just said. Finally Sylvia snapped, "Strip naked, Mr Fallon, if you want to avoid explaining yourself to the headmistress, let these girls see what you have."

When he was naked, covering his cock with his hands, Sylvia told him to go stand in the white square, which of course he knew was the naughty square where he had seen girls standing waiting for punishment. Inevitably his cock was fully erect, and at first he covered it with his hands, but Sylvia softly told him to put his hands on his head. Now all the girls were standing around him with their eyes firmly fixed on his erection. None was fully dressed, and several girls dropped their towels so he could see them bare. Later, remembering that, he would wonder what motivated them to do that.

Sylvia continued relentlessly. "See what I mean, girls? A nice erection, the current status of which testifies to Mr Fallon's interest in girls. Well, we know of that already, after discovering him spying on you as you get undressed. But at least he normally keeps his perverted interests under control. And he does have a nice body as well as a nice cock. Do we really want to send him away in disgrace and have him replaced with some geriatric dirty old man who will openly leer at us all the time but not be able to get it up?"

The girls stood around looking at Arthur's cock and thinking about their teacher's proposal. "So what are you suggesting, Miss Tanner?"

"I suggest that we offer Mr Fallon an alternative punishment. I propose that as well as general handyman and gardener we offer him additional duties that nobody outside this group of girls knows anything about. He will receive regular punishment, in front of you all, indeed you can choose and even administer it, if you wish. Has any of you ever spanked or caned a man old enough to be your father?"

None had, although several of them relished the idea, usually triggered by memories of their own fathers.

"How many of you have been able to hold, and explore, a nice firm cock without its owner trying to tell you what to do with it?"

None admitted to that experience. By now most of the girls had taken cocks in their hands, some even in their mouths, to please partners, with no great desire to do so, and generally in the dark or in a cramped back seat of a car, with no chance even to look at the thing before the boy thrust it in her mouth. Usually all the boy wanted was that the girl swallowed, because his friends all said that was what a girl should do.

"So. Let's put it to a vote. Who wants me to report Mr Fallon to the head mistress so he can be prosecuted and sent away?"

Not one girl raised her hand.

"Who agrees that Mr Fallon's crime should be kept secret and that only the girls in this class should know of what he has been doing, and of the punishments that will be awarded?" All the hands went up!

There was a silence as all the girls looked at Arthur, whose cock was by now painfully erect. Sylvia walked over to him and casually took his erection in her hand. "What about you, Mr Fallon? Do you want me to report you to the head mistress, and the police, or will you agree to serve these girls as we decide?"

"Please don't report me. I will do whatever you decide."

To everyone's surprise, Sylvia stepped in close, still with one hand holding his cock, and kissed Arthur on the mouth. A long exciting looking kiss, clearly with Sylvia's tongue exploring inside Arthur's mouth. Finally she broke it off, released his cock, and stepped back.

"Who else wants to kiss our rather lovely tame male?" They all did! Sylvia smiled. "That's good. But we don't have time now. Trust me, you will all get your chance. First I want to see if he is going to be any use to us. Mr Fallon, lie down on that bench, on your back."

Sylvia was wearing her normal tiny gym exercise mini skirt over her panties, and when Arthur was in position, she stood close and, as everyone watched, she drew down her panties and stepped out of them, then gracefully put one foot across the bench so she was straddling Arthur. As Arthur looked up at her, he could see her pussy. Rather surprisingly, she had a thick bush of golden pubic hair! As she slowly bent her knees he could see those lovely forbidden parts of her were getting closer, not only her pussy but also her anus. But she wasn't lowering herself onto his cock! He groaned when he realised what she was about to do. And finally Sylvia was sitting on his face, with the tiny mini surrounding his head so he couldn't see anything.

"Prove your worth, Mr Fallon," he heard Sylvia growl, and he put his tongue out and started licking the girl of his dreams. As he licked, she moved her body up and down over his face so he could lick each part of her, twisting her body back to force him to push his tongue into her ass, then bending forward for maximum clitoral contact. Her movements spread her girl juices all over Arthur's face! She took his hands and brought them up and had him cup her breasts! He realised that, sometime during his forced cunnilingus, she had removed her top. Now he was holding her bare breasts, wonderful breasts, that he had dreamt of touching for weeks. Hard thrusting nipples! He was holding them but couldn't see them.

"Squeeze my nipples, Mr Fallon, bring me off. I'm ready to orgasm."

After a couple of minutes she orgasmed, pressing herself down hard on Arthur's face, her hands covering his, forcing him to pleasure her breasts. Slowly she relaxed, while the girls stood around enviously, hoping that soon it would be their turn. But suddenly she stood up, stepped across the stool, and bent over him and rubbed her breasts against his face, then his cock. He twitched, and she laughed, "No way tiger, I decide when you cum, and it's not yet."

She turned away, chuckling, found her panties and slipped them back on, pulling them slowly up her long legs, smiling at the girls. She said, "He will be fine. A real asset to us all, so long as nobody else finds out and takes him away from us. We need to establish some basic rules. Obviously the first is that nobody else must know anything about this. We are a select and lucky group who happen to have unrestricted access to a rather fine male, with a very nice cock, and so far it seems to be exhibiting total submission. Let's use Mr Fallon's name as the password into our group. Fallon is close to 'fallen', as in 'angel'. So we who know of Mr Fallon's new status are the Angels, and amongst ourselves Mr Fallon shall be called Angela. And Angela is going to wear girl clothing when we play in private."

Everyone laughed, impressed with how quickly their Mistress had come up with this delightful code, and at the idea of making their lovely submissive male dress as a girl.

"To celebrate her new status, I am now going to spank Angela's bottom. In the morning I will send out for a complete school uniform for Angela, but for tonight she only needs a long nightdress. Who has one that she can lend to our new class mate?"

Ingrid held her hand up, and was sent off to fetch it. Angela was told to get off the bench and get down on her knees. "Girls, I know you all like to lick each other late at night. Well, while we wait for Ingrid to get back Angela can start getting to know you all by licking your bottoms." Sylvia pointed at one of the girls who was still only in a towel. "Cassie, you can be first. Drop the towel, then bend over close in front of Angela, and hold your bum open for her. Angela, get your tongue right up in her ass."

When Ingrid arrived, she laughed to see what was happening. Sylvia had made the girls stand against the wall after they had been ass-licked, but there were still a dozen girls waiting their turn. "Okay that's enough ass licking for now, except for Ingrid. After running all that way, you must be hot and sweaty, let Angela lick you clean." Ingrid presented herself, and Arthur had to push his tongue up inside her until Sylvia said enough. Then he had to put on Ingrid's nightshirt, which was very tight, and his rampant cock expressed itself blatantly through the thin material.

Sylvia announced that Angela would now receive her first spanking. She pointed to a bench, and told one of the girls to drop her towel and sit down in the middle of it. "Okay Angela, come over here for your first spanking."

Arthur approached the naked girl nervously, and was made to tug the nightdress up under his armpits. He wondered why Sylvia had thought this delay over the nightdress was necessary, but in his heart he knew the humiliation of wearing it in front of the class of grinning Angels would be with him for a long time.

He was told to lie across the girl's lap. The girl, whose name was Barbara, giggled as she felt his cock resting on her thigh, but Sylvia instructed her to open her legs, and told Arthur to adjust his cock so it was hanging down between the girl's bare thighs, where all the other girls could see it.

She had two other girls sit on the bench either side of Barbara. One was told to hold Arthur's wrists, to make sure he couldn't struggle. Arthur found his face was resting on this girl's naked thigh, and if he turned his head he was looking straight at her pussy! This one, like most modern girls, was totally shaved. Knowing how close he was to the forbidden orgasm, he averted his eyes, but could still smell the aroused girl.

Sylvia said softly, "Okay Babs, you can close your legs now. Don't squeeze it too tight, though, he is not to cum yet." Everyone was watching as Babs obeyed!

"Proceed please, Barbara."

Arthur shuddered, recognising that his submission to this group of beautiful young women was now complete, and only glad that membership to the Angels was going to be kept very select. He held his breath as Babs squeezed his cock between her naked thighs. Then Barbara put her right hand on Arthur's bare bottom and started stroking it! Arthur groaned, and gasped as Barbara reached in between his thighs to explore his testicles. Sylvia laughed but told her to stop messing about. "Get on with it Babs. Spank him, don't stroke him. He is not allowed to cum, remember? If you take him too far, you will be caned with him next week."

Barbara raised her hand and brought it down, with a satisfactory slap. "Harder, Babs."

To Arthur's relief the bell finally rang, signifying the end of the lesson, and thankfully the end of his first spanking just moments before he would have spunked over Barbara's lovely naked thighs.

Sylvia told him to get up and pull his nightgown down. As he stood facing the Angel class, he rubbed his sore bum as the girls left for their next class, all of them grinning hugely.

The next lot of girls were younger, and definitely not angels, and of course they were not entitled to know about Arthur's altered status. So before the new class arrived, Sylvia took Arthur, still in his nightshirt but carrying his Arthur clothes, to the broom cupboard and shut the door on him, her last words being, "If you don't want everyone to know what has happened, I suggest you get dressed very quietly. Come out when you are looking respectable. Keep the nightshirt, you will be needing it a lot. This afternoon you should have time to go into town and get some copies of your house door keys made. Bring them to me in the teachers' common room as soon as you have them"

Even though this new group of girls had no idea of Arthur's changed status, he was still embarrassed when he walked out into the gym amongst thirty young girls in tight vests and gym shorts and long bare legs. He walked out past them as quickly as he could and drove into town to find a key maker, wondering why his new Mistress wanted spare keys to his house and his garden shed!

Visited by Ingrid then Mistress Sylvia That night Arthur was feeling very unsure. He knew that Sylvia now had the key to his house, several keys in fact, and had no idea what she was planning. He had tried to do some writing, but couldn't concentrate, so had a long soak in a hot bath. He was lying there thinking about the day and gently stroking his cock when a voice said softly, "I'm going to have to report you to Miss Tanner for doing that, Angela, you know you aren't meant to touch it. But for now just come to bed, please." One of the girls was in the bathroom door, in her school uniform!

She watched him get out of the bath, his cock rock hard as he looked at the girl. She watched him as he dried himself, quite clearly looking out for any unauthorised masturbation. She had brought him another nighty and told him to put it on. This one was pink, frilly and short. It came with matching frilly pink full brief panties.

She walked with him to his bedroom, stripped away all the bed covers, told him to slip the panties down to his knees and lift the nighty up under his armpits, then made him lie down on his back. His penis was rock hard, although the girl hadn't yet touched him. She told him to lift his hips and slid a pillow under them, elevating his penis. "Hands above your head, please, Angela." Then she produced two sets of handcuffs, and clipped one cuff from each onto the headboard, and showed him how to attach the other cuffs to his wrists! As he lay there looking up at her, even though she hadn't yet tied his ankles, he realised he was totally at her mercy.

She rucked up her skirt and slid her panties down and off. Sitting on the bed beside him, she wrapped her panties around his shaft and slowly stroked him. "Tell me if you think you might cum." She bent down and kissed him on the mouth, sliding her tongue inside his mouth while her hand kept up that slow teasing stroking.

Suddenly she got up on her knees on the bed, twisted round, and knelt over his face, her skirt enshrouding his head. "Lick me," she whispered hoarsely as she lowered her shaved pussy to his mouth.

Very quickly, she had her first orgasm. As she was recovering, he panted, "Please take your clothes off, I would love to see your body." She laughed, and did as he asked. Then she bent forward and rubbed her small firm breasts against his cock.

"Is that nice, Angela? I'm Ingrid, by the way." Then she pressed her pussy back against his mouth and waited for him to lick her to another orgasm.

Several times he gasped, "I'm going to cum," and each time she took her hand off his cock and lifted her crotch away from him. She had several more orgasms, even getting off the bed and sitting in his armchair sipping a coke from his fridge and watching him for a few minutes as she recovered from a particularly strong one.

Suddenly she said, "Sorry, Angela, I have to go," and to his dismay she got off the bed, dressed in her school uniform, and left him! He heard the front door close then he lay helplessly looking down his body at his rampant cock, wondering how he could untie himself, not so much to get free as to use his hand to bring himself off!

Despite everything that had happened, he did fall asleep. He was woken by fingers gently fondling his cock! Someone, definitely naked and certainly female, was on the bed beside him. "Hello Angela." It was Sylvia. He was about to reply, but her fingers closed over his mouth and she whispered, "Hush, there's nothing to talk about. And no one must know about this."

She quickly brought him to a firm erection, then sinuously moved over his body, then with the slightest of wriggles she got his cock inside her. "Oh, god that is nice," she moaned, sitting up so his cock went deep inside her.

She bent forward and kissed him on the mouth, moving her tongue seductively around his own tongue. But then she broke off the kiss, and put her head down beside his, cheeks touching, her cunt seeming to caress his cock without either of them moving their bodies. She sighed, "God, I have missed this. I do love hard cock. But I don't want the girls to know." He felt it was his duty to do some of the work, but as soon as he moved his hips she snapped, "Keep still, this one is all mine. And don't cum. Tell me if you are getting close."

Soon after having a powerful orgasm, Sylvia also left him, still tied and wildly erect and grievously unsatisfied.

Much later another girl entered his bedroom, introduced herself as Anthea while she undressed, then played with his cock before sitting on his face. After she had orgasmed, she looked back up at him, and whispered, "You can cum this time," and took his cock in her mouth.

He was certain she had never done this before, but she was eager to learn, and after all that had gone before it didn't take long before he climaxed in her mouth. She tried to swallow, but failed, his semen spurting from the corners of her mouth.

Then, very much to his surprise, she used a key to undo the handcuffs on his wrists, pulled the bed covers over them both, and cuddled tight. "This is so nice, Angela," she sighed as she pressed her naked body, her breasts, against him. She put her small fingers around his collapsed cock but he was exhausted and fell asleep in her arms, In the morning she was gone. His arms were free, but he was far too tired and worn to masturbate.

That afternoon he was pruning some bushes when a girl approached him. "Hello Mr Fallon, I'm Helen. Miss Tanner would like to see you in the gymnasium."

He walked nervously with the girl to the gym. Only Sylvia was in there, waiting for them in her little office. She looked up when Arthur walked in with the girl, and said casually, "Helen would like you to lick her pussy, Angela."

Helen was quite a large girl, who so far had failed to attract a real boyfriend. She was very nervous, up to then got no further than having boys kiss her and fondle her big breasts. "Please," Helen breathed, looking up at him eagerly.

"Angela has been working in the gardens, Helen, I suggest you both go have a shower, then come back here. Helen, make sure you wash her cock very thoroughly, but don't make her cum. Not yet. Angela, same for you, give Helen's pussy and anus a good wash. She is allowed to cum while you do that."

They returned to Sylvia's office wearing only towels, Arthur's erection indicating that the girl had done exactly as instructed, whereas the look on her face suggested she had enjoyed at least one orgasm.

Helen was so shy she could hardly speak. Sylvia helped her out. "Drop the towel and get down on your back on the floor. Open your legs and lift your knees."

Arthur watched the proceedings in amazement. Then Sylvia walked over to him and took him by the ear, and dragged him across the floor to the waiting girl. "Get down on your knees and lick the girl's tits, then her crotch." Arthur was eager to comply, although he didn't have a lot of experience of being on top doing this to a girl. He had now done it to several of Sylvia's class, and to Sylvia herself, but so far only passively, on his back, hands above his head, with the girl kneeling on top over his face, presenting her crotch to his tongue.

This time Helen wanted him to take the lead. Over the years he had watched a lot of porn so knew the basics of what the girl was expecting, so he buried his head between her spread thighs and licked, firstly her labia, pushing his tongue inside her as far as he could, then moving up and licking around her clitoris. It wasn't long before Helen started moaning her appreciation, reaching up with her hands to hold his head firmly against her, and moving it slowly to exactly where she wanted it. He knew Sylvia was still sitting at her desk, watching, no doubt with a smile. "Is that nice, Helen?"

"Oh yes Miss, it's amazing. I don't want him ever to stop."

"But you do want to move on to the next item, don't you, darling?"

"Yes Miss of course but please just a few minutes more of this first."

Through Helen's increasingly strident cries, Arthur heard Sylvia say, "That's enough, you two. Helen, leave Angela alone, let him sit up." He escaped from her gripping hands and sat back, looking up over her plump body which was still heaving with her emotion. "Now tell him what you want from him."

Helen got her breathing under control then, biting her lip, she looked Arthur in the eyes and said softly, "I'm still a virgin, Mr Fallon." She looked nervously at Sylvia. "Is it okay if I still call him that, just for now?" Sylvia chuckled and said it would be okay, in the circumstances Angela did seem quite inappropriate. "I'm still a virgin, at least I've never been fucked, and Miss Tanner promised me that you would sort that out for me."

Arthur guessed that the shy girl had probably been made to accept digital penetration in the dorm at night, but he hadn't been able to delve with his tongue as far as he had done with the other girls so perhaps some of her hymen remained intact. But his face reflected his shock, and Helen misinterpreted his apparent reluctance. "I know I'm not very pretty, Mr Fallon. Sorry."

Arthur's heart went out to the poor girl, and he lent close and kissed her cheek. "You are very lovely, Helen, and it will be my great privilege to take your virginity. To be the first to fuck you. I just hope we are allowed to go slowly, unlike most young men I would not want to rush something so delicious." He glanced at Sylvia. "How long do we have, Miss Tanner?"

"As long as you like, Mr Fallon. If necessary I will send the next class off to run around the sports field. You can stay in here while they get changed."

Arthur slowly lowered his naked body back down over the girl, kissing her on the breasts then the mouth, teasing her with his penis but not penetrating her. Then he slid back down her body and went back to exploring her pussy, this time holding her labia wide apart with his fingers, then gently testing what was left of her hymen with his tongue, and thrashing her clitoris so she howled. The girl was sobbing now! He moved his hands back up to her large breasts and gripped her nipples and squeezed them until she cried. Then he slid back up and kissed each nipple gently, while his cock nudged against her throbbing clitoris.

"Oh god, Mr Fallon, I don't know if I can take much more of this, please, fuck me and finish it."

He grinned at her. "No, darling, sorry, I'm not in a hurry, I really want you to enjoy this as much as I will." And soon Helen was thrashing her head to either side, her legs around his thighs, moaning and shuddering.

At last Sylvia said, with laughter in her voice, "I think that's long enough, Helen. Mr Fallon, you've done very well, now put the poor girl out of her misery."

He slid up her body a bit further so he could kiss her on the mouth, and eased his penis into her sopping wet spasming pussy. He felt the slight resistance of what was left of her cherry, paused to raise the tension, then just thrust hard! Helen cried out, then wrapped her arms and legs around him, sobbing with relief and gratitude.

Sylvia gave them a few minutes to recover, then told Helen to get dressed. The girl looked around for something to wipe her crotch with, and Sylvia told her to use her panties. Helen looked a bit shocked when Sylvia told her to leave her panties behind and get off to her next class, and the newly made woman left the gym with semen and traces of blood running down the insides of her thighs.

When the gym door closed, Sylvia grinned at Arthur and handed him Helen's sticky panties, and said softly, "For your wall display." Arthur gave an embarrassed grin as he pocketed them. He realised that his Mistress had explored his home thoroughly. He tried to remember what he had written about her, and hoped it was nothing that might offend her. "Only girls you have fucked should have their panties on your wall. I guess you'd better have a pair of mine too, just to keep the display complete." He gasped as she stood, peeled her panties down, and handed them over.

"The next class will be here in a few minutes," Sylvia said with a grin. "It will be the first time I've taken a PE class with no panties on." Arthur glanced down at her tiny miniskirt and felt his cock kick in response. "Oh, by the way, check out your garden shed before you go home. We can talk about what you find in there later. Meanwhile just try everything on and let me know if anything doesn't fit. And remember, no masturbating while you are doing it."

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