We Grew Up on a Farm...

by Imaginator

Copyright© 2018 by Imaginator

Incest Sex Story: A boy and his two sisters live on a horse farm, where they learn early the facts of life.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Bestiality   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

We grew up on a farm, my two sisters and me. Ellie is two years older than I and Maggi is a year younger. It’s not the kind of farm with pigs and cows and all that, but just horses. The main business was boarding horses, but we also provided training and riding trails. We all rode horses, including mom and dad, and we each had our own. Our horses were in a barn separate from the business, for tax purposes. I didn’t mind tacking the horses up for a ride, but I hated the other end. Also, I didn’t care much for grooming and all that, but I did all those things because they are necessary to be a good horseman.

My sisters, though, could not spend enough time with their horses, and Ellie was worse about it than Maggi. If you needed Ellie for anything and couldn’t find her, she would either be riding or taking care of Grayboy, her horse, a stallion. Most girls prefer a mare because they are easier to get along with. I think Ellie liked being in control of something wilder. Maggie’s horse, and mine, were mares, as was my dad’s. Mom’s was a gelding. My horse’s name was Suite Girl, and Maggi’s horse was Bitsy.

One hot August afternoon, Maggi and I decided to go swimming in the pond, since there would be no riders around until it cooled off. I went to the barn to ask Ellie if she wanted to go, too. As I approached, I heard the radio playing some country western song, and knew it was Ellie’s choice station. I climbed up on a stack of straw bales and looked down to the paddock where Ellie was tending Grayboy. She had already washed him, and was grooming him with a brush I had given her. I just watched quietly as she used her strong arms to lovingly brush him. His penis was beginning to come unsheathed, kind of growing out then receding back. Ellie seemed to not notice. One of the mares must have been coming into estrus, causing Grayboy to get a little excited, because he then dropped it out to its total soft length of about 20 inches. Then Ellie noticed it and stared for a bit. She went about her business of grooming him and it eventually became hard, and grew another 3 inches. Instead of hanging down, it was almost parallel to the ground. Ellie took her wet cloth and washed his penis with it from front to back and in the little pit beside the urethral opening.

What she did next shocked me to no end! She pulled down her breeches and panties, exposing a thin white line where the sun had not shown on her otherwise well-tanned body, and rubbed the end of Grayboy’s penis on her vagina. She sure did enjoy it, but Grayboy just stood there. She bent her knees and spread her legs and closed her eyes, holding her head back and mouth open. I got so freaking hard I had to let my dick out into the open air. As I watched my sister masturbate herself with her horse’s penis, I couldn’t help but to start jacking off. As I was jacking, I was trying to get a better view, and my non-jacking arm went into a cavity between bales of straw. Then, I went tumbling down into the paddock, nearly at Ellie’s feet. I still had my dick in my hand when Ellie, startled, looked down at me. I felt so fucking stupid and guilty, I was afraid she would scream and call for dad. But she didn’t, I suppose, because she knew the position she was in, still holding Grayboy’s dick.

Instead, she kind of shouted in a whisper, “What the fuck are you doing, you little pervert?”

I was a pretty quick thinker, and jabbed back at her, “You’re getting off on a horse dick and you think I’m the pervert?”

She got a little bit of humility at that point, and more calmly said, “You won’t tell ANYONE, will you? I mean, you were peeking on me and jacking off, after all.”

I thought about the situation for a moment, and answered, “I would never tell our parents, especially because I am as guilty as you are. I won’t tell any of your friends if we work out a little deal.”

Well, obviously, she liked the first part, but she didn’t know what to think about the second part. She said, “Explain the deal.”

I said, “Well, this wasn’t the first time you have done that, so you must like it, right?” She began to hem and haw around, and I said, “C’mon, Ellie, we used to bathe together and we know everything about each other and I still love you, even after seeing this.”

“Okay,” she said, “it’s really a turn on for me to have his dick so close to me, but I would never put that big thing in me.”

This was going better than I expected. I said, “And it doesn’t look like you’re all that upset with me seeing you do it. You’re more upset that I might tell.”

“Well, I’m not an exhibitionist,” she said.

“That’s not what I meant,” I said, “you just don’t seem to mind so much.”

“That’s true, I guess,” she said.

“Fine,” I said, “so what would be wrong with me watching you more often?”

She kind of gulped and thought a minute. “Well, what do I get out of it?”

I hadn’t thought about that, so I thought for a minute, and asked, “What do you want to get out of it?”

She was ready, “I will want you to do anything I tell you.”

That was too broad a statement, so I proposed a boundary for it, “Okay, as long as it stays In the barn,” hoping she would take the hint to keep it sexual, and not doing anything, such as cleaning the paddocks.

With her breeches still at her ankles, she said, “Let’s start now. I want you to rub Grayboy’s penis on yours.”

That was a bust, as I showed her I had lost my erection in all the excitement. So, she turned and spread her legs again so I could see her pussy, and said, “Here, does this help?”

I said, “It helps some, but it would help more if I saw your tits.”

Now, the last time I had seen her naked she had neither pubic hair nor tits, so I was hoping for a double whammy this time. Without a word she pulled up her t-shirt and her bra, exposing firm white tits that almost glowed against her well-tanned skin elsewhere. Her nipples, barely darker than her white skin, were erect, as well. Damn, that got me hard, alright. But there we were, my older sister naked and me with my boner proudly waving. Just the thought of that still gets me hard. Ellie was the first girl to see my boner.

So, she held Grayboy’s dick out to the side, as far as it would go, and I approached with my dick in my hand, and rubbed my dick head on his. It wasn’t so bad, but a little rougher than I thought it would be. Ellie seemed to be enjoying that, as she rubbed his penis all up and down mine and on my balls. It definitely was exciting for me, as I was beginning to leave a precum trail on his dick.

Ellie said, “Are you really that excited?”

I said, “Yes, with you being the first girl to see it hard and you rubbing Grayboy’s dick all over mine.”

“The first to see it hard,” she asked, “How many have seen it soft?”

“A few,” I said. I knew the next question would be, “Who?” I said, “You, and Maggi.”

She said, “We don’t count because we used to bathe together when we were little, so who else?”

I said “Kelly and Beth.”

“OMG,” she said, “How did they see it?”

I said, “It was nothing, we were playing doctor a long time ago.”

Ellie said, “Look, you’re still hard. If you want to take care of it, you can do it now.”

I really wanted her to jack me off, but I obliged. It didn’t take but a few strokes and I unloaded on Grayboy’s still hard dick.

Ellie said, “That’s the first time I have seen a boy jack himself off.”

“Did you like it,” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied, “that’s pretty hot to watch. I might tell you to do it again”

Now that I had satisfied myself, and thinking that Maggi was still waiting, I told her that the reason I came to the barn was to ask if she wanted to go swimming with Maggi and me in the pond. She thought it was a great idea, but she would join us after she finished with Grayboy.

So, I went back to the house and told Maggi the news, and went on to change into my trunks. Maggi and I met on the patio. Even though her tits were tiny, they still looked hot in her bikini. We began the walk down the path to the pond. She asked what took so long, and I told her that Ellie was just showing me some things about grooming horses.

She asked, “Like what?” and I just made up some BS and told her. She asked, did his thing hang out?

Startled, I said, “Yes, doesn’t it usually when a mare nearby is in estrus?”

“Yes,” she said, “but did it stick straight out toward his front?”

I said, “A couple of times, yes, why?”

“I think it’s neat when he does that.” I said, “Yea, I guess most girls do.”

We had reached the pond and we ran out on the pier and dived in. The cool water felt refreshing against the August heat, not to mention the heat I had experienced in the barn. We swam around some, did some water tricks and dove in a lot. There was dock tied up in the middle of the pond and we rested on that, enjoying the sun on our bodies. Maggi got back to my being in the barn. After some aimless chit chat, she asked if Ellie had touched Grayboy’s ‘thing’.

I said, “Yes, she cleaned it and washed out the pit, like always. Why?”

Maggi leaned over next to my ear, as if someone might overhear her, and said, “I saw her kiss it.”

“No way,” I said, “That’s gross. What did you do?”

“I just stayed quiet,” she said, “and I waited till she left to leave the barn after she did.”

“What did you think,” I asked.

“I think it’s kind of funny,” she said.

“Would you ever do it,” I asked. She giggled, and said, “Maybe.”

I said, “C’mon, Maggi, you already have haven’t you?”

Dang, she blushed a thousand shades of red, but she still said, “No, I have not.”

I said, “Maggi, you are blushing way too much to not have done it. C’mon, you can tell me, I won’t tell anyone.”

“Not even Ellie,” she asked.

“On my heart,” I responded.

“Okay,” she said, “but just once.”

“Ellieeeeeee,” I said, looking sideways at her.

“Okay, a few times. Are you happy now?” “Shut up about this,” she said, “here comes Ellie.”

I said, “If you both are doing it, what’s the big deal?”

She said, “She doesn’t know that I know, so hush.”

Ellie was even more marvelous than Maggi in her bikini, mainly because her tits were much larger, 34B the last time I looked at her bra. And she carried herself better, more womanly like. She played around in the water, dove in some, and swam a few laps, and then finally came to the floating dock. Maggi and I had changed the subject, so we were evaluating Ellie’s swimming techniques.

When Ellie asked, “What’s up?” I said, “Your total score is 6.5.”

Maggi laughed and Ellie went, “What?”

I said, “Well, on all of your dives you didn’t enter the water vertically, and when you swam there was way too much splash, and...”

“Oh shut up.” She said, laughing.

All three of us relaxed, laid back, and just had idle, dopey chatter. I lay between the two, with my fingers interlaced behind my head, and both girls held their arms straight down to get an even tan.

I dropped out of the conversation, with my eyes closed, and started thinking about being in the barn with Ellie. My little Johnson heard what I was thinking, and stood up to hear better. It was tight in my trunks. I heard some whispering and giggling, and I asked what was going on.

Maggi, said, “Oh, nothing.”

So I knew something was going on. I asked again with a voice to let them know I knew something was going on.

Ellie said, “Oh, something just came up,” and both of them howled.

I’m not a dummy, so I knew right away what they were laughing about, but I just left it at that.

Ellie asked Maggi, “Have you ever seen it like that?”

Maggi said, “No, not until now.”

Ellie asked her if she had ever seen it naked, like I wasn’t there, and Maggi, of course, said, “No, but I saw it when we were little.”

“Do you want to see it now,” Ellie asked.

Maggi, said, “I think I’m not supposed to, have you seen it?”

Ellie said, “It’s okay if you see it, I have.”

“What? No way!! How did you see it?”

I was waiting to see what Ellie would say, since she had demanded that we keep our activities in the barn a secret.

Ellie said, “I saw him in the barn on top of the straw stack.”

Shocked, I asked, “When did you see that?”

“Today,” she said. “Maggi, do you want to see it now?”

This was getting good, and my Johnson showed it.

Ellie told me to pull my trunks down, and I told her, “Hell no!”

Ellie looked me in the eye and said, “If you know what’s good for you, you will.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant by that, but I wanted to expose myself anyway. I just put up a little protest to make it seem better. I slowly pulled my trunks straight down, lifting my butt off the dock so my trunks would clear. Slowly my few pubes appeared, and then my dick. I took it as slowly as I could, being that I was good and ready for the show. Then, as the waist band past over the head of my dick, it popped up like spring steel. Maggi gasped, and nobody said anything.

Maggi said, “It’s so pretty!”

I said, “No, boys are not pretty. If anything, it looks hot.”

Ellie laughed and Maggi said, “Sorry- hot.”

I said, “Okay, you have had your fun, time to cover up.”

Both protested, and I said, “Well, I’m not going to be the only one naked out here.”

They looked at each other, and Ellie said, “Well, it’s only fair.”

They both took their bottoms off first, and then their tops. Holy fuck, I was in heaven. Two gorgeous girls, naked, right beside me. MMMMM. Ellie said, “Okay, all the way off, big boy.”

So, ZIP, and they were off. But now, I wanted to look at them both. So, I sat up and moved to get a good view. They sat up, too, and we all faced each other with our legs crossed. Maggi had no hair and no tits to speak of. But her little mounds were swollen and her nipples were kind of puffy, but not too much so. Her pussy looked less open than Ellie’s did. I guessed that Ellie had already had sex, and that’s why hers looked more open.

Maggi asked, “Can I touch it?”

Ellie had not even touched it, yet, so I looked at her. She said, “Sure”.

Maggi scooted her cure little self over so our legs were touching and she touched the head of my dick first, with just her forefinger. Not much of a sensation for me. Ellie watched intently. Maggi then put her hand around my throbbing shaft near the head and said, “The outside is soft, but the inside is hard.”

Ellie said, “I know.”

We both looked at her, and I said, “How do you know?”

Ellie kind of gulped, and quickly blurted out, “Because Sarah has felt one and she told me.” I doubted, but didn’t say anything. I hadn’t heard of anybody getting anywhere with Sarah.

“Do you want to feel one for yourself, then?” I asked.

“Well, okay,” she said, “Just to prove it to Sarah.”

Their warm hands on my cock had it twitching and me excited. One would hold my cock and the other felt my balls, and then they would switch. I was really enjoying all of this, but I wanted to check out their pussies, too. So, I said, “My turn. Who wants to be first?” At first, I thought it was going to stop right then.

But then, Ellie said simply, “Me.” And she laid back with her legs apart. Her pubes were thicker than mine, but still not too much. I didn’t know much about pussies, other than what I had seen in porno pictures and videos. I saw the little bump at the top of her moistening slit and asked, “Is that your clitoris?”

She said, “Yes, but we call it ‘clit’, for short.”

I asked about the pee hole, and the vaginal opening and the lips, and was totally boned. As I looked around and felt her, my finger was getting wet. I just presumed that it was like my precum. I kept my finger now at her vaginal opening, rubbing around the outside of it. She had sat partway up, leaning back on her hands. When I passed my finger over her clit, her legs closed in some, but then relaxed. When I put my finger at her vaginal opening, she scooted her butt toward me. I was liking this a LOT! and Maggi was right over my shoulder, rubbing her little mound on my arm.

I was wanting to do this from the start, but I was afraid Ellie would put a stop to it. By now, I was letting my dick tell me what to do, though. I slowly pushed my finger in, maybe up to the first knuckle and felt around, and it was moister than before. She pushed forward again, but didn’t say anything. We were both breathing heavily by now. With no resistance, I pushed in slowly, not stopping until the finger was fully in. Ellie was softly moaning now, with her eyes closed and her head back. Her hips were slowly rocking.

Maggi whispered, “She must really be liking that.”

Ellie said, “Yessssssss.”

It was tight, but I felt around in there anyway. I felt something harder than the rest of the vagina, down at the other end, and I asked what it was.

She said, “My cervix.”

“What?” I asked?

“Then entrance to my uterus,” she said.

“Ohhhh,” I said. “I didn’t know it poked out like that.”

I was anxious to try Maggi’s, so I slowly started pulling my finger out. When it appeared that I was going to pull it all the way out, and that was my intention, Ellie said, “Wait, don’t stop. Keep it in there a little longer.”

So, I pushed slowly back in, then slowly back out, and I was finger fucking her, in front of our other sister, and she was loving it, as was I.

“Faster!” she said, “Faster!”

So, I got a better angle and really pounded that pussy, until she clamped her legs together and started jerking her hips up and down and trembling over her whole body. She had a good hold on my hand, so I couldn’t pull my finger out, then I felt her vaginal walls Squeezing and releasing on my finger. Damn, that was hot. My cock jerked a couple of times. Ellie finally relaxed and we were both panting. Maggi asked, “What was that?”

I didn’t know that girls could orgasm, so I was glad Maggi asked.

“It was an orgasm,” Ellie said. “It’s when you get so excited that everything inside your body explodes in a good way. It feels better than riding horses bareback.”

My finger was literally dripping with Ellie’s juice. It just seemed natural for me to lick it off.

Ellie said, “I can’t believe you just did that.”

“Why” I asked. “It doesn’t have much flavor, just a little salt, and very warm. You should try it.” She did, and her finger wasn’t dripping, but it was gleaming with her juice. She said, “You’re right. It’s not bad, at all.”

Maggi was in position, anxious for her turn. She looked completely different, though, with her tiny tits, and totally hairless pussy, well except for some very fine hairs at the top of her pussy. I did the same with her as I did with Ellie, checking out the clit, the pee hole, the lips, and the vaginal opening. Not only was her pussy different from Ellie’s in having no hair, but, I surmised, she still had her hymen, although I didn’t know the official name of it then. She was not as moist as Ellie, but she was a little. I played with her clit to see if she would get wetter, and she was loving that, moving her hips as Ellie had done at the start. Ellie was looking over my shoulder now, with her beautiful right boob rubbing on my arm. I felt all around Maggi’s pussy, from lip to lip, top to bottom, narrowing my movements toward the opening to heaven. There was a tiny opening in her hymen, so I placed my little finger there. I had read that it hurts the first time it is penetrated, so I wanted to go easy on my little sister. I gently pushed as the hole stretched slightly. Maggi jerked, as if it hurt, but didn’t say anything. We were both breathing heavily. Ellie told me to keep pushing slowly, and to wet my finger if it’s needed. I figured Ellie knew what to do, so I followed her instructions. She told me to get Maggi really worked up, to keep rubbing her clit and her opening, but slowly on the opening. Faster on the clit. By now, Maggi was moaning softly, working her hips slowly up and down in concert with my movements. Each time I pushed a little farther into the hymen. As we were all getting worked up, and with Ellie’s coaching, I finally just eased my finger in to the hilt. Way tighter than Ellie’s, it felt like it was already clamping me. The feeling was even better than with Ellie. My dick was about to bust open now, but I couldn’t stop. Not for me, not for Maggi. When my finger fully entered her, her eyes opened wide, as did her mouth, and she let out a loud gasp. I felt her cervix and told her that it was the exact same place as Ellie’s.

Maggi said, “Start fingering me like you did Ellie.”

For sure I heard that. So, slowly I pulled out and pushed back in, repeating the now familiar stroking, getting faster with each thrust. As I got faster, Maggi rolled her head back and pumped her pussy against my hand. By now, I was pumping as fast as I could, all three of us panting. Then, like Ellie, she clamped her legs together on my hand so I couldn’t move it, and moaned as her body convulsed. Fuck, I had gotten off two girls in one afternoon. I licked my finger and remarked that it was just like Ellie’s.

Ellie said, “No way.”

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