The End of Prudery - Episode I: Linda's Webcam

by The Slim Rhino

Copyright© 2016 by The Slim Rhino

Incest Sex Story: Jarred goes off to College at the other side of the continent, but his hopes to forget about his unseemly thoughts about his mother Linda are crushed when he visits his favorite live webcam site.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Drunk/Drugged   Incest   Mother   Son   Aunt   Nephew   DomSub   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Big Breasts   .

My mother had definitely not been happy to stay on the other side of the continent, but heck, I was eighteen now and at some point the young are supposed to flee the nest. That is especially important when said young have entirely inappropriate dreams about the mother hen. Those thoughts had recently surfaced and where most likely the result of the fact that at eighteen I was still a virgin without wanting to be one. Bookish nerdy types just don't score with the girls.

I wouldn't really blame that too much on my appearance. Yes, the Harry-Potter style round glasses could perhaps give way for a cooler looking set, and I was a bit on the scrawny side but that's as far as I thought my body was flawed in any way. What I had definitely on my To-do list was starting to lift weights to help me build some muscles. And I didn't even have to embarrass myself in a gym for it. I had more than enough cash to buy home equipment.

A tragedy had decimated our family two years ago. Dad, who had been a high-level manager with a big IT company, died when his company jet crashed on approach to Boston due to a manufacturing flaw in the brand new model. To avoid even bigger lawsuits, they made a deal with the court and paid mom and I twelve million each. That sounds like a lot of money, but it doesn't really bring back dad, does it?

That was probably the reason for why mom and I had become a bit too close for comfort in the last two years. Who was there to give her the strength to overcome her loss? She had very few friends as being a bit isolated from the rest of the neighborhood was the price we'd paid for dad's well-paid job. There had been a lot of people pegging us for snobs and therefore avoiding us.

Mom had really loved my dad, despite the fact that he was away more than he was at home. Sometimes I wondered if I was adopted or they had been just good at hiding it, but unlike many other class mates I had never unwittingly heard anything that hinted at any sexual activities, not even a moan and I passed by their bedroom often, because I had to. It was halfway between mine and the kitchen and I often get thirsty at night.

Probably the no-sex theory wasn't so far off. Both mom and dad came from very old-fashioned families. You would see neither in something even remotely extravagant and I couldn't remember that I'd ever seen mom in a bikini. When she used the pool in our backyard, she wore a granny-type swimsuit. They hadn't brought me up so prudishly, but neither did my parents change much into a more liberal direction. My mother's version of 'The Talk' had been short and efficient - "Do not have sex." - end of.

It had taken mom fifteen months to get over dad's death. In that time I had taken over the job of a husband in all aspects but night-time duties, and as I said, I wasn't sure there were any to begin with. But now as mom seemed to be back on her feet, I needed some space to get rid of the illicit feelings and dreams I had occasionally. Half a year of separation should cure that nicely and give mom some time to check the market for a new partner, although I had told her she'd need to get a bit more creative with her clothing. Most of the things she wore were looking rather drab. Actually, that was quite the understatement.

The first four weeks in college had gone really well. The good thing about an Arts College is that you don't stick out like a sore thumb anymore if you're the bookish, artsy type. They all are. The down-side is, so are the girls, and I hadn't had much success in the lady department. None, to be precise.

But what I definitely had was the privacy for my two favorite guilty pleasures. One was going naked and one was visiting a rather popular live webcam site of the erotic variety. My large college fund meant I could afford an apartment on Campus all on my own. That gave me the privacy I needed for chatting with naked young ladies for hours, sitting in front of my laptop, naked myself. It was a bit pathetic really, like looking at pictures of a steak when you're hungry, but what could I do? The females of the species were not interested in me and I wasn't the type to become the aggressive womanizer.

I fired the site up and searched for some of my favorite girls, but except for Savira nobody seemed to be online and she was in a private chat, so I had to wait my turn. Then I saw two new entries. Both must have been there for the first time as no profile picture had been uploaded yet and their profiles were incomplete. The first was a girl called LaDiva, but all I saw was an empty bed. She had probably forgotten to deactivate the camera – a typical newbie mistake. In a way it was sad that I'd become such a regular that I knew that.

I also knew that newbies often had a hard time. Entries marked 'Beginner' normally didn't appeal to most visitors of whom many used to wait until the girls had collected a few ratings. Just how the girls were supposed to collect them seemed to elude their understanding. The Ladies could do so easier if they were eighteen or had some really kinky offerings in their profile, but this Linda, the second newbie, seemed to be a glutton for punishment. Starting off at thirty-four was a bit on the brave side. Private chats cost sixty quid per thirty minutes, so people were selective on whom to spend. But I'd had had so much fun here the last weeks, it was only fair to help a lady get started. I entered Linda's chatroom.

She was tall and had long black hair that currently obscured her face as she was sitting in a lotus position on the bed, reading a book. There was a wireless keyboard in front of her. It looked like the one I had. When the ding sounded that someone had logged in, she looked up and her face lit up with a smile. Mine froze after a hefty gasp of shock. Now I knew why the bed had seemed so familiar. It was mine, and Linda was none other than my mom! What the hell? It was the first time I saw my mom in only underwear and it even looked sort of sexy. I had had no idea that mom had such big boobs. Where the hell had she hidden those all the years?

"Hi," I typed to get a start, still completely dumbfounded.

"Hi," she typed back, very quickly, in fact. "I was already starting to think nobody is interested in an old woman like me. :("

"You don't look particularly old to me, but perhaps we should take this to a private chat?"

She nodded and smiled. I pressed the button and clicked away the purchase warning. My mother had her first private chat and she didn't know she was having it with her own son. Well there went any chance of getting those illicit thoughts out of the head. My mind screamed at me to log out, but I needed to find out why my so prudish mom was here.

"You're new to this aren't you?" I asked. Thankfully this was type-only. Else she could have noticed my voice. All she knew of me was a text window with a cryptic username.

"Yes, am I doing something wrong?"

"Some improvements could help. You need better lighting, perhaps four 100 Watt spot-lights, one in each corner of the room."

I didn't even know why I was typing that? Why was I giving my own mother advice on running a naked webcam chat?

"Something else?" she asked with a grateful nod. I saw she wasn't even looking down at the keyboard at her feet while typing, which reminded me that she had stood-in as dad's PA for a year when his regular one had gone on maternity leave.

"A better web cam, would help too, one that you can turn and zoom remotely."

"Ah, for the better looks at certain assets of mine ;)"

Say what? Was that really my mother who'd said that? The same mother who'd managed to hide that she had what looked quite convincingly like D-Cups, if not even DD?

"Well that's what these chats usually entail ;)" I typed back in kind, trying not to faint or give away who I am. I had already caught two 'mom's in my replies at the last moment.

"Want to see the girls?" she asked and wiggled her rack with a smile.

Shit, my own mother asked me if I wanted to see her naked tits, and the most worrying part was – I wanted. Hell knows why, I had dozens of other girls to choose from.

"Is the pope catholic? :)" I wrote, trying to hide behind the cover of what her usual customers will be like.

With a big smile, mom reached around her back and the bra fell off her boobs.

Sweet mother of god! She puffed out her chest and her boobs were definitely the most fantastic I'd seen on any girl so far. Well it definitely paid off that mom had never gone anywhere but the shower and the bathtub without a bra. Gravity had definitely been cheated out of a chance to work on these babies yet. Mom's big dark nipples stuck out so I could tell this excited her.

"Like them?" she sent when I hadn't written something for so time.

"Give me a ent to regain coherent speech." Too late I noticed that I had almost instinctively backspaced the first three letters of 'moment'.

She laughed and her big jugs jumped up and down on her chest. It was mesmerizing.

"You should definitely use a topless profile pic. You'll make a killing next time."

"You're sweet, but I'm not doing this for the money." she wrote back.


"My husband died two years ago and I want to change my life."

"Sorry to hear that, but that looks like a rather drastic change? A woman as beautiful as you doesn't need to advertise here. You should be fighting guys off with a stick just going to the shops? ;)"

Of course I knew why she hadn't to. Nobody saw what a spectacular beauty was hidden below those drab dresses she usually wore. Instead of answering mom slowly pulled her panties off and stood up to her knees to present me the full view. Her pussy was well hidden behind a rather thick black bush of hair.

"The hair should come off shouldn't it?" she asked back with a grin as if reading my mind.

"Would help ;) Brazilian seems very popular around here."

"Well the thirty minutes are nearly up, and my son calls in fifteen minutes. I'll be around the same time tomorrow. If you want, I'll shave myself for you live on cam ;)"

"Oh, I'll be there. Nice talking to you."

"Thank you, you were sweet. Cheers"

I hurriedly closed the browser and looked around for some clothes to throw on.

Oh my fucking god. I had just made a cyberdate with my own mom to give me a live-performance of her shaving her pussy. Forget getting those damn thoughts about her out of my head. They'd just been etched into my brain like a branding on a piece of cattle.

God this was awkward, knowing why mom did the weekly Skype chat with me wearing a bathrobe. I could tell she had put the underwear back on, at least the bra. I had thought she couldn't shock me any more than stripping completely naked for me on a webcam, but she had one more ace up her sleeve.

"Jarred, I need to tell you something," she said. "As you can see, I'm not wearing my usual attire. The reason for that is that I've just undressed for a rather pleasant gentleman on a live webcam."

Of course I did know that, but I spluttered convincingly in surprise because she'd announced it so bluntly.

"I suppose there's a reason for that, mom?"

She smiled. "Look, I don't need to tell you how repressed my life has been. I want to change that."

"And you do that by getting naked on a webcam?"

"Jarred, I'm of course not telling you where that camera is streaming, but I did want you to know for the off-chance that you stumble upon it. I think you're too goody-two-shoes for visiting such a place though."

You have no idea, mom

"Anyway, you're eighteen now," she continued, oblivious to the fact that she was about half an hour too late with that warning. "You are old enough to know it. Before I met your father I had a normal sex-life, some would say perhaps even a bit more animated than normal. I even worked in a strip-bar during my college days."

I gasped and looked at the camera in shock. A thought instantly formed in my mind. At least I still seemed to be capable of basic algebra.

"Then along came your father. The sweetest, most caring man you could think off, but also the most sexually repressed. I loved him so much I put up with my practically non-existent love-life. But I'm thirty-four I still have a few years to catch up."

"Then I'm not his son," I realized. "You got knocked up at sixteen. If you were stripping in your college days, which means you were at least eighteen, I must have been two or three years old already when you met dad."

Mom nodded. "I knew you'd work it out one day. He never made an issue of it. He loved you like his own flesh and blood from day one."

"Then the obvious question is – who is my real father?"

"My first boyfriend, or at least I thought so. When he heard I was pregnant at only sixteen, he broke up with me."

"I'll kill that prick," I growled in anger.

"You'd be a bit late for that," mom sighed. "A forty ton truck did that ten years ago. He died at the scene of the accident. He'd been drunk behind the wheel."

I shook my head and sighed in frustration.

"I'm sorry to have this all dumped on you so suddenly," mom said sincerely.

"And what's about this webcam business then? You're right I'm not a regular visitor of such sites," I lied expertly. "But I've heard a few things that men go there to make girls masturbate for them on camera and stuff."

"That's the point sweetheart, I know it makes you uncomfortable to know that, but you deserve to know what I am like, and I don't want you to find out from someone else. You are in a class full of young people, and I don't want that one day one of your class mates comes up and says he saw your mom naked on the web without you knowing beforehand."

I had to force myself not to laugh, considering that I'd beaten all my classmates to the punch.

"I'm what's called submissive. It's not like I want to be a love-slave or anything, but most of the time I want the man to be in control. And a webcam is ideal for that, because I can live out my dreams and the men are just faceless text windows, they couldn't force me to do anything. If they get unruly, I'll just click disconnect."

"So you're perfectly safe?" I said, feigning concern.

"Yes, I'm safe. They can boss me around, and I like that, but ultimately I can refuse if I'm not agreeable, and the house is locked and tight when I'm on cam."

"Then for all it's worth, you have my blessing mom," I said with a slightly too theatrical sigh. "Just make sure you don't work up a reputation that's hard to live with."

"I will, sweetheart and sorry if I made you uncomfortable, but I wanted you to learn it from me, not by accident."

I nodded and threw her a kiss. If only she knew...

The next day went by in a haze and I made a complete ass of myself in art class when I sketched a nude girl model who had at best lower-range C cups with mom's humongous boobs instead. Damn that rack was really branded into my mind.

I couldn't get home fast enough, hoping that the five rating I'd given the private chat with mom would not have made too many people curious. Firing up the site, I could see that mom had used our chat the night before to produce a topless profile photo. She looked splendid in it.

The profile itself had been completed too. I was shocked by the variety of "services" she was advertising, including all kinds of masturbation, and under the category 'possible future activities', full blown sex shows. I made a mental note to mention that under my guise as her 'pleasant gentleman'.

There were a few free chat users trying to get her to take things off, but mom had probably worked out that showing too much to free users would get her into trouble with other girls who, unlike her, were depending on the income from the private chats.

"Ah my technical advisor :)" mom typed when she saw my user name show up in the active list.

"How are we today beautiful?" I typed, giving me a chance to take in mom's appearance. She must have had raided a Victoria's Secret store as she wore rather skimpy lingerie and a sheer top over the lace bra.

"Fine, thx :) You?"

"More than fine. :) Private?"

Mom nodded happily and with a click she knocked the two free users out of the connection and locked it for further logins. It was just her and her son again, without her really knowing it.

"Thanks for all the advice. It really helped. And the rating, too ;)"

"Well, beautiful, it was more than earned" I typed back. This time I actually meant it.

"So what would you want me to do before we start the big show?" she asked and only now, after eighteen years, I realized just how incredibly beautiful mom's smile was. Granted, it looked much better on her if she was wearing close to nothing instead of a dress that would find no buyers on the second hand market.

"Same question back at'cha. The visual connection might be one-way, but why should the fun be one-sided?"

"Could you be a bit more assertive then for today?"

"I've seen 'sub' in your profile, so you want me to order you to do things?" I asked back.

"Yes please," mom typed back and gave me another of those smiles. "I'd really get a kick out of it."

"It's not my normal nature, but for you I'll do it beautiful :)"

"You're sweet :)"

"No, I'm horny, and now show me them tits' baby." Well, I definitely meant that. I was getting utterly horny from watching my mother bare herself for me. She was only too quick to comply and the sheer top and bra were off in a heartbeat.

"Nice," I typed. "Play with them for me, lick and pinch those juicy nipples.

Mom lifted her left breast to her mouth and started sucking and licking her own nipple. With the second hand she typed.

"like it?"

"Your tits are gorgeous babe. Show them closer."

She grabbed the remote of her new camera and zoomed in on her boobs. For someone who did this only the second time, mom surely was an able performer, and god did I want to sink my face in between these gorgeous tits. It boggled the mind to think that she was really thirty-four.

"Good, now let me see that gorgeous pussy of yours before we make it even more sexy,"

Mom zoomed out again and with smoking hot look that threatened to melt through my monitor she pushed down her panties in slow-motion. Once completely naked, she stood on her knees again and naughtily spread her pussy for me, exposing the pink flesh among the black curls of pubic hair. She had trimmed the sides, else the lingerie would have looked ridiculous on her, but most of her pussy was still covered with soft black fur.

It was utterly unreal. My mother was giving me a dirty sex show and I was whacking off over it like a man possessed.

"Okay, shave that pussy for me baby," I demanded via text and with a grin mom reached over for the remote.

Lying on her back she spread her legs wide and used the little laser dot from the camera to align it perfectly on her belly button. Zooming in I ended up with a full-screen HD picture of mom's humongous boobs at the top and her pussy on the bottom. At this zoom you could have counted the hairs that covered her sweet spot.

Whacking my organ I looked completely dumbfounded at mom scraping her pussy clean for me – live on camera. I had already shot one load onto the towel that was draped over my abdomen, but I could feel I had another one in me. Once in a while mom's arm disappeared to the side, where she probably dipped the razor into a bowl of water to clean it.

To my amazement the more became visible of it, the less her pussy looked like that of an over-thirty year old woman. She was by far not the only woman of that age on the site, but the sensitive parts of other girls her age looked, how to put it, more used. It was reminder that mom had gotten so little sex in recent years that she got a complete kick out of shaving her pussy for what she believed to be a complete stranger.

I had already shot a second load and my not too small organ was now hanging, floppy and exhausted between my legs.

Mom's pussy was now completely clean and upon my order she'd fingered herself to a well-deserved orgasm – a pretty loud one at that. I didn't have audio, but I'd seen her scream and right now she was lying on my old bed, trying to recover from a climax that had looked quite wild. I could only imagine what pictures I'd constantly see when I came home after the semester and had to sleep in it again.

I sent a few 'clapping hands' emoticons and mom smiled, exhausted, but very happy.

"That was the most fun I had in years :)" she sent back.

"I hope it's not too indiscreet," I wrote. "But from the look of what you have just so sexily unearthed. I'd say you haven't been getting much fun for quite a while."

"Not yet comfortable to speak about it, but yes I've had a bit of a dry-spell. But today was fun. I should have paid you, not the other way round."

"No need to, beautiful, I was mightily entertained. And your pussy is absolutely gorgeous when it's naked."

"Did something naughty, didn't you? ;)"

"My hand doesn't kiss and tell." I wrote back.

She threw her head back and laughed.

"Maybe if you also got a cam we could watch each other?" she suggested and I gasped. I needed a bullshit story and I needed it fast.

"That could be a real problem. Giving away my identity would be very troublesome"

I could see mom frown.

"You're not cheating on a girlfriend or wife, are you? :("

"I'm neither married nor spoken for. Let's just say the group of people who'd be pissed off with me have '.gov' domain on the internet."

"And you'd have to kill me if I asked ;)"

"Perhaps if we avoid showing my face or I wear a mask..."

"I'd like that, but only if you really don't get into trouble," she wrote, taking my bait. "You're not like the customers I'd expected. You're actually concerned about my having fun too."

"Because you're worth it beautiful. In our business we don't get much fun, contrary to what the movies suggest."

"I'll make up for it ;)"

We finally signed out and I saw a happy smile on mom's face before she disappeared. Too bad I had to bullshit her into believing I was a high-ranking government agent. I liked seeing her happy.

Mom had setup a schedule of being online on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 1600 and 1900. I had to wait almost an hour on Thursday as someone had beaten me to the punch and seeing mom, I could tell the previous visitor had asked quite a show of her. Her pussy lips were puffed and by the awkward way she was sitting, I guessed he'd asked her to pound her ass as well. For the first time I felt a strong surge of jealousy, but I forced myself to remember that she was doing this because she wanted to.

However she seemed very happy when her 'secret admirer' suggested that instead of another show she might just want to talk, which we did. My generous offer to pay for an hour for no more privilege than seeing her naked, seemed to open mom up a little more. Basically, she told me, that the previous guest had indeed made her masturbate to two howling orgasms, one front, one back, but that the problems were more down to that she'd gotten rusty. She had apparently enjoyed it a lot, which eased my jealousy somewhat.

We chatted about a lot of things, politics, recent news and mom had gushed to her 'only regular guest' as she put it, how artistically talented her son was. Of course she wasn't privy to how good at bullshitting he'd become, too.

By the time Tuesday rolled around, I had my own camera setup and put on a mask, just for the case that the down-pointing camera would show a part of my face.

The private chat had been initiated and mom hadn't bothered keeping any clothing on, having taken off the lingerie during the thirty seconds it usually took for the private chat to be initiated. From the forums I knew there was a whole host of free users specialized in catching the maximum of ten seconds of a girl undressing for a private chat before they were kicked from the room. I mean, I was sad, having sex chats with my mother, but these guys redefined 'cheap and desperate'.

Thankfully the meanwhile nearly six weeks of continuous workouts had transformed my body a bit and I had shaved off my pubic hair too. I doubt mom, who still thought I was as repressed as my dad, would get the idea that it could be me. Not that mom had seen my naked torso, much less my gentlemen equipment in anything that qualified as 'recent history'. All I had to hide was my face. I'd even gone as far as shaving my relatively long hair off, sporting a military-style nearly bald look. The 'Anonymous' mask hid my face for the off chance that the camera would slip.

"Is that for me? :D " mom typed when she saw my raging hard-on.

In a way it was sad that a mother didn't know if her son was big or not. Not that she was supposed to be intimately familiar with it, but really, except for my face she had no way of knowing me from seeing my body. Now that could of course change in less than half a year when I would be going home. It's not like I could hide my new muscles, especially if mom would become even more relaxed.

"All for you, beautiful. Sorry you only get to see half of me, but then my face isn't really that interesting in comparison to yours :)"

"You say the sweetest things. You look quite young for a spy? At least the parts I can see ;)"

"Never said I'm a spy, beautiful, just serving our country, and only half a year out of training. I'd be a complete loser blowing my cover after such a short time."

"True. But why are you here then to begin with?"

"Because I need the anonymity. It's not like I can walk in somewhere chatting up a girl."

"They make a young man live without a girl? :o" she typed and I could see mom was slightly upset. It was pathetic, but I was really getting into the 'poor government agent' number. In a way it wasn't even a complete lie if it wasn't for the fact that my own social ineptitude prevented me from actually having a sex live, not the government. Why could I sweet-talk my mother into giving me a sex show, but faced with a girl in real life, I was too tongue-tied to say 'Hi' without stuttering?

"Nobody said serving this country was easy... :s"

"But a young person without sex? That's unhealthy, I speak from experience... :s"

New bullshit story, new bullshit story, quick...

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